8 Luminous Watches Review To Tell Time in Low Light

Watchmakers throughout time have been trying to come up with a more stylish and sophisticated way of telling time. It is not just enough to check the watch screen. The need for luminous watches came after the realization that the sundial could only tell time during the day and at night, people were clueless.

But luminous watch is just like any other wrist watch. However, its ability to glow in darkness or low light environments is what makes it unique. With a luminous watch, you will not have to strain your eyes at night or switch on the lights at the middle of the night just to read the time.

Super-LumiNova display in watch
Luminous Display

The discovery of photoluminescent objects and paint saw the beginning of time telling revolution. Swiss watchmakers started creating Luminescent paint using natural techniques and using it to treat watch dials which as a result improved readability in the dark. Luminous watches today use LumiBrite, LumiNova, and Super-LumiNova. The luminosity of a watch is derived from its pigments. The pigments have compounds that emit a glow after charging from a source of light.

Lumibrite is a luminous paint used on some model of Seiko, Citizen Lorus and Pulsar watches. This is a new kind of luminescent paint that grows for longer that the previous generation of luminescent paint, and is environment friendly NON Radioactive material.


How Luminous Watches Work

Photoluminescence is the process that brings out luminous glows. It occurs when substances absorb photons and re-radiate the photons. This process can occur within 10 nanoseconds but when under special conditions, it can be delayed even for hours. The energy absorbed from the photons undergoes intersystem crossing and enters a higher triplet state and once the energy is trapped, the triplet states cannot go back to a lower singlet state immediately. This transition will take longer, even hours.

Types Of Luminescence

Radium paint was originally used but it was later discovered that it was radioactive and was removed from all luminous watches manufacturing units. Electroluminescence was a method common in the eighties but was also shut down due to battery life consumption and that it required pressing. So what are the current types of luminescence being used?

Luminous Watch


This is a strontium aluminate based non-radioactive and nontoxic afterglow pigment used for marking watch dials, hands, and even bezels. The pigment was invented by Nemoto & Co. Ltd in 1993 and is the most popular used luminescence material. This material is charged by being exposed to light. It will slowly decrease in brightness and only be brighter once recharged. Whenever you spot, an L-Swiss Made mark just be assured that the dial has been marked with Super-LumiNova.


 Tritium is a hydrogen isotope that entered the market in the seventies. This material can glow without being recharged and reduces its luminosity over a long period even over five years.  One of the issues with Tritium is that it has low brightness which could make it impossible to read in certain conditions.

Super LumiNova is brighter than this material but it does not come with great longevity. Tritium is not a health risk to the wearer or the workers who assemble watches. This is because even though it is radioactive, it only produces weak beta particles that are completely sealed in glass tubes. The particles do not have the required energy to penetrate the human skin.


Trasers are formed when tritium filled tubes are coated with phosphor to create a unique glow. Trasers can keep on glowing for 10 to 20 years. Luminox and BAL are some of the global Swiss watch companies that use Trasers extensively.

How To Charge The Watch Lume

The luminous pigment is charged by UV light content and this means that LED lamps can do a good job. The longer the lume is exposed to light, the higher the lume brightness however there should be a limit for each level of illumination. Instead of longer periods, higher strengths of illumination could be better.

Luminous Watches

There are several luminous watch brands but here are the best luminous watches we have reviewed and ones that serve the true purpose of you illumination.

Revue Thommen Diver Mens Gun Metal Automatic Dive Watch – 42mm Blue Face with Luminous Hands, Magnified Date, Sapphire Crystal – Brown Leather Band Swiss Made Waterproof Diving Watch.

Raymond Weil 8500-ST-05207 Men’s Sport With high-quality Swiss-Quartz movement Swiss luxury watchmaker, founded in 1976 in Geneva.

Seiko Men’s SRPC07 Prospex Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Silver Watch Men’s Prospex Orange Samurai Divers Watch.

Seiko Men’s Excelsior Two-Tone Solar Chronograph Watch luminous hands/markers.

Perry Ellis Mens Watch GT Chronograph Quartz Luminous Watch with Date Genuine Leather Band Waterproof.

Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch black dial featuring gear-edge bezel.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BN2029-01E Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter Analog Display Black Watch with luminous indices.

NIBOSI Men’s Chronograph Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap Black Wristwatches for Men Calendar Date Watch. Cheap Luminous watch.

1. Revue Thommen Diver Men’s Automatic Dive Watch – 42mm Blue Face.

 This watch is a brushed and polished stainless steel case watch. In addition, who can ignore the blue dial with the Revue Thommen logo at the 12:00 position? The watch comes with a blue unidirectional rotating rose gold bezel with a 60-minute scale. The numerals displayed are in Arabic.

Revue Thommen Diver Mens Gun Metal Automatic Dive Watch with 42mm Blue Face, Luminous Hands, Magnified Date, Sapphire Crystal - Brown Leather Band Swiss Made and is Waterproof best for Diving Watch
Revue Thommen Watch

The date window is found at the 3 O’clock position and quite magnified for easy reading. The watch is scratch resistant and is also made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal. If you would like to go swimming, fishing then you will be happy to know that this watch is water-resistant to 300m.

It also has a Swiss automatic movement and a protected screw-down crown.  The hands and hour markers have a luminescent rose gold-tone.  The watch has a power reserve of 40 hours comes with a brown leather strap.

The watch case material is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 42 millimeters and leather band. Has a functional bezel that rotates counterclockwise which is a function important for dive watches used to measure elapsed time spent the underwater.

The watch is luminous and weighs 14.4 Ounces. Established in 1853 this a legend product that has gone through many upgrades to meet best user experience. Comes with clasp safety buckle and can fit up to an 8.5-inch wrist.


Swiss automatic movement

Brushed and polished stainless steel case

Magnified date wind

Water-resistant to 300m


It only has one review

 2. Raymond Weil 8500-ST-05207 Luminous Men’s Sport Quartz Watch.

The Watch Raymond Weil luminous watch comes from a long line of classic watches whose inspiration is drawn from musical works to create elegant timepieces. Raymond Well watches are manufactured entirely in the watchmaking capital of the world, Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s motto, “Independence is a state of mind” is a constant reminder of the company’s mission to create elegant, modern and unique timepieces.

Raymond Weil 8500-ST-05207 Luminous Men's Sport Quartz Watch.
Raymond Weil 8500

This watch has a high-quality Swiss-Quartz movement that works with near-perfect precision. It is water-resistant to 660 feet and therefore can be worn during swimming, snorkeling, skin diving but unsuitable diving unless noted. The black dial has a chronograph feature while the dial window material is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The bracelet is made of brushed and polished stainless steel.

For best performance, the manufacture offers maintenance tip like avoiding you are the watch to have contact with perfumes, spirits or any petroleum product as they damage seals, straps or case/bracelet.

Another important tip the share is to make sure that the crown, which is used to change the hands/date, is properly pushed in and /or screwed at all times. This prevents penetration by water or dust. To ensure reliable performance your watch should be serviced at least every three years.


Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

Brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet

Water-resistant to 660 feet


Only time will tell

3. Seiko Men’s SRPC07 Prospex Analog Display Automatic Self-Wind Silver Watch.

 The watch has a history built on 130 years of innovation. The SEIKO Company is still committed to delivering perfection. This Seiko model is men’s Prospex Orange Samurai divers watch with the best luminous hands that are very bright in the dark, the bracelet is very fine and wearing it all day is pretty comfortable.

This means watch can be worn even during high impact water sports and scuba diving. Its water-resistant ability is effective to a depth of 660ft. These are depths where mixed gas is not required. The case diameter is 44m which is wide enough and the watch also has an automatic self-wind movement.

Seiko Men's SRPC07 Prospex Analog Display and Automatic-self-wind Movement
Seiko Men’s Prospex

The watch feature includes Seiko 23-Jewel Automatic 4R35 self-winding a mechanical feature the watch uses when the wearer makes a hand movement the rotating or oscillating weight rewinds the main spring thus maintaining its “tik” all the time. With hand winds, this is a mechanical movement whose watch mainspring must be wound by turning the crown. Buying from authorized dealer this watch has a warranty of 2 Years


One-Way Rotating Elapsed Timing Bezel

Automatic-self-wind Movement

Water resistance of up to 660ft


The complaints about this product are related to merchant sites that sell it- Probably imitations

4. Seiko Men’s Excelsior Two-Tone Solar Chronograph Watch.

The   Seiko Men’s Excelsior Two watch is a fantastic timepiece. Made in the USA and can be imported. This round watch with a magnified date window, three chronograph sub dials, luminous hands and it is water-resistant up to 330 ft. This model has an analog display and Japanese quartz movement. It has a 43mm stainless steel case with a Hardlex dial window. The rich tones on the dial makes this watch elegant and smart looking. Meanwhile the complex looking smartness of the bracelet totally transform it into a more fun and fashionable timepiece.

Seiko Men's SSC138 "Excelsior" Two-Tone Stainless Steel Solar Watch Japanese quartz movement with analog display
Seiko Men’s Excelsior

The watch is actually solar powered which means that no worry to bother buying new battery. The water resistance feature makes it best for swimming and snorkeling. After diving the manufacture recommends you rinse the watch in fresh water, and wash out all seawater, soil and sand. Then wipe thoroughly to prevent possible rust on the case. Another precaution to take is never turn or pull out the crown when in water or wet environment the watch is certainly great for everyday use.


Two-tone stainless steel bracelet with push-button clasp

Water-resistant to 330ft

Japanese quartz movement


There have been user complaints that the watch is large and heavy

Problems with the solar battery have been reported

5. Perry Ellis Men’s Watch GT Chronograph Quartz Luminous Watch.

 If you love, motor racing, then this a perfect accessory for you. It comes in a 44mm stainless steel case, curved bezel and rigid brass base dial. This watch manufactured with precision to give users a touch of complexity. It comes with three sub-dials that are reliable and accurate. This is a high-quality Japanese Quartz timepiece that has a chronograph movement. The luminous markers on the dials and hands are always clear and bright. You can change the straps to match your outfit.

Perry Ellis Men’s Watch GT Chronograph Quartz Luminous Watch. Genuine Leather Band Waterproof
Perry Ellis Men’s Watch

The manufacturer of this Perry watch know that quality materials, expert craftsmanship and innovative design are the benchmarks of a high performing timepiece and they also understand that consumers want affordability. Their experience means that they are able to deliver exceptional value. In addition, that value affords the wearer a sense of confidence and advantage in life.



Genuine Leather Band

High-Quality Chronograph Movement

2-year warranty


Time will tell

6. Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch.

 Welcome to the Seikos Flight Chronograph Collection. The watch is not only limited to pilots but if you want a high-performance timepiece then this is your watch.  The round black dial, the luminous hands, and a coin-edged stainless steel bezel makes this watch look decent. Why is it a pilot watch again?

It is because it also doubles as an international travel clock because the alarm can be set to show time in a different time zone. The watch has a stainless steel link bracelet that is fastened with a fold-over push-button clasp. The water resistance level is up to 200m so you are safe to go skin diving. The battery life is long lasting since it can serve you for two to three years.

Seiko Men's SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch with Japanese quartz movement with display
Seikos Flight Chronograph Collection

This Seiko watch is worth talking about is the luminescent index hands and indicators for every hour which are good enough for dark situations, although it does not make it fit for deep underwater readings like other dive watches. The watch has a very nice date gap positioned at the 3 o’clock position and an outer ring, which rotates in response to a twist on the knurled ring and aligns with an inner ring to deliver data and tachymeter functionality.  If you looking for a great, yet affordable watch that includes all of these features and comes with a sleek design then the Seiko luminous SNA411 is best for you.


3 sub-dials for the alarm second hand and 60-minute hand

Push-button deployment type clasp

Scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal

Water-resistant up to 200m

Japanese chronograph quartz movement


Too small

Merchant related complaints

7. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BN2029-01E Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter Analog Display.

The Citizen Eco Drive watch is what you can refer to as a handsome piece of time. This Aqualand 200 Depth Meter watch is ISO compliant and offers you 70m of depth display. The watch illumination and visibility during nighttime or under the water is amazing, because it has a bright color pop hand with luminous marking near every hour that lets you see time even below 600 feet under the water. There is no need for a battery with this watch and it comes with a power reserve indicator, auto start dive mode so that when you are out at sea, you will be good to go.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's BN2029-01E Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter Analog Display.
Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BN2029-01E

This Citizen Promaster is a new CITIZEN arrival and ready set for dive. The product development policy says “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty” which can be seen from the design, like water depth of 660 ft., Japanese quartz movement, and second hand, depth measurement for divers, battery back, reverse crown and pushers among others you will love. The Citizen’s propriety technology, ECO-Drive, ensures that your Citizen Dive watch will not be compromise by water.  This feature allows the watch to be powered by light be it natural or artificial and you will never need a battery change.

This Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter watch has a water sensor that will activate water pressure sensor when it is in contact with it for more than two seconds and water depth measurements will start to be indicated by its water depth hand. Another important features of this watch is the maximum depth memory, this helps the diver know what maximum depth they have reached hence they will be able to check dive time for safety. With Rapid Ascent Alarm, the watch will automatically start a beep if you exceed some undesirable speed.

To maintain the charge of the watch it is recommended you expose the dial to light such as direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps for charging. Its recommend you expose it to direct sunlight for 5 to 6 hours at least once a month. The watch has a power reserve level scale so you will be able to see how much power it has.

With its market price and with what it offers Water resistance, Accuracy, Eco-Drive, Functionality, Quality Size, Durability style and the Warranty, this Citizen Promaster Depth Meter cannot be compared with other similar featured watched. 


Water-resistant to 200 m (660 ft)

Eco-drive technology

Japanese quartz movement with display

Stainless steel watch


Problems with the depth meter have been reported

8. NIBOSI Men’s Chronograph Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Cheap Luminous watch Color Blue

Super luminous watches do not just luminate and make it easier for you to read time regardless of time and weather. The illumination also makes them good looking and it gives them a sense of high value. Which is why the NIBOSI 2018 Luxury Businessmen watch could be what you are looking for if you want something more than just a high luminous watch that’s easy to read. This model is luxurious, stylish and it feels and looks expensive. You will not have to explain how expensive it is since the look says it all.

NIBOSI Men's Chronograph Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Cheap Luminous watch Color Blue
NIBOSI Men’s Chronograph Quartz

Going for a high-end business meeting or fashion event? This is the luminous watch to go for. And it is not just a show-off watch during events and meetings. Also a military sports watch can be used in the field. You do not always have to go for ordinary watches for duty purposes. You need to feel great, comfortable and confident in everything that you do. This watch will give you all that while still helping you to manage your time with its chronograph design.

This waterproof military sport watch comes with a band length of 8.8 inches, 41mm case diameter, 20mm bandwidth, and 10.5mm case thickness. It is ideal for students, executives, freelancers, sportsmen, fashion lovers and anyone who does not mind a luxurious look


It’s beautiful

Good quality

Well packaged

It’s stylish and good for a casual look


Smaller for people with large wrists


Luminous watches vary in the amount of glow that they give out. The only best thing to do is to opt for the brightest. As you have noted on the above products, they have their good side as well as a downside. Even the most expensive watches cannot last for eternity. Get what serves you right and rock in it.

This review has given you a reliable list to work with. Not only these watched are handy in times of hikes, training, fishing, and other heavy outdoor activities, but they can also be helpful in a typical and normal day. Investing in luminous type of timepiece is the right way to do!

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