Devolo Magic 2: Best Home Wi-fi For Powerline Adaptor

What is the magic behind the latest Devolo Magic 2 device? It is currently the world’s fastest adapter made in German advanced technology that easily turns AC power outlets into Wi-Fi access points and a source of data transmission. It has outstanding power line technology to stretch the Wi-Fi signal hence eliminating all dead zones and other Wi-Fi problems. This is possible through transmitting directly via electrical wiring in a building. 

Devolo gives any socket in the building potential access to Wi-Fi just by simply plugging in this stretching the Wi-Fi signal to anywhere in the building with the electric wiring. This makes Devolo Magic 2 good for Internet use without speed limits, buffering, or dropdowns while using the internet.

How does Devolo Magic 2 it work?

Devolo Magic 2 has multi-user MIMO technology meaning multiple end-user terminal devices can be supplied with connectivity simultaneously without loss of internet speed. It consists of two-gigabit ports meaning it can be easily connected to stationary devices too, making it ideal for home office use. It ensures signal transmission is fast distributed throughout the house. The access point is a socket that is turned into a high-performance Wi-Fi access point with speeds of up to 1200 Mbps. 

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This technology is a problem solver. Previously, the Wi-Fi signal could be made weak by ceilings and thick walls but that is no longer the case. With the power line distributed within the house, the wi-fi connection is so reliable, and no more obstacles.

Advantages of the Devolo Magic 2

This device has a great advantage in making use of internet connectivity via Wi-Fi so easily accessed.

The downside of a Devolo Magic that could hinder its effectiveness is factors beyond the manufacturer’s hand i.e. the network conditions, environmental factors, low volume of network traffic, building materials, and construction and network overhead. These minor factors can all result in a lower actual data throughput rate.  

 Features and Components of a Devolo Magic 2

Other features of the device are options for guest Wi-Fi, parent controls, schedule settings, and airtime fairness. Devolo App is readily available on Apple and Android and works well in setting up and customization of your network.

Setting up a Devolo Magic 2 Device

Setting it up is simple as an instructions manual has been provided. Follow the instructions by pushing the right buttons and in order so as to be connected. There are three buttons:

The compatibility of a Devolo Magic device makes using Wi-Fi simpler in these scenarios stated below.

Devolo Magic 2-2400 Wi-Fi
Devolo Magic 2

With speeds of up to 1200mbps, it is very suited for surfing in every room. Stream music, watch videos in HD, gaming online with a tablet or laptop as the internet flows freely to every room, thanks to the mesh network that helps prevent appliances like microwave interference with Wi-Fi signal.

Poor connection quality, slow downloads, teleconferencing hiccups all can compromise your office work. The Devolo Magic 2 solves all this due to its high uninterrupted speeds making office deliverable, easy and efficient.

Magic 2 Wi-Fi can deliver internet anywhere, so long as there is a connection via the wiring. Streaming is easier on your smart Tv so you can catch up on your favorite cinemas.

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi is suitable to use in laptops, smart Tv, mobile phone, printer, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, and network-attached storage. It also supports the following operating systems Windows 7, Ubuntu-Linux 14.04, Mac OS ×10.9.

What could make one’s life easier than fast, reliable, and steady wifi? May it be in use for professional work, home entertainment, or streaming and connecting online in our social media apps, this new innovation assures hustle-free and smooth internet use. 


Devolo Magic 2 device and its advanced technology is a lifesaver. It has gone through high craftsmanship by Devolo, who takes product quality very seriously. Their technology can easily access the Wi-Fi connection in my office upstairs and still continue gaming and entertainment uninterrupted by the signal downstairs. 

It has solved so many dead-end problems at home in busy offices and everywhere else a strong Wi-Fi connection is required. If you have a big house where the router is not able to penetrate through all the rooms, the Devolo Magic 2 is definitely something worth investing in

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