Fake Clubhouse App For Android Can Hack You Phone Social Media Apps

Sometimes you might ask yourself what does this app do and how did it come to the global market in such a way that since then it has acquired considerable market share? But first let’s go to the initial step whereby the whole world was left in a standstill when app emerged and purport to gain access to private information and even manipulate them. This app has the ability to hack various social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Clubhouse app is an audio application that was just launched few years ago into the market. This app is was however limited to iPhone phones but now its available for Android also. It is one of the social media apps that allows individuals to create various rooms and also invite others to join the room for conversation. The rooms discuss different topics and are usually led by experts.

Social media platform in a smart gadget

There is another type of clubhouse that can hack WhatsApp accounts of the users. The fake app of clubhouse carries a certain type of malware called Blackrock that can gain illegal access onto the users WhatsApp account. This malware is dangerous as it gains access to credentials like.  Financial records, social media chats and also the wallet balance. This is disadvantageous as other cyber criminals can access the information without the consent of the user.

It has been noted that there is a fake  malware is found in google play store but in the website, probably because this app was only available to iPhone users and the iPhones do not use play store. The cyber criminals get to the operating system of this phones and alter the data therein. They have set the internal system up to an extent of the operating system recognizing it as legit.

The website is modified with a link ‘get it on play store’ so that whenever the user taps it is downloaded on the phone. This was a strategy of ensuring many download it unaware. Instead of taking you to the play store, the website directly installs the app on the phone.

The distinguishing difference between fake and original clubhouse is that the fake app is automatically downloaded while in contrast the original one will direct the user to google play store.

The malware once downloaded on the phone can steal log in data for over 458 online services such as shopping, streaming and financial therefore get access to WhatsApp account.

It is therefore advice to avoid any app found in the website without proper knowledge of how it works. It is good to use the one in the google play store.

This what others are saying about genuine Clubhouse The World’s Largest Student Organization:

ABVP is now on Clubhouse! Do follow us @ABVPVoice. We look forward to many discussions about education, society, culture, nation and what not! We have always interacted via text, photos and videos. Let’s now connect through audio, and hear each other out!


On the court, in culture & around the community… That’s Game! So let’s talk about how it’s all going down today with the @NBAhttps://clubhouse.com/event/PbDvaEZ5


@lizbcroft What I love most about Clubhouse is that I can b swiffering my floors and talking about mental health at the same time and no one would even know.

How to identify a fake club website?

The researcher noticed this Some indications of the falsehood of the site Is that the connection is not done in a secure manner, that is, instead of connecting to the HTTPS address, it only connects to HTTP. In addition, the site uses the domain .mobi, not .com, as does the legitimate app for Club House.

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