9 Best Wireless Car Mount Chargers for 2021 Reviewed

Do you always find yourself forgetting to charge your phone until the last minute? If yes, then what you need is look for the wireless car charger mount in 2021 to solve your problem.

You no longer have to travel with your battery low again. Not with the invention of the wireless car chargers that allow you to charge your phone while still driving (Qi).

Wireless Car Charging mount on the dash of a car
Wireless Car Charging Mount

Even though cars come with a USB port through which you can charge your phone, the truth is that it helps, but it can be slow and the cables can be a mess.

Especially if you use your smartphone a lot for navigation or drones operations, you will need your phone to be always charged.

Wireless car chargers are fast, convenient and a great solution for smartphones whose batteries die after a few hours.

That said, we understand how hectic it can be to browse through the internet, and asking for referrals from friends for you to get the best product online.

It’s for that reason that we have decided to make it easy for you. Yours is to sit, and keep scrolling and reading through this article to find out more about wireless car chargers.  

After a thorough search, we have reviewed the 10 best wireless car chargers that you could use for your smartphone.

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In the review, we have listed all the important features of every wireless car charger, its pros as well as its cons so that you are able to make an informed decision.

This review also entails a buyer’s guide that will help you to only choose the charger that best suits your needs. After all, your needs really matter when making the final decision, right? 

Wireless Car Chargers Comparison Table.

Device nameMax Output (Watt)Qi CertifiedRotating
Koviti Wireless Changer Mount10 WattsYes360 degreesCheck Price
VANMASS Qi Wireless Car Charger 7.5 WattsYes360 DegreesCheck Price
Squish Wireless car Charger  10 WattsYes360 Degrees Check Price
ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger.10 WattsYes360 Degrees Check Price
Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount 10 WattsYes360 Degrees Check Price
ZOOAUX Automatic Wireless Car Charger Mount 10 WattsYes360 Degrees Check Price
iOttie Wireless Charge Car Mount Kit Range 5-15 WattsYes225 DegreesCheck Price
FiGoal Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount  10 WattsYes360 DegreesCheck Price
Tonkent Wireless Car Charger  Range 5-10 WattsYes360 DegreesCheck Price

Here’s our top list of wireless chargers mount with full description:

Wireless Car Mount Charger, 2019 Newest 10W Qi Fast Charging Car Charger Mount Phone Holder Automatic Clamping, Compatible for iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8Plus/8, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S8 Plus/S7/S6 Edge Plus/Note9

VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount, Automatic Clamping Qi 10W .5W Fast Charging 5W Car Mount, Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR 8, Samsung S10 S9 S8 Note 9

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Adjustable Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder for iPhone Samsung Nexus Moto OnePlus HTC Sony Nokia and Android Smartphones Qi Certified.

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger,10W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Mount, Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8+, Samsung S10/S10+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+

Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10w Automatic Infrared Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder Dashboard Compatible with iPhone Xs/Xs Max/XR/X, Galaxy Note 9/ S9/ S9+ & Other Qi-Enabled 4.0-6.5in

Homder Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10W/7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder, Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Compatible with iPhone Xs/Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus, Samsung Note 9/ S9/ S9+/ S8

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit || Fast Charge: Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 Plus S8 S7 Edge Note 8 5 | Standard Charge: iPhone X 8 Plus & Qi Enabled Devices | + Dual Car Charge

FiGoal Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount Bonus QC 3.0 USB Adapter Auto Clamping 10W 7.5W Fast Charging Air Vent Windshield Dashboard Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone X Xs Max XR 8 Android S8 S9 S10

Tonkent Wireless Car Charger Auto Clamping Car Charger Mount Compatible for iPhone Xs/Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 9/ S9/ S9+/ S8/S8+/S7/S6 Edge and Other Qi-Enabled Phones

1.Wireless Car Charger, Newest 10W Qi Fast Charging

You are going to love this wireless charger. It’s of good quality and very convenient. It charges your phone fast while at the same time ensuring that your phone is protected.

Its clamping is automatic in that you do not have to clamp it yourself. You don’t even have to touch the car charger as it will detect automatically and clamp your phone for charging.

Wireless Car Charger, 2019 Newest 10W Qi Fast Charging
Wireless Car Charger, 2019 Newest 10W Qi Fast Charging

Brand: Koviti | Power Source: Coded Electric | Compatible Devices: Smartphones | Dimensions: 3.4 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches | Item weight:  13.6 ounces | Item model number: KVT-CMW1 | Charger: 10W Qi Fast Charging | Date First Available: June 19, 2019

It has three grips that hold the phone in place while charging preventing your smartphone from falling and any damage.

The joints are movable and you can rotate the charger for up to 360 degrees. So, regardless of whichever position you are in, you will be able to see and track the charging process.

To remove your phone, you just have to put your hand under the sensor and the clips open to let you take it. Given that it is compatible with quite a number of smartphones, you will not have to buy another one as long as yours is Qi-enabled.

What users liked

Users were impressed by the clamping function as the phone is well protected while charging. The automatic clamping is also something that users found to be very useful and convenient.

Users also found the wireless charger to be appealing in appearance as well as easy to install and use.

What users disliked

The only thing that users didn’t seem to like was that the charger only works with specific phone models. It did not work with some Qi-enabled phones.

Some users also wished that the car charger had an on and off button. This would make it convenient to simply put off the power button when you don’t need to charge your phone.


Automatic clamping

Looks great in the car

Easy to install and use

Fast charging


Does not have on/off power button

If you’re excited to learn more, try reading some of these pros and cons other customers have posted in reviews. Here

2.VANMASS Wireless-Car Charger Mount

Thanks to technology that things have made easier and better. All the trouble of dealing with tangling cables while driving will be forgotten as soon as you get yourself a wireless phone charging car mount.

This particular charger automatically clamps your phone for charging, saving you time and making your driving more convenient.

It has two clips that open and hold your phone during charging. The steady clamping ensures that your phone is safe all through, even when you are using a bumpy road. The joints are movable to allow you the best charging position that will not affect your driving.

VANMASS Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount with Automatic Clamping

VANMASS Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount with Automatic Clamping

Product Dimensions: 4.65 x 3.27 x 2.64 inches | Weight: 3 ounces | Model number: 4351485704 | Operating System: IOS, Android | Wireless Technologies: Overcharg protection, Smart sensor, Qi | Special Features: Vent wireless charger, Flexible phone holder | Other display features: Wireless | Manufacturer: VANMASS

It also has an indicator to show you how far your phone has charged. When it’s full, the charging will be interrupted automatically to prevent overcharging your battery.

To release your phone from the clips, all you need to do is press the ‘release’ button on either side of the clips and that’s it.

It also gives you three installation options and you get to choose which position is most convenient for you. You can mount the charger on the windshield, dashboard or the air vent.

The Vanmass wireless charger has wide compatibility with Qi-enabled phones and works perfectly well with phones between 4 – 6.5 inches.

What users liked

The charger has a great design and is good looking. They also found it easy to use and very convenient while driving. Users also liked the 360-degree adjustment function as it allowed them to view the phone at different angles without problems.

What users disliked

When it’s hot or cold, users found it difficult to get the clamps to hold the phone in position. Others experienced difficulties in charging whereby the charger would stop working t some point or didn’t charge at all when the phone case was on. Still, others felt that the charging was quite slow.


Nice design

Wide compatibility

Three installation options

Overheating and overcharging protectors

360 degrees joint ball


Doesn’t function well during extreme temperatures

Case protector hinders proper charging

3. OneNorth Fully Automatic Mount– That works perfectly. (No Longer Available)

If you have been searching for a wireless charger that works perfectly and charges your phone when the case is still on, this may be the end of your search.

If you do a random search online, you will see several people complaining about wireless car chargers that won’t work with certain types of cases or won’t charge at all unless you remove the case.

But this particular charger allows you to charge your phone with the case on. It’s hassle-free. Unless your phone case is super thick, there should be no problem charging it.

When you want to charge your phone, place it on the mount and the charger will do its job automatically. When the phone is full, tap the ‘release’ button and that’s basically it.

Easy, isn’t it? You don’t even need both hands to get your phone. Just a tap and the phone is released for you to pick with one hand.

Like the Vanmass wireless charger, the OneNorth wireless charger also gives options on where to install the charger.

This charger has wide compatibility since it works with all Qi-enabled phones. So, if you have more than one phone, you do not have to get an extra wireless charger.

What users liked

Most users appreciated how easy it is to mount the charger and use it. The clamping function also works well both on the dash and the windshield and it’s upon you to choose where to mount it.

The charger also charges faster and grasps the phone safely and releases it gently after charging. The charger makes it easy to drive safely and use the GPS while your phone is still charging. In short, users found the device very useful.

What users disliked

Few people had a problem with the charging.


Fast charging

Very easy to use

Works through the cellphone case



4. Squish Wireless Charger Phone Holder.

If you have been looking for a wireless charger that you can mount in your car, your reading table or on your work desk, the Squish wireless charger will do the job.

It requires no tools and therefore gives you endless options to choose from. This charger is easy to mount and very convenient to use while driving. Getting your phone to be charged is as easy as sliding the phone onto the wireless charger and the rest is up to it.

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount
Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.8 x 6 inches | Weight: 7 ounces | Item model number: EZ061 | Operating System: IOS, Android | Other display features: Wireless | Manufacturer: Squish | Compatible Phone Models | For iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8;Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S8 Note, S7, S7 edge

As soon as you slide the phone, it’s carefully gripped into position and charging starts. It allows you to comfortably drive without having to get your hands on the phone amounting to safety.

Once your phone is well clamped, you have no more reason to worry even though the road you are using is rough. The charger is made of an anti-scratch material to ensure maximum protection of your smartphone. The base material is made of anti-slip rubber for a secure grip and a worry-free journey.

The 360-degree rotating cradle allows you to view the phone at different angles. It’s compatible with most smartphones regardless of their sizes and shapes. It also works well with most phone cases.

What users liked

Users found this car charger very useful and easy to use. The charger was fast and the automatic clamping allowed a hands-free experience. They were also able to use the GPS feature easily while still driving thanks to its 360-degree rotating cradle.

What users disliked

Some users felt like the clamping function could have been stronger since phones slid and fell when driving on a rough road. Others expressed concerns over slow charging and inconsistency while the phone case was on.


It’s easy to set up

Charges through the phone case

Fast charging

Anti-scratch protection


Inconsistent charging with the case on

5. ZeeHoo Wireless 10W Qi Fast Charging and Auto-Clamping Car Mount.

Charging cables can get really messy in the car. But thanks heavens technology keeps on advancing. And you no longer have to carry cables in your car or suck while driving because your battery is low.

The ZeeHoo wireless charger is easy to clamp and allows you to view your phone at different angles. Whether you want to use the GPS or see who is calling, this charger allows for easier rotation.

When you place the phone on the holder, it’s automatically held safely into position. A single tap on the release button on either side will release your phone.

ZeeHoo Wireless 10W Qi Fast Charging and Auto-Clamping Car Mount
ZeeHoo Wireless 10W Qi Fast Charging and Auto-Clamping Car Mount.

Brand: ZEEHOO | Weight: 0.01 Ounces | Power Source: Coded Electric | Charging Cable: Type C | Charging Speed: 10W/7.5W Fast Charging | Other display features: Wireless | Product Dimensions: 4.96 x 2.85 x 3.85 inches | Item model number: ZHWC01| Compatible Devices: Qi-enabled Phones, Xperia Z3v(D6708)/XZ2/XZ2 Premium/X23, IPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, Stectrum 2 Nole /7/PE/8/9/10; S7 Edget/S8/S8+/S8 Active/S9/S9+/S10/S10e/S10

This charger ensures your battery is protected so that it lasts longer. Immediately it’s done charging, the charger will automatically power off.

You don’t have to keep on checking whether your phone is full while driving. This charger surely knows its job making it the real deal.

So long as your phone case is not rugged or uneven, this charger will work through the case. The holder can hold all phones with a thickness of 60-80mm.

What users liked

Users of this wireless charger found it very easy to set us and use. They also liked the fact that your phone cannot get overcharged as the charger automatically turns off the power when your phone is full. So even if you to forget checking the charging progress, there will be no damage.

Users also appreciated the fact that you can charge your phone through the case and the clips were stable enough to hold the phone into a safe position while charging.

What users disliked

Although the charger works through phone cases, it won’t work if your phone case is too thick. Some users, therefore, had to keep on removing the case every time they were charging which was quite a concern.

Also, some users found the mounting function a bit cumbersome since the holder wouldn’t stick to the dash or the vent.


Charges with case

Easy to set up

Turns the power off when the battery is full


Won’t work through thick cases

6. Baseus Wireless Car Charger Dashboard Compatible Mount.

The arms of this wireless charger will open automatically and close when you release the phone. To release the phone, tap the button on the right and the phone will be released automatically.

Unlike some car wireless chargers that don’t stick where they are put, this is different. It has a large and stable suction cup to ensure your phone does not shake or fall while you are driving.

With Baseus wireless car charger, you can extend the length of the arm to properly fit on your windshield or dashboard.

Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10w Automatic Infrared  Car Phone Holder

Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10w Automatic Infrared Car Phone Holder

Package Dimensions: 7.17 x 5.43 x 2.68 inches | Weight: 11.5 Ounces | Manufacturer: Baseus | Charging Speed: 10W Automatic Infrared Qi Fast Charging

What users liked

The charger stuck well to the dashboard and the vent while still holding the phone firmly. Even when the temperatures are high, this wireless charger did not disappoint. It still stuck and held the phone safely.

Users found the rotation feature that allows one to view and use the phone at different angles very useful.

What users disliked

Although some users found the sticking function very efficient, some users had a different experience. The suction power was not strong enough and the mount did not, therefore, stick firmly as it should. Still, the charging was not as fast as some users would have liked or rather expected.


Works with the case on

Sticks firmly

Supports different phone sizes

Good quality and design

The auto-clamping function works well


Requires USB to work

Needs an adapter for 10W fast charging

7. ZOOAUX-Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

As long as your phone case is not thicker than 6mm, your phone should comfortably charge through it. However, if your case is made of a metallic material or has magnetic features, you will have to remove it first for efficient charging.

This charger gives you a choice to make on where to stick it depending on your preferences and usage. You can mount it on the windshield, the vent air or the dashboard.

ZOOAUX Fast Wireless Car Charger Vent Mount, Automatic Clamping
Credit: Jp.

Charging Speed: 10W/7.5W Fast Charging | Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 0.79 x 3.82 inches | Weight: 7.2 ounces | Model number: ZA060 | Manufacturer: ZOOAUX

To prevent your phone from overheating during charging, Homder suggest that you keep the screen off and close apps to reduce power consumption.

After a long time of usage, the stickiness can reduce but this should be no problem. The bottom part has a washable suction cup and pad that you can rinse and air dry to restore the stickiness.

Since the suction cup is designed with strong viscosity, it is not recommended to place it on leather, wall or a filmed glass surface.

All the same, it is important to note that this wireless charger is affected by cold temperatures. The bottom suction cup may harden when it’s cold hence affecting the stickiness. You may thus have to warm it up before sticking it.

What users liked

Users were happy by the way easy it was to use this charger. The arms automatically opened in readiness to receive the phone for charging, and releasing the phone was also very easy.

It was also possible to adjust the charger to allow viewing from different angles. Users also liked this product because it is not only a wireless phone charger but also a perfect phone holder.

What users disliked

Users expressed concern over the mounting function of the charger as it could not stick firmly. Much could have been done to improve the suction power. To some, the charger was not as fast as expected and failed to work well with some phone cases.


Has great design

Easy to use

Works with the phone case

Wide compatibility


Affected by cold temperatures

8. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit

The one-touch mechanism allows one to easily place the phone for charging and remove it once it’s full. Once the mount gets hold of your smartphone, charging begins immediately.

This charger is adjustable allowing you to enjoy a perfect view of your smartphone while charging. The suction power is also strong enough to ensure that it sticks perfectly on your windshield or the dashboard while safely and firmly holding your phone.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit

Brand: IOttie | Item Dimensions: 3.7 x 5.2 x 9.1 inches | Mounting Type: Dashboard, Vent, Windshield | Weight: 0.035 Ounces | Model number: HLCRIO134AM | Connectivity technologies: Wireless | Included Components: EOTW Dash | Manufacturer: iOttie | At a Glance: Car charger, dashboard pad, mount base and cradle

If you have a tablet or another device that needs to be charged, this is the mount for you. The mount also comes with an extra USB port so that you can charge any other extra devices you may have.

The iOttie Easy One Touch is a universal wireless charger that holds all phones with their cases between 2.3’ – 3.5’.

What users liked

Users appreciated the stickiness since the mount stuck to position without movements even when driving. Users were also able to adjust this charger in order to use the phone for navigation.

What users disliked

Users of this product found it quite slow in charging. Especially when the screen is on or using GPS for navigation, the charge level did not change. Some users noticed that the charger drained the battery instead of charging even when the case was removed.


Sticks firmly

Allows viewing at different angles

Wide compatibility

Has extra port for other devices


Slower charging when apps are on

9. FiGoal Qi Wireless Car Charger with 360 degrees ball joints Mount.

Whether you want a vertical or horizontal view of your phone while driving, this wireless charger allows you to be the one to choose.

The 360 degrees ball joints let you adjust your phone and put it in the most comfortable position that will not affect your driving. You can mount this charger on the air vent, dashboard or the windshield.

FiGoal Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount with QC 3.0 USB Adapter Auto Clamping and Fast Charging
FiGoal Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount

Brand: FiGoal | Compatible devices: Smartphones | Charging Speed: 10W/7.5W Fast Charging | Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.6 x 3.2 inches | Weight: 3.2 ounces| Model number: 10001 | Other Display Features: Wireless | Manufacturer: FiGoal | Current rating: 2 Amps, 1.8 Amps

The auto-clamp feature lets you slide the smartphone into the charger with one hand and safely remove it after the battery is fully charged. It’s a matter of a single tap and the charger clamps and releases your phone.

This charger is case friendly and you may not have to remove your phone case during charging. It accommodates cases of up to 6mm thickness. It has wide compatibility and supports screen sizes between 4 – 6.5 inches.

What users liked

Users liked that you could easily adjust the mount to view your phone at whichever angle. The charger is also easy to mount and sticks firmly without falling off even when driving through a bumpy path. The auto clamping feature works perfectly and holds the phone firmly enough.

What users disliked

Few people had problems charging their phones with this wireless charger.


Wide compatibility

Easy mounting

Automatic clamping

Phone case friendly

Bonus USB adaptor



10. Tonkent Wireless– Car Charger Compatible with all Qi-Enabled Phones.

Finally, but definitely not least, we conclude our list with this charger. When it senses your phone, the two clips will open and hold your phone for charging.

Drive safely and comfortably without blocking your driveway. If you don’t want it on your dashboard, you can alternatively mount it on the windshield or the air vent.

To prevent your phone from overheating, the charging automatically stops when too much heat is detected. Although this charger works through phone cases, you will need to remove your case if it’s thicker than 6mm.

Tonkent Wireless- Car Charger   Compatible with all Qi-Enabled Phones.
Tonkent Wireless

Product Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.97 x 0.63 inches | Weight: 8.8 ounces | Other display features: Wireless | Manufacturer: Tonkent | Max 10W Fast Charger: Samsung S10/S9/S8/S7/S6 Edge +/Note 5 | Max 7.5W Fast Charger: iPhone XS max/XS/XR/X/8 | 5W For: Other Qi-Enabled Phones. | Rotation: 360-degree  

To restore the stickiness of the suction cup, rinse it and air dry after using for several months. It’s also important to note that the charging process will not be as fast if you are using apps. As such, if you need to charge it fast, consider closing apps that you are not using.

What users liked

Users found it very easy to set up the mount and the instructions were also clear. It also charged quite fast and did exactly what it’s meant to do without disappointing.

What users disliked

The charger failed to work with some phone protectors like Otter box. Other users disliked that the clamping function would not work once you turned off the engine.


Case friendly

Easy to set up

Overheating protection

Secure auto-clamping


Charges slow when apps are open

Buyer’s Guide: What to consider before buying a car wireless charger.

When buying a wireless car charger, you will want to put a few things in mind. This is something you will be using frequently and you will thus want to get a charger that pleases you and serves your needs.

Gratification: First, this is something that will be mounted in your car. That means it must be aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want to be staring at something that you don’t like at all.

Wireless Car Charger mount in the car dash board
Wireless Car Charger mount

Size :So, the design, the color, the shape, and how the mount blends in with the interior of your car is something that you cannot ignore. The size of the mount also matters a lot as you will not want a very large one that blocks your view when driving.

Charging Speed: Another thing that you will want to consider is the charging speed. If you use your phone for navigation when driving, you will want to get a charger that’s quite fast. Some chargers are slow depending on whether your apps are open or not.

Compatibility: The other thing you can’t ignore is the compatibility. If you have several devices, consider getting a wireless charger that can work with the different phones you have so as to save on cost. A charger with wide compatibility is always much better.

Although removing the case for charging might seem like something simple, it consumes some seconds. So, if you are ever in a rush and you like to get things working fast, consider getting a wireless charger that works perfectly with the phone case.


If you love your car neat and are always worried that the cables might mess up things in your car, you need to highly consider getting the best wireless car charger.

It will save you time, keep your driving space clear of cables and most importantly, you won’t have to worry anymore about your low battery. So go ahead, make your best selection, and place an order.

You like this article? Then you’d definitely love our other articles on Facts About iPhone Wireless Charging and Wireless Charging for iPhones.

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