Best Dual Monitor Mount Reviewed for 2021

The bad news is that the wall mount that came with the monitor is not that durable. The good news is that you can get a better wall mount. All you require is a checklist and a few names and you will be good to go.

This review is set to get you rolling with the best dual monitor wall mounts for 2021 so that you can keep not worrying about everything else.

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Advantages Of Using A Mount Bracket

Mount monitor save space and place looking organized

Wall mounting ensures that you have more room that you can put into good use. You also look organized having gotten rid of any unnecessary clutter. You will also be free of cords and wires hanging all around.

Best Dual Computer Wall Mount
Dual Computer wall Mounts

Your monitor is kept safe

If you work at home then dual, monitor wall mounts are essential. This is because children have this strange fascination with electronics and no matter what you do, they will always try to touch what they are not supposed to. This is also true when it comes to pets. Mounting your monitor on the wall ensures that this work equipment is kept out of reach.

Mount monitor help prevent eyestrain

You must take into consideration several things:

1. The eye-level

2. Viewing angle

3. Recline angle

When a monitor is fitted at an optimum height, you will help minimize the strain on your neck and eyes especially if you work long hours.

We can summarize all these benefits and more in the stats below:

The 5 benefits of using dual monitors

1. It increases your productivity by 10%

2. Your susceptibility to making errors is reduced by 33%

3. Your comfort is increased by 17%

4. Your focus scale is likely to increase by 38%

5. Task tracking improves by 45%

Best Dual Monitor Mounts

1. HUANUO HNWDS1 Dual Monitor Wall Mount

HUANUO HNWDS1 Dual monitor wall mount is all about upgrading your work style. It offers maximum desktop space, giving you more desk space to efficiently carry out your tasks. It comes with two arm monitors which firmly provide an efficient grip of your monitor to the wall. You will now be able to free up valuable space in your work station thanks to this kind of monitor.

Dual Monitor Wall Mount - Gas Spring Wall-Mounted Stand
Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Another key feature is its flexibility. The arms can be comfortably adjusted to either increase or reduce tension. Not forgetting its ability to rotate the screen on 360 degrees angle. This enables you to display the monitor either vertically or horizontally, or just have fun rotating the screen like a steering wheel. The screen can also be tilted by up to 45 degrees.


It is easy to install the monitor to the arm

It comes with integrated cable management that allows you to keep your wires neat and organized.

It comes with all the hardware and necessary tools, including the installation manual.

It can be installed in any wall type, including brick, cement or wood.


Screws are not magnetic

Top of the wall plate is not flat.

2. Universal Gas Spring Dual Monitor Wall Mount

This dual monitor wall mount supports two monitors which are between 17 inches and 32 inches. It comes with a gas spring which provides a light-touch adjustment of viewing height. The gas spring will promote the easy movement of your monitors. Your monitors will be securely held and you will have a more comfortable viewing angle with the slightest of touch.

Universal Gas Spring Dual Monitor Wall Mount Two Gas-Spring Jointed Arms
Universal Gas Spring Dual Monitor Wall Mount

When you are looking for flexibility, reach and overall performance, the Manhattan Universal Gas Spring Dual Monitor will definitely sort you out. It will maximize and improve your productivity.

Manhattan has been in the market for more than 25 years. And with each year, it keeps introducing exciting products like the Monitor Wall Mount.


Easy to mount

Comes with built-in tension adjustment


Monitor bangs on the table

Decorative caps for the cables are not very strong.

3. Articulating Adjustable Gas Spring Single Arm Stand Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

This is a single monitor stand which provides secure mount to your monitor. It has an extension kit that can fit monitors with screen size between 17 inches and 32 inches. It also supports weight of up to 17.6 lbs.  This monitor wall mount bracket comes gas springs which adjusts the weight of the monitor, creating a suspended free float effect. You can thus adjust your monitor height smoothly.

Monitor Wall Mount Bracket–Articulating Adjustable Gas Spring Single Arm Stand
Gas Spring Single Arm Stand Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

The adjustable arm offers up to 35 degrees tilt, 180 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotation. And of course, it helps reduce the neck, shoulder and back pain. You will therefore have a more comfortable, productive work environment while saving more and more of your work space.

The wall mount bracket is made of high intensity aviation grade aluminium material. The upper pivot has a tension bolt which keeps the monitor from dropping down under its own weight. It is quite stable and flexible.


Comes in sturdy, easy to open packages

Easy to mount on the wall.

Provides full range of motion and holds your monitor firmly in place.

Heavy duty and stays put in whatever position you put it in.


The lag screws and flat washers that hold the monitor to the wall are not of the same colour as the wall plate mount.

Bolts look smaller and are not longer.

4. Best Cable Management Monitor Wall Mount-AVLT

This dual desktop monitor mount fits most of the curved or flat computer monitors. And it can support monitors which are between 13 inches and 32 inches. The monitors can weigh up to 17.6 lb each. As you lift your monitors in the air with this wall mount, you are able to regain more and more of your workspace. The good aspect of this mount is it can be used on any type of wall such as the brick wall, cement all, and the wood wall.

Monitor Wall Mount fits Two Flat Curved Computer Monitor Full Motion
Monitor Wall Mount-AVLT

As with many other wall mounts, the AVLT Dual also comes with gas spring monitor arm which assists with arm adjustment of up to 11 inches. This allows you to adjust the monitor to adapt to your posture. You can extend the arm, tilt your screen, swivel or rotate your screen to either landscape or portrait. This will improve your working posture, increase your workspace, leaving you as productive as possible.

The VESA Mounting holes require that your monitor must have 75×75 or 100x100mm VESA pattern. The AVLT monitor mount is made of high-quality aluminium, heavy-duty steel, and durable gas spring system that prevents wobbling or sagging and holds your monitors securely. The neat environment with a classy appearance adds a modern look to any office. It also has a versatile setting and adjustment.


Effortless assembly. No sweat. No hustle.

Extra flexibility as you can adjust your monitor through the touch of your finger.

Good cable management as you can conceal the cables out of sight.

Decreases muscle strain

Shorter gas spring arm that fits narrow spaces and provides more flexibility.


Doesn’t work with a Mac

The piece that mounts to the back of the monitor is very loose when connected to the arm.

5. Wall Mount Dual Monitor Arm

The VESA wall mount supports 2 displays of up to 24 inches that weigh up to 5 Kilograms each. This dual monitor wall mount will enable you to save space, especially when you don’t have a mounting surface or enough counter area. It also has cable management clips along the crossbar to help you to secure and organize your cables.

Articulating Ergonomic VESA Wall Mount Dual Monitor Arm
Articulating Ergonomic VESA Wall Mount

This wall mount is ideal if you are looking to setting up two monitors in your business, office or commercial environment. As the two monitors will be mounted on a single arm, they can stay aligned as you move them in perfect unison. The mounting arm allows you to extend your monitor up to 23 inches from the wall. The arm is also designed in such a way that it can fold back in allowing your monitors to be tacked at 6.5 inches from the wall while not in use.

It is flexible enough to allow you to adjust your screens for optimal viewing. You can swivel the monitors up to 180 degrees or rotate them up to 360 degrees to change the viewing to either portrait or landscape. Wall Mount is made of a heavy duty steel, to securely support both of your two monitors.


Quality product with great workmanship.

Very flexible.

Compatible with different types of walls i.e. brick, cement and wood.

6. Mount-It! Dual Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount

This wall mount will help clear your desk space and improve your posture, thus making you become more productive. It is also universal and can fit most computer monitors in the market which have VESA patterns of 75×75 and 100×100. All monitors which are up to 30 inches and weigh no more than 44 lbs can comfortably fit into this wall 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00DQ3EGSK

Mount-It! Dual Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount
Mount It

The Mount-It! Dual Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount is very flexible. You can adjust the arms for optimal monitor placement. Each arm can be swivelled 180 to 360 degrees. You can also tilt them up or down to a maximum of 105 degrees to reduce glare, not forgetting its ability to rotate up to 360 degrees for landscape or portrait positioning.

After you have purchased it, this monitor wall mount will come with all the necessary hardware installation instructions on how to securely mount your screen. It also has a cable management system that will enable you keep all your cables neatly intact. It simply offers supreme ergonomic comfort and is easy to install and dis-install.

This wall mount is a perfect solution for your LCD monitors. It is so flexible and manoeuvrable that it can suit any viewing angle. It offers durability and strength.


Swift and easy movements and adjustments.

Neat and efficient cable management

Offers supreme ergonomic comfort.

Easy to install and dis-install.


The user manual is not completely helpful.

Difficult to make the two monitors touch without swinging them fairly.

More Review of 11 Best Dual Desk Monitor Mounts

1. EZM Deluxe Dual Monitor Mount Holds most 2 monitors including curved widescreens up to 28″ with VESA.

The EZM Deluxe dual monitor mount is a freestanding, ergonomic, top-rated unit. Adding this to your working place only enhances your productivity. You can actually use several programs simultaneously. You will be able to enhance your comfort by repositioning your monitors for that optimum viewing. This is made possible by the manufacturer’s efforts to enhance flexibility. If you have limited space then this is the perfect solution and it allows you to get rid of any desktop clutter.

EZM Deluxe Dual Monitor Mount Stand Free Standing with Grommet Mount Option up to 28
EZM Deluxe Dual Monitor Mount

This mount has the ability to support different types of widescreen displays of up to 2, 28 side by side. It comes with quick-release brackets for the purposes of easy installation. If you need to adjust the viewing height, all you need to do is move the arms along the pole and you can also adjust the height of each monitor individually.

This unit comes with a great 360-degree movement.  It can, therefore, accommodate landscape and portrait modes. The package comes with everything that you need for a simple and successful installation.

You should first check if the mounting surface is strong enough to support the weight of the stand and the monitors.


Supports most widescreen displays


VESA 75 ×75mm or 100 ×100 mm compatible

Can accommodate landscape and portrait modes


The stand is not suitable for aligning up

2. Planar 997-5253-00 AS2 Black Dual Monitor Stand

The Planar 997-5253-00 AS2 Black Dual Monitor Stand works with monitor displays that range from 15 to 24 in terms of size and weight does not exceed 26 lbs per screen. Comfort is very possible as you can swivel, rotate, tilt and adjust the screen according to what meets your optimized viewing standards.

best Planar Black Dual Monitor Stand
Planar Black Dual Monitor Stand

This model comes with an in build cable organizer to ensure that you minimize clutter and have a neat working surface.  Working with this stand makes it easy to toggle between applications. The display setup is nothing short of seamless.


Supports two displays

Flexible enough to bend and tilt

Can be rotated at 90 degrees for landscape or portrait mode

Adjustable height of up to 335 mm

Meets VESA Hole pitch requirements


This product has a high rating and not much is said about it in bad light.

3. Dual Ergonomic Monitor Stand Up Desk Riser Adjustable Standing Workstation Desk Converter

The Dual Ergonomic Monitor Stand Up Desk Riser Adjustable Standing Workstation Desk Converter is what you may call the total package. Thanks to the adjustable height feature, you can actually separately adjust the monitor and the work surface vertically. This will be a smooth transition since the entire process is based on gas spring technology. The angles too can be adjusted. This is a dual VESA monitor mount that can comfortably support two monitors of up to 22”. If it is a single monitor then it should not be more than 24”. The screens can be tilted and the 360-degree swivel ensures that you get optimum viewing.

Dual Ergonomic Monitor Stand Up Desk Riser Adjustable Standing Workstation Desk Converter
Dual Ergonomic Monitor Stand

Your workspace should always look neat and organized and the makers of this model ensured that they provided cable management. There are cable clips to deal with wires and a storage tray and cup tray to ensure that your table is always clear.  There are two types of fasteners. One is for tightening and the other requires a nut and a bolt

This unit is easy to install and there is no clamping or drilling that is required. It is also a mount that comes on a desk and therefore takes care of your health. It helps alleviate the conditions that are propagated by sitting down for long. It is effective and efficient.


VESA compliant

Adjustable height

Cable management

Freestanding design


There are complaints about the mount not working with 32” monitors but the size has been indicated that it cannot work anything above 24” hence the need for customers to always read reviews such as this before making a purchase.

4. DM2000 Dual Monitor Desktop Mount Swivels, Rotates, and tilts Fully adjustable and easy to position,

The DM2000 desktop monitor mount supports two monitors of sizes 13” to 27”. It is a VESA compliant model that comes with articulating arms an adjustable height. This model is made of durable aluminum and can support 19.8 pounds per arm thanks to its durable construction.

DM2000 Dual Monitor Desktop Mount by Kanto
Kanto DM2000 Dual Monitor Desktop Moun

You can swivel it, tilt it and rotate it thanks to its fully adjustable nature. The articulating arms can swivel 90 degrees in either direction while you can tilt the screen 65 degrees forward and 90 degrees backward. The mounting heads are there to give you a 360-degree horizontal and vertical orientation.

If you require more space then you can simply push the screen backwards on the wall. The mount comes with cable management to ensure that you have a tidy working space. It is easy to install thanks to its easy to use clamping system.


Easy installation

Full range of motion

Adjustable height

Cable management


None has been stated yet.

5. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand The dual monitor stand provides high stability adjustment and 360° rotation angle adjustment.

If you want less back and neck pain then the EleTab desk monitor mount has been designed with you in mind. It will lift the monitors to an optimum viewing height so that you do not only save space but also your health. Its arms have a long reach and the height can be adjusted to provide you with smooth and easy viewing. If you need to share screens with someone else or coworkers then simply, lift the monitor.

EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand - Height Adjustable Desk Monitor Mount Fits for 2 Computer Screens 17 to 32 inches - Each Arm Holds up to 17.6 lbs
EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Nowadays, cable management is a necessity and this mount is not left out. Cable management does not only result in neatness and organization but it also enhances free movement of wires when screen positions are being changed.

The mounting process has been made simple with the provision of VESA detachable plates plus a step-by-step manual, tools, and hardware that the manufacturer has provided. Furthermore, the stand is also loaded with removable cables stands that ensure a clutter-free desktop and workspace. Nevertheless, 360-degrees rotation promotes hassle-free working practice all the time.


Ergonomic screen positioning

Cable management

Detachable VESA plates

Strong and durable construction

Perfect for both LED and LCD monitors

Saves a lot of space of desk


The manual instructions might prove difficult for some people

6. Loctek D7D Dual Monitor Mount LCD Arm for 10-27 inches Computer Screen Heavy Duty.

The Loctek monitor mount is one that offers you smooth and flexible movements where you can tilt, swivel and rotate your monitor as you wish. The movements do not require much effort as a light touch is enough. This model has a wide range of compatibility and can work with almost every brand of monitors, for instance, Acer, LG, Dell, Asus, and Samsung among many others. The best part is that it can support up to 22 lbs of weight on each arm so for those who always complain about their mount not being able to take heavier load capacities, here is one that can.

Loctek D7D Dual Monitor Mount LCD Arm for 10-27 inches Computer Screen Heavy Duty Swivel Desk Mounts Height Adjustable Gas Spring
Loctek monitor mount

The Loctek monitor mount enhances your freedom by allowing you to place your monitors side by side, back-to-back or apart. If you want to view something long without scrolling, for instance, code then you can go on portrait mode.

This model comes with spacious cable management channels so that your wires can move freely when you are adjusting screen positions. Add some installation flexibility from the manufacturer and you are good to go.


Flexible and smooth movements

Spacious cable management

Wide compatibility

Multiple configurations

Installation flexibility


Height adjustment does not work

7. QualGear Qg-Dm-02-016 3 Way Articulating Dual Desk Mount

A 3-way articulating dual desk mount that is the QualGear Qg-Dm-02-016. If you have a monitor that is between 13 to 27 inches then this could be the mount for you. It is able to comfortably support two flat panel displays weighing up to 17.6 lbs each.

QualGear QG-DM-02-22 13-27" 3-Way Articulating Dual Monitor Desk Mount.
QualGear Qg-Dm-02-016

This mount features a full-motion structure so as to offer you the greatest flexibility. You can tilt, swivel and extend the monitor up to 90 degrees to the right or to the left for optimum viewing. This viewing is advanced further by the ball joint structure to enhance smooth and effortless movement in any direction.

The manufacturer has provided cable clips for easy organization of the cables. The mounting holes are VESA compliant, which ranges from 75×75 to 100×100. The maxim weight supported is 17.6 lbs and these must be flat-paneled monitors. The 360-degree rotation will allow you to get the best of portrait and landscape viewing. The flat die aluminum casting on the arms is simply there to add a touch of elegance.


Height adjustment

360 rotation

Different viewing angles

Different configurations

VESA compliant

Cable clip for organized protection.


Poor customer service from the manufacturer

8. NB North Bayou Ergonomics Interactive Dual Desk Monitor Mount

The NB North Bayou is a great asset for those who have huge displays that are between 24 to 32 inches. It is an ergonomic and interactive desk that allows you to deliver productively and have fun later especially for gamers.

NB North Bayou Ergonomics Interactive Dual Desk Monitor Mount Fits 22"-27" Double Screens with Load 13.2 to 26.4 lbs(Black)
NB North Bayou Ergonomics Interactive

Your eyes will not have a hard time thanks to the die-casted aluminum alloy that has been built in with a gas strut cylinder. This does not only work for your eyes but back and neck posture will not suffer from being strained. You can reposition the monitors accordingly with just a touch. The maximum load here is 33 lbs.

The friction pivot design and positioning handle allow you to swivel, uplift, extend and retract the monitors as you wish but not beyond 795 mm. You will have extra desk space thanks to the slim A-shape design. The F32 can be installed using C clamps or the desk grommet opening. This mount comes highly recommended for small spaces because it clears your desktop space. It features a benefit since it has USB hubs at the base.


360-degree rotation for convenient viewing

VESA compliant

Gas strut cylinder

Great for wide displays


This mount has zero negative views.

9. FEZIBO Dual Monitor Mount Stand Mounting with heavy duty C-Clamp or Grommet Mount makes your screen base out of the desk.

When you need a good quality dual monitor for your workstation then FEZIBO Dual Monitor Mount Stand should be suitable for you. It’s a product that makes use of gas shock to ensure that you adjust the monitors to your ideal angle. The gas springs are well designed to ensure that they move to your desired position.

FEZIBO Dual Monitor Mount Stand - FEZIBO Height Adjustable Mount with Gas Spring for 2 Screens from 17 to 32 inches LCD Computer Screens, Each Arm Holds up to 17.6 lbs
FEZIBO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

You can adjust the arms using the 360 swivel and tilt the monitor at 90 degrees. The ergonomic monitor viewing of 23.8 inches maximum helps reduce strain on the eye, back, and neck. For unparalleled ergonomics, users can rotate the screen ±180°, swivel ±90°, Tilt ±35° and adjust the height up to 17.7 inches. 

This mount has a VESA mounting pattern and is compatible with several 17 to 32-inch monitors. Each arm can carry 19.8 lbs.

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 You have two installation options. You can make use of the C clamp or make use of the grommet mounting kit.

The kind of warranty that the manufacturers of FEZIBO are offering is one that definitely shouts that satisfaction is guaranteed. Their warranty period is three years.


Fully adjustable arm

Height adjustment

Super compatibility

Two mount options

3 year warranty period


There have been complaints about the screws not going in during installation

10. AVLT-Power Dual 32″ Monitor Vertical Stack Desk Stand – Mount Two 17.6 lbs

This monitor Desk Stand is a universal fit mount that is VESA compatible and great for monitors that do not exceed 32 inches and are about 17.6 lbs in weight. With its two independent arms, this mount offers maximum flexibility to meet various needs, such as back to back, both portrait, side by side, landscape and portrait, and top and bottom. If the monitor arm is drooping, turn the gas shock counter-clockwise and the tension will increase.

AVLT-Power Dual 32" Monitor Long Pole Desk Stand - Mount Two
AVLT-Power Dual 32″ Monitor Desk Stand

This model has plenty to offer such as a detachable VESA plate and full-motion adjustable arms. After installation, it free up your desk surface in style and transforms your monitors from static to dynamic that add neatness and urban style in your office/room.

All these ensure that your work experience is not accompanied by strain also save at least 30% of your workstation. The setup offers incredible cable management clips that hide your messy AV cords and other cables to give you a clean glossy desktop

The best part of this mount is that it is simple to assemble since it comes with all installation kits and instructions required. There is also a three-year warranty.


Universal fit monitor mount

3-year warranty

Simple assembly


Laptop arm design can prove to be too long

11. Mount-It! Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand 2 Heavy Duty Full Motion Adjustable Arms VESA Compatible

Mount it is known for offering professional display mount workstation.  This Dual Monitor Stand   will help can support two monitors of 19 to 27 inches comfortably so long as each arm will be carrying a maximum of 22 pounds each. This is a VESA compliant model therefore it makes use of the 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA square bolt hole pattern.

Talk about full-motion, adjustable height, sturdy arms made of heavy-duty steel and cable management clips.

Mount-It! Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand
Mount-It! Free Standing

Can be adjusted up to 16 and has a tilt of +/- 15 degrees and swivel left to right at 360 degrees. The screens can be rotated in portrait or landscape mode. At the time of installation, it is recommended to follow the user manual that comes with the system for better services and durability it will help you set the right gas spring adjustment in line with the weight of your monitor.

Once installed you will see how it clears up a lot of desk space, and improve your posture and productivity that you will never regret. This is an easy to install mount and comes with a warranty of five years.


Freestanding dual monitor stand

Fully adjustable

Easy installation

5-year warranty


Larger screens tend to sag

Buying The Right Dual Monitor Mount

Whether you are buying a wall mount for purposes of style or saving space, wall mounts will always boost your productivity. It should, however, be noted that finding the right mount that meets your individual needs can at times be a daunting task. That is why in this review, we take a look at some of the very basic requirements that every dual wall mount should meet.

Is your monitor wall mount ready

Do not just buy a wall mount to fix. You should ensure that your monitor is wall mount worthy. Not all monitors are compatible with third-party mounts. If the manufacturer was mean, it means that you can only work with custom-made mounts from the same manufacturer. You can figure this out by reading all the specifications on the monitor.

Type of wall bracket

There are three types of wall brackets to choose from.

Fixed-monitor mount

As the name suggests, this mount has no other scope features. You cannot adjust the viewing angle. It has a flat profile. This is usually a budget option and is easy to install. If you opt for this type of mount then you should ensure there is enough space behind the monitor to accommodate the cables running behind it. You should also ensure that you position the monitor carefully at an optimal viewing height.

Dual Computer Wall Mount stand.
Dual Computer Wall Mount.

Tilting wall mount

With a tilting wall mount, you can adjust the viewing angle vertically. The monitor can, therefore, move up or down depending on the viewing level needed. The tilting angle varies from mount to mount and helps you to minimize the glare and reflection coming through the window. What else is good? The swivel feature limits the number of times you have to put the monitor down in order to replace a faulty cable. This type of mount is also easy to install.

Full-Motion Wall Mounts

These mounts are also known as cantilever and articulating wall mounts. These will give you the greatest flexibility and viewing angles. The mode of movement depends on the model. The higher-end ones come with a retractable arm that can tilt and rotate plus move from left to right. You can also push it back if you need to. This is the best option for a room that has several viewing spots. Being the most versatile also makes it the most expensive.

Viewing distance

 The viewing distance refers to the distance between the wall the spot you will be viewing the monitor from.  A reasonable viewing distance is dependent on the monitor size and you can calculate this distance in two ways:

You can multiply the monitor size by 1.67

You can divide the monitor size by 0.55

The eye-level and viewing angle

You will get this by measuring the distance while seated on the floor. The center of the monitor screen should be in line with your eye. As for the viewing angle, it should not exceed 30 degrees. Also know the limits of the arms of your mount, get to know how far they can stretch, how far upwards can you tilt them how downward can they make your monitor bow.

Size and weight of the monitor

Since you will be dealing with two monitors, you will need one with mount that are flexible enough to bold your monitor, as you need. It is also important to know the dimensions of your screen so that you know the maximum weight the mount can support.

What is your wall made of

Bearing in mind that the mount will have to carry two monitors, you will need a strong wall mount that will work well to keep the holders for the mount better and everything else that is to be added for reinforcement purposes.


You should also get to check if the stand comes with integrated cable management system. This system helps to keep the cables well organized to keep your desk clean and safe. Also, check if the monitor stand use VESA holder to hold the monitor. Before purchasing one, you should check if the VESA matches with your monitor holes.

Ease of installation

You should opt for a dual monitor wall mount that is easy to install. A manufacturer should always give you an organized package to make the process simpler to implement no matter the size of the package. There is need to understand your environment and space requirements for the installation process to go on as expected.

 So how do you know that you can easily install the mount? There is a simple checklist you can use.

1. How many monitors can the mount support

2. What level of adjust-ability is required

3. What amount of space is needed


More people today are making use of dual monitors for various reasons. One of the main ones being the ability to multi-task. Your ideal work-space should be an integration of ergonomics that enhance good health and relaxation such as playing games.

Aside from the aesthetics improvement, you will be able to save precious space on your workstation giving you more room to move around or to place other important supplies. Most likely, you will also have increased productivity because you can work more efficiently with more displays and now you can even position them ergonomically.

It should be noted that finding proper depth and sitting in front of a screen can be a difficult feat to achieve. Overall, we hope that this dual monitor stands will improve user morale at work and give much comfort and convenience as much as possible.

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