Thinkware dash cams X700 dual dashcam

Thinkware X700 Full HD Dash Cam with advanced driver assistance software 

This Thinkware dash cams X700 dual dashcam is an amazing cam that advanced driver assistance software together with innovative camera technology, to enable you to record your daily commutes in high resolution as you drive safely. The camera has a 2.7-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touchscreen that visually notifies you of any safety alerts. With this, you can also playback videos on the spot or adjust some of your settings. The cam also employs night vision technology and can be your ideal eye-witness companion. Some of its key features include:

Super Night Vision: This technology enables the cam to produce high-quality images and videos even in low light conditions by reducing the “noise.”

Enhanced Video Quality: Thinkware Dash Cams have a very clear camera that captures everything around its point of view. It has a wide viewing angle to provide better video coverage of the surrounding roads. The video also has a wide dynamic range (WDR) which makes the cam have the right video contrast and exposure in any environment.

LCD Touch Screen: The cam’s touchscreen enables the manipulation of various settings. Its function extends to providing road safety warnings alerts both in visual and audio formats. The camera is flexible. It can be adjusted using the Live View feature on the touchscreen. Not forgetting the Video Playback Feature which allows instant video playback.

PC Viewer: Thinkware dashboard camera come with an advanced explorer which performs a variety of functions like allowing you to download your recordings conveniently, and later review the footage on your personal computer using its video playback function. You can also easily configure its settings using the software. Not forgetting its driving data capabilities which enables you to access and view the GPS data that has been attached to your video.

Packing Surveillance: The cam has a Time-Lapse function that can record footage of long parking surveillance without increasing its power consumption. It can also monitor any impact on your vehicle when you are away, enabling you to catch hit-and-run drivers while on the act. Any motions around your vehicle can also be captured hence preventing any potential vandalism while you are away.

THINKWARE - X700 Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam

Advanced Driver Assistance: To use this feature, a GPS antenna, which is optional, is required. This feature can warn you of any potential road hazards and notify you if the vehicle in front of you has begun moving or if you are veering off your driving lane.

Safety camera: It will alert you of any red traffic lights ahead or speed limit signs along the road.

Reliability: This Dash Camera has some thermal sensors and capacitors attached to it which offer more safety and reliability especially in extreme temperatures. It also has an Anti-File corruption technology that shields the memory card from data corruption, hence improving its reliability.

Thinkware X700D Dash Cam is all about providing convenience and safety to the driver. With this, you will be able to adjust your settings, get crucial safety alerts, and playback your videos on the spot. Track your routes, time, and speed with the optional GPS Antenna. Record all of your videos in Full HD with Thinkware dash Cams x700 dual dashcam.


The cam has a Sony STARVIS Night Vision supported by F1.8 big aperture and 4 Infrared LEDs, and supports a video capture of 2560x1440P@30FPS.

The front cam records super crystal clear QHD videos and images at 1440P x1440P with 30fps.

The single front cam can only record roads that are ahead with a resolution of up to 4K(3840*2160P@25FPS).

There is an external GPS mount that records your vehicle’s location, route and speed.

The camera has a 24 hours parking monitor that can detect both motion and collision.

It is also heat and cold resistant. Can work perfectly in extreme temperatures of between 14 to 158°F without the risk of overheating.

Has a wide angle of 155° for the front camera and 165° inside to capture both the road in front and inside the cabin at the same time.

Has Advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology for optimal performance and high quality video capture under any light conditions.

Has Loop recording & G-Sensor capabilities that detects crash and locks recorded videos automatically. Its loop function overwrites oldest recordings after your storage is full.

Key specifications of the Thinkware X700D Dash Cam are as follows:

USB Port: Type C USB

Other display features: Wireless

Display: 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen

Image Sensor: Front: Sony, Rear: Sony

Audio Built: Microphone and speaker

Rear lens: 165°, F/1.8 wide aperture lens

Front Mode Resolution: 4K (3840*2160P@25FPS) Max

Front lens: 155° full 6 layer glass lens with F/1.4 wide aperture.

Video Format: MP4 Front + Inside Mode Resolution: 1440P+1440P@30fps Max

Special Features: Night Vision, Parking Monitoring, Supercapacitor, Easy to Use, Durability, Voice Recording, WDR, Wide Angle, Front and Cabin Dual Dashcam, Advanced Parking Mode (Impact & Motion Detection with Built-In Voltmeter); Super Night Vision; Anti-File Corruption; Full HD 1080p video and camera-resolution; Road Safety Warning (LDWS, FCWS, uFCWS, FVDW); 142.7-degree viewing angle; Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS); Built-in G-sensor; 

Included Components: Rear View Camera, Adhesive Cable Clips, 12V Power Cable, Rear View Camera Connecting Cable, X700 Dash Cam, 3M Windshield Mount with extra tape, Thinkware 16GB microSD card with SD adapter (User Manual stored in microSD card), Quick start guide/Warranty, GPS Antenna

Thinkware X700D Dash Cam FAQ

Can you buy a micro SD card that can record for up to 6 hours?

The dash cam can record for 24 hours subject to availability of storage capacity. The good news is it can support a micro SD card of up to 256GB of storage. When the capacity depletes, it automatically overwrites old files. So yes, it can record for 6 hours or even 24 hours. Ensure you review the old files before they are overwritten.

Can the dashcam be removed from the windshield?

Yes. It can be removed by sliding it off the mount. You can also put it back again.

Can the dashcam be compatible with a dual USB car charger?

Unfortunately no. There is only a standard 12V car charger. The option of dual USB is not available.

Does it have both the front and rear cameras?

Yes, it does have both the front and rear cameras. Pick the cam that says “THINKWARE X700 Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera for Cars.” Order the package that includes both the front and rear camera.  

What’s the difference between the N2 Pro and N2S?

N2 Pro VS. N2S – The main difference between the new NS2 dash cam and the N2 Pro is that N2S records video in a higher resolution of 4K. The N2S front lens angle is slightly smaller at 155°, where as the N2 Pro has a front lens angle of 170°

Can the video feature of the camera be displayed on a car in-dash media player?

Unfortunately no. All videos are recorded on a microchip. Thus, they can only be displayed on a computer. The video can however be transferred from the microchip into a CD. You can then play the CD on the car’s video player. But if your car has a car audio system with a USB slot that can play videos, then you can use this to play the videos.

Does it come with a micro Sd card?

Yes. It does include a 16 GB microSD card. And there is also the option of upgrading to up to 64 GB.

Does it have a G sensor?

Yes, it does. It is likely to beep when you hit a terrible bump.

What is the normal duration of the recording?

It records as long as the size of the SD card allows. This cam comes with 16GB of storage. After it has been recorded long enough to exhaust this size, it begins to automatically overwrite the oldest file recordings. You can however expand the SD card to up to 64GB.

Is the front camera water resistant?

Unfortunately no. It is not water-resistant.

Can it connect to a mobile phone? Can it be connected to an iPhone?

X700 does not have inbuilt Wi-Fi, hence will be unable to connect to your mobile phone or smartphone.

Are the dash camera and rear camera separate or single?

The front and rear cameras are 2 separate cameras. However, they are connected together with the rear camera cable. The front dash camera will record the road ahead of you whereas the rear dash camera records the road behind you.

Does it come with the hardwire kit?

Unfortunately no. You can purchase it separately.

Can the alerts for LDW or FCWS be switched off? 

Absolutely yes. They can be turned off. To do this, go to “settings” then click on “Road Safety Warning Settings”. You can use either the dashcam or PC viewer to do this.

What is the width of the lens?

The width is about 3mm. And the viewing angle is 140 degrees with a fixed zoom.


Thinkware X700 cam offers a classic design with incredibly amazing performance. It does well with video stabilization and camera enhancement. The video recordings together with the details captured are soft and puffy and can deliver sharper detailed video. It also does pretty well with both headlight and streetlight. Its touch display has easy interfaces to use and all drivers should definitely check it out.

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