Best Wireless Backup Camera Systems Reviews Under $200 in 2021

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best cheap wireless backup cameras. We will break down them listed here by price and features to help you find a solid and affordable wireless backup camera.

Who say that you need to have a ton of money in order to get a backup camera? The truth is that with more and more new companies introducing their backup cameras into the market every day, there are a ton of affordable options out there, regardless of your budget that delivers you driving experience and car backing up experience you will love.

Car Dashboard monitor showing rear view.
Car Dashboard monitor

In addition, improving the safety of your vehicle. In this guide, we will look at a wide array of affordable wireless backup camera that we will breakdown by prices and listened the best backup cameras between $200-$100 and the best wireless backup camera between $100-$50.

This list is not complete by any means. As I mentioned above, there are new options being introduced into the market each day with amazing feature and trending with the current technology.

  1. AUTO-VOX TW Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Super Night Vision (6 LEDs) and Rearview Mirror Monitor offering best HD Reversing Cam.
  2. Yada Matte Black Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 3.5″ Dash Monitor.
  3. Yuwei Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, with 7” LCD Wireless Reversing Monitor for Trailer, RV, Bus, Trucks, Horse-Trailer, School Bus, Farm Machine.
  4. AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Stable Digital Signal, 4.3’’ Monitor & Rear View Camera for Truck, Van, Camping Car, SUV.
  5. Yuwei Digital Wireless Backup Camera System, a Dual HD 720P Camera Wireless Reverse System with Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angles.
  6. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, with an IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera and a 7’’ LCD Wireless Reverse Monitor.
  7. CHORTAU Dash Cam Front and Rear with GPS Full HD 1080P for Cars offering Wide Angle 170° view and with 3 Inch LCD Screen.
  8. DoHonest Wireless Backup Camera for Trucks with 5” Monitor and HD 1080P Bluetooth Backup Camera with Stable Digital Signals for Car, SUV and Sedan.
  9. Camecho IR Night Vision Backup Camera best Waterproof Kit Vehicle Rear View Wireless with 7″ LCD Monitor and Parking Assistance System For Truck, Van , Caravan, Trailers and Camper.
  10. LeeKooLuu RV Backup Camera System with 7 Inch Screen that Supports 2nd License Plate Camera for Car and all kinds of Trucks.
  11. AMTIFO A7 a 5th Wheels IR Night Vision and HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 7 Inch DVR Monitor this is a 2021 Newest Version High-Speed Rear View Observation System with Stable Signals for all RVs, Trucks, and all Trailers.
  12. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor Designed specifically to help reduce blind spots.
  13. Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera with Screen Monitor System and offering Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines.

However, I will update this list regularly to keep up with the current prices and the newest products. If you are looking for more option, you can also see our other review on backup camera.

1. AUTO-VOX TW- Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Rearview Mirror Monitor Super Night Vision.

Auto-vox has 12 years experiences in researching, making and marketing of auto safety products such as wireless backup camera[1], car (mirror) monitor, (mirror) dash cam and license plate and other products. They are customer-centric, quality driven with 99.5% qualified rate, and valued pricing.

AUTO-VOX TW- Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Rearview Mirror Monitor Super Night Vision.
AUTO-VOX Wireless Rear

Waterproof rating: IP68 | Resolution: 480×272 | Screen Size: 4.3 | Camera LED: 26 lumen for single LED | Camera Processor: Digital HD image processor | Operating temperature:-25 to 65 degrees. | Package includes: 1 x Mirror monitor, 1 x AUTO-VOX Cam1, 1 x Wireless Transmitter 1 x Car Charger, 1 x User Manual

Since 2015, they have become the indirect supplier of many suppliers. In addition, in recent years, they have concentrate on developing innovative products such as solar wireless camera and full screen stream media mirror dash cam.

This AUTO-VOX Wireless Rear View Car Monitor with Mirror Kit+ Night Vision Waterproof HD Wide Angle Backup Camera Easy Install for DIY is a mid-ranged camera with a large discount bringing it down to almost budget price. This feature rich camera’s is great value for money.

Because it’s a wireless camera, a certain amount of interference is expected but due to it’s built in Bluetooth hands free, you will be able to eliminate one source of interference if you have a 3rd party Bluetooth hands free device. The package comes with the rear view mirror with monitor, the camera with number plate fixings, the wireless dongles and the necessary cables.


Easy Install



Works Flawlessly

Stable signal transmission

Auto adjust brightness

Super night vision

IP68 Waterproof Mirror installation Extra USB port

You do not have to route the wires from the back to the front anymore. With simple Installation steps: Install the backup camera to your existing license plate & connect to the wireless transmitter. Connect the red wire of the transmitter to reverse light (+) and black wire to any metal ground screw. Take off the straps and bind it to your existing mirror; plug the car charger. Please check the user manual to get the details steps when you order it. All done! Drive safely!

2. Yada Digital Wireless- Best HD Monitor Car Rear View with Reversing Back up Camera 

This digital wireless camera is designed to help reduce the blind spot by offering the driver security and help you see what is behind you. This backup camera system comes with a camera attached to a small adhesive plate to attach between your car and the license plate. You can easily adjust the angle of the camera to suit your vehicle.

Yada Digital Wireless- Black BackUp Camera with 5" Dash Monitor.
Yada Digital Wireless

Backup camera: Infrared LEDs | Product feature: Night vision, Digital signal, Parking assist, weatherproof camera | Screen Display: LCD | Compatible Vehicle: Universal | Screen Size: 5″ | Connection Type: Wireless, Wired | Type: Rear View Camera Kit | Brand: Yada

This backup camera is equipped with infrared LEDs that illuminate the area behind you at night. The camera attaches to your reverse lights for power and turns on whenever you put your car into reverse. You may need to drill a small hole in your car to run the camera’s wires into your trunk.

The camera is connected to a 4.3-inch monitor using a 2.4G digital wireless signal. Digital signals are better than analogue signals because they have less problems with signals interference. This is a backup camera system to use in vehicles with built-in Bluetooth, as the digital wireless system can connect to bluetooth devices.

The wireless range is wide enough to make the Yada camera work with a range of different vehicles. Planning for a backup camera for an RV or a trail, you will need to choose one with a greater wireless range.

Product Features

Night Vision

Digital signal-No interference

Parking assist.

Option to install via 12v direct adapter

5″ dash monitor with backup camera

Wide angle weatherproof camera.

Image automatically appears when vehicle is in reverse.


Provides great viability.
Painless install.

Good quality and monitor

Wide enough angle to mount on back of my topper and see the hitch and horizon.


Video signal not consistent, freezes/no signal sometimes.

Bottom line: An essential accessory if you drive a big truck. 

3. YUWEI Backup Camera. Best backup camera with high waterproof grade of IP69

Overall, this Yuwei wireless digital backup camera performs well if you follow the instructions manual. It’s great for both small and large vehicles, and the two included dash cams make it an especially good buy if you’re in the market for a multi-camera system.

Though it is on the more expensive end of the backup cameras we considered for our review, this product is a good value because it comes with 12 months replacement warranty. The system has a stable signal transmission hence no interference with other wireless devices. The set up ensures stable and high definition picture with an acceptable range of around 190ft in open area for specialty vehicles up to 100ft.The camera waterproof level reaches IP69 rating, no problem if you experience rain or any snow.

YUWEI Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit-Super Night Vision.
YUWEI Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Monitor size: 4.3” | Warranty: 12 months | Waterproof rating: IP69 | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | Screen display: LCD | Type: Rear view monitor with cam kit | Connection type: wireless | Wireless Distance: 190 ft

The camera has a 170-degree golden viewing angle covering 90% blind area at the back of the vehicle, thus increasing the safety of reversing and driving. The system 4.3’’ monitor can be suctioned up on the windshield easily; exterior camera and wireless transmitter are designed separated, which saved you from the stress of running connection wires through the car. Install the camera to the license plate, hide the transmitter in the trunk then connect them together, power the camera from reverse light and it works.

YUWEI, has focused on car backup camera system for 12 years. There are over 500 vehicles around the world installing YUWEI wireless backup camera systems every day. Yuwei team consists of more than 100 talented staff who are striving to make everything better on each day to their customers They also manage the complex things, while you comfortably enjoy the simple operation. YUWEI objectives: Save your time, save your money, give you the best wireless backup camera system!

4. AUTO-VOX CS-2. Best Wireless Backup Camera with Stable Digital Signal Monitor & Rear View Camera.

AUTO-VOX CS 2 boasts technological advancement in its wireless backup camera, which is in a digital system. There are many things to appreciate in this camera kit. First, you will love the digital stable signal transmission. This unique signal will replace the typical analog signal. This means that there will be no interference coming from other wireless devices like.

Second, this digital backup camera by AUTO-VOX CS-2 has improved built-in transmitter rear view camera. This camera has a waterproof standard of IP68, the highest and lowest temperature resistance –VE 4 or 149 F, therefore its designed to with stand all kinds of weather and always performs well.

AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera Kit- Stable Digital Signal Monitor & Rear View Camera.
AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup

Waterproof rating: IP68 | Temperature resistance: 149F | Compatibility: Universal | Power: DC 10.5V – 15V (12Normal) | Image device: ¼ inch color | Camera TV system: NTSC system | Connection type: Wireless | Screen Display: TFT-LCD

You will not deal with complicated wires and worry about the proper location of the transmitter. Lastly, you get other powerful features. Some of these include 6 adjustable parking lines, dual-use camera, vivid image restoration, and superb night vision.

The suction cup mount allows you to install the monitor on either windshield or dashboard. And there is no wire needed from monitor to camera, which excludes the tedious wiring installation process. Because the transmitter is smartly designed inside the camera, there is no need to install it extra. All of these simplify the installation so that you can easily install it by yourself.


Extra USB Port Charger

Adjustable Parking Line

Stable digital signal transmission

Wireless for easy installation 

Build-in transmitter on camera, save place

High compatibility for cars (suit for cars which are less than 32 ft )

5. YUWEI Wireless Backup Camera- Best Wireless Camera With long range transmitting distance.

The Yuwei backup camera system has a DIY design. You not require professional to do the installation. Moreover, it has no interference with the clear and stable wireless image at 70 mph speed. The main feature of this system is its ability to support up to 4 wireless backup cameras at a time, the four channel multiplexer system supports helps that.

YUWEI Wireless Backup Camera- With IP69K Waterproof for all Vehicles.
YUWEI Wireless backup cameras

Camera viewing angle: 120 degrees | Waterproof: IP69k | Compatible: Universal | Image quality: Full D 720P | Viewing angle: 140 degree | Night Vision: 10 meters | Brand: Yuwei | Size: 7 inches

Three additional cameras can be added to different sides of the vehicle  to ensure completely safely with no blind spots. Extra cameras YW-CC062 or YW-CM065TX are for your choice. Each has various mounting brackets. You can also install this item anywhere you want.

With parking grid lines, they can be easily turned on/off by the button on the monitor; Mirror mode allows the camera to be used either as backup or forward facing cameras.

In addition, this camera has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees that will reduce the blind area and making your reversing more comfortable and safe. Yuwei backup camera system is worthy of your money because of the useful functionalities it features. If you own a school bus, a farm machine, a truck, a horse trailer, a trailer or an RV, this is for you.

Why we would recommend YUWEI Wireless Backup Camera System.

Stable & reliable digital wireless backup camera signal

Best wireless camera transmission distance.

The monitor has a built-in wireless receiver module.

Camera has a built-in wireless transmitter module. You will only need to connect two wires for camera, the system will work!

Monitor installation takes one minute, installing the whole system is less than 1 hour, saving money and saving time. Enjoy the fun of DIY

Question: While you are driving forward, can you see what is behind you so that you will know when it is safe to change lanes? Answer: Simple please connect the camera power to the ACC to keep it stay monitoring all the time, you can see what is behind your vehicle all the time.

6. ZEROXCLUB Backup Camera. Best Digital Wireless back up camera with Superior Night Vision.

The ZeroxClub Wireless Backup Camera System is an advanced rearview camera system that has another large LCD monitor and lots of infrared lights to give you a crystal clear image whether day, night, or poor weather conditions.

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit- No Interference and IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera with 7’’ LCD Monitor.
ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Brand: Zeroxclub | Screen size: 7 Inches | Sensor Technology: CCD | Signal System: Number | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | Waterproof: IP69k | Resolution: 600 TV lines | Power: DC12V-24V

It’s a totally upgrade 2nd generation digital wireless with 100% with no interference  and the camera wireless signal can stay smooth and clear even when the car is cruising at 100 miles.  The system is easy to install with a Monitor and Camera that transmits wirelessly, guaranteeing no interference due to the camera’s signal strength. This camera works for a variety of vehicles, whether you have a van, truck, semi-trailer or large 5th wheel vehicle. It’s adaptable enough to work with most voltages as well.



Night vision was acceptable quality

Nice metal housing on camera. Seemed high quality

Customer service and support staff are very helpful.

Easy install & set up: the instructions are easy to understand and follow.
The 2-volt plug for the screen means the screen can be removed and stored when not towing.

Accuracy: the camera works perfectly and clearly especially at night. It also has great reception range, image orientation and clear brightness/contrast on the digital monitor.

7. Directtyteam Camera- Best Wireless backup camera Design for Easy Installation.

Looking for a no frills backup camera with great view and crisp imagery? Then Directtyteam HD Vehicle Backup Camera does just that. While you don’t get the same parking guidelines and assistance, you get a wider view angle helpful cameras, buses, trailers, and trucks. You get clear Night vision effects is good and clear. While you don’t have a backup line, you can still use the crisp imaging and bright lights to avoid hitting anything behind you.

Directtyteam Camera- Best Wireless backup camera Design for Easy Installation.
Directtyteam Camera

Power: DC 12V -36 V | Waterproof: IP67 | Display: Color TFT LCD | Type: Rear View Backup camera | Connection: Wireless | Screen size: 5” | Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC | Lens Viewing angle: 150 degrees

This camera has multi-functional intelligent switching mode with 5 functions including on/off guide, flip images mirrored that can be facing horizontal, vertical flip, you can adjust the width the length toward downward angle for guidelines.

Even at a high speed the signal is very stable and no interferences thus making it more convenient and safe to drive. The wireless working range is over 600ft in an open area, and 36ft on vehicle with reverse use or under 27ft on vehicle with continuous use, no-interruption signal.

With this Wireless Backup Camera Kit you do your parking safely & effortlessly your car even in the tiniest parking spots. Without risking damaging it and ruining your day or night! There is no battery in the backup camera, it will be safer.

8. TadiBrothers License Plate camera. Best backup camera with military grade night vision.

See the entire world behind you with the TadiBrothers Backup Camera. The 120 degree HD backup camera  is very thin and light and will make an excellent inclusion to any driver who requires assistance moving backward. This wireless camera has a 50ft range that can go through any vehicle. Keep in mind you need a monitor with an RCA input to receive the transmission. The Receiver also needs a 12V power source. Simply screw your current number plate screws through its brackets!

TadiBrothers- Wireless 120 Degree Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera
TadiBrothers- Wireless 120 Degree Black License Plate

Monitor size: 7” | Features: Thin and transparent | Wireless camera range: 50ft | Power source: 12V | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | Weatherproof: 100% | Preferred vehicles: cars, trucks and SUVs

The TadiBrothers Backup Camera comes with military-grade night vision for nighttime use, it has 120-degree viewing angle that is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and will enable you to see everything behind you. You can adjust the camera by angling it up and down to get the best view for your car. This wireless camera is wireless so there will be no running of cables through the car. It has a 50ft. range to go through any vehicle. 

Note that wireless means you will not have to use a video cable around your car. The camera and monitor will, however require wiring to a power source. There is a cigarette adapter included in the package though you can utilize ANY 12V power source. This camera is shockproof and 100% weatherproof!



Easy to install

100% weatherproof and shockproof

Perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs

Military-grade night vision for nighttime use

7” Color LCD monitor that is very thin and light

120-degree viewing angle enables you to see everything behind


Some users claimed it had so many wires for a wireless.

9. Dohonest Best Digital Wireless Backup Camera

The Dohonest is a top performing product because it offers no interference, allowing drivers to view the images on the road without interruption. This camera system offers a system range of up to 450 feet without flickers. It can also provide side; front and rear viewing that makes it a great choice when shopping around for a new backup camera for your vehicle.

DoHonest HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit with 5 Inch TFT Monitor.
DoHonest HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup

Viewing Angle: 150 degrees | Feature: Smooth and clear view | Waterproof rating: IP69K  | Screen size: 7 | Screen Display: LCD | Connection Type: Wireless, Wired | Brand: DoHonest | Video capture resolution: 1080P. | Warranty: 2 years | Operating temperature: -4 f ~ 149f | Effective Pixel: 1920*1080 | Power: DC 9V-35V | Screen Ration: 4:3 adjustable

Another thing you  noticed is that it can provide clear video signals even with a car speed of up to 100 miles. With clear and smooth view of the obstacles and objects on the road, we can be sure that we can drive and navigate the road safely.

This product is also very easy to install because you just hook power supply and antennas on them. It also has the ability of eliminating blind spots and transporting video signals without any hassles.

You can also rely on it when trying to do a reverse or to park your car or vehicle without relying only on the side mirror of your vehicle. The backup observation system is also IP69K for waterproof ability.


Easy to set up

Eliminates blind spots

No interference and flickers

Reversing and parking made safer and easier

Transports clear video signals even while driving fast

List of 5 Best Wireless Backup Camera Under $100-$50 in 2020.

1. Camecho RC- Best Wireless Car Backup Camera with IR Night Vision and Parking Assistance.

One of those best wireless backup camera you can depend on when it comes to camera systems for extreme outdoor conditions is the Camecho RC Car Backup Camera because of its lightweight and has a moderate size to fit most RVs, farmer car, truck, vans, campers and trailers.

Also useful for marine fishing environments and stand the test of time for its durable and high quality construction and build. You will also like its stable wireless signal because it has the ability of transmitting distance of up to 40 feet, based on the environment. In addition, this model can also support two-channel video inputs, NTSC or PAL optional.

Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit + 7" TFT LCD Monitor Parking Assistance System.
Camecho Wireless Car Backup Camera

Size: Lightweight and moderate | Vehicles: Cars, RVs, farmer car, truck, campers and trailers |Types of video inputs: NTSC or PAL

Another thing you will like about this unit is it allows roof or dashboard mounting. You can also rely on it for allowing you to rotate the images either vertically or horizontally for normal or mirror viewing by button.

It is also made of high quality and durable materials, including its hard metal case for the camera, which is also mud- and waterproof resistant, so you can look forward to long time use of this backup camera system.

This camera has a full-equipped kit thus making installation easy for you and technique supporting is amazing. I also would like to recommend it for its ability of switching to rearview when the car is reversing.

2. LeeKooLuu – Best Wireless Backup Camera best for trailers, trucks, vans, campers, buses

One thing you will like about LeeKooLuu backup camera is its versatility to work for many types of oversized vehicles, including trailers, trucks, vans, campers, buses and so many more.

It is a complete backup system that provide side, rear and front views, allowing drivers to see what are behind them even from far away. That is one of the most important things when driving with a recreational vehicle because it is needed for safety.

LeeKooLuu- Wireless Backup Camera best for trailers, trucks, vans, campers, buses
LeeKooLuu- Wireless Backup Camera

Vehicle: Universal | Waterproof rating: IP69 | Screen Display: 5 inches | Power: 12-36V | Resolutions: 1080(V) Pixels | Signal Format: NTSC/PAL | Viewing Angle: 150 degrees |

You will also appreciate this system camera system for its IP69 Waterproof rating, which makes it ideal to deal with the tough outdoor conditions and changing temperatures. By being waterproof, we can also rely on its durability for long years of service, giving you the most value out of our spending.

This unit also has a large 5-inch display that gives you ease in viewing versus other models with smaller screens. So even if you have poor eyesight, you don’t have to worry about anything with the large screen display.

The camera also comes with a complete kit that offers quick and easy installation. All you need to do is to hook the power supply and the antennas. When done, it is ready to transmit video signals to your screen.


Easy to set up

Eliminates blind spots

No interference and flickers

Reversing and parking made safer and easier

Transports clear video signals even while driving fast

3. Amtifo- Best HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with With Stable signal.

This is Amtifo is a great backup camera for travel trailers and other vehicles with an HD display output you will be happy to have for your vehicle. You will find the setup very easy and straightforward and the connectivity is very great. With 5 inch monitor mount on your dash or windshield you will get the power with the included cigarette light plug. The guidelines can be put on or off through the monitor and the system has a rear/front view adjust for best results.

Amtifo- Best HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with With Stable signal.

Monitor size: 5 inches | Compatibility vehicles: cars, RVs, Pickups, Truck | Viewing angle: 150 degrees  | Power: DC 9V-35V  | Screen ratio: 4:3 |Frequency: PAL/NTSC | Pixels: 1024*768 | Resolution: 720P | Display Components: Color TFT LCD | Waterproof ratings: IP69

This camera system is compatible with small cars/RVs/Pickups/Trucks and other. The screen pictures are color HD and no color different at days. You will also find that the camera system is HD and is IP69 waterproof with super night vision and with a viewing angle of 150 degrees.

Monitor Product Features.

Screen ratio 4:3 adjustable, Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC

Power: DC 9V-35V, Screen Size: 5 inch, Housing Material: ABS

Effective Pixels: 1024 * 768,Display Component: Color TFT LCD

The product itself 100% safety and met any FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP69 standard

Rear View Camera Specifications.

Resolution: 720P

Power: DC12V-24V.

Waterproof IP Rate: IP69

Lens Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees

The product itself 100% safety and met any FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP6X standard


Easy to install

Fully equipped kit for installation

Very detailed installation manual

The camera itself is quite good and durable

Has both always on or back up only installation

Many adjustments for direction, width, display settings

Signal is always VERY strong and picture quality HD very sharp


The only complaint I may have is that the wiring is very small and this is a minor complaint

4. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera- With wide angle weatherproof camera of IP67 rating.

The Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera a perfect for license plate is specifically designed to help minimize blind spots; its camera and dash monitor makes it easy and secure for drivers to see what is at the rear of the car while in reverse.

In addition, the digital wireless execution means there will not be any interference in the monitor. You can easily install this backup camera over the number plate. It is waterproof, includes night vision capability, and has an IP67 waterproof rating.

Yada Digital Wireless Backup

Waterproof rating: IP67 | Features: Night Vision capability | Monitor size: 4.3” | Monitor type: TFT LCD | Signal: 2.4G Digital Wireless | Image sensor: CMOS | Operation range: 30 feet | Input Voltage: DC12~24 | Operation temperature: –10~50 | Storage temperature: –20~60

With its adjustable 4.3 inch TFT, LCD monitor, you are bound to get a good quality view of whatever is happening behind you. The monitor clearly displays the live picture from behind your vehicle and the included suction cup mount provides easy placement. 

The Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera system gives you a wide-angle weatherproof camera that shows sharp pictures with parking assistance. When the car is in reverse, the picture is wirelessly relayed to the monitor. You don’t have to connect any wires from the monitor to the camera! This camera is available in 4 sizes; choose among 2.4″, 3.5″, 4.3″, and 5″


Easy to install

Wide visual angle

Has parking assistance lines

Digital signal means no interference

Available in 4 different sizes

The monitor has a suction cup mount to allow easy placement

Night vision helps to see in complete nightfall or low lit areas

Image automatically becomes visible when the car is in reverse

The camera is tough, durable and has an IP67 water-resistant rating

The 4.3-inch LCD monitor distinctively displays the live image from behind the car


Not completely weatherproof

Some users complained of irritating quirks when the camera is on.

Can it drain the battery if connected to a constant 12v supply? Yes. But it has a on and off button so you can use it key on or key off as long as your cigarette  lighter works in key off, because some don’t. If the screen is off then it will not drain your battery and you can leave it connected. If the screen is on and the car is not running, then it will drain your battery.

5. Pyle Wireless Backup Camera-Best Marine Grade Waterproof wireless backup camera.

Become a better and responsible driver by adding a line of safety with the Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 this license plate Rear View Backup Camera. This device system provides easy installation, parking assistance and lets you set up your monitor and camera exactly where you want them to be. The system comes with all the required cables and wiring for mounting. It’s a wireless set up so you won’t need long wires. It also includes a wireless transmitter that instantly conveys videos from the camera to the screen.

Pyle Weatherproof Rearview Backup Camera and Monitor Video System for Bus, Truck, Trailer and Van (2 Cams, 7'' Monitor, Dual DC 12-24V), Black

Transmission distance: 100ft | Monitor size: 4.3” | Features: Night vision and water resistance | Video system: PAL/NTSC auto switching | Display Technology: LCD | Screen: 4.3” slim TFT/LCD | Brand: Pyle | Transmission: Wireless

The Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 comes with a 4.3” monitor that conveniently mounts on the windshield with the provided mounting arm. This marine-grade water-resistant camera should be preferably installed just above the car’s rear license plate for the perfect backup viewing.

The monitor includes an extensive dashboard mount holder to provide easy installation. The built-in 24Ghz wireless video receiver coupled with NTSC/PAL video system automatically turns on with a simple reverse gear activation.

The slim yet durable Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 installs easily and will help you watch out for pedestrians, steer clear of cyclists, and access those tight parking spots like a pro. It is useful when driving in reverse or dim lighting conditions. The backup camera also features distance scale lines display on the monitor to give you accurate reversing and parking without necessarily relying on side mirrors. 


Easy installation

Wireless set up

Comes with a 4.3” monitor

Parking assistance available

Water-resistant and night vision capability

Turns on with a simple reverse gear activation

Distance scale lines provide accurate parking and reversing

Conveniently mounts on the windshield with the provided mounting arm

Includes a wireless transmitter that instantly conveys videos from the camera to the screen


Some users complained of cheap connectors

Other users had issues with short cords that could not reach the transmitter

Another additional feature is that it is waterproof and night vision for cars and other automotive vehicles with IP67 marine grade waterproof to combat bad weather. It’s also fog resistance and the kit include all necessary wiring.

Benefits of Back-Up Cameras and why you need one.

They help make roads safer, parking lot and driving at night. As of May 2018, the law was implemented that all new cars must have a back-up camera for safety. If you drive a vehicle without one, there are several good reasons to install a back-up camera.

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Best Wireless Car Backup Camera Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2020.

This includes, making you aware of blind spots and while driving, making it easier to keep an eye on cargo you’re towing, Additionally, by providing you with increased visibility, when you’re in reverse, a wireless back-up camera can help avert injuries property damage, and potentially fatal accidents. So, when you’re backing out of your driveway, you’ll clearly be able to see anything around you.

It can also save you cash and keep your insurance premiums down by assisting you avoid minor car accidents. Additionally, using a back-up camera offers an ergonomic alternative to twisting and turning in your seat while driving, and cranking your neck or back to see the rear end of your car. Finally, some back-up camera models have  video recording feature for  evidence, which can be helpful if you are ever in an accident.

Choosing the Best Back-Up Camera for Car or Truck and what to look for.

There are several back-up camera designs that are coming each day, some including back-up cameras that can be mounted on a license plate, spare tire, windshield, tailgate or even bumper. Manufactures also have back-up cameras that are intended to work with specific vehicle models.

Car backup camera showing Rear view in the dashboard
Car backup camera showing Rear view in the dashboard

 If you do not choose the rear-view mirror back-up camera, you will have to consider the positioning of the monitor, so it is easily within the driver’s field of vision. When you are determining the ideal location for yours, take into account that you may need to work around a car phone holder.

Before making a backup camera purchase, you want to define which features are most important that you are looking for. Back-up cameras provides different view positions, with some as wide as 190 degrees and others with less. Some have HD capabilities, which enhances the picture’s visibility during dusk and early morning. Other have night vision, which offer a high-quality picture after dark and some can record while driving.


It is very important for you to buy the right backup camera so that you can experience the best quality available on the aftermarket. Follow the above guidelines to identify the appropriate best wireless backup camera system to install in your vehicle. By doing that, I trust that you will have an easy time reversing your car and you will protect lives in the process. Wish you the best!

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  1. I agree with you that a camera to help with backing your vehicles is a safety feature.  When you did not get this feature when you purchased your vehicle, and something makes you change your mind about needing, it is good to have a chance to find one that works well for your vehicle.  Having night vision is a good addition as well I think.  As I had the option when purchasing my vehicle and chose to not get that I have since regretted the decision.  My opinion at the time was that it was unnecessary.  However, things have changed, and I think I would like to add one.

    Thank you for your information and for giving me all the pros and cons of the camera.  There is a lot of information and I admit that I was a bit overwhelmed reading your article through the first time.  I will need to reread and get a notepad to try and figure out the important to me features that will give me what I want in a camera.  With it being an add-on, I can get replaced or fixed without having the car in the shop.  That is important when you live about an hour and a half from the dealership.  

  2. It was no surprise that the AUTO-VOX TW- Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Rearview Mirror Monitor Super Night Vision came first on the list. i have been reviewing this particular model for a while and it is as if i am addicted to it. getting a good camera might be tricky sometimes so it is a good thing that we have your articles to guide us

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. I think I will go for Yada Digital Wireless as It’s noted as waterproof with a class of IP67 but there has been a lot of customer complains about the seal on the camera being compromised, allowing moisture in.



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