Shower Caddy Buying Guide In Details

Bathrooms can get messy very easily. There are just so many different products lying around in this room that it may seem impossible to keep it neat. You need something that will help you organize all your stuff.

A shower caddy refers to a unit put in the bathroom to help contain supplies commonly used in the shower such as soap, washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, and razors.

Typically, a shower caddy is meant to dangle from the shower head; but in some cases it may hang freely. There are also suction cup shower caddies that have a suction cup affixed to the shower wall to help better hold the equipment in place.

 Chrome Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer,

The best shower caddy will make sure that all your bathing supplies remain organized in a way that appeals to you. But, shower caddies come in a variety of sizes and shapes and knowing which one is best can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time buying one. Not to worry as this guide will tell you everything you need to know before buying a shower caddy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Types of Shower Caddies

As previously stated, shower caddies are available in multiple designs. Here are the common types that you’ll come across on the market.

Hanging Shower Caddy

The most popular shower caddy design you’ll see on the market is one that hangs over the typical .5” pipe connected with your shower caddy.

The biggest advantage that comes with this shower caddy design is the fact that it’s easy to detach when you want to clean out the shower, and it also makes it extremely easy to access your bar of soap, conditioner, shampoo, or razor from the rack.

A hanging shower caddy has another advantage of being highly-resistant to mold build-up. This is because it doesn’t rest on a flat surface, so water can easily drip off the wires before any hideous black mold, listeria, or mildew starts to form.

A warning when using a hanging shower caddy; since it’s resting directly below the shower head, and depending on the pressure of your water, the water flow is likely to be hindered if the caddy is quite large. It is therefore, highly recommended that those whose water pressure is weak to also look for a high-pressure shower head that can help remedy this situation.

Also, in case you have a handheld shower head, then a hanging shower caddy may block the hose. In this case, we recommend that you get an over the door shower caddy.

Tension Pole Shower Caddy

Another popular shower caddy option is one that hangs in the corner of the bathtub. Limited to bath tubs only, tension pole shower caddies rests on the corner of the bathtub and are clutched by a tension bar.

This kind of shower caddy is excellent for extra storage as it has several shelves attached to the pole. It is perfect for a bathroom that is utilized by more than three to four people.

Tension  Shower Caddy

The biggest disadvantage of tension rod shower caddies however, is their vulnerability to rust. Since it is attached to the corner of the bathtub, the still, resting water on the rim of the tub will often interfere with the metal construction of the rear end of the rod, leading to frequent replacements—even if it’s made of rubber feet.

Over the Door Shower Caddy

Just like there is a shower caddy that dangles from your shower head, there is one that goes over the door.

This kind of caddy generally lasts the longest as its subjection to water is kept to the minimum.

However, these shower caddies only work on shower booths that have a real door. Therefore, this caddy cannot simply work for people who use a bathtub/shower combo as it will prevent the shower curtain from shutting completely. 

The biggest advantage of using this caddy is that it usually relies on two hooks. Therefore, one side of the caddy weighing down doesn’t necessarily mean the entire caddy will tumble and subsequently spill your grooming supplies to the floor mid-shower.

Suction Cup Shower Caddies

With a space for just your favorite conditioner and shampoo bottles, suction cup caddy shelves are excellent for single people.

These units come in a streamline design, and are extremely small and compact that they can only fit into the tinniest of shower stalls.

Suction Cup Shower Caddies

A major disappointment when using suction cup shower caddies have something to do with their longevity. Even if a company claims to be making the highest quality suction cups, the minerals and natural chlorine found in the water as well as the soap scum and mold and mildew will interfere with the quality of the plastic.

Just like tension shower caddies, suction cup caddies will require frequent replacement. Also, suction cup caddies only work on level surfaces—so sucking to grout lines and natural stone are completely out of the question.

College, Dorm, or Gym Shower Caddies

The best shower caddy for college will come in handy if you ever find yourself in a place where you have to share the shower booth with several other people, such as living in a dorm or your local gym.

Generally made of plastic shell and fine mesh, a portable shower caddy is perfect for occasional/light use while helping you keep your grooming supplies in place.

While most of these kinds of shower caddies claim to be “quick drying´´, it is recommended that you don’t use them in place of a tension bar or hanging caddy. This is because these types of caddies are made from porous materials (typically polyester), and over-exposure to water may lead to patches of bacteria, that could produce irritation, especially if you expose your razor to them before shaving.

Considerations when Buying the Best Shower Caddy

What type of Material is the shower caddy made of

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a shower caddy is the material the caddy is made of. We have aluminum shower caddy, and shower caddies made from plastic, and stainless steel materials.

Stainless steel is the most popular choice as it makes a rust proof shower caddy and is also long-lasting. It is also easy to clean. Plastic shower caddies on the other hand eliminate the worry about rusting completely, though they are susceptible to mold and mildew growth and scum buildup.

Polyester material is durable, but not as steel or plastic. It is also prone to tear. In the end, your particular situation and your tastes and preferences will determine which shower caddy material you go for.

You should however note that, if you go for a metal shower caddy, make sure it is a rust free shower caddy or one with a protective coating that prevents rusting. Since the caddy is put straight in the shower, it is bound to rust quickly if the right measures are not taken.

This will not only make your caddy unattractive, but it may also leave some rust stains on the shower head or the walls or the shower.

Where you’ll Use It

Shower caddies are made with particular situations in mind. Shared bathrooms, for instance, require a portable shower caddy. Most of the mount shower caddies will, therefore not be perfect for such situations. But, mount caddies will be perfect for a home shower, where you won’t be forced to take your bathing elements outside of the bathroom. On the other hand, fabric shower caddies are well-known for their portability. They are appropriate for places such as college dorms and swimming pools.

Compartments/ Baskets/ Shelves

Different shower caddies come with different number of compartments. And, the compartments also come with different adjustment levels. It is important that you carefully consider the number and size of your showering items, because some may fit, while some may not.

For example, if long bottles of shampoo are part of your showering items, there are high chances that they won´t fit in a shower caddy with many compartments that are not adjustable. However, caddies with less compartments, but are adjustable will comfortably carry large-sized items.

Caddies built with fabric are different though, as they do not have adjustability capability. You just have to consider the number and size of pockets, to figure out whether all your items will fit.

Generally, the more bathing products you have, the more space you´ll require to hold them. So, ensure the shower caddy has enough space to carry even the tallest bottles.

Style and Aesthetic

Another very important consideration to make when buying a shower caddy is its style. Shower caddies can be largely grouped into two: corner and hanging. Corner shower caddies are affixed in the corner of the shower, normally in a shelf style or pressure-mounted.

Hanging caddies often include a hook at the head of the shower caddy pole which goes over the shower door, shower curtain rod, or the shower head.

When it comes to aesthetics, caddies come in various sizes and shapes. They also have different colors and finishes. The aesthetics of the caddies interest different people differently. Go for a caddy that looks attractive, both in the bathroom and when you are carrying it. But, be careful not to choose aesthetic over quality.

Design of the shower caddy

Design is also an important factor when choosing a shower caddy. If, for instance, you like to store numerous beauty products and tools like small shampoo bottles in your bathroom at a time, you may want to look for a caddy with numerous counters that are not exceedingly tall

If you buy large, family-sized bottles, however, you need to ensure the caddy you are purchasing is large enough to contain those bottles. Also, consider other compartments and holders that come with the unit.

Where To Installation your Shower Caddy

Ease of installation is another vital consideration. Although some caddies are difficult to use, others are much simpler, cheaper, and easier to install and use.

Common types of caddies will only bend over the top of your shower, and you can connect it to the shower head using a clip. You can then put the suction cups at the base.

Such a caddy can be mounted within minutes of removing it from its case.

Common types of caddies

The other type of caddy uses glue that only attaches to the wall anywhere. This is a good option if you stay in rented accommodation, so that it doesn´t affect the house in any way.

Shower Caddy Accessories

While these may not be so important, there are several extra shower caddy attributes that can enhance your daily shower experience. They include soap dishes, razor holder, and hooks for hanging loofahs.

Price of the shower caddy

Finally, it’s important to consider the amount of money you are willing to part with to buy a shower caddy. Shower caddies differ in prices according to the material used and the brand. Prepare to spend between $10 and $50 or even more to get a quality product.

The high-priced caddies usually have more convenience, and are more durable. However, it is good to compare the prices with the caddy features to see if you are getting value for your money. The caddies could be having their prices controlled by other market stimulus rather than the quality.

So, comparing the price of the shower caddy against its features and the features of other caddies in the same price range will guarantee that you get your money’s worth.

A great tip to ensure you get high quality for less is to check out for manufacturer and sales´ coupons that can make your purchase more affordable.

How to Keep Shower Caddy from Slipping Down

The simplest way to prevent your shower caddy from slipping down is to make sure you don’t overload it. Most shower caddies slip down when they are overloaded with products.

Consider keeping extra heavy supplies on the edge of the tub or on the floor until they become a bit lighter before you place them in the shower caddy. You may also try and find caddies that mount into the shower ceiling or around the shower head collar for extra stability these can help hold more beauty tools. The hooks should have rubber coating to prevent slippage.

Another trick of how to keep corner shower caddy from falling is to try and create friction between the caddy and the head pipe. You can quickly do this by applying hose clamps, rubber band, or zip tie. If done correctly, you will never have to worry about the shower caddy ever falling.

How to Remove Rust from Shower Caddy

While shower caddies are created to get wet, these equipment are still susceptible to rust and other undesirable elements. It is, therefore, important to understand how to remove rust from shower caddy.

If you experience rust on your caddy, then it’s crucial that you remove it as soon as possible. A shower caddy holds things like shower dispensers, toiletries, shampoo bottles, and much more, and that’s what makes it to rust.

Before we embark on the process of removing rust from the shower caddy, let’s first learn how the rust forms. Well, a caddy is built of chrome, a strong material with tiny holes that are not visible to the naked eye. These tiny holes are the ones that lead to rust formation as they expose the bottom of the shower caddy to oxygen that causes oxidation.

Most of the time, you can still restore your caddy to its former condition by simply using materials that are readily available in the home.

What is needed?

1. Sponge

2. Water

3. Baking soda

4. Salt

5. Lemon juice

6. White vinegar

7. Steel wool/nylon scrubber

Steps for Eliminating Rust from a Shower Caddy

Here are steps you can follow to effectively clean your caddy and leave it looking brand new.

Step 1. Detach the Shower Caddy

To effectively clean a shower caddy, you need to first remove it from the wall, as it may be challenging to clean it while it’s still installed. Besides, you will get a good peek of the overall rusting when the unit is detached.

Step 2. Start Cleaning the Caddy

Thoroughly clean your shower caddy using any regular cleaning spray you have at home. Spray the cleaning agent and clean with a soft cloth or sponge.

Step 3. Spray the Shower Caddy with White Vinegar

After removing dirt and dust, spray ½ cup white vinegar on the rusted zones with care. Also consider covering the rusted areas with baking soda after douching it with the vinegar.

Mix the baking soda with water to get a paste, then apply it on the chrome surface. Let it stay there for hours or even overnight, then scrub using a nylon scrubber to get rid of the rust stains.

distilled white vinegar

If need be, add more baking soda and vinegar based on how deep the rusty stains are.

In case you don’t have any white vinegar and baking soda stored at home, then feel free to use salt and lemon juice.

Step 4. Rinse the Caddy with Lukewarm Water

Once all the stains have been removed, you can give your caddy a lukewarm bath. After rinsing, rub all the areas using a soft cloth until the whole caddy is dry.

Step 5. Use Chrome or Car Wax

Since most caddies come with chrome plating that makes them smooth and shiny, you can use chrome wax or regular car wax to give your caddy a new shine. Sprinkle a few drops of the wax on a sponge, and evenly rub the sponge on the caddy, then let it sit there for some time to dry.

Step 6. Wipe Off the Wax

Using a lint-free cloth, wipe off the wax from the shower caddy. It is recommended that you don’t use a regular cloth as little lint pieces may stick to the shower caddy and make it look bad. The surface of the caddy should now have a whole new mirror-shine.

Rust Preventing Spray Paint

For that rust that can’t be repaired, you can buy spray paint from any hardware or department store and use it to prevent rust. Once you cover the rust with spray paint, your caddy will be cushioned from further damage.

How to Install Tension Pole Shower Caddy

Here are the steps to follow to install a tension pole shower caddy:

Step 1. Assemble the Tension Pole

A tension pole looks like a shower curtain rod with springs endowed inside to generate tension. The perfect place to assemble this kind of caddy is at the corners of the bathroom as it is most suitable there.  What’s more, it is designed to run from the top of the tub to the ceiling of the shower.

Step 2. Attach the Shelves

After assembling the tension pole, it’s time to attach the shelves. For this kind of caddy, the shelves will snap on or slither on over the pole. You will use the clips or suction cups that come with the assemble kit to mount the shelves in place.

Step 3. Assemble the Caddy

Put the shower caddy in the corner. Hold the tension rod on one end pointing to the top of the bathtub. Drag the rod down on the other side and glide the top of the rod towards the corner of your tub until it reaches the ceiling. Thereafter, gently release the rod until it touches the ceiling. Continue twisting the pole to get enough traction to keep the caddy in place.

This Youtube Channels hope can help:

Confirm if it Fits Snuggly

After you are all done, it’s good to confirm if your caddy is well-fitted. So, gently pull on the bar and examine if it moves. You’ll know that it’s correctly installed and ready for use if it doesn’t easily move when pulled.

Just like a display mount removes clutter from your work desk, a shower caddy removes clutter from your bathroom. With a wide variety of shower caddy ideas out there, it can be difficult to know what to go for.

That’s why we have come up with this guide; to offer you everything you need to know when it comes to how to use a shower caddy and what to consider when buying one.

With this guide you should be able to buy a caddy that suits your needs and your space and install it yourself. Remember to be keen on size so that you don’t end up with a large shower caddy that will look bulky in your shower.

Also remember to read reviews of the best shower caddies to get a clue of what to look for. Whether you are looking for a wall mounted shower caddy or travel shower caddies, there is a caddy for everyone and every occasion out there.

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