How long can a trampoline Last? Get tips For Its durability

Trampolines are a great exercise gadget with numerous benefits to your body. After you have purchased a trampoline, it normal to wonder how long it is going to last you and your family. Studies show that trampolines have a lifespan of between 3 and 8 years. But that also largely depends on how well you take care of it. It also depends on the quality of the equipment that was used to make it.

Components of the Trampoline

To take good care of the trampolines, it is essential to understand how it is constructed and the kind of care you should take when using it. Below are the key components of the trampoline.

The Frame of a trampolines

The stability of a trampoline is rooted in its frame. The frames are durable enough to stand up to severe weather conditions like hail, sun, sleet, rain among many others. It can support countless jumps. Among all components of the trampoline structure, the frame is the strongest and is likely the last the longest of all the parts.

The Trampolines Mat

The mat usually gets the most tear since it is the part of the trampoline that takes in all the kinetic energy whenever the trampoline is used. Different materials are used to make the mat, such as fabric, nylon, or a combination of other durable materials. To prevent your trampoline’s mat from rapid wear and tear, consider taking the following precautions: Never step on the mat with shoes. Remove all sharp objects from your body and pockets. And finally, wear clothing that does not snag on the mat. Jumping mats last between 2 and 5 years before requiring replacement. But there are some quality mats, though rare, that can last over 5 years.

The Springs of the trampolines

The springs hold the mat and the frame together. Of all trampoline components, they are the easiest and most affordable to replace. Springs are made of coiled galvanized steel wire which is rust-resistant. Whenever you jump on the mat, the spring stretches and slowly loses its elasticity. This in turn affects how high you can bounce on the mat.

trampoline spring sizes
Trampoline Springs

To protect your springs, consider removing them during winter then reattach them after the winter season is over. You can protect them with a spring cover or safety pad.

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Trampoline Pads

These form one of the most important parts of a trampoline and should be replaced regularly. They are usually placed on parts of the trampoline that are exposed such as the frame and the springs. Their function is to protect the rebounders jumping on it. But with time, they wear out since they are made of high-density absorbent materials. When this happens, rebounders won’t have optimum protection against shock.

Trampoline Safety Net

Trampoline nets are designed to keep rebounders from falling off the jumping mat. They are only found with outdoor trampolines. As the net keeps getting exposed to both the sun and the rain, they wear out. This causes them to be weak and can become a health hazard to the rebounder. You will hence need to replace them when you notice they have lost their strength.

The Trampoline Ladder

This is not an essential part of the trampoline but it comes as an accessory to help the rebounder climb up to the jumping net. It provides safety and is flexible enough to be removed. The ladder is strong enough and may not need to be replaced during the trampoline’s lifetime. However, this does not mean it is not prone to wear and tear. After prolonged usage, it is likely to wear out and can be a potential health hazard. It can cause potential injuries and fractures when it breaks while a rebounder is climbing. At this point, it will need to be replaced.

Foam Pole Paddings of Trampoline

These are usually wrapped around the support pole on the trampoline. They are usually installed for safety purposes, especially when you have a child using the trampoline. The paddings wear out and will need to be replaced. Although foam pole paddings are not an essential part of the trampoline, they are essential in offering more safety. However, it is important to note they will not prevent a rebounder from getting injuries when they accidentally hit the net poles. They will only reduce the shock impact that would have otherwise occurred in the absence of the paddings.

How to Maintain Your Trampoline to Make Them Last Longer

Once the outdoor trampoline is set up, people often tend to leave them outside without maintenance throughout the year. Since the frame is strong and durable, it is likely to do just fine, but all the other components, i.e. the jumping mat and the springs are going to incur damage. But even with proper maintenance, the trampoline will still depreciate with continuous use.

To prolong the life of the trampoline, ensure the mat is always free from debris. Damp tree branches will damage the jumping mat. Hence, ensure the mat is always clear of debris. When winter comes and you still want to keep the trampoline outside, consider using a trampoline cover to keep away the snow and other objects that could cause potential damage. Also, ensure your trampoline is well tacked on the ground to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

benefits trampoline jumping

All in all, outdoor trampolines last between 3 and 8 years depending on the quality of their materials and how well you take care of them. How you use the trampoline is also a factor that affects its lifespan. Continuous use causes more wear and tear. The higher the weight of the people using the trampoline for exercise, the greater the span of deterioration of the mat and springs.

Consider purchasing a higher quality trampoline that will last you longer, although they come at a higher price. The frame, being the strongest part of the trampoline will not require replacement. But other sections like the mat and springs deteriorate faster and are likely to require regular replacement.

The good news is, they are easy to replace. The springs will be the most common part that you will need to replace. Lastly, the more attention and care you place on your trampoline, the more likely its longevity will be extended.

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