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Wireless charging has been in existence for close to 100 years, but recent technological advancements have made it appear as something new. The technology, also known as inductive or cordless charging, involves the transmission of power without physical links such as wires. More high-end smartphones continue to use the wireless type of electrical charging, which is most prevalent in Apple devices.

Since 2017, Apple has released several iPhones that have an inbuilt wireless charging feature. iPhone users much anticipated wireless charging since some Android phone manufacturers had already integrated the feature in their products. As a result, more people are opting for iPhone devices that have wireless charging capabilities.

Which iPhones support the wireless charging technology?

There have been many questions surrounding iPhone wireless charging. For instance, does iPhone 7 have wireless charging? The answer is no, iPhone 7 and other older models don’t support the feature. So, which iPhones have the wireless charging feature? Check the list below:

Which iPhones support the wireless charging technology

(a) iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

(b) iPhone X

(c) iPhone XS/ XS Max

(d) iPhone XR

(e) iPhone 11/  11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max

As you can see, all the latest iPhone models have wireless charging technology. All the models in the list came after iPhone 7, which got its release in September 2016. If you have an older version, you need to upgrade to enjoy the feature.

How do you clean the charging port of your iPhone?

One reason why your iPhone does not charge is that there is some dust or dirt in the charging port. Thus, there isn’t a stable connection between the charger’s pin and the port.

Over time, bits of dirt may gather in your iPhone’s port as you deep your device into the pocket or place it in a dusty environment. It reaches a point where a layer forms inside the port, affecting the process of charging.

To clean your iPhone’s charging port, get a flashlight that you can use to locate the debris. Keep in mind that you should power off your device before you start cleaning.

 charging port of your iPhone

You can blow compressed air into the port to remove dust particles. Also, you can use a thin and sharp object, preferably a toothpick, to remove the dirt and lint clogged in there.

Be careful not to damage the delicate parts near the port.  Apply the least amount of pressure you can while scraping off the particles, and once you are done, check whether it can charge again. Continue trying, and if it seems impossible to solve the problem using the available tools, visit an Apple service center or a professional.

Can you wirelessly charge an old iPhone?

Apple devices are costly, and thus it can be challenging to have the latest iPhone at your side. The trendy iPhone models go for between $750 and $1,450. Since wireless charging only works with recent iPhone models, you can still enjoy the feature in old models using some simple steps.

Qi charging: This technique uses inductive coils to generate an electromagnetic field that enables the transfer of energy. It is a popular type of wireless charging in iPhone devices. Using Qi charging receiver cards, you can apply this mechanism in your old iPhone model.

A Qi charging card is a wireless charging adapter for iPhone that is low cost and is light in weight. The charging cards can be attached at the back of an iPhone, with a connection to the Lightning port.

They vary in terms of circuit quality and other extra features. You can purchase one for as low as $10 from an online store like Amazon. Qi charging cards also prevent the device from overcharging.

To attach a Qi charging card, remove the iPhone case then connect the card using the sticky surface. Ensure that the card’s Lightning connector contacts the iPhone’s Lightning port. Put back the case and charge your iPhone wirelessly.

One of the downsides of Qi charging cards is the fact that they are fragile and can thus quickly get damaged. Adding a case to protect the cards can influence their functionality as it limits the connection.

You can use a wireless charging case if you want a more reliable option. The charging cases are more expensive but worth the price. Make sure that you only purchase a case that is compatible with your iPhone.

How to choose a wireless charger?

There are many different wireless chargers in the market, making it essential to think about all the aspects before proceeding to purchase. You sure want an excellent product that meets all your needs. Some of the factors you should consider are below.

Qi compatibility: This aspect is the most obvious of all, but you need to make sure of it. If you own a wireless charging table, your device must be Qi-compatible because most of such tables require the feature. Apple, among other mobile device manufacturers, work with the Qi standard to uphold the safety of wireless charging.

choose a wireless charger

Speed: Manufacturers usually claim that their products offer the fastest charging, but it may not be right at times. You need some extra information to confirm the charging speed of a wireless charger. The concept of watts thus comes in handy in such a case.

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A higher value of watts means that the charger can offer faster charging. Unlike Androids such as Google Pixel 3, which supports up to 18 watts, iPhones are currently restricted to only 7.5 watts. So, when making your purchase, find an iPhone wireless charger with such a value of watts to get the best performance.

Design: Wireless chargers occur in two designs, one that holds your device is semi-upright position and the other design that lays on a surface. The semi-upright design, a charging mounts or stand, enables you to operate your device without having to lower your head over it.

The flat-surface design, a charging pad, focuses on stability during the charging process. However, picking up your phone each time a notification pops up can disrupt charging.

Your charging station can guide you on the design that you should choose. If the location is a place where you are like to knock over your mobile device, then you should go for the flat-surface design. Only purchase a semi-upright wireless charger if you have to use your phone frequently.

Price: It is necessary to pay attention to the price of a wireless charger to avoid any adverse effect on your budget. Before heading to the stores or visiting an e-commerce site where you intend to buy the charger, have a price range in mind. You can slightly modify your reservation price if you feel that you want a particular item.

You can do the shopping from the Apple Online Store, where the cheapest Qi charging pad is $40 while the most inexpensive charging stand is $70. The less popular brands offer their products at a lower rate than the widely-known ones. You only need to check the reputation of the seller to ensure that you get a high-quality charger at an affordable price.

Charging coils: A single charging coil is enough to add some charge to your device. Some wireless chargers have more than one coil, providing more space on the charging pad. A multi-coil wireless charger requires less precision when laying your phone on it.

In charging stands, the extra coils are also useful since phones come in different sizes. A multi-coil charging stand enables a proper connection and hence efficient charging.

What wireless charger does an iPhone use?

Apple devices use Qi wireless chargers, that is, either charging pads or charging stands. Several brands partner with Apple to offer some excellent wireless chargers for iOS devices. A charging pad works well with your bedside table.

It is an excellent option because, in the bedroom, you spend most of the time sleeping and not using your phone.  A stand is necessary for such places as your working desk. It is especially useful if your iPhone has Face ID so that you can easily unlock it to access an important message or such.

Some of the best iPhone wireless chargers include RAVPower’s Wireless Charging Stand, Moshi’s Otto Q, and Logitech’s Powered 3-in-1Dock.

RAVPower Wireless Charging Stand

This new charging stand from RAVPower has several advantages over its predecessors. It has a vast space for positioning your iPhone with two coils that enable you to charge your device in portrait or landscape mode.

The charging stand features a nearly upright angle that works well with Face ID. It supports Apple’s charging standard of 7.5 watts and up to 10 watts on Android devices. It is priced at $49.99.

Moshi Otto Q

The Moshi Otto Q wireless charger supports fast charging of up to 10 watts. It is compatible with the most recent iPhone models, starting with iPhone 8. The charging pad can detect foreign metallic objects to ensure safety while charging. You need Moshi Otto Q if your iPhone has iOS 13.1 and above. It only costs $39.95.

 Moshi Otto Q wireless charger

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock is essential if you desire to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods in one place. The package includes an Apple Watch charger, unlike other docks that require you to use the one you own.

It has a steep angle that enables you to access your phone as it charges quickly. At the cost of $129, you get to charge any of your Qi-compatible devices, including AirPods (with a wireless charging case). It has both a stand and pad section, which are suitable for iPhones with thick cases.

How do you fix a paused wireless charging?

As an iPhone user, you may often face the ‘wireless charging paused’ issue, depending on the model of your device. The problem has been reported by most among iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 users. You can identify the problem if the wireless charger is flashing without charging the iPhone. There are several solutions for a paused wireless charging.

Reposition the phone or adjust it slightly

You might experience the charging problem more often if you use a single coil wireless charger. Unlike multiple coils, single coils only work with specific positions of your iPhone. You can adjust the position of your device to ensure that it aligns properly with the wireless charger’s coils.

Restart your device

Operations running in the background of your device can affect its charging. You should shut down your device to stop the apps that may be running then turn it back on. You can then place it back on the wireless charger and check if you fixed the issue.

Get the latest software update

Software updates usually fix the problems that users experienced after the previous version. You should always make sure to keep your software up to date. You can check for updates manually online in the case where the notification delayed to reach your device.

Use a different charging cable or adapter

The cause of the paused wireless charging can be a faulty cable or adapter. Broken wires contribute significantly to charging problems. You always need to keep an extra adapter or two so that you can make the switch at once.

Restore the factory settings

If everything else seems to fail, you can reset your device to its original settings. The customizations you make on your phone can serve as a conflict to the charging process. Resetting only erases your customized settings and not any apps, files or useful data. You can restore previous settings by tapping on the ‘Settings’ icon and locating ‘Reset All Settings.’

Wireless charging technology isn’t entirely better than plugging in, but it’s an appropriate choice if you want to ditch cables. You can quickly charge multiple Apple devices when power outlets occur in limited quantities.

Also, wireless charging reduces the risk of getting hacked through the wires of wired charging. However, there are some downsides like lack of mobility and speed when using wireless chargers. Therefore, manufacturing brands continue to work hard towards the development of enhanced wireless chargers.

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