What Is G Sensor In Car Dashcam? Important Things To Know

Ever heard of a G-sensor? Or, maybe you have heard of it but are not sure what it really is? I see. There is a first time for everything and unless you are superhuman, there is no way you will know everything on this planet. If you have been wondering what is the meaning of a G sensor, stay right here. 

We will educate you quite about everything (or maybe the most important basics) you need to know about a G sensor. Specifically, you will have an understanding of what is a G sensor on car dashcam. You will also get to know how the G-sensor works and why you need a dashcam with a G sensor. 

What is a G sensor?

Let’s get to the core of the business. What on earth is a G sensor? I will give you a simple example that you can relate to. I bet you own a smartphone or at least have had a chance to watch a video on a smartphone. When watching a video on your phone and you happen to rotate the phone, you notice that the video also adjusts. This makes sure that however you hold your phone, the images on your video will still be upright. 

That, right there, is made possible by a G sensor. The G sensor detects the motion on your phone and responds accordingly. Also referred to as a gravity sensor or an accelerometer, it is used to detect changes in acceleration. It’s applied in mobile phones technology as well as in car dashcams. As earlier mentioned, this article leans towards G sensors in car dashcams.

What is G sensor in car camera 

Accidents happen all the time. In very unfortunate cases, people lose lives and others get injured because one driver couldn’t obey traffic rules or they were drunk and driving. In other cases, the innocent party ends up paying a hefty fine or lands in jail for an accident they didn’t cause. Let’s not act like there are not several people in jail who are as clean as a new pin. 

Having a dash camera can protect you from such a scenario in case you ever get into an accident. The dashcam records everything and you will have all the evidence to present to the court to prove your innocence. It couldn’t get any better, right? That’s how helpful a dash camera is

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Legal regulations of the dash cameras by place

You should already be thinking of investing in one if you are yet to do so. I mean, who would want to rot in jail for a crime they never committed? Not me and I bet you would hate it too. Apart from presenting the footage to a bench of judges, you can also present it to your Insurance company for purposes of claiming your compensation. 

While you think of getting a dashcam, consider one that has a G sensor. Like on a mobile phone, the G sensor in your dash camera detects movement changes and records automatically. If you get involved in an accident, you can count on it since you don’t have to lift a finger for it to save. It gives you an easy time to focus on the situation at hand knowing that you have the evidence and you can always review it at a later time. 

How G sensor work in dashcam

As soon as the G sensor detects a sudden impact on your vehicle, it automatically gets in the event mode and saves the recording in a secure segment also called loop recording. It has the ability to detect acceleration in all directions and take real-time images of an accident. 

Let’s say you are busy driving with your dashcam on. If you collide with a car or there is sudden acceleration or deceleration, the G sensor detects it and immediately saves the footage. This would not be the case if your dashcam does not have a G sensor. Accidents happen way too fast to remember to press the save button on your dashcam. 

benefits of G sensor at time of impact from crashing
Car crashing

So, even though you were on the right, you may never be able to prove it since you couldn’t save the footage. In other words, a dashcam without a G sensor, is well, not quite helpful. The whole point of having a dashcam is to record instances that are likely to land you in trouble. But what happens if you have an accident and get thrown out of your car? All the footage becomes useless! You see what I am talking about? A G sensor on car dashcam is a must-have! Seriously, you need to consider it. 

Benefits of having a G sensor on car dashcam

Accidents tend to happen even in the parking space. You park your car to go do get some groceries only to come back to a bruised car or crashed headlights. The culprit is nowhere to be seen. Lucky for you if you have a dashcam with a G sensor. All you got to do is have a look at the recording and see exactly what happened and who did it. With that, you can file a complaint to the police and you could be fortunate to get compensated. Each time you leave your car unattended, you leave knowing that it’s protected should anything happen. 

We also mentioned road accidents and how a G sensor can save you from ending up in jail. A G sensor on your dashcam keeps your footage safe and this is enough reason to get one already.


To sum it all up, don’t just buy a dashcam. Instead, look for a dashcam that comes with an inbuilt G sensor. It’s a worthy investment given how useful it is. If a dash camera cannot autosave footage if you get into an accident, what is the point of having one? As always, take your time to look at different G sensors and understand their features. Their prices differ depending on the brand and specific features. Some cost as little as $50 while others are over $400. Choose wisely, and, drive safely!

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