What is the real difference between trampolines and rebounders?

So you have heard people talk about trampolines and rebounders and you get mixed up. Which is which? What is the real difference between trampolines and rebounders? The two equipment are closely related and people tend to use both terms interchangeably. 

You will hear someone saying how useful their trampoline has been in their weight loss journey while in real sense they are talking about a rebounder. It’s understandable given that the two belong to one family and the difference mostly lies in their size and purpose. 

For most people, the mention of the word trampoline brings back fun childhood memories. If you had a trampoline in your backyard as a child, then you understand that trampolines are mostly used for recreational activities. A trampoline is big, and, a few feet high from the ground. It also has safety enclosures that protect one from falling outside of the trampoline and getting injured. It’s no wonder that they are quite popular among kids and families with children. They are fun and safer.

trampoline and a rebounder
trampoline and a rebounder

A rebounder, on the other hand, is simply a small trampoline hence the reason it’s also referred to as a mini-trampoline. Its features resemble those of the trampoline but in most cases, it’s bought for the purposes of exercising.

Main differences between a trampoline and a rebounder

For an even better understanding, let us have a look at some key differences between a trampoline and a rebounder.


As we have mentioned above, a trampoline is much bigger as compared to a rebounder. Depending on its size and weight capacity, it can accommodate a few people. A rebounder is built for one person and is thus smaller in size. It can only accommodate one person at a time.


While a rebounder is meant for exercises and fitness, a trampoline is used for fun activities such as family and children games. Even so, you can also use your trampoline for exercises. It’s worth noting that there are some exercises that you can do on a rebounder that are not possible on a trampoline.

Safety features

Unlike a trampoline which has nets for safety purposes, a rebounder lacks this feature. The good thing about a rebounder is that it’s quite low thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Due to their small size, rebounders are portable and you can easily pack them in a bag and move with them from one place to the other. However, trampolines are large and in most cases immobile. 

Indoor use/outdoor use

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Most trampolines are placed outside while mini-trampolines can either be used indoors or outdoors thanks to their small size and portable nature. 

Health benefits of Rebounders

While both can help you stay fit, rebounder health benefits can be achieved more easily. This is because a rebounder is manufactured with health and fitness in mind. They are meant for fitness enthusiasts and help you incorporate various workout regimens such as using dumbbells due to their low elevation.

Should I buy a trampoline or a rebounder?

Now that you have an understanding of what trampolines and rebounders are, your next concern might be which one to buy. If a trampoline, what are best trampolines to buy? And, where do you get new trampolines for sale? What do you consider before deciding whether to get a trampoline or a rebounder? 

Stay calm. Below, we are going to enlist some key things to have in mind when making the decision to either buy a rebounder or a trampoline:

How do you intend to use the device?

Once you are clear about the purpose of buying either the trampoline or the rebounder, everything else will be easy. Are you looking for a fitness or recreational equipment? Also, consider the kind of activities you plan to be performing with the equipment. For instance, if you want a device to play with your family members during leisure time, you are better off buying a trampoline.


How much space do you have? Remember that trampolines are big and need quite some space. If you have no indoor nor outdoor space to place your trampoline, it’s no use buying it. Trampolines vary in size and you can get smaller and medium ones. Just be sure that your space is going to be enough to accommodate what you buy.

Who will be using the equipment?

Consider whether it’s only you or other family member will be interested in using the device. In case nobody fancies trampolines in your family and you want a device to help you in your workouts, go for a rebounder. However, if your kids would love to use it too, get a trampoline so that everyone in the family can have some fun with it. A bonus because the whole family will be happy and fit, assuming they will all love it.

Your budget

The cost of rebounders and trampolines differ based on the quality and brand. Nevertheless, rebounders tend to be cheaper.  You can get a rebounder with as low as $35. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend, you will be able to decide whether to buy a rebounder or a trampoline. 


Both trampolines and rebounders have impressive health benefits. Trampolines have more space and thus allow for more fun and cool activities. The fact that they can accommodate more than one person makes them great for group activities. On the other hand, rebounders will be of great help if all you need is a device to assist you hit your fitness goals. Closely examine their differences and similarities so you can decide which of the two is best for you. 

Consider the above features before making up your mind. If you feel that you might need both of them at some point, you can start with one and the get the other one later. You might, for instance, get a cheaper rebounder for your fitness, then start saving to acquire a trampoline for fun family activities during leisure time. 

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