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DuDuBell Dash Cam Review

The DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam with SONY IMX323.

DuduBell ranks among the best and most established companies with twelve years of experience in Research & Development (R&D) and design. They also venture into the production and marketing of car electronics.

This is a value-oriented and quality-driven innovator using advanced facilities to make products that enjoy global acceptance. One product that has given prominence to this is their range of Dudubell dashboard cameras, and in this post, we shall give a particular focus to the Dudubell dash cam 10” dual 1080P Sony IMX323

Dudubell technology and functionality.

The 10″ Streaming Media Dash Cam comes with superior AHD (Analogue High Definition) technology to give you some timely and excellent visual experience. It feels more like streaming a crystal river.

Dudubell technology and functionality

Its IPS touch screen makes operating this gadget a smooth experience that your fingers will love to continue doing. What’s more, you can simply swipe on the touch screen to adjust the view scope.

DuDuBell Dash Cam 7 ” Starlight Night Vision DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam 10″ Enhanced Night visionDuDuBell Dash Cam 10″ With Sony IMX323 dual 1080P

The SONY IMX323 Dual Starlight 1080P Dash Cam features 140 degrees 1080P 6G Rear Cam plus a 170 degrees 1080P 6G Front Cam for a stellar dual performance. Updated with an F1.4 aperture (which is larger than the F 1.8 and F2.0 Lens), it gives you an amazingly clear vision, especially when you are in a darker environment.

Even when recording at night, it will capture number plates very clearly. You will also like the camera’s HDR plus imaging feature, which goes up to 79Db dynamic range and gives you faster exposure time than the traditional HDR.

After recording, you can comfortably review your video files using the playback function. Better still, you can play them on your computer.

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 It is also featured with the external GPS and Reverse Assistance functions. The GPS records the correct speed and location data for your dashboard camera as you drive along.

And for better signal reception, it has an external GPS, which generally works much better than the built-in version. The M2 dashcam has also been designed to present a reverse image whenever you engage the reverse gear.

A glance at the DuDuBell M2 dashcam reveals a rather discreet body that was designed to make your operations as friendly as can be. Additionally, it is featured with the loop recording, G-sensor, a 24/7 parking monitor, and many more great functions that will leave you satisfied indeed.

Dudubell dash cam 10”

What do you get in the package?

The Dash Cam, DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam, SONY IMX323 comes with

1. An M2 Mirror dashcam

2. Car charger

3 . Cleaning  tools

4. Long power cable

5. Rear Camera

What you get in the dudubell package

6. Installation tool

7. Dudubell dash cam manual

How to install Dudubell dashcam

The mirror dash cam is designed to record from both the front-facing and rear camera right into the memory card.  Those who have used it can confirm that it is relatively simple to install since all you have to do is to hook it over the mirror.

The camera comes with rubber hooks that are designed to hook over the original mirror discreetly. Anyone viewing from the front cannot see them because they are designed to strap and remain out of sight.

For hardwiring purposes, it has a long standard MiniUSB cable that draws power from the cigarette lighter adapter plug. Take note, though, that only qualified persons should do hardwiring because working around the vehicle’s power system is potentially dangerous to you and your car.

The danger lies in the fact that you may be doing something you don’t know well, and if any past experiences are anything to go by, then a single faulty connection could electrocute your car and kill you.

The following instructions will help you install your dashcam in by tapping into your car’s power supply. This installation is only a general guide since car designs, and their fuse box locations vary considerably.

Find your car’s fusebox

The next step is to locate the place where the fusebox is fixed. This is necessary because a power cable will run from the dashcam down into the fuse box.

In most vehicles, a fusebox is usually underneath the dashboard both on the passenger or driver’s side, and in such a process, you can easily access it below the steering column. An owner’s manual would be beneficial in locating the fuse box in your car. 

Route the power cable to the fuse box

You can then stretch out the power cable along the path it will run while hidden behind the vehicle’s panels. This will give you a rough idea of the cable’s route and how much slack to spare.  (Slack down into the fuse box). Next, tuck your power cable alongside other wires in the A-pillar.

In some cases, you may be required to remove the A-pillar cover to allow full access to the cable routing area. Once in the routing area, you can fix the cable down to the fuse box.  Fortunately, most A-pillar covers can simply be popped off, but in cases where you are not sure, talk to a professional, or refer to your technical manual.

In what position do you want your dashcam?

Finding the ideal position for your dashcam can be tricky if factors have to be put into consideration. However, to begin off, you may sit in your driver’s seat and try different positions for your camera. 

best position you want your dashcam to take

The good news about the Dash Cam, DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam, SONY IMX323, is that it is designed initially for the rearview mirror. This means you won’t have to be so concerned about the specific location in the car. If the rearview mirror didn’t obstruct your view, then the dashcam won’t obstruct you either.

Find a fuse that is in a hot in start mode.

Generally, car fuses have power all the time, and this is referred to as always hot. However,some only get power when the car is running. This is referred to as hot in start.

To enable the dashcam to power on automatically when the engine is ignited and vice versa, you have to connect an add-a-circuit kit to one hot in start fuse. Simply use a circuit tester to determine which fuse has power and which one doesn’t.

Fix the add-a-circuit kit

Remove the key from the ignition and then using a pair of pliers or a fuse puller; slowly remove the hot in start fuse that you identified in step four. Fix the fuse that you just pulled out into the add- a-fuse circuit kit.  Next, fix the add-a-circuit into space where the hot in start fuse was.

Find a ground point

You need to find a ground point since the opposite end of the installation wiring kit has to be grounded in your car. The majority of cars have several ground points around the fuse box.

Zip up your install

Using a zip, bunch up the excess power wire and then secure the bundle to a firm mounting point under the dashboard. You can also use more zip ties to secure the bundle behind the kick panel.

Test the installation

To test your installation, insert the key to the ignition and turn on the engine. If you installed everything well, the dashcam should turn on and start recording. Now you can reinstall the interior panels that were put aside to allow the power cable installation

The product specification

The DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam weighs 10.9 ounces, and it measures 10.2 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches. One polymer batteries power it, and the media playback supports the MP4 format.  The camera’s display is premised on the in-plane (IPS) switching technology. This is a type of LED display panel known to have some of the best color and viewing angles.

Dudubell box package

Warranty and Support

Nothing comforts a buyer like knowing that a guarantee and warranty cover the product they are buying. The DuDuBell, for example, comes with a thirty-day full refund or replacement guarantee and a one-year support warranty. 

Buyer’s Guide:  The Features to check out when looking a good quality dashcam

The market has many different types of dash cams to offer, and these range from those with basic features to the ones with highly advanced. What may dictate your ability to choose and buy one is, first of all, your budget and the features that would meet your purpose.

The following features can serve as useful benchmarks when you are looking for a quality dash cam.

1.Video Quality

Whichever way you look at it, video quality is the most important aspect of a dashcam.  A good dash cam must have proper resolution and excellent video output. A hazy video and muffled audio is not only inadmissible in court but also unacceptable during accident claims. You should just budget well and go for the best.

Ask for dashcams that shoot in HD high definition like the 720p or 1080p, and it would be good to confirm that by reviewing the recorded videos before you buy. If possible, contact a real user and check the footage recorded at night and during the day.

Good dash cam image

Also, review some that were recorded under low and abundant light. This approach gives you a way better assessment of the product than relying on the manufacturer’s word or clips. Manufacturers usually record in ideal conditions to get the buyer’s attention.

The video quality largely depends on the lens, the processor, and the image sensor. Plan to get a camera with a large field of view so that you can capture a wide-angle. Camera lens makes a significant difference, and glass lenses are better than plastic ones.

It would be appropriate to state that the picture quality is truly superb. What’s more, you can consider the dash cam’s HDR feature as the icing on the cake. This is one of the best dash cams reviewed.

2.The Storage Capacity

You need a dash cam with plenty of storage because the device is always recording. An HD device simply translates to more space consumption since the amount of data that it generates consumes a lot of space. The memory cards that are used in dashcam are categorized according to their write speeds to fall into classes 1; 2; 4; 6; and 10

The majority of dudubell manuals for dashcam manufacturers endorse class memory card class 6, but the most recommended is the class the 10 memory card. You would do yourself a disservice to select a lower class memory card because they have a poor video output.

It is equally important to consider the memory card size. Averagely, an HD dash cam can fill an 8GB card in 2-3 hours before starting again. A 16 GB can record for 4-6 hours while a 32 GB runs for 6-12 hours. If you have a 128 GB, its even much better because you have a whole 20 – 40 hours to record. So, go for a 32 GB memory card or more.

3. Consider the size of the dashcam

The size of your dashcam is also something to consider because a smaller device doesn’t take up too much space on the dashboard. Also, it doesn’t attract too much attention. However, some cameras in that size may not have some features.

Naturally, anyone will prefer a discreet device, but some of these come with fewer features and lower storage. For example, it may not have a screen playback and other modern features like the motion sensors GPS, etc.

Currently, though, the market has discreet cameras with plenty of storage and decent features. They are small-sized, black, and almost unnoticeable.

Reliability is something you must also check out. Owing to the auto start and auto shut off feature, sometimes you may not be aware of when your device is recording and when it is not. Such a function must be demonstrated to assure you that you will not be missing crucial footage due to the gadget’s unreliability.

The dashcam is fitted on the existing mirror, and this will minimizes distraction. With a first experience with of the back camera, as it works well you will love the experience. It records the video loops automatically, and you will be am delighted with the video quality. We recommend this product. from customers user experince

4. What mounting options does it have, and is it easy to install ?

Dash cameras are made in varying sizes and different mounting options. There are those which are suitable for the windshield while others are more comfortable in the rearview mirror.

It is wise to settle for an option that doesn’t interfere with the driver’s view or take up lots of space on the dashboard. Some are mounted using suction cups while others use a semi-permanent adhesive mount or rubber hooks like the Dudubell 10 mirror dashcam

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Before you buy a dashcam, first of all, assess, you’re your vehicle and see which mounting method works best for you. Those cameras that leverage the suction cup can be relocated or repositioned when necessary.

And although it is bulkier than the adhesive mount, it offers you a greater sense of flexibility. In many aspects, the adhesive mounts present as a better option, but unlike the suction cup, it cannot be repositioned or removed from the mount.

It’s easy to use & install and it has a lot of options. Its design, as well as the picture quality, is excellent, and the touch screen interface is straightforward to use. You will like the fact that you can switch between the front and rear camera views by just swiping horizontally on the mirror and adjusting the upward/downward view by swiping vertically.

5. Is it a Single channel or Dual Channel?

This is another crucial decision that you have to make before paying for a dashcam, but where is the difference? Well, a single-channel dash cam can only record what is happening ahead while the dual dash cam record both sides, i.e., inside and in front of the car. 

The second lens on the dual dash cam can be positioned anywhere within the vehicle to record the action therein. However, some new dual-lens dash cams have both lenses built in one device. In such a case, one lens faces to the front while the other one faces inside the car.

6. The G-sensor

The gravity sensor or G-sensor is a very significant feature on a dashcam because it activates immediately your car is involved in a crash. The video recording is protected and cannot be deleted or overwritten. This feature protects the car from car park theft and vandalism.

7. Global Positioning System or GPS

Most modern dashcams have great features like the Global positioning system and speed alerts. This function adds speed and location details to your recording. You will also get the exact time and date of the clip, which is very useful when given as evidence. What’s more, some dash cams are featured with a turn-by-turn direction prompt to your destination. 

8. Heat Tolerance

You need a dashcam that is made to withstand heat because if it is mounted on the windshield, it will remain in the sun’s heat all the time. Such exposure can potentially lead to electronic deterioration or malfunction.

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Therefore you need a device that can withstand higher temperatures. Most lowly priced cams are not well heat resistant. Inquire a little more about this before paying for it.

9. Motion Detector

This function is useful, especially in the parking bay. It enables the camera to turn on immediately impact is detected, and if you have Wi-Fi connectivity, it may send you an alert. This way, you can monitor the incident in real-time.

10. Night Vision

This is very important because you need a clear record of the license plates at night. Before buying, let the seller assure you of the dash cam’s low light capability and if it has low light sensors. If you drive a lot at night, then this feature is a must-have. In that case, an HDR camera is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I install this Dudu bell dashcam by myself?

Answer:    The DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam, SONY IMX323 Dual Dash Cam (1080P + 1080P) is very easy to fix in your car. You only need to use some two straps to hook it on to your rearview mirror and then follow the manual guide to fix the cables.

Can this dudubell dashcam be hardwired?

Answer: Yes, it can be hardwired. However, if it is plugged for extended periods when the vehicle is not running, the battery may suffer damages. Hardwiring works well when the car is in active use.

What is the maximum capacity supported of SD memory card

Answer: The SD card supports a max of 256 GB class 10

Can I use both dudubell cameras at the same time?

Answer:  Yes, you can, but it depends on how well you connect the electric cable. If you just connect to the reverse light, you only can use the rear camera when you reverse.

Can the Dudubell mirror show both front and rear images at the same time? i.e., half screen

Answer:  Yes, it shows the front camera in the wider part of the mirror and the rear camera in a box to the side of the mirror.

How long is the cable to the dududbell camera?

Answer: Cant give the exact measurement but there is plenty of cable for both front and rear cameras.

Technology evolves fast, meaning that manufactures have to keep improving on their products to remain relevant. However, for all Dudubell mirror dash cam instructions, be sure to get your  Dudubell dash cam manual and read it carefully.

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