Use Of Monitor Arms Offers Better Productivity and Posture

Many of us put in long hours in front of a computer screen, whether for work, gaming, watching videos, or just surfing the internet. The way you set up your computer screen affects your productivity and even health.

But how can you adjust your computer screen considering it doesn’t have too many settings? Well, the answer lies in monitor arms. This equipment is available in a range so large that every buyer is bound to get what they need and want. Despite being around for many years, monitor arms are still underutilized and today we are going to see why they are a must-have piece of office equipment.

Monitor arms Reduce Eyestrain and Neck pain.

You’ve likely experience tired, dry eyes and/or a painful crick in your neck after spending several hours on the computer. That’s because, with standard monitors, you have to view the screen in its fixed position, which is often the wrong position for you.

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You’re likely to strain your eyes and neck viewing your monitor that is stuck at a certain position. Luckily, with a monitor arm, you can customize the height, depth, distance, and even angle to get the most comfortable viewing position. Ideally, you should be able to look at your screen(s) straight-on without having to look up and or down and also with your neck relaxed.

Monitor arms improve Posture

When your monitor sits on the desk, you are likely to slouch or hunch over to view the screen, which moves your spine out of alignment. This can cause severe back, shoulders, and joint problems that will eventually affect your mobility and overall health.

A monitor arm holds your monitor up and allows you to adjust it to the ideal height and distance until you find your most comfortable, ergonomic working posture. With reduced tension and increased comfort, expect to notice the benefits right away.

Monitor arms offer Versatility

In addition to the standard height and angle adjustment, most display mounts will give you the option of switching between portrait and landscape modes easily. This allows you to view your work from another angle and even swivel the screen for a neighboring colleague to view it. If you have a dual computer mount, you will be able to adjust arms for both monitors in either landscape or portrait mode to give you the ultimate customizable viewing experience.

Monitor arms are Perfect Companion for a Sit-Stand Work Station

A monitor arm can be a great addition to your ergonomic workstation if you switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. The ideal viewing position differs when you’re sitting and when you’re standing, meaning a standard immobile monitor is going to be in the wrong position most of the time. With a monitor arm, you can adjust the screen’s height, angle, depth, and distance each time you change your working position so you are always in the most comfortable position.

Monitor arms Declutter, Organize, and Maximize Workspace

Most standard monitors come with a sizeable stand design to keep them stable. Unfortunately, this only consumes a lot of space. Monitor arms can be mounted on the wall, ceiling above, or simply to the back of the desk, meaning they create virtually no footprint.

Once they hold your monitors up, you can use the space beneath for proper placement of your keyboard and mouse so your arms or wrists aren’t bent too much when using them. The freed-up space can also be used to keep personal stuff such as family photos, pens, phone, coffee cup, etc. Alternatively, you can go for a more minimal clutter-free look to reduce distractions and concentrate more.


One thing that stems from all these benefits of monitor arms is better posture and performance. Research has shown that proper ergonomics can significantly improve/increase productivity. There are even dual and multi-monitor arms that allow you to work on two or more monitors simultaneously.

This minimises the time wasted switching between documents and programs and ultimately improves work efficiency. Don’t forget the tilting monitor mount stands and full-motion display mounts that give you total command over the visual display of your screen(s).

Needless to say, it’s a whole world of possibilities with monitor arms in terms of how you can set up your display screens for the most natural and comfortable viewing and working experience.

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