Why are car escape tools important?

Every time you get on the wheel, you can only hope that you don’t get involved in an accident. But then, you can do more than hope. Nobody anticipates having an accident. Therefore, since you never know when, and,  if it’s gonna happen, you must always be prepared. Have everything you think you might need in case of an emergency all the time in your car. Something like a car escape tool comes in handy when you least expect it. Yet, people fill their emergency kits with all sorts of things and forget about emergency car escape tools. 

Why are car escape tools important? You are wondering. We will be digging into that and more pertaining car escape tools in this post. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand what a car escape tool is and how it works.

What is a car escape tool?

Just like the name suggests, a car escape tool helps you escape from your car during an emergency. Picture a situation where you are stuck in your car because of one reason or the other. And, you need to leave fast and have no time to wait for emergency services to come and rescue you. In instances such as when your car is submerged in water or has overturned, your safety belt might hinder you from escaping. That’s where escape tools for car come in. 

Car Catching fire
Car on fire

The escape tools may be in form of a seatbelt cutter or a glass breaker. Still, some tools have both of these features so you don’t need two different tools. They save your life and those of other passengers on board. It’s a tool worth investing in and you should not wait until you get in an emergency situation to realize that you need to purchase one. Because boy, it could be too late. Better safe than sorry, remember? 

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Benefits of having car escape tools in your vehicle

It’s a life saviour 

This is the number one reason you should get a car escape tool. There are accidents such as fire that will kill you within no time unless you act fast. Having car escape survival tools at such a time in your vehicle will spare your life. Imagine not being able to leave your car during such a life-threatening moment just because of a jammed seatbelt! With a cutter, you can escape unhurt.

safety tool break car window
Car Safety Tools

It saves you time

Emergencies need no dilly-dallying. Let’s be honest, well, you can dial 911 for help but by the time they come to rescue you, you are no more. It’s best to do what you can do while you can still do it. If you can quickly cut the safety belt and break the window to save your life, do that. But how are you going to do this if you do not have car escape tools, huh?

Being ready gives you confidence

The last thing you want is to get into an emergency and you have no idea what to do and where to start. During accidents, confusion has a tendency of kicking in immediately. You are stuck in your car and you need to escape fast enough. But then, you are freaking out so bad that you cannot even think of calling emergency services. So, you cry and shout in your car and pray that someone comes to your rescue. 

You could avoid all this by getting prepared for such scenarios. When you are equipped with the right tools, you will be calm since you have confidence that your tools got you covered. 

It’s convenient

We are not talking about a heavy and huge tool that eats up all the space in your car. No. Car escape tools are compact and lightweight making them very convenient to carry around. In fact, you can hook it to your key chain or cigarette lighter. It leaves you with no excuse for not having one.


With all these great benefits of car escape tools, it still would not be useful if you cannot afford one! The good news is that car escape tools are quite affordable. You can get yourself a car escape tool for as low as $10. With this price, you will get a tool with basic features that will save your life. You can, however, pay more for a tool with added features such as a USB charger and flashlight.

Buying the best car escape tools

When looking for the best car escape tools to buy, a quick online search for “Best car escape tools reviews” should get you started. Make sure to look at features such as quality and resilience. Also, put in mind that some glass breakers only work for tempered glass. You want to be sure that the tool you buy will work for your car. 

Read what people are saying about a specific escape tool before buying. Some people have complained that certain tools did not perform the tasks they are supposed to. Just take your time to go through customer reviews.

Also, consider your budget so that if it allows, you can go for a tool that comes with additional features that make using them easier. If you often have kids on board, your cutter should have a protected edge to avoid injuries. 


As you can see, a car escape tool is one that you should never lack. We think of accidents such as colliding with other cars but hardly do we foresee a situation where we might need to escape from our own cars. There’s no excuse for not owning these emergency tools seeing that they are very useful and also very affordable. 

Just make sure you do your homework well before making a purchase. Consider the features we have mentioned in this article to help you make a purchase that you won’t regret. Sometimes the simple things we ignore end up being the most important ones. If you have been putting off the decision to get a car escape tool, it’s about time you acted ASAP.

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