Best Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal While Camping

Camping is all fun until you can’t upload that cute photo on Instagram or video call your family due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. Good internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people. Even though some prefer putting away all their gadgets to just have some break from the buzz of the internet, most people still want to be in a position to use the internet. How to get a strong Wi-Fi signal while camping, therefore, becomes the big puzzle.

It’s no doubt that given a choice, most people will always choose a camping site that has Wi-Fi. This is not just for nomads who work remotely but even people who are on a holiday. Even though some campgrounds provide Wi-Fi, in most cases, it sucks. And honestly, sometimes you are better off without the internet than have a connection that takes 30 minutes to load a page. Argh! Nobody wants frustrations while they are supposed to be having a good time camping.

How to get better Wi-Fi while camping

If you are a camper who also happens to be an internet addict, worry not. In this article, we are going to share some useful tips on how you can have strong Wi-Fi while camping. Stay right here.

Move closer to the Wi-Fi router

This is the simplest camping Wi-Fi hack you can use to get a stronger signal. If your camping ground has Wi-Fi but the signal is too weak, move your tent or your RV so that it’s closer to the router. The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal will be. Unless there are reasons that cannot allow you to move closer to the router, consider this as a viable option. If parking your RV close to the router is not making a significant difference, consider other alternatives.

Move away from Wi-Fi Router obstructions

Wi-Fi transmission is usually affected by objects such as buildings, walls, metallic objects, other RVs, trees, and even electronics such as a microwave oven. Do microwave ovens interfere with Wi-Fi? Yes, they do. You want to stay clear of these obstructions for you to have access to good Wi-Fi. You might be so close to a router but if there’s an obstruction, you still will not get a good Wi-Fi signal. 

getting a better Wi-Fi while camping

This also means that you might actually have to leave your van for you to enjoy surfing. The materials that make up your RV together with the furnishings in it might also be the reason behind poor internet connectivity. You might be surprised at what great results you will see once you get outside of your van. 

Get Wi-Fi Boosters

What if you cannot move closer to the transmitters and you still don’t wanna leave your RV? Maybe you just want to relax and Netflix or you have a work project and going outside might distract you. What to do in such a situation? Well, there is still a solution to that. A Wi-Fi booster will solve your problem and give you a steady connection right from the comfort of your RV. 

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If you are an internet addict, it’s best to be prepared and have other alternatives in case the campground’s Wi-Fi is poor. Buy a Wi-Fi booster in advance and take it with you while camping. The booster works by amplifying the signal that your laptop is receiving from the transmitter. You will first need to connect the booster to your laptop’s USB port and install the drivers. 

From there, position the booster strategically so that it’s facing towards the Wi-Fi transmitter. The good news is that Wi-Fi boosters are relatively affordable and you can always keep them for your next camping experience. 

Have a Cellular Wi-Fi

The above-mentioned options work only if the camping grounds have Wi-Fi. If you are camping on a site with no Wi-Fi, your cell might be a better option. Always carry a cell that you can use to hotspot other devices in case the camping site Wi-Fi is slow and annoying. Cellular Wi-Fi is reliable since you are the only one using it so there’s no overload. The only downside is that it can be expensive especially if you do not have an unlimited data plan. But, it’s still a great option especially when you have to get things done fast and have no patience with the slow Wi-Fi provided. 

If your cellular Wi-Fi is slow, you can make the signal better by using a cellular booster. Before visiting the camping site, make sure to find out if there’s a signal. It will be a waste of time to come all the way only to find out that your cell service provider does not cover that area. You see, boosters only work when there’s already a signal. They do not create one. That means even if you carry your cell phone and your booster but there’s no signal in the area, it’s of no use. 

Have a Portable Wi-Fi router

The other option would be to get a mobile camping Wi-Fi router in which case, a MiFi will be a great option. Lots of travelers and campers swear by this portable gadget. With a MiFi, so long as there’s a signal, you don’t have to move around looking for the nearby café with Wi-Fi. It gives you access to an exclusive, fast, and, reliable network since you will be the only one using it – unless you choose to share with other campers. They are small in that you can fit them in your pocket and work like a smartphone. You insert a sim card in it and it’s able to connect to the nearby 4G network. 


Camping doesn’t have to be boring anymore due to weak Wi-Fi signals. Make use of the tips we have mentioned and you will love every minute of your camping experience. Whether you just camp during the holidays or you are a nomad that have to camp every now and then, it’s possible for you to have good Wi-Fi. And no, you don’t have to go to the nearby restaurant to look for a signal. Consider the above options and see which one would suit your needs best. Have fun camping.

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