Nextbase 522gw Review And Why You Should Buy It

The Nextbase 522gw dash camera is the best dash camera for semi-trucks. It not only features stunning, high-quality images but also includes smart features, cutting-edge safety, and security. As a driver, Nextbase 522gw dash camera will provide you with an independent witness on the roads as you drive. If you are looking to protect yourself on the road, this dashcam is a must-have gadget.

Nextbase 522gw is fitted with a polarizing filter that reduces windscreen glare and reflection. It also has a rotating bezel that reduces reflection and windscreen glare considerably. With a 3″ HD IPS Touch Screen, the dashcam offers an exciting user experience. You can select the menu, playback, or even share files from the touch screen.

You can as well capture the road in front of you in greater stunning details. The dashcam has a continued focus on image quality. It records them in 1440p HD at 30fps. With the assistance of a 6G glass lens, Nextbase 522gw captures extra details such as road signs and number plates.

Some of its key features of the Nextbase 522gw include:

Intelligent parking mode: When there is a bump ahead or some sort of physical movement or vibration when the car is parked, this dash cam senses it, and recording is prompted to begin immediately.

Wi-Fi: Your footage recordings can be downloaded and shared, through the Quick Link Wi-Fi, as well as through the MyNextbase Connect app to your smart device i.e. android or tablet.

Bluetooth Low Energy: This is a feature that enables the dashcam to send crash footage automatically and directly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices like the tablet and smartphone. To use this feature, your device should have Bluetooth version 4.2, Android 6 or above, and iOS 13 or above.

10Hz GPS: You can accurately record your location and speed using this dash cam’s GPS together with the assistance of Google Maps.

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear
Nextbase 522gw

The Nextbase 522gw Dash Camera has an emergency SOS response and Alexa voice control. It also has a built-in polarizing filter for glare reduction, a 1440p HD recording to capture and produce stunning images as well as a 3 inch HD IPS Touch Screen which also reduces glaring.

The Alexa offers hands-free control through its voice commands. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies sync with compatible smartphones allowing you to download your recorded footage. It also has ports for easier expansion as well as for connecting compatible camera modules. Some of its key features include:

Alexa built-in: With this, you can check the weather, play music, and control smart home devices, as well as talking to your dash camera directly.

High-quality (1440p) video recording: You can capture sharp, high definition images and footage recording with this dashcam.

Viewing Angle: 140 degrees, which provides expansive shooting coverage.

Image quality: 1440p @ 30 fps.

Screen: 3 inches LED HD integrated IPS Touch Screen provides interactive interfaces with high clarity.

Built-in G-Sensor: Which supports emergency video and file backup especially when an accident happens.

Emergency SOS: This feature has an emergency response. You can alert emergency services to your location whenever an accident occurs.

Supports microSD cards up to 128GB: This is expansive camera storage that can save your recorded footage.

Click & Go Pro mount: It has integrated neodymium magnets which provide easy installation and removal in your car.

Night vision: Pro

GPS: 10x GPS

Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz

Parking mode: Intelligent

Bluetooth Auto-sync: Bluetooth 4.2

Connectivity technologies: Bluetooth

Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required.

Recording Resolution Specifications: 2560 x 1440

Nextbase Module Cam Compatible (Rear cam, Rear facing Cam): Front 1440p/ 1080p; Rear 720p/ 1080p.

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear

Compatibility: Nextbase Hardwire Kit, Nextbase 64GB & 128GB(recommended) MicroSDHC Memory Cards, Nextbase Rear Cams (Telephoto View, Cabin View, Window).

Manufacturer: Nextbase

Number of USB Port(s): 1

Vehicle Camera Type: Dashboard

Camera Power Source: Vehicle battery

Camera Mounting Location: Dash, Windshield

Expandable Memory Compatibility: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

Other features: Nextbase emergency response, Alexa built-in, polarising filter.

The package comes with: Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam; Click&Go PRO mount; Suction mount; 12-24V car power cable; USB cable; Power cable fitting tool; Owner’s manual.

Nextbase 522gw Dash Camera FAQs

The Nextbase 522GW is packed with extra features. Record in upgraded 1440p Quad HD, with an inbuilt polarising lens to dramatically reduce windscreen glare. A larger 3 inch HD IPS screen provides the ultimate user experience. 

What is the recommended micro SD card for Nextbase 522gw Dash Camera?

A Nextbase branded microSD card is recommended. They have been specifically built and tested for use with Nextbase’s dash cams. A 32GB U3 card is also recommended. If you are connecting to a rear cam module, a 64GB U3 or 128GB U3 card will produce the best results. Below is the description of each of the cards:

32GB U3 micro SD card – Can record footages up to four hours before looping. Or can capture recordings for up to two hours if you are using the rear cam module.

64GB U3 micro SD card – Can record up to eight hours of footage before looping. Or it can record for up to four hours when you are using a rear cam module.

128GB U3 micro SD card – Can record up to 16 hours of footage before looping. If you are using the rear cam module, it is likely to record up to eight hours.

Can the rear cam module be used with this dash cam?

Yes. The rear cam module can be used with this dashcam. It can also be used with any of the three optional rear cam modules; i.e. the Rear View Camera, the Nextbase Rear Window Camera, or the Cabin View Camera. Front-facing footage will record in 4K and the rearview recording in full HD.

Does the dash cam have parking surveillance?

Yes. It has a built-in intelligence parking mode, which automatically starts recording when a bump is detected or some vibrations or movement is sensed while your car is in the parking mode. You can turn on this mode through the menu settings on the touch screen.

Can it connect to a smartphone?

Yes. It has Wi-Fi that enables you to download the footage to your smartphone. You can then edit and share these recordings using the My Nextbase Connect app. You can freely download this app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Does it record GPS location and speed on the viewed camera footage? Does the GPS feature require extra mounts?

Yes. It does that by default on the video. This can however be turned OFF at the settings. Since the GPS recorder is in-built in the dashcam, you will not require additional mounts other than what is already included.

Will the dashcam continue capturing recordings when your car is parked?

The unit has a battery that powers it after you have parked your car. The G-sensor is active but will only start capturing recordings when your vehicle is disturbed, i.e. when movement or vibration is sensed.

Does it have a cloud backup technology?

This dashcam is exceptional. But there is no feature to quickly save cam footages on the cloud. You can however program this to your smartphone so that all files are stored therein one to three minutes segments. You can then playback the footage on your phone or computer.

What are the extra things that I need to buy when I purchase this dash cam?

A memory card is required since it doesn’t come with a camera. Everything else is included in the box. You would like the dash cam to be hard-wired into your car, then you will have to buy hard-wire harness and it can be installed for you.

How does Alexa work to provide directions or your next destination?

Alexa is built-in in the 522GW. Your dash cam will communicate with both your car and your smartphone through Bluetooth. Therefore, when you ask Alexa for directions, the instructions playback through your car’s stereo and are displayed on your vehicle’s screen.

How long can the dashcam battery last when it is not hard-wired and the engine is OFF?

The battery has a life span of about 15 minutes when not connected to any power source. It can record for that duration when not connected to another power source. Hard-wiring and connecting it to your car engine makes it last as long as you want it to.

What are the languages of the menu?

The menu supports the following languages: UK and US English, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finish.


If you are on the outlook for a high-end dashcam, the Nextbase 522GW is the solution for you. The Nextbase Dash Cams happens to be the world’s leading connected car technology brand. They offer cutting-edge safety, security, and smart features.

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Nextbase Dash Cam is more than just a driving guardian. They also offer protection and backup that can keep you and your passengers’ safe while on the road. Even in case of an emergency like accidents, the new Emergency SOS safety feature will enable you to alert emergency services with information on your location for faster emergency response.

This is revolutionary. They deliver some of the sharpest videos at affordable prices. It is generally a good all-rounder with some lovely extras for car gadgets nerds.

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