Here are the 20 Best Workout Apps For Stay at Home Fitness

Home workout apps could be the missing link between you and your fitness goals when you are unable to go to the gym. The best thing about these apps is that most of them have step-by-step instructions to help you work out wherever you are.

All you need is the right gear and one of our best fitness trackers and you will be good to go. But, there is a problem, how do you tell what is the best at home workout app? After all, both App Store and Google Play Store are loaded with apps that pledge to help you achieve your flexibility and fitness goals at home.

The best app for workout is one that offers clear guidance in audio or video form (or both), and with real coaches that offer encouragement as you progress. It also offers a variety of workout ideas to keep you interested, and also lets you monitor your progress and create custom plans.

best workout for weight loss

This guide looks at some of the best workout apps for weight loss that help you perform exercises at home, though many of them still offer support, guidance and ideas for working out at the gym or outdoors. We have also included both free and paid versions so that we can have something for everyone. Take a look!

RockMyRun App-Smartphone app that provides the best running and workout music.

Get motivated to work out more with great workout music on RockMyRun. This workout app comes with the industry’s best DJs that craft playlists and mixes that respond to your body movement. Choose from oldies, hip-hop, dubstep, country, and many other genres, then personalize your playlist via desired beats per minute, explicit lyrics, or clean.

work out more with great workout music on RockMyRun.

RockMyRun has been featured in Wall Street Journal, La Times, New York Times, Glamour, and the Today Show as one of the best music workout app.

Here are some of the reasons why you should download this app:

Music is created in Beats Per Minute (BPM), which is a Body-Driven Music Technology that automatically fine-tunes music to match your heart rate or steps. Don’t like your BPM? No worries as you can manually manipulate your music to equal your ideal BPM.

DJ-CURATED music to give you non-stop energy during your exercise

RUN TRACKING allows you to track your pace and distance while rocking out to your favorite music, all in one app

You get personalized station recommendations that are continually updated according to your listening preferences

RockMyRun has been tested and confirmed by EPARC (a major exercise research lab) to increase enjoyment and motivation by up to 35% compared to standard workout playlists

A HUGE DISCOVERY OPTIONS lets you discover latest music based on BPM, genre, activity, length, and mood. There are stations for Pop, Rap, Rock, EDM, Hip-hop, Drum & Bass, House, Oldies, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Christian, Reggae, R&B, Latin, Country, Classical, Seasonal, Alternate, and more.

RockMyRun works seamlessly with your favorite apps including running apps and tracking applications such as Strava, Runkeeper, Nike+, Runtastic Endomondo, MapMyFitness, and more.

RockMyRun on phone display

It is not just for running: you can use it as a playlist at the bootcamp, while on an elliptical or treadmill, on a crossfit, during a run, while cycling, and while in marathon training.

It is different from other standard music apps because all songs are uniquely selected and seamlessly mixed to create a special workout music experience that is not found in other apps.

How RockMyRun App Works

Upon registration, you are given a free trial that allows you access to all outstanding features and content. At the end of your trial period, your access is limited, but you are given the option of upgrading to ROCKSTAR premium which allows you access to unlimited and uninterrupted workout music.

Read More Here: RockMyRun – Workout Music

Charity Miles App-Fitness apps That Pay.

For those looking for free workout apps, Charity Miles is worth trying. This app not only helps you get fit, but also make an impact in the community. Simply launch the app, choose a charity to support and get moving.

Available for Android and iOS users, Charity Miles app tracks your movement, and in the process helps earn money for your preferred charity for every mile that you walk, run, or ride your bicycle. No need to solicit for donations at all!

How Charity Miles App Works

As the end-user of the Charity Miles app, you don’t have to execute anything else other than downloading the app. The organization handles all that.

Cycling will earn 10 cents per mile, while walking and running will earn 25 cents per mile. 

Read More Here: Charity Miles App.


Easy sign up

Subtle corporate sponsorships

Donates money to charities on your behalf


Most users complain of poor app performance

No integration to watches (iwatch, Fitbit, Garmin)

Glo App-For the best online yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes.

For the yoga and meditation lovers, this is your app. Glo is an online yoga, meditation, and pilates app with the world’s finest teachers to help you work out on the go or at home. With classes for every level, and need, this app allows you to customize a practice that’s solely yours.

Formerly known as Yoga Glo, this app offers over 4,000 classes, guided by about 50 different teachers. All you need is to sign up and the app will suggest classes for you to try.

Glo App For Yoga lovers

You also have the option of searching for what you want by using easy-to-use tools such as required props, level, body part, duration, and more. Also, you have the option to create a library with your favorites.

Find your favorites, saved, collections, and scheduled classes that you have created or saved; teachers you follow, programs you’ve joined—all organized and in one place.

The best part of using this app is that you can download your sessions to perform later, and that it is available on any device.  You also get to connect with the Glo Community—an intimate, non-judgmental group of real people having real conversations about well-being and health.

How Glo App Works

Downloading the Glo app is absolutely free. There is a trial period after which you will be required to subscribe for $22.99 USD/month through your iTunes account to continue using the app.

Your subscription auto-renews every month as long as you’ve paid, so there is no interruption in your practice. You can edit or cancel your subscription through your App Store & iTunes account settings.

See More Here: Glo App.


You get personalized class suggestions

Easy-to-use search tools

You are guided by the best teachers in the world

You can create a library with your favorites

You can download your classes for later use/ offline use


Some users had a problem with Glo’s latest version; that it’s user unfriendly

Aaptiv App-For Audio-Based Fitness Workouts.

Aaptiv is among the best fitness app for apple watch. This app also runs on Android and iPhone. Unlike other home workout apps that use videos to demonstrate the exercises to you, Aaptiv talks you through the session, so you don’t have to stop mid-session to buttress your phone or tablet. It also features licensed music, so there won’t be need for a different app for setting up a playlist.

Aaptiv gives you over 3,000 voice-guided workouts, so there is no getting bored here. There are also group challenges to always keep you on toes. Workouts are broken down into categories including yoga, strength training, outdoor running, elliptical, and treadmill.

Aaptiv App voice-guided workouts review

Each workout category comes with an estimated time-frame, difficulty level and star ratings from previous users to guide you when making the choice.

This app has real coaches who are relentlessly pleasant and encouraging, ready to encourage and push you to your limit, which is very helpful when working out alone.

How Aaptiv App Works

Once you download the app and log in, you’ll be offered to set a goal (for instance, losing weight, keeping fit, or running faster) and offer a little bit of information about your current exercise habits and fitness level. You’ll also indicate what equipment is readily available to you, so you can be suggested exercises you can perform with what you have.

All this comes at a monthly cost of $15/£13 (about AU$26), though you will be given a 7-day free trial. A discount is available to those who pay for an entire year upfront.

Read More Here: Aaptiv App


Thousands of workouts to choose from

The workouts are voice-guided so there is no need for a screen

Motivational coaches


Some users claimed the app doesn’t do a good job of tracking your workouts

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Nike Training Club App-Designed workouts from world-class Nike Master Trainers.

Available for Android and iOS, Nike Training Club is a premium workout app offering a vast library with workouts aimed at different body parts or fitness goals. The workouts have varying intensities and stretch from 15-45 minutes.

You will get access to numerous free workouts ranging from yoga to mobility to strength and endurance—featuring world-class Nike Trainers. Exercise anywhere, anytime, and track all your workouts in the app.

The Nike Training Club’s library has workouts for all levels:

High-intensity, moderate, and low

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Full equipment, light, and bodyweight only

Rep-based and time-based

Strength, mobility, endurance, and yoga

Body-part focused exercises targeting abs, shoulders, legs, arms, and glutes

The paid option provides guided 4-6 week programs, new workout formats, and nutrition and wellness guidance

This app gives you daily recommendations of workouts based on your routine. You also get to record and enter any other exercises or activities you do like studio classes, basketball, spinning, and more, so you are able to track all your fitness life. And hey, your workouts also get synced with Google Fit.

And, for those who want to track their runs, Nike Training Club will do just fine.

How Nike Training Club Works

Once you subscribe, you get a 7-day trial after which you’ll be required to join a paid subscription to continue enjoying the services.

Read More Here: Nike Training Club App


Workout anytime, anywhere

You get personalized workout recommendations

Ability to record all other exercises and activities you engage in

Ability to sync your workouts with Google Fit


Some users claim that the app has so many glitches

Stacked App-Help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Finally, for those looking for the best weightlifting apps, stacked is here to help both beginner and experienced weightlifters to build muscle, lose fat faster, and get strong. This app allows you to plan and perform weightlifting exercises, accurately measure and track your body composition, and analyze and see your progress.

Unlike other workout apps, Stacked isn’t unwieldy, unintuitive, and ugly, and it isn’t littered with features you’ll never use. Instead, this app is elegant, clean, and easy to use. You also won’t find any ads in Stacked.

Stacked App best for workout beginners anywhere

You can create your own workout plan or choose one of the pre-made ones, and when it’s time to measure your gains, do it using metric and imperial systems of measurement and flawlessly flip between each.

Another good thing about Stacked is that you can link your Soundcloud and iTunes accounts to generate different playlists for your individual workouts and manage your music from within Stacked. 

See More Here: Stacked App


Ability to link your Soundcloud and iTunes accounts


You can create your own workout plan or use pre-made one


Some users claimed the update negatively affected the app.                             

 8Fit App-Exercise programs designed for long-term results.

Available for Android and iOS, 8fit gives you workouts that meet your fitness level including boxing, yoga, and Tabata. The exercise programs in this app are designed for long-term results and you get varied classes such as resistance band workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core, yoga, and more.

Other than workout plans, 8fit also offer customized meal plans based on your dietary preferences, tastes, and fitness goals, which come with a list of food to eat and food to avoid, and grocery lists. Whether you are looking for vegan, Pescetarian, or Paleo, 8fit offers realistic guidance that you can’t find anywhere else.

8fit Android and iOS also offer customized meal plans

Not so good in the kitchen? Improve your cooking with 800 nutritionist-approved recipes.

How 8Fit App Works

Once subscribed, you will be required to perform a fitness assessment to help find your initial level, and match you with meal plans and workout routines customized to your goals. While this app offers numerous features for free, a paid, premium account unlocks more workouts and more complete meal recipe.

See More Here: 8Fit App


You get workouts plus meal plans

Exercise programs are designed for long-term results

Offers varied classes


Some users complained of too many bugs

Obe App-A fitness program finally made for YOU

Have NYC’S finest instructors right in your living room when you download the Obe app. Featured on Vogue, Forbes, and the Oprah magazine, this app offers you 100 live classes every week.

New on-demand classes are added on a daily basis, and the 28-minute classes will surely fit into your busy schedule. And, if you are completely in a hurry, their 10-minute express workouts will suffice.

Obe App finest instructors right in your living room

If you are looking for someone who can motivate and inspire you to reach your personal goal, join the Obe family on Facebook, Instagram, and even IRL meetups all designed to help Obe users to share their experiences and encourage each other.

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Obe is all about making workouts easy and fun. Their studios are bright and colorful, and the instructors keep things super positive and energetic during classes, and their playlists are great.

Obe workouts can be done anytime, anywhere; you can stream on your TV in the living room or on your iPhone in a hotel room. So, whether you love the energy in the live classes, or you prefer the huge on-demand library that is available 24/7, Obe has got you covered.

How Obe App Works

Obe is available for free during a 7-day trial period after which you can start a paid subscription. The trial package allows you access to all their live classes and also the full library of previous workouts, which is pretty amazing. The paid subscription costs only $27 per month, which is a fair price considering all the benefits you get when you sign up to this app.

Read More Here: Obe App


100 live classes every week

New on-demand classes added daily

Motivating instructors

Easy and fun workouts

Workouts can be done anywhere, anytime

Great playlists

Studio Bloom App-Best App For Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

And now for the mothers, the Studio Bloom features effective workouts with innovative birth-prep exercises and post-natal healing techniques. Whatever stage you are at in your motherhood journey, this app has classes customized to suit your needs, whenever you need them—in the morning or in the middle of the night, gentle movement or intense workout—Studio Bloom has got you covered.

Studio Bloom is not just a fitness app, it’s an opportunity to learn things about your body and arm yourself with strength and knowledge. The exercises, tools, and techniques on this app are all aimed at empowering you as a mother, both before delivery and after, not just in workouts but in your daily activities as well.

Pregnant woman in the gym

Learn how to deal with diastasis recti, pelvic pain, pelvic floor imbalances, low back pain, and other pregnancy-related issues while toughening your body from the core.

Studio Bloom comes with over 100 workouts and educational videos to see you through your motherhood journey. The monthly calendars, challenges, and series will keep you motivated and help you build strength safely. 

Whether pregnant or postpartum, the stretch videos are bound to support and bring some relief to your body. You’ll also find meditation to help you stay calm.

This app also gives you recipes and nutrition information to keep you thriving in the kitchen.

How Studio Bloom App Works

To access everything mentioned above, install the Studio Bloom app and subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. Pricing varies by region, and can be confirmed before the purchase. Note that, in app, all subscriptions will renew automatically upon expiry, unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before expiry.

See More Here: Studio Bloom App


Over 100 workouts and educational videos

Monthly calendars, challenges, and series keep you motivated

Has private support group where you can ask questions

Offers information on how to deal with pregnancy-related injuries

Yogawakeup App-A New Way to Wake Up every morning.

With Yogawakeup app, you will be able to replace your bad morning habits with good ones. Start your day right with short audio-guided yoga and meditation series that start in bed. Choose from a large number of meditation experts and certified yogis.

Choose a variety of music such as Bob Marley, Instrumental, Prince, and Bon Iver. Loosen up your body, deepen your breath, and set an intention like calm, kindness or resilience.

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There are wakeups for kids, mindful breathing meditations, and even bedtime meditations to give you a push into slumberland. Wakeup with Yogawakeup, set your objectives for the day and see how different your life will turn out.

How Yogawakeup App Works

Once you install and subscribe to Yogawakeup, you’ll be able to:

Browse different Wakeups to find one that works for you

Set reminders to set bedtimes and plan Wakeups

Monitor your gains on your profile. You’ll be able to see the number of Wakeups you’ve finished and for how many days in a row.

Choose both morning and evening content

Yogawakeup offers the following subscriptions:

1 month: $9.99

6 months: $34.99

1 year: $53.99

This pricing is for US customers. Pricing for other countries may differ and the actual fees may be converted into your local currency based on where you are. Your subscription is charged from your Google account and renews automatically unless you turn off automatic renewal or cancel subscription before the end of the existing term.

Visit Website: Yogawakeup App

Alomoves App- Home or on the go with unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation.

Alomoves allows you to access yoga classes and series both online and offline. For offline access, download the videos and watch them anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.

Tune into any of the 2,500+ yoga video classes with world-renowned instructors such as Meghan Currie, Briohny Smyth, and Dylan Werner. From Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin to Barre, Meditation, and Restorative, there is always something for everyone with Alomoves.

Learn techniques and skills that will help you connect with your body and mind, advance your yoga practice, and make you sweat.

Want to build strength, get flexible, learn how to handstand? Alomoves has one-of-a-kind series that gives you the structure needed to advance in your journey.

Choose from our many classes by skill level, duration, and style—with new classes added weekly to keep your practice fresh and motivating. The app has features that enable you to share, track, and grow at every stage of your journey.

How Alomoves App Works

Once you subscribe to Alomoves, you get a 14-day trial period after which you will be required to pay $20/month through your Google Play account. Your subscription renews automatically unless you turn it off at least 24 hours prior to expiry. Both the subscription and auto-renewal can be managed via the Google Play account settings.

Read More Here: Alomoves App


Practice with expert instructors

New classes are added weekly

Has both online and offline practice allowing you to practice anywhere, anytime


Some users complained of the app lacking a lot of functionality

Fitbit App-Meet the app that puts your health & fitness in your hands.

With Fitbit Coach, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals with dynamic workouts that continuously adjust to your capabilities, goals, and feedbacks—just like a real personal trainer.

Fitbit allows you to workout anytime, anywhere, whether it’s on the road, or at home with workouts of between 7 to 60 minutes, right from your computer or phone.

Exercise recommendations are based on your daily activities traced with a Fitbit device. This ensures you get personalized fitness guidance that will better help you to reach your goals.

This app gives you customized coaching with personalized video workouts that show you step-by-step coaching, tips, and motivation. With hundreds of workouts at your fingertips, you’ll never get bored doing the same routine twice. You have a variety of exercises dedicated to your butt, back, arms, legs, core, plus walking and running.

And with Fitbit radio, you’re able to customize your fitness soundtrack, which offers numerous music stations from Hip Hop to Pop. The best part is that this app is available in a variety of languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Fitbit requires iOS 10.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

How Fitbit App Works

Fitbit is free to install and use, but if you want more features and content, then you’ll have to upgrade to the paid premium plan that auto-renews at the end of the term unless it’s cancelled at least 24 hours to expiry.

Read More Here: Fitbit App


Better workout variety

Personalized video workouts

Customized soundtracks with Fitbit radio

Adaptive workouts

Exercises are recommended based on your daily workouts

Ability to workout anytime, anywhere


Most of the negative feedback about this app stems from subscriptions where a number of users were not able to access the premium content even after paying for it. This is a problem that can only be solved by the Fitbit Support team.

Streaks App-Apple Design Award Winner.

Whether you plan on picking up a good habit or dropping a bad one, having a to-do list really helps. Available for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Streaks helps you to automatically track your goals with the help of iOS Health app, for instance:

Walk 5, 000 steps

Record your blood pressure

Run 5 miles

Measure your heart rate

Streaks App available for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Some tasks can’t be done every day but you can set the days for specific activities so you don’t interrupt your streak. Here is an example:

Monday to Friday- Walk to work

Every Wednesday- Call parents

Exercise- 3 days a week

With the goal of building a streak of successive days, Streaks allows you to track up to 12 tasks that you want to accomplish each day.  This app is customized with 600+ task icons to select from and 78 different color themes.  You can choose how often you want to complete or repeat a task.

With Streaks, you will be able to:

Sync tasks across all devices using Icloud

Automatically know when you finish tasks linked to your Health app

Automatically know when you need to finish a task

Create negative tasks to stop bad habits

Design timed tasks to track brushing your teeth, mindfulness, or anything

How Streaks App Works

When you download Streaks for the very first time, you’ll be notified to complete the tutorial. You will then select 6 tasks that you’ll wish to accomplish on a daily basis and then click “add” to enter it.

Choose between variables like specific days of the week or every day, or distance or steps, and no nudges or reminder notifications. Aim to finish your tasks as you mark them in the app.

Read More Here: Streaks App

PocketYoga App-Your yoga instructor everywhere
you go.

PocketYoga comes with 27 different yoga sessions of varying difficulty and duration (30, 45, and 60 minutes) to help you practice at the comfort of your home and at your own pace. This app features:

Soothing, visual, and detailed instruction guides to take you through every pose

300+ beautifully illustrated poses to show you the right posture and alignment

Expertly designed yoga practices by experienced instructors

A dictionary of poses containing the benefits and illustrations of each pose

Music library with your favorite tunes

A quick preview of each practice to see whether or not it’s a good fit before you start

Ability to play the practices on Apple TV through AirPlay

Ability to integrate with the Health App, allowing you to track workouts, calories burned, and heart rate

PocketYoga works perfectly on Apple Watch and when you are playing your practice on iPhone, you can get additional information straight on your wrist. You’ll be able to see your heart rate, the current pose, calories burned, time remaining, and much more. And, with the Pose of the Day option, you’ll be able to learn the names of different poses as it shows individual poses each day.

How PocketYoga App Works

PocketYoga gives you its entire session arsenal for a meager $2.99, unless you want to go for the PocketYoga Practice Builder which costs $10.

Check More Here: PocketYoga App

Zwift App- App That Turn Indoor Training Into Game.

For those looking for the best running app for apple watch, Zwift is here for you, though you will have to pay for a premium subscription if you want more and better content.

Whether its group rides, races, or training plans, Zwift has everything to help you get fitter and stronger. Pair a supported device to the Zwift app today and get started with 1,000+ structured workouts designed by the finest coaches.

Follow training programs created by real coaches, design your own, or simply go for a casual run or ride with a worldwide community that is as committed as you. Zwift offers 200+ live events per day. With its widely supported technology, you can pair this app with numerous trainers and devices (foot pod, smart trainer, classic trainer, etc)

How Zwift App Works

Zwift has both the free and paid options. The monthly subscription is $14.99 though this varies from country to country. The subscription is done through Google Play account and automatically renews unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before expiry.

Check More Here:

Fiit App-Best rated #1 fitness App

Want to improve flexibility, get strong, lose weight, or just de-stress? Fiit is here with high quality workouts designed by the greatest coaches on your iPad or iPhone, though you can also connect to your TV. Get fitter with strength training, HIIT, yoga, combat, pilates, breathwork, and mobility flows anywhere, anytime.

With this app, you will be able to see your progress, calorie burn, heart rate, and reps. With 2-10 week training programs, customized to your level and goal, you are bound to achieve your results faster.

Fiit App improve flexibility, get strong, lose weight.

Whether you are a beginner or a trained athlete, Fiit has workouts to suite every level. Choose from live leaderboard and on-demand classes across there studios: Strength, Cardio, and Rebalance.

How Fiit App Works

The Fiit premium account gives you access to unlimited workouts (25 and 40 minutes), wherever you are, whenever you want, whatever your fitness level. The first 14 days are completely free! Subscription renews automatically but you can cancel anytime. For those looking for the best workout apps free to install in your gadgets, Fiit gives you a total of 75 classes and 14 days training plans absolutely free!

Read More Here:


Stats tracking with Apple Watch and other compatible devices

Ability to see your heart rate, reps, and calorie burn on screen

Live leaderboard workouts lets you train with friends, which is motivating

It syncs with Healthkit, allowing you to export your workout info into the Health app

You have access to unlimited classes; whether at home, on holiday, or at the gym

Asana Rebel App-The best of health and fitness App, all in one place.

From building strength to losing weight, moving meditations to high-intensity workouts, Asana Rebel is one app that fits into every of your lifestyle. This app empowers you to stay inspired, get in shape, and feel better.

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Asana Rebel has everything you need to get a better version of yourself: stay ahead of the world by reading articles, make every minute count with 5-minute workouts, enjoy fun quizzes, and track your progress, with everyday challenges. Exercise anytime, anywhere, whether its late at night, during your lunch breaks, in hotel rooms.

Access hundreds of workouts from the comfort of your home and boost your productivity with our music. Enjoy meditation sessions either in the comfort of your living room or on the go. Then later drift to slumber with guided meditations and soothing sounds. Apple Health Integration ability allows you to report weight, calories burned, and yoga workouts (optional).

How Asana Rebel App Works

Download the Asana Rebel app for free and find a workout plan that works for you. Build long-term habits: eat better, train smarter, recover faster. Pick a single challenge, start your journey and build from there. If you decide to subscribe, you will pay the fixed amount for your country, displayed in the app. Your subscription will renew automatically but you can cancel it anytime through your iTunes account.

Read More Here:


Has music to enhance your focus

Has hundreds of different workouts including strength training and meditation.

Workouts can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Has music to help you sleep better


Some users claimed that the app lacked some intuitive features

Steezy App- The best dance classes, right at home App.

And now for those who love to dance their way into fitness, the Steezy app is here to help you learn how to dance anywhere, anytime.  Whether you are an advanced dancer or a novice just starting out, Steezy’s step-by-step studio class will help you learn your movements and techniques. The best part is that you will be working with the world’s finest choreographers/dancers in their respective techniques.

This app allows you to:

Download classes for offline viewing

Curve sections of classes to make it easy for you to learn the moves/routines

Cast all the classes from your mobile phone to your TV

Choose the appropriate view of the class, whether from behind or from the front

Take organized “Programs” from professional choreographers

So, just a question, how much do you pay at the dance studio? Steezy gives you access to over 600 classes, with new releases every week, all at the price of one, monthly Plan ($20/mo).

Available on iOS and Android, this app features different dance styles including:

Boogie, Frantick, Soul, + Judge, Popping, Champion, Jojo, Jabawockeez, Diggs, House Instructor, Jade

Read More:


Appropriate for both beginner and advanced dancers

Designed by the best dancers and choreographers

Over 600 dance classes

Ability to download classes for offline use


Some users wished the app had more pieces from the different choreographers

 The Yoga Collective App

The Yoga Collective brings your yoga studio right into your home or on the go. Access 1,000+ online yoga classes anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The app has both advanced and beginner 5-60 minute classes.

Yoga Collective brings your yoga studio right into your home

From new recipes to life coaching, from meditation to vinyasa flow yoga, the Yoga Collective has a wide range of helpful videos at your fingertips. And the best part is that the classes are conducted by the best instructors across the world. Connect. Explore, Move, Refresh.  Try out the free featured online classes before committing to a monthly subscription of only $15/month.

Read More Here: Yoga Collective BodyFit

Are you ready to build strength, increase muscle, lose weight, or just improve your overall fitness? Then get started BodyFit’s 7-day trial.

Access thousands of workouts, designed by fitness experts, anywhere, anytime. Designed by expert athletes and personal trainers, this app gives you access to daily workouts, replacement exercises, nutrition plans, fitness guidance, recipes, tops, and much more.

Work out with powerlifting, high-intensity interval training, strength and muscle training, aerobics workouts, boxing, cardio, and more. And, don’t forget to tract your progress with the workout tracker, or join a fitness community for some encouragement and tips.

Each exercise is accompanied by a step-by-step video that leads you through the easiest movement to the most difficult. The videos can be streamed on TV to allow for hands-free guidance.


Ability to track your exercise

Expert training advice

Healthy meal planning

Thousands of workouts designed by expert trainers

How BodyFit Works         

Download BodyFit for free and get a 7-day free trial to work out, start weight training, or work towards your overall fitness. Once the trial period is over, you’ll be required to select a subscription plan to keep using the services. The subscription auto renews unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before your expiry.

If you have been postponing your fitness goals because you can’t access the gym for one reason or the other? Well, now you have no excuse. Best workout apps free to install in your gadgets and other paid options that are way cheaper compared to a gym subscription. Take advantage of these apps and get moving!

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