Creative Trampoline Ideas and Trampoline Sleepover Tips

During holidays especially in summer, children look forward to the activities that can keep them busy enough. Some of these activities include visiting zoos, theme parks, going to the seaside, and many more.

Unfortunately, some of these summer holiday ideas have been around for some time and hence become monotonous. The challenge or dilemma facing most parents is how to find the best new ideas that would keep their children happily, stay in shape physically and away from their iPads, smartphones, and computers.

Thankfully, some parents have found the solution to sleepovers. How does a simple sleepover impress a child more than their favorite tech gadget?  You may ask.

Kids trampoline with handle bar

Well, today, some parents combine ordinary camping activities with a trampoline to create an interesting campoline . It took creative minds to match these two activities, and somehow, they have become popular because, in the concept, kids discovered extraordinary sleepover ideas.

Before rolling out the ideas, it might help first to explain the meaning of a Campoline. Well, in simple terms, a Campoline is a regular camping tent mounted on a trampoline. Now, there are a host of advantages that come with this hybrid.

First, since the trampoline is elevated from the ground, the kids will experience minimal contact with crawling bugs. What’s more, the resting surface will not be bumpy because of the trampoline.

Second, there is an enhanced sense of security because the tent is pitched within the safety net. Besides the occupants feeling safe, a Trampoline makes the sleepover experience much more pleasant. Below we have listed some best trampoline ideas you can try.

1. How to set up a trampoline camping tent

You can set up a camping tent for the trampoline in several ways. First, you can set up your tent or buy one that is custom made for a trampoline. The first option is cheaper since you do not have to spend any cash.

Setting up an own tent is quite easy because all you have to do is get the dimensions right and ensure that it fits well within the trampoline’s safety enclosure. If you are concerned that your tent might move, you can make it secure by tying it to the poles of the trampoline.

set up a trampoline camping tent

Remember, you do not need to be an expert or experienced to make your trampoline camping tent because it can be done using some of the most basic household items. Here is a tentative item list.

1. Blankets

2. Clothes safety pins

3. Pillows

4. Sheets

5. A light source

Using sheets cover the trampoline safety net on every side, including the top. These sheets can either be sewn into one unit or better still, you can just use safety pins to attach them. At this point, what is left is to add the lights, pillows, and blankets simply, and everything will be set.

2. Set up a movie theatre on the trampoline.

Children really love watching movies in such a setting, and having this item on the sleepover program will do them a great favor. Of course, this is something they would love to do under the moon and stars, and so you will need to attach a sizable white sheet on the most favorable side of the trampoline mesh and then project the movie. To get the real feel of the movie theatre, have some popcorn and other snacks to chew on while watching

3. Make a themed trampoline

Kids love to pretend or act like their favorite cartoon idols or heroes. You must have seen them act more like fantasy warriors, batman, Spiderman, pirates, astronauts, and the like.  You can use these ideas to your advantage and theme your trampoline sleepover with many exciting decorations.

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You may have to purchase some of the items to enable the children to play all the theme-related activities. For example, if it is an astronaut themed sleepover, then you may have avail items that resonate with it so that the kids can play the relevant games or activities. In the process, they can engage in stargazing and compete to determine who knows the better.

Trampoline sleepover activities

Jump and Grab

There many games that you can play on a trampoline sleepover. Games like clue, monopoly, and others in that category are tremendous, but on a sleepover, you may need to engage in a lot more aggressive challenges.

To jump and grab, just hang selected items (balloons, pool noodles, etc.) at varying heights and let your child test how high they can jump and grab the suspended objects. This game helps kids to determine how high they can jump and just how well they can keep their balance.

Trampoline Fort

Kids love doing things that are slightly out of the ordinary, and creating an underneath fort can just add more fun to the sleepover. It is not complicated since all you have to do is to curtain the sides of the trampoline. The sheets should cover the poles beginning from the floor of the trampoline way down to the ground. They will love spending some time down there with their toys and reading books before retiring to sleep on “upstairs.”

Sidewalk Chalk

Kids like decorating their trampoline, and this can be a great activity during their sleepover. Typically, chalk shows up well on the smooth trampoline surface, and so kids will have much fun painting all manner of images. Part of the chalk will fall off as they jump up and down while the more stubborn one will be washed off by the rain. 

Outdoor Ball Pit

The outdoor ball pit idea is the opposite of jump and grab. In this case, your kids populate the trampoline floor with balls or stuffed animals and jump hard enough to throw the balls out of the trampoline. It is total fun once one succeeds in shooting one out.

trampoline Outdoor Ball Pit

Come up with your own twister game

Since sidewalk chalk writes so well on the trampoline surface, you can prepare games on its floor. Twister, for example, is one of the most classic childhood games, and it is more fun playing it on the trampoline because falling is enjoyable and less hurting.

Stuffed animals escape

Put several stuffed animals in the trampoline and encourage the kids to jump and bounce the animals without being tagged by any of them. They can add in more stuffed animals to tighten the challenge.

VSCO sleepover

Another exciting idea is VSCO sleepover. This is an ultra aesthetic idea usually embraced by teenage girls in their sleepovers. It involves girls camping in the backyard on the trampoline as they bite on snacks, among other fun activities. Some VSCO sleepovers are held on a trampoline floating on a pool. These are more social media-based like the Tik Tok, and such sleepovers are never complete without the input and influence of social media.

DIY  trampoline swing bed

You could also be creative and make a DIY trampoline swing bed. This does not require rocket engineering as all you need is an old trampoline and a few other cushioning materials like pool noodles, pillows or cushions, high tensile strength rope, and a place to hang.

Here is how you do it

1. Remove the legs of your old trampoline

2. Split a pool noodle down in the middle and cover the metal frame. You can also cover the frame ring with foam padding or whatever protective material is available.

Trampoline Camp

3. Wrap the high – tensile strength ropes around the frame. If the trampoline is large, run the ropes underneath to prevent excessive sagging.

4. Pass the ropes through the points that had legs and turn those ropes up to hang the swing. Ensure to leave an opening on one side

5. Choose a secure location outside and hang it.

6. To make it comfortable, add pillows, cushions, and any other additions to give an ultimate touch of comfort.

If done well, this can make one of the best Trampoline beds to sleep on

What are the Trampoline sleepover essentials to have?

Now that you know several trampoline sleepover ideas let us sample some of the must-have items.

Blankets. A pair of heavy warm blanket is a must-have if you have to sleep through the breezy night comfortably. Remember that at some point in the night, the temperatures may dip unexpectedly.

Trampoline tents These are very crucial because spreading a tent over your trampoline protects you from the elements of weather, including rain, wind, and the scorching sun.

Sleeping bags Sleeping bags come in handy in case the weather is too chilly for the blankets. In addition, if it rains, a waterproof sleeping bag is the one you need.

Bug Spray. Bug net and sprays are critical because they repulse all intrusive insects to give you an enjoyable night’s rest. Even if you have known your backyard to be free of bugs, it is just good to have the sprays. Prevention is always better than cure.

Bedsheets. Bed sheets can serve several purposes; first, you use them to create an enclosure around the trampoline. Still, you can stitch them together to form a tent mounting on the trampoline. In addition, you can spread them on the trampoline floor to provide a cozy surface to lie on.

campoline tent

Rain Coats and Umbrellas. These are necessary, especially when you need to visit the main house bathroom on a rainy night. You remain dry and safe from the flu or cold.

Books. Whether you love fiction series, bedtime stories, or fairy tales, reading in such an outdoor setting can create lasting memories.

Games. After running around playing and engaging in more exhaustive activities, it helps to tone down the pace by settling on less physical games like cards, plastic balls, or balloons.

Rechargeable lamp or torchlight. Being on a sleepover in your backyard does not eliminate the need for additional lighting. Just have one for emergency purposes. If the compound has night vision camera make sure its working to capture all the night activities apart from being for security purposes. They will enjoy watching them later.

Snacks.  A trampoline sleepover would not be complete without snacks. Of course, popcorn should never miss on the list, but others may include cereal bars, candy chocolate biscuits and more

Curtain Canopy. These are useful as they ensure that noinsect crawls in to upset your peace. Such intrusion is the last thing anyone on a trampoline sleepover expects

Cushions. Cushions enhance your comfort, especially if you watching a movie is an item on your list of activities. Together with pillows, these items can take your sleepover comfort to a completely new level

Trampoline workout benefits

Since the Second World War, trampoline fitness training has been an integral component of body fitness programs. For long, fighter pilots had leveraged trampolines to enhance their balance and spatial awareness. Later on, though, NASA established that regular workouts on a trampoline would work just as effectively as running or aerobics.

A 2016 research carried out by the American Council on Exercises confirmed NASA’s findings after participants were subjected to intense trampoline exercises that raised their heart rate. It was concluded that regular workouts on a trampoline might improve cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and overall balance. What’s more, such exercises may improve one’s fat – to- muscle ratio.  

Most men who participated in this research burned 12.4 calories per minute while the women did away with 9.4 calories per minute. Accordingly, the American Council on Exercises established that a typical trampoline workout is equivalent to playing regular team sports like football or riding a bike at 14 miles per hour.

In an earlier 2015 research finding, it had been suggested that trampoline workouts might mitigate lower back pain and strengthen the lower extremity muscles. The research that mostly featured men and women above 50 years of age sought to determine how beneficial a trampoline is to older adults.

Trampoline workout ideas

If you have never used a trampoline before, you may find it hard to figure out how things work out. Not to worry, though, because it is easy. You can just begin as you would when you go to the gym by doing any of the following exercises.

Single leg bounces, High knees, Jogging in one place, Butt kickers, Max jumps, Jump twists, Pike jumps, Side to side hop

Pike Jumps

Pike Jumps, for instance, are known to enhance joint mobility and trunk flexion and improve your physical performance. To try it out, observe the following steps

1. Get on the trampoline and straddle your feet shoulder-width apart

 2. Jump as you extend your legs and arms in front of you

3. While jumping, try to touch your feet with your arms

4. To prepare for balanced landing, bring your feet underneath

5. When landing, squat down to minimize the impact

6. Return to your original position

Kids doing a Trampoline jumps

Max jumps

Max jumps are ideal for in house trampoline workouts. Just place your trampoline next to the wall and then mark a spot at a higher place on the wall. The idea is to bounce and jump higher than the marked spot. You can set a new target once as you progress.

Squat jump

Squat jumps are simple and practical exercises that work on your thighs and hips (glutes) to build your endurance and lower body strength. During the exercise, the trampoline helps to absorb some of the shocks hence reducing the pressure exerted on your joints

1. While up on the trampoline, straddle your feet hip-width apart with your arms by your sides

2. Go down into a squatting position with your back straight and your elbows bent.

3. Try to jump as you spread your feet wider than your hips

4. Land on your midfoot and then push your hips back into a squatting position

Jogging on a trampoline

If you just want to use your trampoline for the basic workout, then simply jog in one place. The American Heart Association advises that every person does at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic training per week. Alternatively, you can do 75 weekly minutes of intense aerobic activity. While jogging typically puts pressure on the joints, using a trampoline reduces the impact significantly.

Stand on the trampoline with your arms on your side and a straight back. Next, lift your knees in an alternating pattern as you swing your arms, and as you progress, you can hasten the exercise. You burn more calories as you move faster.

Better still, you can hold a dumbbell in each hand and jog in one place to boost your upper body strength and workout more intensely. Overall, such simple exercises target to improve posture, cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels, muscle strength, blood pressure, and more.

Risks and safety measures

A trampoline is an excellent investment because it comes to serve the household regardless of age. It is also quite pricey, which means that going for it takes some time to plan and save. However, not all trampolines are of the same quality, and it is essential to know some of the risks involved to guide you make an informed decision.

The Springs. Several cases have been reported indicating that kids were pinched and injured by the springs suspending the bouncy surface on the traditional trampoline. While most modern models come with a cover around the trampoline perimeter to keep people from colliding or getting pinched, there is no foolproof guarantee for total safety.

Remedy:  Ensure to get a trampoline with springs that are adequately covered. Otherwise, you may want to ask for the new springless model. This model eliminates the dangers posed by springs completely.

Flying off. Another risk you may want to consider when choosing a trampoline is a child bouncing, flying off, and possibly landing on the ground. It even gets riskier, considering the chances of hitting an object.

Remedy:  Ask for a model that features a safety net. The net keeps the child from flying off and instead bounces them back to the trampoline surface.

Bottoming out. Bottoming out is a term used when you hit the ground below the bouncing surface. Unfortunately, even trampolines with stable and less bouncy surfaces are still vulnerable to bottoming out.

Remedy: Buy a trampoline that is higher above the ground.

Hitting the frame. Another risk while playing on the trampoline is hitting the frame. Hitting the frame sometimes happens when the padding on the perimeter surface gets loose or when the poles that hold the netting are not well padded.

Remedy: Ask for a model that has excellent padding. Alternatively, you can ask for one that has fiberglass netting poles

Knocking heads. This is another common injury that happens when two bouncing people collide and knock their heads together. While large bouncy trampolines can accommodate more than one person, it is risky to use it in that manner.

Some manufactures discourage or warn against two or more people bouncing at the same time. Bigger trampolines are not meant for more people but intended to create space for dynamic and more active users.

Remedy: Use the trampoline one person at a time

Trampoline frequently Asked Questions.

What age can a child use a trampoline?

It is good to wait until a child is six years before permitting them to use a trampoline. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the bones of kids below six years are spongy and like to compress. This means that they can easily fracture if they bounce and land hard on their legs or hands. More seriously, they could sustain the brain, spine, and organ injury since they are not developed enough to handle repetitive jumping. 

Are trampolines safe?

Trampolines can cause severe injuries if not used according to the instructor’s manual guide. However, they are completely safe for home use provided you take some precautionary measures including

children jumping on  a trampoline

(a) Ensure the safety net is always on

(b) Do not try to execute any dangerous trampoline tricks

(c) Follow the manufacturer’s guide

Is my child old enough to use a trampoline?

Generally, children under six years of age are not allowed to play on large outdoor trampolines. Nowadays, however, manufacturers design mini indoor trampoline beds for kids under six years. Just ensure that you carefully watch over your child while they are using a trampoline

How much is a trampoline?

Like any other product, trampoline prices vary depending on the size, model, and quality of the enclosure. For example, an enclosed 14-15 foot item can cost anything from $450 to $800. You can also get high-end ones that cost roughly $1500

Can you lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Of course, jumping on a trampoline helps you to exercise your whole body. In addition, the g-force produced by bouncing helps to burn fat and build up your muscles. Thirty minutes of daily activity on a trampoline can effectively cut down your weight. Or you can use mobile fitness Apps to check your activities when working on trampoline to keep you going and work out more

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