Emergency Safety Tools Can Help Save Life Incase Of An Accident 

The mention of accidents sends shivers down my spine. It’s not a fun topic at all. Nevertheless, accidents are a reality and we cannot shy away from talking about them. I mean, if talking about them will help save lives, why not? Everyday lives are lost through car accidents, some of which could be prevented. 

I know the last thing any driver wants to think about is that they might get involved in an accident. However, anticipating an accident helps you prepare for it. And that’s why we will be talking about how car safety tools help in case of an accident. That way, if the accident happens, you will at least have a starting point. It’s the whole point of having the best emergency escape tools for cars in your glove compartment. 

When some accidents happen, you get trapped in your car and you cannot leave unless someone comes to your rescue. The problem is, sometimes by the time someone comes to save you, it might be too late. If you are not injured and can at least escape from your car as soon as the accident happens, the better. However, you can only do this if you have the right safety tools. 

When to use car safety tools

Check out these scenarios when car safety tools can be of so much help:

Water accidents

Water accidents tend to be fatal since once your car sinks and there’s a delay in rescuing you, chances of survival are low. Honestly, whether it’s during the rainy season or not, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for accidents. Your car might accidentally land in a pool, river, ocean, or any other water body. Flush floods also happen and we know how dangerous they are.

When your car is trapped in water, you want to think of escaping immediately. Before you can even think of calling for help, do what you can do to save your life first. At first, your car will float and this is the best opportunity for you to escape. With time, your car will start to sink and once it’s below the water surface, it’s almost impossible to save yourself. If your car’s windows are open, your car will sink faster due to the water getting into the vehicle. 

It’s such a life-threatening moment when your car is filled with water but there’s nothing you can do about it other than scream for help. This is where car safety tools come in. They help you escape from your car when you still have the opportunity to do so.

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Fire accidents

Another scenario where car safety tools will save your life and the lives of others who may be on board is during a fire accident. When accidents happen, you might freak out. Especially if you were not prepared at all, depending on how you tend to react during an emergency, you might feel helpless and just stay still. But staying still is not something to do when your car is on fire. 

3 best car safety tools

It’s very awkward how everything seems to jam when you are in a dire situation. All of a sudden, you can’t unbuckle your safety belt and your door also jams. This is the very reason you need these tools since with them, you can cut the safety belt, break the window, and run for your life. 

Road accidents

When some road accidents happen, the car can roll over and you get trapped in an overturned car. Whether this is the case or your car just got into an accident and you end up trapped, safety tools can make all the difference. Just be calm and act fast to save your life. While you can call 911, if the situation is life-threatening, you want to try and save yourself first.

Vehicle safety equipment list

What are these car safety tools we are talking about? These are just tools that help you escape from your car in case of an emergency. They do this by helping you break the windows and cut the safety belts so that you can escape as fast as possible. Because who has time to wait for help while you have the means to save yourself? 

A hammer and a seatbelt cutter are the two tools that are mainly used to escape from a car during an accident. You keep these tools in your glove box or somewhere you know that in case of an emergency, you will easily reach them. 

In some cases, these tools come as one tool. For instance, Lifeguard car safety tools have both features in one tool. With only one tool, you can cut the jammed safety belt and break the window of your car. This saves you space since it’s just one tool that you can also attach to your keychain. 

What’s even better about these tools is that you don’t have to use force to break the window. They are very convenient as they have a pointed metal tip that pierces through the window hence breaking it to allow you to escape. 


Car safety tools are very crucial and something you really must consider. You never know when you will ever need them so it’s best to always have them anyway. They are not bulky and some are multipurpose in that they have a flashlight and you can also use them to charge your phone. 

When buying car safety tools, make sure you read through reviews and buying guides. There are lots of them but if you take your time, you will get a good escape tool. Also, before you buy one, make sure to find out if your car’s window is laminated or tempered. Some tools cannot break a laminated window and you don’t want to buy a tool that you will never use. 

If you can test your tool beforehand, the better. That way, if you ever get involved in an accident, you will know exactly what to do. You will also be certain that your tool is not going to let you down. Don’t just buy and keep it. The only way to know if it’s gonna work is to try it out.

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