Our guide to the best touchscreen gloves for smartphones in Winter time

Surviving the harsh winter weather can be challenging. Since you have to keep your fingers warm and stay connected at the same time, you are torn between wearing warm gloves that will not help you operate your touchscreen or accepting frozen fingers as you text in the cold.

Because of the way touchscreens are designed, you may not be able to operate your touchscreen using a normal pair of gloves. Most smartphones have what we call capacitive touchscreens, meaning they are covered with electrodes.

So, when a conductive material such as the human skin gets into contact with these gloves, the circuit is complete, and this registers as swipes, taps, and touches on your screen.

The Gloves by CYG &CL Outdoor Winter Touchscreen gloves

Whether it’s gardening or getting your daily dose of exercise with a jog at the park, touchscreen gloves help you stay connected even during the cold winter.  And, it’s good to know that these gloves have evolved beyond recognition. They no longer feel or look heavy or cumbersome.

Today’s mobile gloves are supple and stylish, and incorporate the latest technology to allow us to still tap, text, and talk without risking a terrible case of frostbite. But there are just so many of them on the market that it may be confusing to choose one that suits your needs. That’s why we have come up with this review to help you out in your shopping decision. Read on

So, What are the Best Touch Screen Gloves?

When it comes to the best thermal gloves touch screen, the first thing to consider before choosing a particular pair is the: fingers. While you’ll find some good touchscreen gloves that are fully conductive across all fingers, you’ll find others with conductivity on the pads of index fingers and thumps only.

The latter may seem limited, but in action, that’s all you need to access your touchscreen on the go. But, if you intend to use your phone with your gloves on, you’ll have to find entirely conductive gloves that allow you to type with all your fingers.

Variety of touch screen gloves

Although no single pair of smart gloves can keep your hands completely warm or let you use your phone like you would with your bare hands, our pick for the best touchscreen gloves are the moshi digits touch screen gloves. The gloves fit better, are warmer, and have proved to be more accurate in typing compared to the competition.

How do I make my gloves touchscreen capable?

You can make your gloves touchscreen capable in a few simple steps using the most basic sewing skills. As mentioned above, most modern touch screens have what we call capacitive touchscreen, meaning for a pair of glove to work with your touchscreen, it has to finish a circuit with your fingers. So, you’ll have to put some conductive thread in between your finger and the screen.

All you’ll need is a glove, needle, and 12″ of conductive thread. Thread the needle and fasten a few seams in the finger of the glove.


On the outside, make sure the stitches are pretty close so that it’s only touching the smallest area of the screen. This is to help your finger touches to be more precise. It’s however, good to be messy on the inside. You have to ensure the thread connects with your hand or finger on the inside, so make sure to leave some extra thread hanging on the knots etc.

Repeat the procedure on other fingers if you are going to use them to access your screen. Your gloves are ready to be used

How long will touchscreen gloves last?

Though it depends on the quality of the glove and how well it is taken care of, touchscreen gloves break down quickly. A high-quality pair of touchscreen gloves will serve you a whole winter or even two if you’re lucky then it will stop working.

This is because the conductive fabric that allows touchscreen capability wears down over time. That should answer the question, why do touch screen gloves stop working.

What is the Best way to wash touchscreen gloves?

More than any other kind of gloves, touchscreen gloves need to be washed more often because any form of dirt build-up on the fingertips may potentially harm the efficacy of the gloves to communicate with your touchscreen. While you won’t need any expensive detergents and secret methods to clean your gloves, there is the wrong way and the right way to do it.

It is always advisable to wash your gloves by hand. Simply fill a basin with cold water and then add a mild detergent to it. Dip a soft, clean cloth into the solution and use it to gently clean the palm-side of your gloves including the fingers as well as the fingertips.

Try to refrain from soaking the gloves up to the liner. Once you are done with the washing, soak another cloth in clean water, wring it out and use it to wipe off any soapy remnants from the outside of your gloves. Finally, air dry your gloves thoroughly before you can wear them again.

Do touchscreen gloves damage the screen on your phone or tablet?

Not really. The conductive fabric inserted in the fingertips of your touchscreen gloves does not do anything else apart from absorbing a small volume of electricity from one end on the screen. It clearly doesn’t add anything else to the screen, neither does it jolt it with an electrical shock.

Gloves Achiou touchscreen winter gloves for Iphone iPad

The only thing you may have to worry about when using touchscreen gloves is dirt scraping the screen. But, this won’t happen as long as you keep your gloves clean at all times. You can also solve the problem of scratching by having a glassy screen guard over your phone’s screen.

Do leather gloves work on touch screens?

Yes, they do. In fact, touchscreen gloves leather offer a more refined and formal alternative to the conventional fabric and knit options available in most stores. They are significantly more expensive, but if you are looking for an option that goes well with formal dressing, or if you are looking for a notably nice gift for someone, then this is the option to go for.

Types of Touchscreen Gloves

Tech gloves can be grouped into three; so, you’ll have to choose what suits you based on factors such as capabilities, cost, and the kind of touch screen device you intend to use outdoors, like phone, fish finders or tablets .

Fingertip Touchscreen Gloves

Most smart gloves are actually normal gloves that come constructed with special conductive fabric on the fingertips.

Fingertip gloves are usually more affordable, and come in various materials and styles that make them perfect for all kinds of climates. Consider these gloves if you don’t intend to use your phone so much while out in the winter.

Full Glove Knitted Smart Gloves

Some knitted smart gloves are constructed using conductive threads, often starring metals such as copper or silver, meaning the whole glove is compatible with touch screens. So, instead of being limited to just a few fingertips, you are able to not only use your palm, but your pinky or the rear end of your knuckle on your smartphone as well.

Full glove smart gloves are also affordable, but you’ll be limited in terms of style. Since the entire glove is conductive, these gloves are suitable for individuals who use tablets and iPhones outside, and may need more fingers for those complex gestures.

Full Glove Leather Touchscreen Gloves

And finally, for those who are searching for a more luxurious and stylish smart glove option, your best bet would be the leather gloves. These gloves are constructed from genuine leather that is usually treated to be conductive, which makes them compatible with touch screens. High-end gloves have full-glove compatibility, though some pairs only feature fingertip compatibility.

Leather Gloves Nubuck Glove With Touchscreen tips

What should you Consider when Buying Touchscreen Gloves?

Like everything else, you need to choose your gloves carefully if you want them to serve you for a bit longer. Here are some of the things to look out for when buying touchscreen gloves.

Material The Touch Screen is Made Of

Touchscreen gloves come in a variety of materials including breathable polyester, acrylic, lycra, polypropylene, spandex, PU leather, and many others that make these gloves lightweight, warm, and comfortable for texting. Genuine leather is also a popular choice.

However, while they have a great look and will last you the entire winter, genuine leather gloves may pose issues when you are trying to use your touchscreen. Many people actually end up pulling their genuine leather gloves to be able to type messages or tap smaller buttons.

We are not saying that leather is an automatic fail when it comes to making touchscreen gloves, just that it has the highest probability to present a problem compared to something like polypropylene or lycra. Most of the lighter materials mentioned above also do an excellent job of absorbing moisture, which helps in keeping your hands dry and warm.

Still on material, it pays to look for touchscreen waterproof gloves that will allow you to engage in all winter activities like snow clearing without any fear.

Touchscreen Interactivity

This is actually the first thing you should consider since you are buying it mainly for this purpose. This may be hard to do especially when buying online, that’s why we advise reading the best touchscreen gloves reviews, and consider those with more positives than negatives.

How the gloves fit your Palms

It is important that your smart gloves fit your palms snugly. If not, then you may never be able to use them on your touchscreen. Many manufacturers include sizing charts on their sites to help you out. Also remember, touch screen gloves for women’s have different sizing from the men’s versions. So, a man’s medium may not be the same as a woman’s medium.

Material that make them be best on your grip

It would be excellent if your new smart gloves were agile enough to allow you complete use of your touch screen without the need to expose your palms to the cold winter weather. Note that if your gloves don’t offer a solid grip of your phone or tablet, you may end up dropping your expensive device in a pool of dirty slush.

Touchscreen Gloves Material that make them be best on your grip

While it’s true that most high-end touchscreen gloves come with grippy, rubberized hands, not all of them have this advantage. Others utilize PU leather, which is still fine as long as the texture is coarse enough. There are still others that use diamond shaped silicone clutches on the palm to give you a nice firm grip on your valuable device.


You wouldn’t be buying touchscreen gloves if not for them to keep your palms warm and to help you interact with your device during the cold weather. So, despite the fact that your gloves need to be fairly light and thin to allow you easy access to your touchscreen, they also need to be warm enough to prevent the cold from entering your hands.

Some glove manufacturers line their thin gloves with polar fleece, and others with wool. There are also some high-end smart gloves that use Thinsulate.

However, despite being light and warm, Thinsulate seems too bulky to aid touchscreen use. In case you find that the gloves you have purchased have compromised warmth over touchscreen compatibility, then you can go and get some polypropylene glove liners from your local outdoor shop. They are extra-thin and remarkably light, and will help you create warmth in your gloves without hindering their usefulness.


If done right, touch screen gloves are not only highly functional, but stylish as well. Unlike cumbersome down mittens, smart gloves can be worn with your favorite outfits to the office or in the outdoors.

The best touchscreen gloves will not only make you look smart but practical as well. The good thing is that these gloves are available in different styles and colors to allow you choose the ones that suit your lifestyle.

Stay connected this and every winter by getting yourself a few pairs of touchscreen gloves. We hope our guide helped you sieve through the many options to buy yourself the best pair possible. And, if you feel like you want to save some coins or just DIY for fun, then have a blast trying to make your own touchscreen gloves and let us know how that went.

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