The iClebo Robot Vacuums Review and Buyers Guide 2021

Considering the fast lane that life has taken, soon, each modern home shall need the services of a robot vacuum cleaner. The fact is, these machines rank among the handiest and most necessary domestic appliances ever made.

If you have been sulking at the prospect of the regular house cleaning tasks, perhaps you need to get back your joy by bringing home a robot vacuum. Read on to discover some 4 best iClebo intelligent robot vacuum cleaners under the iClebo brand that may bring about a total change to your overall idea of home cleaning.

1. iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping, Adjustable Suction, Good for Pet Hair, Wi-Fi Connect, Works with Alexa

The iClebo 05 Wi-Fi is arguably one of the most sophisticated models among the robot vacuum devices. Using its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can enjoy the convenience of cleaning your office or house from anywhere at any moment.

As is the case with all modern robot vacuums, it works with Google Assistant and Alexa Apps to perform cleaning tasks as instructed through the smartphone. What’s more, the iClebo O5 uses its voice service skill to give you updates regarding the status and condition of your gadget. 

Is this robot noisy? Not all! The iClebo O5 uses a distinct quite mode that discharges only 44.5 decibels, which is low enough to support a library reading environment. In other words, it is welcome in situations that require little noise pollution, such as overnight robot vacuum cleaning and maintenance. To use the quite mode, you simply adjust to level 1 using a smart device or remote.

iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping
iClebo O5 Robot

Hair and especially long hair, can be a menace to your robot. By menace, I mean, they can wrap a messy tangle around the machine’s brushes and hinder its operations. To deal with such cases, the 05 dual side brushes are set to spin 150 x per minute.

This high spinning speed is supported by advanced robot vacuum anti-hair V6 Blades that do the heavy-duty work, paving the way for the main brushes to complete the cleanup.

The 130-degree camera mapping system leverages the vision mapping technology to shoot 20 frames per second, thereby giving a clear outline of the entire space that requires cleaning. You will also appreciate the smatter algorithms that aid the robot to clean underneath complicated furniture settings where most robots have failed.

For more natural movement, iClebo robot vacuum has 19 built-in smart obstacle detectors and jam-resistant sensors to prevent iClebo robot from colliding and getting stuck. Ultimately, the robot is more efficient as it penetrates deeper corners for a complete cleanup exercise. 

The iClebo O5 also comes with a three-level BLDC suction motor for an easy and quick clean. Level 1 offers a Quite cleaning service; level 2 is for Normal, while level 3 serves Intensive Cleaning purposes. The iClebo vacuum robot is ideal for both home and office purposes.  Now, do not confuse the above levels with the Spot, Max, and Auto vacuum robots -cleaning modes as these serve to promote cleaning efficiency

It easily adjusts to climbing necessary heights, as in the case when it moves from the floor to the carpet. The robot’s slim 3.5-inch profile gives it easy access to clean under the bed, sofa, and cabinets. And if you have wood or tile floors, the wet mopping function will clean them with a touch of excellence.

As you buy the iClebo 05, what do you expect? Well, the package has the Robot Vacuum, two mop pads, one iClebo mop plate, One side brush, iClebo adaptor cord, one iClebo charging station, a remote control + batteries, one cleaning brush, and EPA filter, a quick guide, and a user manual.

2. iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Wet Mop All-Surface Cleaner, Carpet or Floor, Tangle-Free Blade.

The iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Wet Mop comes along with a promise to treat you to an ultimate household cleaning experience. It features several cleaning modes to ensure that you customize all sessions according to your needs or preference.

Do you have a large house with many household items? Well, such an environment may pose quite some navigational difficulties to a vacuum robot. But using the IClebo Omega App, you can clean your room anytime, from anywhere. Still, to deal with this challenge, the iClebo robot has two powerful side brushes and 19 smart obstacle detectors, which also prevent it from getting stuck or jammed under complicated circumstances.

The IClebo sensors also serve to hold it back from tipping over the edge of a stairs case. For greater efficiency and better cleaning results, the robot’s smart algorithms enable deep corner cleaning and cleaning in spaces where ordinary robots cannot. Click Image for More Details

iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum uses the camera-based 130-degree
iClebo Omega Robot

To thoroughly analyze the available space and do a cleaner job, iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum uses the camera-based 130-degree wide-angle mapping technology. The camera gathers data from the environment and then generates a high precision map for an excellent cleaning service.

You may as well like the fact that it uses the IF (infrared) remote control for quicker cleaning control.

No dirt can escape this iClebo robot’s superior suction force. Be it pet hair, sand, or cereals, the machine’s turbo mode is designed to suck up everything along its path for a clean carpet and spotless floor. It applies Spot, Max, and Auto driving modes to lessen missed spots and offer a highly efficient cleaning service. 

As the robot picks up the Hairs, chances of the brushes getting entangled are real, and this may ultimately compromise the robot’s level of efficiency.  Therefore, to prevent itself from such wraps and tangles, iClebo Omega uses the advanced V6 rubber blade. This self-cleaning feature not only serves to reduce maintenance costs but significantly improves product life.

Overall, it is designed to adjust to meet the challenge posed by the task at hand. For example, while on the floor, it will intelligently sense and act accordingly. You don’t have to intervene for it to move on to the carpet because its sensors will quickly detect and adjust to the climbing height. It climbs up about 1.5 cm to reach the carpet surface or cross over door sills. The gadget profiles only 3.5 inches, which makes it slim enough to move under sofas, bed, and cabinets. And, if your floor is wooden or tiled, the iClebo Omega wet mopping function is available for an excellent wash.

The battery goes for approximately 120 minutes of cleaning, but should the charge run out midway, it is automated to return to the charging dock. Once it gathers enough charge, it will resume from where it left off. 

According to one iClebo Omega review, it is essential to empty the robot bin more frequently to create space for more dirt. This is a standard maintenance practice about cleaning robots. At a simple touch of a button, you can push the bin out and empty it without dirtying your precious fingers.

And so, what is the box? Well, the package has an iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum, One IF remote control ( with batteries ), one cleaning brush, One side brush, One HEPA filter, One Mop Plate, two Mop Pads, a charging dock, one Cleaning Brush, an Adaptor Cord, One iClebo Boundary Strip, a iClebo Quick guide and a iClebo User Manual.

3. iClebo Alpha Robot Vacuum Self-Cleans with Advanced Navigation Remote Control Camera-Mapping Technology

The iClebo Alpha Robot Vacuum boasts impressive smart sensing features, including the 15 built-in sensors that aid the robot to find its way around household furniture and related obstacles. The iClebo anti-collision feature ensures that the robot doesn’t collide with other objects, while the anti-drop service protects it from tumbling down the staircase. With a slim height of only 3.5 inches, it can easily find its way under the bed, and other types of furniture. Generally, the gadget is sleek and slim in design.

It leverages the 130-degree wide-angle camera vision mapping to analyze the space that requires cleaning thoroughly, after which it will clean without missing any spots. For swift and efficient cleaning control, an IF or infrared remote control is included in the package. Click Image for More details.

iClebo Alpha Robot Vacuum Self-Cleans with Advanced Navigation Remote Control Camera-
iClebo Alpha Robot

For tiled and wooden floors, the iClebo Alpha uses a detachable wet microfiber cloth to mop and deliver an excellent finish. Whether yours is a plain floor or one with overlaying zig-zag patterns, the robot will give it a seamless clean.  Using the upgraded climb mode, it can easily scale up to 0.8 inches to pull over door sills or get over to the carpet.

Its Lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to run up to 120 minutes, but should it sense that the battery is low, it will automatically return to its charging dock or station. What’s more, if the battery ran low mid-way a task, it will automatically resume duty after charging.

This is the only robot in its category to feature Max ModeTM.

The algorithmic cleaning patterns plus the robot’s quite mode makes in-house cleaning efficient and quite convenient. I say convenient because you can clean while studying or even during the night without causing any distraction whatsoever.

The iClebo Alpha’s massive suction force is powerful enough to pick up anything in its way, be it dirt, sand, or cereals. To clean, you can send off the iClebo robot manually or set it on a timer.

As a standard maintenance routine, you need to empty the dust bin as regularly as you can

And what is in the box? Well, you get the iClebo Alpha Robot Vacuum, one adapter cord, one mop plate, two mop pads, one side brush, two filters, one cleaning brush, one bot boundary strip, one charging station a quick guide and a user manual, one remote control plus batteries

4. iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum Wet Mop All-Surface Cleaner, Self-Cleans with Advanced Navigation Remote Control Camera-Mapping Technology

The iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum thrives on fifteen built-in sensors to not only boost cleaning efficiency but also prevent the robot from colliding or dropping. Without the anti-drop and anti-collision smart sensing feature, your machine would either fall down the stairs or ram into household furniture. In some cases, it could move into a more complicated cleaning environment and get stuck. It comes with a triple CPU technology, which seems to elevate the iClebo Arte model to an elite robot status.

The gadget leverages the iClebo camera-based 130-degree wide-angle mapping system to analyze and determine the space to be cleaned. Eventually, thorough cleaning is done, missing very few spots. And if you are tired and reluctant to move an inch from your resting place, you can take advantage of the iClebo Infrared remote control for easy cleaning control.

the iClebo camera-based 130-degree wide-angle mapping system.
iClebo Arte Robot

You will also appreciate the clean on schedule function on the iClebo Arte. This simply means that you can set a daily schedule for cleaning all your rooms, and the robot will automatically get to work and clean your office or home without much assistance. It features an auto-charge function to redirect back to the charging dock whenever the battery runs low. What’s more, there is a resume function to send it back to work after recharging in case the battery ran low midway the task.

The robot measures only 3.5 inches in height, which makes the design slim enough to move comfortably under beds, sofas, and cabinets. And for a thorough and efficient job, it is set to work in three driving modes, namely, Sport, Auto, and Navi.  Each works according to your lifestyle or immediate preference. 

What excites more about it is the iClebo dual vacuuming and wet mopping purpose. Vacuuming is the machine’s primary function that involves picking dust, cereals, and other forms of debris using modern suction systems. Mopping on the other side applies more to tiled or wooden floors, and the feature uses a reusable wet microfiber cloth to polish the surface.

To transition from the floor to the carpet, the machine is set to adjust to a 0.7-inch climbing height. The iClebo climbing feature is also intended to allow it to cross over door sills as it ventures into the different rooms.

The iClebo robot’s superior navigation runs an environment detection process at a speed of 200 x per second, but for advanced cleaning purposes, it does a whopping 10,800 x per second movement analysis.  The iClebo Arte makers are not only the innovators of the first camera vision mapping technology, but they are also ahead of the pack in terms of mopping, brushing sweeping, and vacuuming.

Given its algorithm cleaning patterns, massive suction power, and rather hushed movements, the gadget is ideal for cleaning during day and night times. It makes minimal noise meaning that you can study or sleep while it is working without much distraction. 

iClebo Arte’s full package comes as follows; an iClebo Arte robot vacuum, one mop plate, two mop pads, one charging station, two filters, an adaptor cord,  one remote control including batteries, one cleaning brush, one boundary strip, and quick guide and a user manual. 

Buyer’s Guide What to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner

Without a doubt, vacuum cleaners play a critical role in keeping our houses clean. Remember, whether you know it or not, trash, dust, hairs, and other forms of dirt will accumulate as long activities are going on in the house. This is why we recommend that your family gets a robot vacuum cleaner.

These machines are especially crucial to couples whose working schedule leaves them little or no time to clean their house or offices. Now you know, and maybe you have sensed the need to go shopping, but, what factors should you consider before buying your vacuum cleaner? 

Which part of your home are you buying the robot for?

First, sit back and ask yourself, for which part of my home or house do I need a robot vacuum? Is it the living room, garage, or bedroom? This aspect is vital because different spaces have unique shapes and sizes, meaning you have to buy a robot that has been designed having such areas in mind.

Don’t compromise robot vacuum quality for cheaply priced robots.

For purposes of saving the extra buck, most of us gravitate towards items that are a little cheaper. However, when buying a vacuum cleaner, never compromise quality and durability for a cheaply priced vacuum cleaner.  Better, buy a gadget that may be a little more expensive but one that promises to last as it gives you quality service some even are able to self-empting themselves .

Do some research and see what other consumers say

Performance and efficiency are paramount anytime you think about an electronic gadget. Therefore, before making a move, first read through the reviews on the product to see what experiences other consumers have had. This will help you to weigh the pros and cons and make a more informed decision. 

Is it too noisy?

Each robot vacuum cleaner has its unique noise output, but typically, bigger vacuum cleaners are noisier. Have this mind before buying, especially if you have toddlers who might be scared. Some animals might find the noise a little strange, so such a robot may disturb them.

Battery life

A robot vacuum battery with longer run time is good because it will power your machine through the cleaning session without it having to dock midway for a recharge. Generally, a good battery should last for about 120 minutes. Therefore if the model you are buying has a weaker battery, you may have to look for a more advanced model or buy a stronger battery.

Benefits of a vacuum cleaner

The benefits of owning a robot vacuum cleaner many, and they range from removing pet hair, allergens, and dust. It also saves you a lot of time and energy. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this gadget is the fact that it can clean your house while you are away doing other business. And even if you are around the house, a scheduled robot needs little to no intervention unless it gets stuck or runs into some unforeseen challenge.


We recommend the iClebo robot vacuum cleaners because of their advanced and modernized features.  All the four models, the iClebo 05 (13.9 x 13.6 x 3.4 inches), iClebo Omega (13.9 x 13.6 x 3.4 inches), iClebo Arte(13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches), and iClebo Alfa (13.7 x 13.7 x 3.5 inches), are excellent cleaning home robots. Besides their pocket-friendly prices, these gadgets come with a host of vital functions, including the stress- free scheduled cleaning, self-recharging, climb mode, and smart sensing capabilities. 

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  1. I need to buy a robot vacuum for my mom. I have been thinking in not buying a classic vacuum because my mom is of age and she really doesn’t like vacuuming. I think I’ll make up my mind for iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum. The key features are that it can suck pet’s hair and that it is not noisy.

    • With iClebo its a great way to maintain a clean house and it goes pretty much everywhere. 

      Not too noisy, fast charging time and goes back to its base automatically. You will also  find it easy to access and clean the dust bin and filter. 

      You will be surprised how good this product is. Plus it has a great battery autonomy time. My favourite companion for home maintenance. Thanks iClebo O5 robot

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