Eufy 2K Outdoor Security Camera

How to Add an Extra Eye Around your House with Eufy 2K Security Camera

The world is slowly returning to normalcy after governments all over have tried all they could to contain the Covid-19 virus.

Soon, everyone will be back to their regular working schedule. But, there are new challenges for pet-owners, parents, and others who may be leaving someone at home as they go to the office. 

It is natural to want to keep an eye on your loved ones while you are away. This is made possible with the many home security cameras available on the market. These eufy indoor camera homekit come with a myriad of features such as night vision, wireless connectivity etc to make sure you can still keep an eye on your loved ones even when you are away. One company that has understood this necessity is Eufy Security that has ventured into the latest indoor cams with plenty of features to meet all your requirements.

Eufy 2K Outdoor Security Camera
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Let’s talk about what makes Eufy’s latest security camera—the Eufy pro 2K the best camera to have around your home.

Highly Detailed

The Eufy 2K Indoor Cam comes with a wide dynamic range and 2K resolution to help capture crystal clear images of what is happening in your home. You will be able to see everything, both in well-lit and dark parts of the house. And, thanks to its advanced night vision, you can clearly see background details of up-to 10 meters away as well as facial details of up-to 6 meters away, even at night. 

You can also set an activity zone so that when motion is sensed, the camera will alert you and start broadcasting the location for you.

Built-in Two-way Audio

With the built-in two-way audio, the Eufy 2K camera allows you to communicate in real-time with anyone passing by. The audio also helps detect sounds such as a baby crying or a dog barking.

Detects Everything

The Eufy 2k camera comes with built-in AI that is capable of detecting both humans and pets. This camera can recognize human bodies, including faces, and instantly send you a notification whenever either is spotted within your home. 

Baby detection can also be useful in situations where you are busy in one room, and the baby is in another room. You’ll be alerted on your phone as soon as your baby starts to cry. The excessive noise will let you know that your baby needs some attention.

When it comes to pets, this camera comes with two great features to help you keep your pet safe. First, the pet command lets you pre-record directives that will play automatically whenever the camera senses your pet arriving in the activity zone. You can also talk to your pet directly via the phone app when you get the alert.

The second feature that helps you take care of your pet is the pet diary. The Eufy 2K camera can capture your pet’s peak moments within the day and convert them into an incredible 60-second video.

One important feature that is specific to the Eufy 2K camera is that when it senses motions, the camera can actually follow the target as it moves. You can tilt it 96° vertically or 360° horizontally to get a clear picture of the whole room.

Smart Integration

The Eufy 2K camera is future-ready with smart home integrations such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. So, connect to these smart devices for complete surveillance of your home.

Easy to Use

The Eufy 2K is an indoor camera that can be placed on a table, shelf, or any other such place, or even be mounted on a wall or ceiling. All the recorded data and recordings can be stored locally in an SD card or in the cloud. 

If you are looking for a reasonable budget indoor camera with plenty of features to keep an eye on your home while you are away, the Eufy 2K is the camera to go for. But, if you are looking for a good wireless security camera for your outdoors, be sure to check out our buyers guide for wireless night vision security cameras.

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