This Is Our List Of 15 Home Gym Equipment Stores You Can Try

Now more than ever more and more people are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. The Coronavirus situation across the world has not only confined us to our homes but has also taught us just how important staying healthy is. But, with most gyms closed, we are only left with one option—creating our own at-home gyms.

Other than being a mere alternative for exercising during these tough times, creating your own gym in the garage or basement using consumer report best home gym equipment is a reasonable option to paying for a gym membership.

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It is convenient, and especially if you use it a lot, it can turn out to be more cost-effective than joining a gym.  What’s more, working out at home Vs  gym means you won’t have to use a machine, you won’t have to be conscious about people judging you, and you won’t have to wipe off stranger’s sweat before using a machine.

Because of these reasons, the fitness niche has become a lucrative business and if you are an affiliate marketer, this is the time to get innovative and earn money.  Many of the home gym equipment stores offer affiliate programs that could earn you some cool cash. Keep reading to find out.

Home Gym Equipment Stores

1. Rep Fitness:

Rep Fitness offers equipment meant to help you take your fitness journey to the next level. The store has a variety of conditioning and strength training equipment that are lacking in most gym companies. Other than weight benches, treadmills and ellipticals, Rep also sells kettlebells, squat racks, and other unique items such as balance trainers and battle ropes.

Whether you want a bar and plate pack or an equipment pack for functional training, or you simply want to grow your affiliate, REP has got you covered. Their affiliate program runs through Post Affiliate Pro, though the commission rate is not listed, which may make it difficult to know how much an affiliate is likely to make from selling their equipment.

2. Horizon Fitness:

Horizon Fitness stocks high-end treadmills, indoor bicycles, and cross trainers such as ellipticals and rowing machines. The company has developed superior technologies that make their home gym equipment more durable, convenient, and comfortable: treadmills with quiet, powerful motors, and cushioned decks, ellipticals with natural movement parts, and bikes with comfortable seats.

The easy-to-use features and the simple assembly of the Horizon Fitness Equipment make getting started and adhering to a fitness regimen easy. And, with their space-saving technologies such as Featherlight Folding, your equipment will fit flawlessly into your living space.

As an affiliate marketer, promoting Horizon Fitness comes with its packs. First, many of their products cost hundreds of dollars and this makes for cool commissions for the affiliate marketers. Second, the company offers financing option and there is also a possibility of free shipping, which could work as converting elements for some shoppers.

3. Manflow Yoga:

Manflow yoga offers on-demand workouts, tutorials, and programs meant for men interested in practicing yoga for physical fitness. They advocate for overall health, and therefore, regularly discuss the importance of having a well-rounded fitness regime. Manflow Yoga also offers other additional workout material as a complement to the yoga practice.

Manflow Yoga affiliates earn commissions by referring subscriptions to the service. Their affiliate program is kind of different from the rest in that the affiliate continues to earn a commission every month as long as the referred member stays subscribed. What’s more, their cookies never expire, which means you will still earn for later sales.

4. Life Fitness:

Whether you are looking for small home gym equipment or what to bring to the gym, Life Fitness has all the equipment to help people live healthier lives.

Life Fitness has been selling gym equipment for both home and commercial use for over 45 years. Their online store includes different sections; strength training equipment, cardio equipment, and accessories. You also have the option to shop by brand or by whatever is on sale, and also by price.

The Life Fitness affiliate program comes with many benefits. First, the least expensive item goes for about $1775, while the most expensive goes up to $9, 000. High average order value is over $3000, which means high commissions for affiliates. Every sale earns you 8% commission and there is a 30-day cookie, which means you still get commission for delayed sales.

There is a committed affiliate manager always available to help with any queries, and with their real-time reporting and analytics, you’ll be able to track your sales without any problem. The company also offers performance-based incentives and bonuses.

The Life Fitness affiliate program is provided through AvantLink and you have a free and easy sign-up.

5. Bowflex:

Bowflex stocks a variety of gym machines, including all-in-one home gym equipment. Their featured products include the Bowflex Treadclimber and the Max Trainer machines. The Max Trainer is a sophisticated piece of equipment that uses special software.

Also, it tracks the users’ capabilities and helps them to slowly advance what they can do, for instance increasing resistance on a particular workout. The price range for the Max Trainer equipment is $999-2,599.

On the other hand, the treadclimber line of machines combine the concept of stair climbers and treadmills to give you a walking experience that helps burn about 25 times more calories compared to a treadmill run. The price range for Treadclimber machines is $1,799-2,399.

The Bowlex affiliate program runs through Impact Radius. An affiliate marketer will benefit from Bowflex since their items are sophisticated yet less costly compared to gym machines from other stores, which makes them easier to sell.

6. Workout Warehouse:

Workout Warehouse stocks some gym equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, yoga equipment, strength training equipment, rowers, and accessories. Treadmills are among the most sold items on the website and their prices go up to $2,000, though they have less expensive models that go or about $599.

Workout Warehouse carries some of the well-known and trusted brands including ProForm and Nordic Track.

This company’s affiliate program runs through Commission Junction and gives affiliates up to 8%-11% in commissions. The 8% rate is for sales of up to $10,000, while the 11% commission is paid to affiliates who make sales of up to $30,000 or more.

7. Total Gym Direct:

Total Gym stocks all-in-one small workout equipment, weighing less than 100 lbs, which makes them some of the best home gym or personal training equipment. This company’s products have been endorsed by celebrities such as Chuck Norries and Christie Brinkley.

The equipment ranges in price from about $530 to $3,795 depending on the complexity of the machine. What’s more, clients get free shipping for all purchases worth $175 or more, and are also given a 30-day risk-free pilot period for testing out the machine. They also have the option of paying in monthly installments without interest.

The Total Gym affiliate program offers affiliates tiered-based commissions as follows: 7.5% on full units, 5% commission on core trainers, and 3% commissions on DVDs. This is a good company to promote as an affiliate marketer. First, the celebrity endorsements could be converting factors for some shoppers. Second, the consumer benefits are also good enough to sway some customers, too

8. Garage Gym:

Garage Fit is another store where you can find small workout equipment to build your own gym. Many of their equipment are excellent to use for weight-resistance training including stretch bands, training vests, and pull-up bars.

The company has also paid special attention to agility and speed, and sells unique items including the steel maces, thunder balls, agility dots and rings, high jump speed ladder, and the plyo boxes. They also sell a pop-up soccer goal to help you improve your kicking aim.

Overall, this company has a wide range of products for those looking for the best cardio equipment for home gym, but it lacks the large pieces or the all-in-one gyms like those found in other stores.

The Garage Fit affiliate plan offers affiliates a solid source of income, with little work on their part. The company is continuously developing tools to help you become a successful affiliate such as text links and banner ads that you can simply choose, copy, and paste. Affiliates get between 5-10% commissions on all online sales. The company also provides contests and achievement awards to successful affiliates.

9. BodyBoss portable gym:

For those wondering how to build a cheap home gym, BodyBoss has the right answer. The company offers total workout equipment that replaces traditional workout machines, saving you lots of dollars, while still adding versatility and portability. And, with their interactive technology platform, you are guaranteed of stellar workouts, private classes, and live trainers.

When you purchase your gym from BodyBoss, you’ll receive workout programs, getting started manual, and training videos to help you stay motivated and build momentum.

You’ll have more than 100 live and recorded guided video workouts, new workout ideas, and live video streams with accredited trainers.

If you are still not sure whether BodyBoss is a good company to affiliate with then consider this; they offer 8% commission on sales, their cookies last a whole 30 days, and they offer regular coupons and promotions. Their customers get hassle-free returns, trainer support, and 1-year warranty, and all these could act as converting factors for some customers.

10. Fit Archon:

Archon stocks a good mix of both small and large equipment, all at a reasonable price. Their product line include specialized weight plates, pulley-system gyms, specialty bars, benches, cages and racks, slam balls (sold in sets or individually), and many others.

Archon also owns a blog that offers customers nutrition ideas, workouts, and ways to use the machine to get different results.

Archon has a longer cookie period of 45 days, which is beneficial for affiliates. Unfortunately, the commission rate isn’t mentioned on the website, and therefore you’ll have to send them an email to request for more information.

11. TRX Training:

TRX is majorly keen on suspension systems. Their signature item—the TRX Home 2 comes loaded with training apps with complete workouts and tracking capabilities, and goes for around $150. Other equipment include the TRX Tactical, the TRX rip trainer, and the TRX Pro4.

TRX offers hassle-free returns, one year free access to the app, and a 5-year warranty. And, all these could act as converting factors to some shoppers. This is reason enough to consider affiliating with this company. Also, the price for the full home gym system is reasonable, and the equipment is space-friendly.

12. Fringe Sport:

Whether you are a WODder, a lifter, or just an individual who wants to be better tomorrow, Fringe Sport has gym fitness equipment that suits your needs. The best part is that their products come with a 365-day guarantee, so, if, for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return it within 365 days for a full drama-free refund.

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The Fringe Sport affiliate program is managed by ShareAsale, and affiliates have access to text links, analytical reporting, and creative banners to help them promote. The cookies last for 30 days and affiliates get a 5% commission on all sales.

13. Wahoo Fitness:

Wahoo Fitness mainly deals with GPS bike computers, indoor bike trainers, heart rate monitors, and cycling sensors all designed to improve your cycling training.

Wahoo Fitness offers a free and easy-to-join affiliate program. Affiliates receive a 10% base commission on all non-smart trainer products, and 7.5% commission on all Wahoo Smart Trainers, except refurbished trainers and trainer bundles. You are only eligible for commissions if the purchases are paid for with a credit card.

To earn commissions, choose from the many banner ads provided by the company and put them on your website to link to your individual URL. You can then share your URL with your readers, friends, or clients through social media or email marketing campaigns.

Your commissions will be paid on a quarterly basis through PayPal, but the payout will only happen after reaching a threshold of $100.

14. Dynapro Direct:

Whether you want to improve your workouts at the gym, at home, or on the go, Dynapros has the top quality machine for you. Based in the US, this company sells equipment such as resistance bands, core sliders, exercise balls, stability cushions, jump ropes, and much more.

The Dynapro Direct affiliate program is run by ShareASale. They offer a generous commission at 10% and have 30-day cookie duration. There are several reasons why you should affiliate with Dynapro Direct.

First, the sign-up is completely free and easy to set up. Second, they have fresh and potent promotional banners, and they don’t have minimum threshold for payments.

15. Commission Factory:

Designed by affiliates for affiliates, Commission Factory is a network that helps build relationships between advertisers, agencies, and affiliates across Australia and Asia Pacific.

As an affiliate, this network gives you everything needed to grow an online business. They have more than 500 brands to choose from so you are assured of getting a store to promote.

Commission Factory has an affiliate member interface that is both functional and user-friendly. They also have exceptional customer service.

As a fitness affiliate, you can benefit from Commission Factory by registering with Gym and Fitness, which runs under it. Gym and Fitness is a family-owned and operated store that has grown to become Australia’s largest online fitness trader featuring over 30 top brands across 800 products.

They sell everything from strength equipment, cardio equipment, MMA and fight gear, boxing, gym accessories, and supplements, all for commercial gyms, personal trainers, and home use.

1. As a Gym and Fitness affiliate, you get several benefits including:

2. 5% commission on all sales, excluding coupon and offer-led sales

3. 30-day cookie and all valid transactions accepted within 30 days

4. Professional and highly converting banners

5. High average sales of up to $650.00

6. Regularly updated data feed

7. Committed affiliate account manager

8. Custom banner request

You also enjoy high conversion rates due to:

Regular offers and random exclusive offers and incentives

(a). Exceptional customer service

(b). 7-day money back guarantee

(c). Over 800 products to choose from and more than 30 brands

(d). Multiple store locations

(e). Price match guarantee

Affiliate Website Ideas for the Fitness Niche

The fitness companies listed above are beneficial both to the customer and to the affiliate. But, how do you go about earning commissions as an affiliate? Unfortunately the process of signing up with these companies is not an easy one.

First, you’ll need to create a platform such as a website, blog, or social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc). Thereafter, you’ll need to create fascinating content that will help drive traffic and users to your website. This process requires lots of patience and consistency.

So, what are some of the website ideas for affiliate marketers in the fitness niche? Here are a few ideas:

1. Create a website targeting how to build a home gym for people with small spaces like those living in small apartments. You could then promote space-saving home gym equipment like the TRX suspension kits.

Other things that you can promote include weight loss systems, inventory control apps, and storage solutions. Make sure you answer some of their questions like, how much does a home gym cost, and what is the best home gym? Point your readers to the right direction on how to open a gym and good places for renting gym equipment for home use.

 2. Website that focuses on achieving agility and speed. Rather than promoting heavy weight equipment sets, you could decide to promote Garage Fit machines and other home gym equipment sets that include things like agility rings and speed ladders.

a lady instructor at the gym ready for work out

3. Create a website that targets those who want to stay fit on the go, and promote portable gym equipment like Body Boss. You could also promote fitness and nutrition apps, luggage, and comfortable sports apparel. Depending on your target audience, you could also promote luxury resorts and review their gyms.

4. Create a website and promote sports shoes, knife-throwing and archery items, and VR software and hardware that need excellent speed and coordination.

5. A website that helps individuals recover from injuries

There is just so much you could promote on your website to earn commission. Other ideas include motivational books and videos, health and auto insurance, or even investment programs to help handle finances.

To cut the long story short, affiliate marketing is a way by which brands collaborate with third-party stores to promote their products. The affiliates share links to the brand’s products or services, and earn a commission on sales or web traffic produced by their content.

Those planning to start building their own affiliate network need to understand that there are various types of affiliates out there, and different programs are a good match for your brand than others. It is, therefore, important to select partners that appear to be the best fit for your niche.

Ensure you research the partners’ audiences and messaging techniques to determine if any of them match your brand image. Consider partners who are more likely to be committed to promoting your products, while still generating valuable traffic to your website. But, even as you try to make things work with your current partners, it’s good to constantly keep looking for new possible partnerships.

For most networks, you’ll be required to sign up with a particular platform such as ShareAsale, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, or Affiliate Window. From there you can register to various programs and track your commissions. The above programs are simply the start of what’s achievable.

There are a myriad of ways to get affiliate commissions with your site including top 10 lists, product reviews where you get to rate home gym equipment like the best cardio equipment for home gym, and how-to guides, for instance how to build a cheap home gym.

Remember, the more affiliate programs you reach out to, the larger your commission potential. So, it’s good to always keep networking and continually recruit quality partners.

Building a strong fitness affiliate network may seem like a lot of work but once the business is in place, this sort of system is actually low-maintenance compared to other online advertising strategies.

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