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Having a good monitor arm helps you stay productive as it makes your workplace to be ergonomically sound. Getting the best monitor arms offers more comfort which eventually has a positive impact on your health.

Best monitor arms fine-tune the positioning of your screen, regardless of whether or not your monitor allows physical adjustments. Doctors recommend that monitors should be positioned in such a way that your fingertips can touch the screen and the eye line to be level with the top of the display. Monitor’s arms have tilt and swivel features which makes it adjustable and helps you keep clear of screen reflections. Moreover, monitor arms free up space on your desk, making your workspace neat and productive. Most monitors are compatible with VESA standards mount which all monitor arms can accommodate.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Good Monitor Arm

Monitor arms allow a much more comfortable working posture and offer wonderful relief to the eyes. The monitor arms are a necessity to achieve healthy office ergonomics as they result in greater productivity as well as ensuring comfort.

Monitor arms are more robotic-looking arms that are attached to walls, desks, or ceilings. They allow users to adjust their monitors to their preferred ideal height. One can easily work on their monitors whether they are sitting, standing, or doing both throughout the day. Before buying a monitor arms here are some essential reasons you need to know:

They offer comfort and great working posture: As you adjust your monitor, you will be able to find your great ideal working posture. This will relieve strain in your body, especially the back that could be caused by leaning awkwardly to view your screen.

It eliminates eyestrain: Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain are common for people who work long hours on computers and for many years. The eyes can tire. Without proper ergonomic, fatigue, strain, dryness, or even blurred vision results. Monitor arms eliminate these types of computer eye strain by enabling you to correctly position the monitor by adjusting the angle, height, and distance.

Helps you optimize your working space: Monitor arms have no footprint as they are usually mounted, either at the wall, ceiling, or at the back of the desk. When lifted this way, you get extra workspace.

It increases your productivity: The more comfortable you are with your monitor, the better your working experience. Monitor arms offer more comfort hence improving your work productivity.

Enhances collaboration: Computer monitor arms are flexible enough to allow you to shift your screens and share with your co-workers. But this is only possible in models that have 180 degrees horizontal rotation, making it easy to swivel from side to side.

Where to Mount a Monitor Arm

Monitor arms are designed to be mounted on walls, ceilings, and at the sides of the desks. Where you will mount your monitor arm depends on the type of mount you buy. Below are some common types of mounts:

Freestanding mounts: These act as a replacement for traditional monitor stands. You attach the monitor to the mount and allow it to rest on the desk. Stability for this type of mount comes from the monitor and mount’s weight since there aren’t any screws or clamps. They are slightly adjustable and you can adjust the viewing angle, height, and panning. Some even allow you to rotate the screen for landscape and portrait orientations.

Side clamp mounts: These are for attaching your monitor at the edge of the desk, securing its pole with a sturdy clamp. It clears your desk space and offers adjustability. The only problem is that they won’t mount on all types of desks. Modern computer desks can accommodate this type of clamp but older ones lack the good edges required for this type of mount.

Through-the-desk mounts: These types of mounts are semi-permanent and offer greater stability. You will have to drill a hole into your desk or use an existing hole to attach this type of mount. They offer the highest weight capacity and keep your desk free from clutter. These mounts are especially suitable for multiple monitors.

Wall mounts: These types of mounts are sleek and completely do away with desk clutter. They need to be drilled into the wall which isn’t a feasible option for rental properties and offices. For this type of mount to be functional, the wall needs to be near your desk. 

After picking your ideal monitor, finding a greater comfort comes with finding the right monitor placement that will provide a comfortable working posture. To find the perfect placement position, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Place the monitor at the center facing right at you. This ensures your neck isn’t torquing when viewing the screen.

Step 2: The distance between the monitor and you should be an arm’s length, about 20 inches from your eyes. Sitting too close to the screen can damage your eyes while placing the screen so far away can cause fatigue to the eyes and result in eyestrain.

Step 3: When your eyes should be slightly shifted downwards when looking at the middle of the screen.

Step 4: The monitor should be tilted slightly backward at an angle of 10 to 20 degrees. This ensures there is a healthy distance between the screen and your eyes.

Whichever mount you choose, pay attention to its rating and choose one which fits your monitor’s dimensions and weight. Below is a comprehensive review of one of the best monitor mounts you should consider.

ErGear Monitor Mount for 15-32″ Flat/Curved Monitors Review

This advanced Gas Spring can accommodate up to 50,000 times smoother adjustments compared to other normal springs that allow up to 30,000 times. This makes it possible to fix and adjust your screen in any desired setting with an easy one-touch positioning. The mount is made of an aircraft-grade metal frame that offers extreme durability. You can be assured your mount will last a long time.

It is flat/curved screen is universally compatible. Almost any monitor that is 32 inches or smaller and those that weigh 17.6 lbs can be accommodated by this type of mount. It is compatible with VESA standards of 75x75mm or 100x100mm. Its unique features make it a good choice for gaming, household, and office use.

ErGear Monitor Mount for 15-32" Flat/Curved Monitors Review
ErGear Monitor

ErGear Monitor Mount provides the best viewing angles. It can tilt to +90°/-85°, swivel to 180 degrees, and rotate at 360 degrees, allowing you to switch between landscape and portrait modes. It can also extend and retract on both big and small desks. It is a full-motion flexibility monitor mount that meets your comfort needs.

ErGear mount is structured in such a way that it can offer two installation choices. You can do either Side-Clamping or Grommet Installation that makes it easy for the arms to attach to the desk with a thickness up to 2.56 inches. It also comes with a good cable management system which serves as a bonus in obtaining a clear workspace. This monitor arm can help you solve health problems related to the spine, shoulder, and neck. It comes in a package that contains all the hardware required to mount the monitor arm.

Special Features of the ErGear Monitor Mount

ErGear mount maximizes your comfort and makes your viewing experience enjoyable. It also saves your desk space and streamlines your work area. It is flexible and adjustable. With this mount, you can adjust the height, depth, and angle of your monitor. This leads to more productivity, better health, and reduced stress. Below are some of its key specifications:

Screen Size: 15″ to 32″

Load Capacity: 17.6 lbs

VESA: 75x75mm or 100x100mm

Tilt: +90°/-85°

Rotate:360° (only after the monitor is attached and fully mounted)


Max Height of VESA Centre: 19″

Max Extension: 22.4″

To mount EarGear monitor arm on your desk, perform the following steps: Set up the monitor and correct the direction of the monitor. You can side clamp and grommet mount the monitor arm. It has been designed to give varied choices for various situations. It also comes with a soft spacer which prevents the mount from scratching the desk. You can also correct the tilting position by fastening the screw. You can also correct the automatic swaging by turning the screw counterclockwise or clockwise.

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How high from the desk can the mount reach? 

The height of the mounting joint is 19.1 inches. It is about 20 to 21 inches from the desk to the center of a 34-inch monitor.

How vertically far do the gas springs move without having to move the clamp and pole?

The lowest and highest positions are 12.7 inches to 23.2 inches. Within these ranges, you can adjust to your comfortable working positions by tilting and swiveling.

Is the monitor arm mount suitable for first-time users?

Yes. It is very easy to assemble and works for everyone. The most important thing is double-checking your screen size and any existing mounting holes at the back of your monitor to ensure it is compatible.

ErGear is one of the world’s leading ergonomic designs. The monitor mount will cover all your comfort needs. Its unique features offer simple styling that can fit into any office, home, or gaming room. It checks all the boxes for a comfortable convenient monitor arm mount.

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