Are magnetic phone chargers bad for your phone?

Magnetic charging is one of the latest technology that works by transmitting electric current through the air. It does this by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, the transmitter, and the receiver. It has improved over time to cut on the long cables connecting the appliance or device to the power output point in house appliances, smartphones, and laptops. 

Are magnetic chargers bad for the phone?

Let’s answer this by first saying that, a magnetic charger and a common charger, all work the same way by charging a mobile phone. It is extra safe to the user and to the phone more than the normal cable charger. This is convenient to the mobile device owner. Even so, the magnetic charger has some aesthetic to it, and many advantages which we will explain later in this article.  

But before we get there, let’s first understand the components of a magnetic charger and how it works. 

Components of the Magnetic Charger

A magnetic charger has three components, namely: a wireless charger, a transmitter, a receiver. The transmitter is installed in the charging device, while the receiver is installed in the device that is being charged such as mobile phones and laptops.

How a Magnetic Charger Works?

The charging device receives Direct Current (DC) from the source of power, which is then turned to Alternating Current (AC) by the transmitter. The AC current then energizes the transmitting coil within the transmitter. This creates a magnetic field. The receiving coil once put near the transmitter induces the AC current within the receiving coil. This act causes a reverse action as stated above causing the charging of the receiving devices.

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Do Magnets Affect Wireless Charging of Phones?

They use electromagnetic induction to wirelessly transmit power from a wireless charger to a wireless device. Upon connection, an LED lights up on the wireless charger, which indicates charging is in progress.

Wireless charging is making its way into the manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive industries due to its ability to make the mobility of devices easier. 

There are several types of wireless charging but for the sake of this article, we will be focusing more on smartphone wireless charging pads. These ones work where the copper coils are only a few inches in diameter. This limits the distance by a greater length over which the power is being transmitted.

Magnetic chargers are safe for your phone

The cell phone industry is growing at a very fast rate with new innovations to allow efficient use. Magnetic charging being the latest of the trends is a great innovation that might phase out the use of charging cables in the days to come. Though they serve the same purpose as the common cord charger, the magnetic has a greater advantage. 

To answer the question about whether magnetic phone chargers are bad for your phone, the answer is no. They are very safe to use on your phone. We often think of how magnets are harmful to use if installed in electronic devices, but these latest designs have been accustomed to using small magnets. The only downside of magnetic phone chargers is that they tend to heat your phone and the charging process is slower as compared to wired charging.

Benefits of magnetic phone chargers

Aside from being safe and reliable, magnetic phone chargers come with certain advantages:

  • The magnetic charger can easily be used via one-hand operation, unlike the old model that requires two hands operation. It makes it easy to use withstanding the plugging on and off over time. It a is also suitable to use while driving, sleeping, or use by visually impaired persons.
  • It has an interface that is universal and multi-purpose. Its magnetic wire can match up to three models namely: a magnetic phone charger type C, micro, and lighting.
  • Did you know you could use your phone while charging with a magnetic charger cable? There are no more dangling cables, making it convenient for use while gaming or chatting. This is due to the L-shaped and rotating 360 degrees magnetic head features.
  • It protects the battery of the device from overcharging. We know well that overcharging damages the battery reducing its shelf life. Fortunately, the magnetic charger cuts off transmission once the device reads 100 percent – also cutting on power wastage.
  • Magnetic chargers act as a safety precaution to your phone’s internal charging pins and system from dirt bends, or spills of liquid that could cause rusting to the charging pins.
  • The common charger cord if used while charging tends to fray up due to the pulling. The magnetic phone charger cord allows comfort in using it as it charges. No more worrying if your phone or charger is going to get damaged. 
  • They are durable. In the long run, the main idea behind the magnetic charger cord is to extend its service life than the average charger cord. While they are a little more expensive than the ordinary chargers, they come with a promise of a long service life making them a cheaper investment.
  • They are fast charging. Although they are yet to get to the level of cable charging, most chargers come designed with fast charging properties. This is majorly determined by the manufacturer, phone model, and charger capacity. Always check the product instructions manual before purchase to be well advised.


Magnetic phone chargers are a new trend, and, like it or not, it is a great innovation that is taking the charging technology to a whole new level. While we can overlook the aesthetics of the new magnetic charger cable, we cannot fail to see the safety and convenience of using a magnetic phone charger. 

Magnetic phone chargers are not in any way bad for your phone and you shouldn’t be worried. If you ask us, anything that makes your life easier and better, it’s definitely worth investing in. Just make sure you peruse through product reviews of different magnetic phone chargers before buying one. These chargers are pricier than the regular chargers so you want to make an informed decision right from the word go. 

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