6 Reasons Your Car Needs a Dash Cam

It’s somewhat odd that cameras aren’t built into cars considering all the things that come with them. But this is no longer a problem thanks to the invention of dashboard cameras. A dashboard camera, also known as car DVR or dash cam is a type of camera that is designed to record what is happening in and around the car.

This small device is usually mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard for a wider viewing angle but can also be attached to the windshield or any other part of the car. This technology is increasingly finding its way on many drivers’ vehicles as it allows one to take control of their vehicle’s safety and security. A dash cam can provide a number of benefits, including:

Dash Camera helps in Road Safety

Some dash cams come with a display screen where you can view footage in real-time, thus providing you with extra eyes on the road. Additionally, some feature a range of safety features, including Forward Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, and Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW), all of which can alert you of impending danger and help you become a safer driver on the road.

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Improving your driving skills is vital to ensuring safety on the road. You can review your recorded driving footage to see how you drove and what mistakes you made while driving. That way, you can work on them and improve your presence behind the wheel.

Dash Cam Provide You with Concrete Evidence in Case of Incident

The primary purpose of a dash cam is to record incidences while on the road. This device will start recording as soon as the car engine starts, thus providing real-time footage in the unfortunate event of an accident. Imagine how useful this footage can be to the authorities for determining the cause of the accident and supporting your position/innocence.

Damaged Ford after a road crash
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Aside from accidents, dash cams can also capture your interaction with the police. There have been reports of unnecessary police brutality in situations that called for otherwise simple interaction with a citizen. Footage from a dash cam can protect you from unfair fines and also keep authorities accountable.

Last, but not least, these camera systems can also capture incidences of reckless and irresponsible driving. Such drivers are not only bothersome and annoying but also put the lives of other road users in danger. You can report such matters to the police and provide the recorded video as proof of bad driving, thus making the roads safer for all.

Dash Cams Helps Speed Up Insurance Benefits

You can also submit the footage stored on your mirror dash cam to your insurance company to speed up your car insurance claim as it provides clear, definite evidence of the events leading to and after an accident. Insurance companies value dash cams as they make their work easier. They are also recognizing the preventive nature they have and will offer discounts on your car insurance premiums if you have a dash cam on your car.

Still under insurance benefits, dash cams can help prevent insurance fraud. Hitting someone with your car can be a real nightmare but scammers are always looking for ways to extort money from drivers, especially high-end car owners.

Such people will get into an accident at their will just so they can get insurance money, and a dash cam can provide evidence of who was at fault. Aside from pedestrians, some drivers can also intentionally cause an accident to get a hefty payout and a dash cam will prove otherwise.

Unexpectedly Useful Features and Functions

Today’s best car DVR cameras go beyond simply recording what happens in and around your vehicle. They come packed with plenty of features and functions that can benefit you in other ways. For starters, most have a GPS feature that allows you to track your location and speed.

Some support both 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks, which allow for staying connected on-the-go, fast web browsing, and seamless online GPS navigation. Others have a Bluetooth function that allows you to share files wirelessly and even make calls hands-free with the help of the built-in microphone and speaker.

Dash Cam Helps Keep an Eye on Your Car 24/7

Dash cams can also offer 24-hour surveillance thanks to the 24-hour parking monitoring function. Most dash cams have built-in batteries that enable them to start recording upon detecting motion or impact even when the engine is off. If your car is hit, vandalized, or broken into while you are away, you will have audio and video evidence of the incident that you can turn over to the police. Some will even send alerts to your phone in case of an ongoing accident or crime.

Dash Cam offer Amazing Record Road Trips Records

Most dash cams support loop-recording and time-lapse recording, have expansive memory capacities, built-in GPS tracker, car power adapters, both front and rear cams, and more features that allow you to take uninterrupted footage in high definition, thus making them perfect for capturing moments on your next road trip.

Arches National Park, Utah, USA
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Some can even be swiveled around to record the inside of the car so you can capture memorable moments with your family and friends. In short, you can turn your road trip into an unforgettable experience that you can re-watch again and again. Some people have even become successful from just vlogging on YouTube about the trips they make.


A dash cam is a great investment as it provides drivers and passengers alike with safety and security. Knowing that this small device is recording everything that happens in and around your car at all times will give you overall peace of mind. There’s a wide variety of dash cams to choose from. From high-end ones with state-of-the-art features like NexBase Dash Cam to low-end ones that only cost a couple of tens of dollars; the choice is entirely yours, of course, depending on your preference, budget, and needs.

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