Vantrue N2S Car Camera Uses a Powerful Sony Starvis Sensor

If you are looking for the best front and rear recording dash camera, then this is it. VANTRUE N2S dash cams can record both the road in front of you and the one behind simultaneously. It uses both the camera and LCD screen. It also has enhanced night vision capabilities that enable the camera to capture clear recordings even in low light conditions. These recordings can serve as evidence in case of accidents.

The single front camera has a resolution of 3840×2160@25fps, capturing for you crystal clear videos, which you can get a wide clear view of the street and any car license plates. If you are a driver of a taxi service like Uber and Taxify, or if you are simply driving your family around, this is the perfect cam for you that will brighten your road trips.

The car camera inside has an amazing Sony Starvis sensor, four infrared LEDs, and a big aperture that produces excellent low light performance. The night vision can support video capture at 1920x1080P@30fps, demonstrating a clearer view inside the vehicle even during the dark. Not forgetting the HDR technology employed that causes the back and front camera to have great exposure throughout, even in low light conditions.

VANTRUE N2S dash cams best front and rear dashcam

When you park your car, the cam has a motion and collision detection which automatically starts to record when a movement occurs within its point of view. The collision detection features enable the cam to start recording instantly when a crash is detected. These special features enable you to monitor your car 24 hours a day even when you are away.

Sometimes, your car can be exposed to extreme temperature conditions. The Vantrue N2S Dual 2.5K Dash Cam has G-sensor and supercapacitor that enables the cam to withstand these extreme temperatures between 14 and 158°F.

This ensures the camera lasts longer as the risk of overheating I eliminated. The G-sensor can detect a crash and the currently recorded video of when the accident was happening is locked and automatically saved. Your important recorded files will be protected even in the face of an accident.

There is also an external GPS mount on the cam which can record the route, speed, and location of your vehicle. The camera system supports up to 256GB micro SD card. This will however have to be purchased separately.

Some of the key features of the camera you should look out for include: dual 1440P QHD, GPS mount, single front 4K recording, Sony STARVIS sensor, and 256GB micro SD storage.

Vantrue N2S Dual 2.5K Dash Cam Product Information

The cam has a Sony STARVIS Night Vision supported by an F1.8 big aperture and 4 Infrared LEDs and supports video capture of 2560 x 1440P @30FPS.

The front cam records super crystal clear QHD videos and images at 1440P x 1440P with 30fps.

The single front cam can only record roads that are ahead with a resolution of up to 4K(3840 x 2160P @25FPS).

There is an external GPS mount that records your vehicle’s location, route, and speed.

The camera has a 24 hours parking monitor that can detect both motion and collision.

It is also heat and cold resistant. Can work perfectly in extreme temperatures of between 14 to 158°F without the risk of overheating.

Has a wide-angle of 155° for the front camera and 165° inside to capture both the road in front and inside the cabin at the same time.

Has Advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology for optimal performance and high-quality video capture under any light conditions.

Has Loop recording & G-Sensor capabilities that detect crashes and lock recorded videos automatically. Its loop function overwrites the oldest recordings after your storage is full.

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Vantrue N2S

Image Sensor: Front Sony Rear Sony | Front lens: 155° full 6 layer glass lens with F/1.4 wide aperture. | Rear lens: 165°, F/1.8 wide-aperture lens | Display: 2 inch LCD | Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker | USB Port: Type C USB | Video Format: MP4 Front + Inside Mode Resolution: 1440P+1440P@30fps Max | Front Mode Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160P@25FPS) Max | Special Features: Night Vision, Parking Monitoring, Supercapacitor, Easy to Use, Durability, Voice Recording, WDR, Wide Angle, Front, and Cabin Dual Dashcam. | Manufacturer: VANTRUE | Package Contents: 1 x VANTRUE N2S Dual Dash Camera; 1 x Suction Cup Mount with GPS Module; 1 x Car Charger with 11.4ft Type-C USB Cable; 1 x Type C USB Data Cable 3ft; 1 x User Manual; 1x Quick Guide.


4K Video resolution on front camera

Sony Image Sensors

Parking mode with motion & impact detection

Infrared interior camera with true night vision


No WiFi for remote connectivity

Only comes with suction cup mount

Vantrue N2S Dual 2.5K Dash Cam FAQ

At Vantrue, innovation is only the first step on a journey that ends with 100% satisfaction. Vantrue wants each product to be nothing less than amazing. There are definitely improvements to be made, on each camera you have come across but the Vantrue N2S is still a great camera with great support at a fair price. Let see few facts about this product.

1. Can the Vantrue N2S Parking mode work if it is not hardwired?

Vantrue N2S dashcam uses a supercapacitor that requires a constant power supply even when the car is OFF. For it to continue functioning in the parking mode, it has to be connected to the power bank. Alternatively, you can hardwire it directly into your car battery or using an OBD cable.

2. Can you buy a micro SD card for Vantrue N2S that can record for up to 6 hours?

The dashcam can record for 24 hours subject to availability of storage capacity. The good news is it can support a micro SD card of up to 256GB of storage. When the capacity depletes, it automatically overwrites old files. So yes, it can record for 6 hours or even 24 hours. Ensure you review the old files before they are overwritten.

3. How do you read license plates of vehicles after recording the videos with Vantrue N2S

License plates can be read after you playback the video on your computer. The single front camera provides you with crystal clear images which can capture the license plates clearly as well as the street details.

4. If you install Vantrue camera using the cig lighter plug, does it drain the battery?

Under normal circumstances, it doesn’t drain the car’s battery. When a cigarette lighter is used, the dashcam will automatically power off when the car is switched off. When you hardwire, the car battery will drop in voltage as the hardwire kit cuts down the power supply for the cam. This will be a result of the low voltage protection function.

5. Does the Vantrue cam have an internal battery? What is its lifespan?

Vantrue N2S dash camera is designed with a tiny battery whose function is only to remember the time, the setting, and the date. It is important that you connect it to a constant power supply like the car charger or hardwiring it to the car battery.

6. Must the Vantrue N2S cam be hardwired for it to monitor for 24 hours? Does it have internal memory?

Hardwiring is required when your car is in parking mode. Yes. It does have an internal memory that can be expanded up to 256 GB. You can also purchase the hardwiring kit separately.

7. Can Vantrue N2S capture forward activities when your car is parked?

Yes. After you have turned on the parking mode and hardwired your cam, it continuously records the front view ahead of the vehicle and captures all activities. Besides the forward activity function, there is also the time-lapse function.

8. What is the power consumption Vantrue N2S dash camera?

Your power supply should be around 5V. The standby current is between 520-600mA. When the camera is recording, current consumption rises to between 600-700mA.

9. What is the purpose of the Super Capacitor in the Vantrue N2S cam? 

The supercapacitor helps the camera to withstand an extreme temperature range between 14 and 158°F. This prevents the camera from overheating, and in the process, extends its lifetime while ensuring reliability.

10. Is there any hardware kit I might need for the Vantrue N2S camera?

You might require a hardware kit that comes with a type C port. This can be purchased separately.


This is an amazing camera that can come in handy for you as a driver, especially if you have signed up as a driver in ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt, Taxify, etc. It allows video playback and can provide real-time information regarding your location, speed, and more. It features amazing, easy-to-use controls and interfaces for a smooth operation. Not only are the images and videos of high quality, but also its night vision is quite clear. It is generally a pretty cool accessory that all drivers should have!

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