Qi Wireless Charging Explained And How It Works

Many problems characterize charging different devices using wired or corded chargers. First, the cords easily get entangled to create a mess that may be difficult and annoying to undo.  What’s more, the plugs wear out and wires bend with use, making the charging process ineffective.

It is for such reasons that most people have moved on to the Qi wireless charging technology.

Have you?

Qi wireless charging is not only simple and convenient but it presents many more possible applications as well. 

Possibly, this revelation sounds interesting and this far you are wondering; so, can I make my phone qi compatible? 

Well for this and much more information about Qi charging, please read this article to the end.

What is Qi charging?

Qi is an open interface standard that describes wireless power transfer by inductive charging. The system comprises a charging pad upon which you place your device to charge via resonant inductive coupling. It was initially released to the market in 2008 and by 2020, it had been adopted by more than 200 tablets, smartphones, and other compatible devices.

Qi Fast Charging Station

You may be thinking, so, which devices are Qi-enabled?

Well, so far, some of the mobile device makers that have embraced the standard include Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics, NuCurrent, Blackberry, Asus, HTC, Google (high-end pixel models), and Motorola Mobility.

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Motor vehicle manufacturers are also incorporating them in their car designs.

 How fast is qi charging?

Although the Qi 1.2 standard delivers a maximum charging speed of 15 watts, which is 9volts, 1.67 amps, the gadgets doing 7.5 W – 10 Watts are more common today. If you have an iPhone, you can expect speeds of up to 15 W with an Apple-certified MagSafe Charger and 7.5 W for a regular Qi charger.

The majority of Android phones can take speeds of up to 10W, although, some of them support the 15W charging speed.

You must also be knowing the 5W chargers. Although these are much slower, they are considered by many users as a low-cost option. These take roughly 3-4 hours to give you a full charge.

Do wireless charging work on all phones?

 Not exactly! However, a wireless charger can effectively charge any smartphone that is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. 

What are the advantages of wireless charging? 

So, who qualifies to use a wireless charger?

Well, you can use this device if you own a smartphone that is customized to support the Qi wireless charging standard. Perhaps one of the leading advantages of using this gadget is convenience. For example, if your phone does not have a headphone jack, you can still use wired headphones while charging because a wireless charger doesn’t use a USB-C port or a lightning connector.

Two, with a wireless charger, you won’t have to go through the hustle of plugging and removing the cable. In effect, this minimizes the damage to the charging port

In brief, Qi wireless charging

(1). Is a safer way to charge your phone

(2). Is simple to use because all you have to do is place your phone on the charging pad

(3). Has less impact on your phone’s charging port.

(4). Pads are installed in cars, buildings, and several other public places for convenient access to the charging service.


Generally, wireless charging works much slower when compared the ordinary chargers, more so for handsets with quick charge technology.

Also, when your phone is charging on a cable charger, you can still receive and make calls without disrupting the charging process. However, the case is different when using a wireless charger because once you remove the phone from the pad, it stops charging immediately.

Another disadvantage is that not all phones have the wireless charging feature


Belkin Boost Charge 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand


Charging speed: 10 Watts for Android phones and 7Watts for iPhone

Input port: Micro USB

Accessories: 24 Watt quick charge 3.0 wall charger, 4foot Micro USB cable, and a charging stand 

This gadget delivers speeds of up to 10W for Qi-enabled Android and iPhone handsets.  These include the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and more.

Belkin Boost Charge 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand

 Specifically, you can charge;

iPhone: Max, SE, 11 Pro, Max, XR, XS, 8, 11, 8 Plus, and more.

Samsung: Galaxy S20, S10, S9+ S9, 3XL, 3, 4XL,4, Pixel 4, Note 9, Note 10+, 8plus, 8, S20 Ultra, and more

The Belkin Boost Charge 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand can charge a phone from empty to over 50% in an hour.

It is accessorized with a wall plug and detachable cable and this is all you need to charge at the fast available speeds.

Users highly appreciate its black and white colors because these colors blend easily into most environments

It charges the landscape or portrait positions to give you convenient access to the apps, texts, videos, and more. 

Interestingly, it can charge through lighter plastic cases of up to 3mm

It is certified by the wireless consortium as safe and should anything go wrong, the manufacturer’s warranty covers you for 2 years.


Charges fast

Charges in both portrait and landscape

Pretty simple to understand and use

Works through a shock of proof case


One item stopped charging midway

Some users found it difficult to find the exact charging position

One user simply said “it did not work well”

Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Base Pad

Although the Anther Wireless Charger bears a reputation for slower charging, it remains a good choice for charging overnight. It is quite affordable and reliable although it doesn’t come with a USB wall charger. Therefore, you need to get one at an extra cost.

The pad’s rectangular design reflects the shape of your handset allowing you to place your phone centrally for regularized charging. You will also realize that the slimline design takes little space whether on the bedside table, stool, or working desk. All you have to do is align your handset with the pad for optimal charging

Typically, owners of high-end models are highly concerned about the safety of their phones. If you are such a person, then the charger’s non-slip design ensures that it is firmly held in position to avoid slipping away during vibration.

Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Base Pad

It comes with impressive safety features including

(1). Advanced temperature control

(2). Foreign object detection

(3). Overvoltage protection

In case your phone has a case, you never have to worry about pulling it off because it delivers power through cases measuring up to 5mm thick. 


  • Output: 10 W / 7.5 W / 5W
  • Input: 5V-2A / 9V-2A

It is compatible with the following models

Samsung: (10 W fast Charge Mode)

  • Note 7/ Note 8/note 9/note 10
  • Galaxy S6 edge+/ S7/ S7 edge/S8+/S8/S9/S9+/S10/S20

iPhone: 7.5 W (fast charge mode)

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X/ iPhone XS/ iPhone XR/ XS Max /11 Pro Max /11Pro/iPhone 11

The 5Watt Standard Charge mode serves on all Qi enabled phones and other devices.


Charges the phone in any position.

Has rubber feet to ensure that that the charger doesn’t slip

Sleek and portable

Charges as fast as a cable charger


Charging stops with any downward pressure on the Micro-USB connector

Some users find it pricey

Some users have raised concerns about phone alignment

INIU Wireless Charger, 15W Qi-Certified

This is another wireless charger that you may want to either buy now or keep on your watch list mainly due to its excellent features. The product is made by INIU company using high-quality material to give you the best wireless charging experience.


Charging Distance: 4mm

Input Protocol: QC/PD/AFC Fast Charging

Output: 15W(max)

Input: 9V⎓1.67A or 5V⎓2A

Input Port: USB Type C

It features the NTC temperature guard protection that serves to eliminate the conventional noisy cooling fan. The temperature guard regulates the temperature in a muted sense to ensure your phone doesn’t get heated or damaged.

The charger has dual conductivity coils that allow you to watch videos in portrait or landscape without disrupting the power supply.

INIU Wireless Charger, 15W Qi-Certified
INIU Wireless Charger,

It is also sleep-friendly, because of the smart adaptive LED that dims in the dark and brightens during the day. This feature keeps you aware of the charging progress without disrupting your sleep.

Another feature that makes this charger attractive is its high-efficiency chip that delivers 7.5 W fast charge for iPhone, 10 W fast charge for Samsung Galaxy, and 15 W fast charge for LG,

You will also appreciate the intelligent FOD system that automatically detects any foreign object that is likely to interfere with the charging process


Doesn’t get heat up

Charges instantly. It actually knocks 45 minutes off your waiting time


Has a great aesthetic and functional design


May fail to charge but in very rare occasions

Some users have complained about the cord being too short

Some cords don’t match the common connection.

Having read much about this technology, you may be wondering can I make my phone Qi-compatible?

Well, you can only enjoy this service if your phone is suited for Qi charging. Then, all you will have to do is buy a Qi charging pad and you will be good to go.

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