Roombas Robot Vacuums: Are They Worth the Investment?

Roomba robot vacuums have been there for quite a while now. And maybe you have also thought of owning one but have been asking yourself, is a Roombas worth it? Well, you will find out if it’s something you should consider owning by the time you finish reading this piece. Stay right here, will you?

First and foremost, you got to understand that a Roomba vacuum is not like your traditional vacuum. Well, while they do the same job, they work differently. A Roomba vacuum is hands-free meaning it can clean while you do other things. It guides itself through your house and collects all the dirt it comes across. Actually, some Roomba models have the self-emptying feature where they empty the dustbin once it’s full of dirt. I mean, things couldn’t get any better. It’s definitely an investment-worthy considering.

Are Roomba vacuums worth it?

Here are some features that make a Roomba robot vacuum a worthy home investment:

  • It saves you time – Unlike a traditional vacuum that needs your attention and manual power, the Roomba vacuum is automatic and cleans on its own. This leaves you with more time on your hands to do other things. All you have to do is place it where you want it to start and it will do its job.
  • Great for elderly/sickly persons – Elderly people or anyone who cannot use a traditional vacuum cleaner will benefit from a Roombas robot vacuum. No physical energy is required. Just prep the rooms to be cleaned and have the Roomba clean the whole place in a few minutes. The only real work you might have to do is emptying its bins once they are full. However, some Roomba series have bigger bins that don’t need often emptying while others have the self-emptying feature.

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  • You can clean when away from home – Imagine being able to clean your home while at work and coming back to find the place sparkling clean. That’s how helpful these robots are. They have Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to control them through an app even when you are away from home. You can schedule them to clean at a particular time. 
  • Cleans smaller spaces and corners – Due to their small size and compact nature, Roombas are able to clean places where the ordinary vacuum may not navigate easily. They can even clean the space beneath your furniture.
Roombas Vacuum robot cleaning room
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant – Newer models like iRobot Roomba 675 are compatible with Alexa so you can send them a voice message directing them on what to do. This model (Roomba 675) is also one of the best robot vacuums for vinyl plank floors
  • They clean different types of floors – Roombas are not just for cleaning tiles – they can clean wooden, carpeted, and vinyl floors. They are also able to seamlessly transition from one floor type to the other. While getting a Roomba vacuum, make sure to find out if a specific series can handle your floor types because certain models do better on specific floor types than others.
  • Saves you money – Roomba vacuums are not cheap to buy. However, a quality robot vacuum will save you more money in the long term as compared to hiring a cleaner.

Disadvantages of a Roomba vacuum cleaner

With all these advantages, we’d say that a Roomba vacuum is totally worth it. Even so, it would be unfair not to mention that Roombas also have a downside as nothing is perfect in this world. Some disadvantages of Roomba robot vacuums include:

  • They are expensive – Be ready to part with quite some money as Roombas tend to be very pricy. Some types cost over $1000. However, if you feel that it caters to your cleaning needs, then, why not? I mean, its features are premium.
  • They won’t clean your stairs – I know we would like it if it can clean the whole house without having to lift a finger. However, the sad news is that if you have stairs, you might still need to use your ordinary vacuum cleaner. 
  • You have to collect stuff like toys and clothes from the floor before cleaning – In as much as a Roombas make your work easier, you too have to make work easier for it to clean. You don’t want it bumping into toys as this is going to affect its cleaning process.
  • They tend to get stuck – Yeah, you might need to help them out if they get stuck. Plus, if you command it to clean and come home only to find that it didn’t do its job because it got stuck, don’t be surprised.
  • They are noisy – Roombas do their job quite well but the noise they produce can be such a turnoff. If you like the place quiet while studying or cleaning, there’s no way you are going to focus while the Roomba is cleaning up the place. And ooh, you might as well have to switch off the TV because the noise will distract you.
  • They don’t work well in areas covered with shaggy carpets.
  • You still need to clean your house – Well, a Roomba does not entirely replace your old vacuum. It just makes things easier for you by keeping the place tidy in between deep cleaning sessions. Even though you will not need to clean your house every day, you will still need to use your vacuum once in a while.

Roomba reviews

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Roomba robot, you might want to know what those who have used them think. We are not going to tell you to go on Amazon, Reddit, or Quora to see what people say about them. So, we are going to share some reviews right here and save you a minute.

The reviews vary and they will help you decide if a Roomba is really worth it for your home. Because your home needs will dictate your decision. Here’s what people said about Roombas vacuum cleaners when they were asked if Roombas are worth it:

“Yes, especially if you have pets. Otherwise, you have to use the big vacuum cleaner every day. It doesn’t replace the deep cleaning of a big vac, but it keeps the place looking tidy between times.” Janet – Quora

“Absolutely. I love my Roomba, and when it dies, I will go right down to the store and buy another one.” John – Quora

“God yes. I paid $1,200 for mine and it was worth every cent. I live in a 2 bedroom flat that’s carpeted all over (except for the kitchen and the bathrooms) and I have a pet that constantly shed hair and I can say this is a perfect robot vacuum for dealing with pet hair.” Sophia – Quora

“I had one and it was nice but since I live in a house with 3 stories it’s way less practical. I think it’s better in an apartment.” – Maxime on Quora

“No. Roombas are all too noisy and unreliable. Tons of other less noisy alternatives out there. Roombas are good at cleaning. But the noise (more than 4 times louder) and the intermittent starting vacuuming at 3 am means a LOT of Roombas are just sitting around collecting dust.” – Shing – Quora

As you can see from these sample reviews, whether a Roombas is worth it really depends on your needs. For some people, it’s worth every penny, and yet, others feel they can get a Roomba alternative that does a better job at a cheaper price. As such, you have to weigh its pros and cons to determine if it’s for you.

What are the Roomba Robot vacuums alternatives in the market

Must you buy a Roomba robot vacuum for you to get excellent results? Not really. There are numerous Roomba knockoffs that you might as well explore. Some of these alternatives have a 4 or 5-star rating on Amazon, to means that they give you similar results while allowing you to save a few bucks.

Here are a few of Roomba knock offs that you can consider:

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX

With this Roomba knockoff, you don’t have to spend $500 to get a good vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum has a suction power of 2000 pa and cleans your house quietly. It’s slim and can easily fit underneath the furniture to clean those hard-to-reach areas. 

Retailing at only $249, Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX will automatically increase suction power where necessary and recharge when the battery is low. On top of this goodness, this robot vacuum has protective features that help it avoid falls and obstacles that might scratch or damage it. 

Ecovacs’ Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum

You can command this robot vacuum to clean from afar as it supports Google Assistant and Alexa. It also allows you to schedule cleaning time. While cleaning areas that need more suction power, Ecovacs’ Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum doubles power by up to 2x. 

It comes with a long-life battery and it can clean for up to 110 minutes without needing to go back to its charging station. If you have a big house and have fur babies, this is a good Roomba alternative as it has a big dustbin so you don’t have to empty it every few minutes. It’s also very affordable and is currently priced at $189.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

This robot is great for those who live at home, and want a cheap but effective robot that does a great job. It can be controlled with a remote or by touching the button that activates the auto-clean function. It costs $119 and does a great job collecting dirt, hair, and other debris on both hard floors and carpeted areas.

If you need a robot vacuum like yesterday but feel like a Roomba is not something you can afford at the moment, the above three can still get the job done. Weigh your needs against the features of each robot vacuum to determine which is best for you.


Roombas come at different types and prices. This allows you to choose the robot vacuum that will serve you right. Even so, if you find that Roombas are too expensive, you can as well get either of the alternatives we have listed above. 

To sum it up, whether Roombas are worth it or not depends on various elements as we have already mentioned. It might be worth it for you, and not worth it for another person.

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