How to Choose the Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Men

In this digital era, people are increasingly becoming fixated on their tech devices, particularly those that use a touchscreen interface. From smartphones to tablets, doorbells, GPS systems, and even some PC’s, there are several different devices with a capacitive touchscreen. These screens are usually activated by human touch, which can become difficult in the cold season.

Regardless of what region you live in, it can get pretty cold when winter comes. It is essential to be fitted in gloves, jackets, socks, neck scarfs, beanies, boots, and more to protect your body from cold. But today we are going to focus on gloves, particularly for men, which are meant to keep your hands warm.

Moshi touchscreen Digits Winter Gloves

Unfortunately, touchscreens don’t work when wearing regular gloves. Until recently, the only solution would have been to remove your gloves to be able to operate a touchscreen device. This can become problematic since your fingers are then exposed to the winter frost and soon you realise there’s no feeling in your hands.

Technological advancement has changed virtually every part of our lives, and this is no exception. There are now touchscreen winter gloves that allow users to operate their touchscreen devices in the cold season without having to take off their gloves.

This industry has grown significantly in recent years. From styles that match your wardrobe to those that blend into the background, there’s something for every kind of buyer. There are all kinds of touchscreen winter gloves for men suitable for different activities, including riding gloves, computer gloves, and so on.

The need to stay warm during winter cannot be over-emphasized. But before we discuss each one in detail, we’re going to cover a few important things you need to know about this technology.

How Do Touch Screen Gloves Work?

To understand how these gloves work, we first have to understand how touchscreens work. A capacitive touchscreen is a technology found in most touch-enabled devices. These screens are made of multiple layers of glass and both the inner and the outer layer conduct electricity.

You have to touch the screen with something that conducts electricity for the device to register that you’re interacting with it. Did you know that your body conducts electricity? When you touch the screen, you alter the electrical field that exists between the inner and outer glass by a certain amount and a circuit is complete.

This small electric charge correlates with the function located at that point and your device executes it. Those circuits often register as taps, swipes, or touches on your screen. These intuitive controls make using your gadget look effortless and stylish.

Regular gloves prevent your fingertips from absorbing any electricity, so you can do nothing on the screen. You’ll either have to wear fingerless gloves or cut out holes for your finger to show, or remove the gloves altogether. This means operating your device in cold weather with numb fingers, not to mention, you are at risk of frostbite.

On the other hand, touchscreen gloves are embedded with capacitive materials, which conduct charges the same way your fingers do. In other words, they make touchscreens respond well while keeping your hands warm.

Types of Touchscreen Gloves

There has been a dramatic increase in these tech gloves that choosing one can be an overwhelming process. To help you get started, here are the different types of touchscreen gloves available on the market so you can decide which one is suitable for you:

Fingertip gloves: These kinds of touchscreen gloves are made of wool, acrylic, faux leather, or other fabrics with patches of conductive material sewn into a few or all ten fingertips. These materials help in the completion of the electric circuits to generate a response to touch. Fingertip gloves are usually affordable but tend to wear out quickly.

Patagonia Synchilla™ Fleece Gloves

Fully knitted gloves: Here, manufactures weave conductive thread for gloves, usually copper or silver, into the entire surface of the glove and not just the fingertips. This makes the glove more highly sensitive to touchscreen than the fingertip gloves.

Fully knitted leather gloves: These are full leather touchscreen gloves, where manufactures embed leather with nanoparticles of silver. This method produces full-hand conductivity, meaning the glove can conduct electricity from any part of the hand. Men’s leather touchscreen gloves offer a more formal and refined look compared to the standard knit and fabric options. This makes them the ideal choice for pairing with a business suit or if you are going to a formal event. These type of touchscreen glove is quite expensive but worth every penny.

While it’s possible to transform your existing regular glove to a touchscreen glove by treating them with special drops or sewing special thread into them, we recommend buying a proven pair.

Caring For Your Touchscreen Gloves

You’ll need to take special care of your touchscreen gloves if you want to maintain their conductivity. When they are not in use, keep your gloves in a dry and ventilated area. And, in case they come in contact with moisture or water, dry them swiftly.

As with any types of clothing, there will come a time when you’ll have to wash your pair of touchscreen winter gloves. This will, in fact, be more often than regular gloves since any kind of build-up on the fingertips can compromise the glove’s effectiveness when it comes to interacting with your touch-enabled device.

So, is there a special way to wash touchscreen gloves? No, in fact, they are fairly low maintenance and most are machine washable. The right way of cleaning them would, however, be by hand-washing them using cold water. When the gloves get really dirty you can add mild detergent and soap to give them a thorough clean. Never use cleaning agents with chemicals or bleach, or even harsh materials to clean your touchscreen gloves. Also, don’t tumble-dry or use fabric softener. Instead, leave it to air-dry naturally.

Touchscreen Gloves FAQ

How long will touchscreen gloves last?

This will depend on how well they are made and the actual use. If the materials used are strong and durable, and you take good care of them, your touchscreen gloves should be able to last a couple of winter seasons. But if they are poorly made and you don’t take good care of them, they are bound to become worn out pretty fast.

Another determinant is how often you use them. Your gloves are bound to last longer if you have several pairs to interchange but if you only have one pair and use it daily, it will wear out much faster.

Do touchscreen gloves damage the screen on your phone or tablet?

The simple answer is no. Although these gloves have conductive material, usually silver or copper, these materials are often embedded with other fabrics, thus making the gloves soft and smooth. The conductive material will neither scratch the screen nor jolt it with an electric shock.


It does nothing more than what your fingers would do, which is to aid in the completion of an electric circuit. The only thing you might have to worry about is the gloves can collect dirt that can scratch the screen.

For this reason, keep your gloves clean at all times and most importantly, put a clear screen guard over your phone’s screen to protect it from scratches.

How well can you text with these gloves on?

The best men’s leather gloves for winter are often tested and rated #1 for precision and accuracy. In that case, you can rest assured that you will be able to type and text with accuracy. Some users even claim to text better with touchscreen texting gloves than they do when using their own fingers.

What devices do they work on?

These tech gloves are compatible with any touch-enabled devices, including all android and smartphones, game systems, tablets, iPad, iPod, in-car GPS systems, touchscreen ATMs, cameras, multimedia devices, and many more.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Men

As mentioned earlier, there are several options in the market for winter gloves you can text with. These gloves are available in overwhelming choices of stylish designs, superb features, high-grade materials, and much more.

This can make it a bit difficult to pick the best one that will suit your needs, style, and preference. Below, we are going to look at some crucial pointers that will help you make an informed choice. Here’s what to consider:

Touchscreen interactivity

The main reason for buying tech gloves instead of the regular winter gloves is they allow for easy interactivity with your touch-enabled devices. Therefore, the first step is ensuring your glove of choice is touchscreen compatible.

The only choice should be whether you should get one with conductivity in two fingers or all ten fingertips or the full-hand functionality. The latter sounds amazing but you could accidentally activate your phone’s screen, thus leading to unintentional calls or messages.

That being said, this can be a hard element to confirm when you’re buying a touchscreen winter glove online. You’ll need to rely on online reviews to know what others think about a particular glove in terms of functionality. Concentrate more on well-constructed and thoughtful reviews as they tend to paint a better picture of the product.

How well do touchscreen glove fit you?

You can get away with sizes when it comes to regular winter gloves. For instance, if they are a little too big, they can still function so long as you don’t care for dexterity. This is not the case with touchscreen gloves. A pair that doesn’t fit well, especially if it’s too large, will likely affect the gloves ability to function on touch-enabled devices.

Best Winter Cycling Gloves Touchscreen Tips
Winter Cycling Gloves

For this reason, you must buy touchscreen gloves that fit your hands snugly if you want to enjoy their full functionality. Most touchscreen gloves manufacturers have sizing charts on their site that you can refer to if you are unsure about the sizing of a specific pair of gloves.  Many even include some guarantee that if your gloves don’t fit, you can return them and reorder a different size.

Even after knowing the size that fits you well, keep in mind that some touchscreen gloves are unisex while others are gender-specific. Pay attention when choosing gloves designed for specific sexes since a man’s small/large size is not the same as a woman’s small/large size. Lastly, there are some one-size-fits-all gloves that leave little to no room for error.

Grip capacity of the touchscreen

Most touchscreen winter gloves for men come with silicone gel on the palm to enhance grip capacity. The grippy, rubberised palms allow you to get a nice firm hold on your precious devices; otherwise, you could drop your expensive iPhone and lead to breakage. Other touchscreen gloves use PU leather, which will suffice if the texture is rough enough. A firm grip will also come in handy when doing other activities like driving or cycling.

Materials used to make the touch screen

The construction materials used in a particular pair of gloves often determines its performance to a large extent. We recommend choosing gloves that are made of tough, yet soft and breathable materials.

These tech gloves are made from a variety of materials, including fleece, wool, acrylic, leather, cotton, spandex, polypropylene, lycra, and a blend of polyester. Each material has its pros and cons but they all generally make for comfortable, lightweight, and warm texting gloves that can interact effectively with your touchscreen. Lighter materials like acrylic do an outstanding job of wicking away moisture from your body, thus keeping you warm and dry at all times.

Leather, on the other hand, will stand the test of time if you take good care of it and are exceptionally visually appealing. But even the best men’s leather gloves for winter can present a few problems with touchscreen compatibility. Some people have had to remove their leather winter gloves to be able to hit smaller buttons or even type a message.

If you prefer something low-cost but with excellent quality, consider winter gloves made of cotton.

The fingertips are usually made with a blend of two materials: fabric and a special conductive thread for gloves like silver or copper to provide the necessary current carrying capability like your fingertips.

Functionality of the touchscreen gloves

The main purpose for going for these tech gloves instead of the regular gloves is they allow you to operate your touchscreen in the cold season without having to remove your gloves. Therefore, ensure the pair you choose has absolute functionality and that your touchscreen responds to it as promptly as it would your bare hands. Most tech gloves have functionally in the fingertips while others offer full-hand functionality, meaning every part of the glove is touch-sensitive.

Durability of the touch screen gloves.

In as much as you want a pair of touchscreen gloves that function effortlessly, its durability potential is just as important. We’ve already discussed the different types of materials used in the construction of these items and that is what mainly determines the durability of a particular glove.

That being said, how you care for your gloves also plays a major role in its durability. Heavy-duty gloves may last long but they are not the best texting gloves because they are a bit thick. So, it’s probably best to focus on the middle ground to find gloves that are warm enough and don’t compromise on the touchscreen capabilities.

Insulation material for the touchscreen gloves

Most likely, you’ll be wearing touchscreen gloves in the cold seasons; therefore, the best thermal gloves touch screen for men is one that is well insulated to deliver in the warmth area. Most manufacturers make light and thin gloves and line the interior with insulation materials.

Wool is one of the best glove liners for cold weather as it provides excellent insulation than other materials. Polar fleece is also commonly used.  In addition to retaining heat, ensure the gloves are still breathable and with reasonable finger dexterity.

Although thick gloves provide the much-needed warmth, especially in extreme conditions, they may be too bulky to facilitate touchscreen use. If you find a pair of winter gloves that have sacrificed on warmth in favour of the touchscreen capability, you can pair them with the best glove liners for cold weather such as polypropylene glove liners from a local shop near you.

Size of the touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen winter gloves for men come in multiple sizes, from small sizes to medium, large, and even extra-large sizes. So, select a pair that perfectly fits the size of your hand. Anything small or too large will not be comfortable and may compromise the gloves ability to unlock the touchscreen.

Aesthetics of the gloves

The best touchscreen winter gloves for men are not only functional but also stylish. Unlike the bulky mittens, these tech gloves are meant to be worn outdoors like to work.  This means pairing them up with your best outfits. Needless to say, the design and colour scheme matters here as well. It only makes sense that you buy touchscreen gloves that go with your wardrobe.

That being said, there’s no definite right or wrong way to go when it comes to choosing the style of touchscreen glove. Consider something you like; otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll wear them.

Manufacturers make their gloves in several different design and colouring options to suit every buyer’s preference. If you’re buying one or two pairs of gloves, consider the classic colours like grey and navy since they can be paired with a variety of men’s outfits. If you want something unique, away from the usual shades, think autumnal leaves palettes. You will never go wrong with brown or dark green.

Weather-resistant of these tech gloves

As evidenced throughout the text, it seems as though the ability of these tech gloves to effectively offer both warmth and touchscreen functionality is difficult. For most gloves, one area is excellent while the other is just average. All in all, warmth is vital considering how cold it can get in the winter.

That’s why weather resistance is an important factor to consider. This means that the glove offers some level of protection against the elements such as rain, wind, and sun. For instance, gloves that are not knitted correctly will allow wind to blow through them instead of blocking it, which can get your hands colder very fast. Another important thing to consider is waterproof winter gloves.

These kinds have undergone good stitching and are usually made of high thermal insulation material to keep your hands warm and dry in snow or even light rain. The touchscreen waterproof gloves are ideal for any winter outdoor activities, including riding, hiking, fishing, skiing, driving, snowballing, and more.

Weather conditions and outdoor activities

The winter season is generally cold but the level of coldness varies between different regions. Some areas are icy while others have a mild climate. For this reason, it’s important to find a touchscreen winter glove that will keep your hands warm. A slim and breathable glove will serve you well in a mild winter. But if you are looking to transverse the tundra, consider men’s waterproof winter gloves that are breathable and thickly padded.

The kind of outdoor activities you’re likely to undertake will also determine the type of touchscreen gloves you go for. If you wish to do physically demanding outdoor activities like exercising or going for a walk, you should consider touchscreen running gloves because they are made of light, thin and stretch fabric that offers breathability and won’t get in your way.

Comfort of these gloves

Considering touchscreen winter gloves are to be worn all day, you better ensure yours is comfortable to wear. They should not be too loose or too tight. You also don’t want gloves that can cause your hands to soak with sweat, so consider breathable fabric as it wicks away sweat and keep your hands warm, cosy, and dry. Elastic fabric is also ideal as it allows for a custom fit on your hands.

Additional features

In addition to the above basic features, some touchscreen winter gloves for men come with several add-ons for better functionality and comfort. For instance, some gloves feature wrist straps or zippers to allow users to adjust the size or comfort level. Others come with tiny pockets on the side that you can use to store your earphones.

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