Car Escape Tools Buying Guide

Nobody in this world embarks on a journey and wishes an accident to happen to them. Unfortunately, nature dictates our lives in ways we do not know or understand since we can never foresee the future. Having a car escape tool kit ready and fully equipped is one of the many ways to stay armed in case of danger. With so many car escape tools available in the market, it can be daunting to get the best tool. Hence why we are writing this car escape tools buying guide. 

With the right car escape tools, you easily can break out of the car before the auto rescue solution team or any other help arrives. For example, when a car is on fire or submerged in water. The car escape tools are useful in salvaging the situation at hand and getting to safety. Today we go into detail on how to choose the best car escape tools, equipping you with enough knowledge as you head to the market to make a purchase.

What is a car window breaker?

Before we hit the market let’s identify and discuss in detail what this tool is and its importance. A car window breaker is a common safety device found in vehicles as well as glass buildings. It is used for breaking windows in case of an emergency to evacuate people from the vehicle or the building. It is made of ceramic like the one found in sparkplug or tungsten. They come in two types; a manual one to be used by hand and an automatic one that is spring-loaded. The latter is usually placed on the window, activated via a feature, and automatically breaks the car’s window.

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We could also add here about a seat belt cutter. Most available car window breakers come as one in two tools. They have a seat belt cutter attached to the hammers with sharp blades at the end. Meaning you can break the glass window and cut off a seat belt that had jammed using the same tool. This is such a convenience.

Importance of car window breakers

Saving lives: During emergency cases when accidents happen, they help by breaking car windows to evacuate the car occupants. Firefighters, police officers, medical evacuation teams, and first responders all need this tool in their line of work. These are in cases of car crush accidents or water accidents. It is an effective tool, much better than kicking down windows.

best car escape tools with window breaker and safety belt cutter
Car escape tools

It is a safety precaution:  It helps drivers and car occupants go be prepared in case of accidents. Also in situations, the car locks have jammed and one needs to get out. They are well aware of a tool that can be put to use during the escape. It makes one be emergency prepared.

 Preparedness for severe weather conditions: In countries where the weather is quite harsh and unpredictable like storms, snowstorms, hurricanes, and floods occur often, it gives a driver peace of mind knowing that in such scenarios, they have a tool that can get them away to safety when they need to.

Features of a good car window breaker tool

A car window breaker is among the few important tools used in case of an emergency to break down a window for easy escape. There are different types of glasses used to make car windows. Laminated and tempered glass depend and vary in different car models available in the market. Consider the type of glass in your car model when buying a car window breaker tool. Below we discuss in detail the features to consider while buying the best car escape tools.

Effectiveness: You need a tool that is efficient in use. That will work immediately it is put into use. It should be fast and easy to use as this is an emergency case and speed and response should be fast. This avoids time wastage to save lives and reduce more chances of injury.

Accessibility: The car escape tools should be easily accessible. They should be within reach, stored either on the dashboard glove compartment or the car door compartment.  They should be easy to identify and should thus come in a color that is bright enough to perceive immediately.

User friendly: Are the car escape tools easy to assemble? This should be an outright yes. You do not need a car escape tool that is complicated and difficult to assemble, as time is a major factor here.

Design: A car window breaker should be in a design that is light in weight for ease of use. Keeping in mind in case of an accident one is weak and disoriented; they require a tool that does not drain further the little energy left.

Durability: Depending on the material used to make the car window breaker, they should be made of long-lasting material. Stainless steel is highly recommended, as it’s a strong material in comparison to other plastic that can break easily from impact.

Make of glass window: Nowadays we have laminated glass and tempered glass. Depending on your car model, consider it while buying the car window breaker for total efficiency.

Additional features: A car window breaker that has additional features is always a plus and offers you value for your money. These could be a knife, alarms, flashlight, and a mounting system. All these add on to your safety kit especially in situations that are completely out of hand.

When a car breaks or stalls on the road in case of accidents or engine break down, we reach out to the auto rescue solution team. They are always on speed dial in case of any emergency on the road. Fortunately, if you find yourself trapped inside the car but equipped with car escape tools, you will easily get out even before the auto rescue solution team arrives. If the seat belt is jammed, you can easily use a seat belt cutter to free yourself. A window breaker comes in handy in case you are locked in the car too, freeing yourself to safety.

Two in one car escape tool (seatbelt cutter and window breaker)

It is a tool that comes as a combo. A two in one, one side is the hammer made of carbon steel and hard plastic quite steady for breaking the window. At the same time, the heavy hammer has sharp blades for cutting through the safety belt. This makes it a seat belt cutter. Therefore, instead of buying a seatbelt cutter then a window breaker, you can just have one tool do both jobs.

These are must-have tools on the road for every driver. Owning a car means, you are always prepared for days that you may face your worst-case scenarios on the road. These two tools should be within reach on such days. 

They are basic emergency tools for your car. The same way we always have our mechanic on speed dial or spare tire in case one is deflated.

Many drivers want to hit the road knowing they are prepared for what lies ahead. This includes having a safety kit for easy car escape in case anything happens on the road. Preparedness means peace of mind when on the road.

Factors to consider when buying a seat belt cutter and window breaker

Easy to use: It should be very easy to use. Emergencies require fast response; there is no time for reading instructions or overthinking. The easier to use and apply where needed the better.

 Size: This is to ensure easy handling of the tool giving a good grip as one tries to cut through a seat belt or break a window. Bulk and heavy tools will be too cumbersome to handle. Some come in perfect sizes that can easily fit in your pocket.

Material: Always go for a material that is durable and functional. Some manufacturers have taken the effort to make the seat belt cutter in reflective material. Making it easy to locate especially at night, is a great advantage.

Cost: The wise say cheap is expensive. Do a great deal of due diligence on the tool which will offer you great value for your money. I would rather you spend a fortune to acquire a tool that will serve your emergency needs best.

Additional features: Always go the extra mile to get a tool that is a bit advanced with extra features, ensuring it’s easy to use and efficient. It could be a glass breaker with a mounting system meaning the breaking hammers will work efficiently and in seconds, the glass is shattered.


Better safe than sorry and your safety comes first before anything else. The same way you window-shop for the best car insurance cover is the same energy that you should apply when investing in the best car escape tools in the market. 

Take all the considerations discussed above in order to get the best value for your money and go home with tools that will guarantee you safety and peace of mind. All the best as your search for a car escape tool that will suit your needs.

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