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Best Shower Caddy Reviewed Suitable for College Students

The shower is a safe haven for most people. This small room in your house is the place where you slowly awaken yourself and make yourself ready for the day.

Then in the evening, you still come here to wash away the worries of the day and have a relaxing time. Your shower time could get ruined and become less relaxing if you find soap bars slithering around or shampoo bottles dropping on your foot.

Every shower needs a shower caddy, especially if you share your bathroom with multiple people like in colleges.

A shower caddy will help you store and organize your soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners among other things. “But my bathroom has built-in shelves to hold these products” you may say.

The thing is, a caddy will help you to stay more organized compared to built-in shelves. Also, it is much easier to take down a caddy and clean it than brush soap scum off the wall and shelf.

The best rust proof shower caddy can even help you overcome the nuisance of rust in your bathroom and be able to protect your beauty products. We scoured the internet and brought you a list of 11 of the best shower caddies from well-known and reputable brands and manufacturers while focusing on real user reviews. Take a look!

1. ALLZONE– Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy with Stainless Steel Pole.

If you are looking for a Stainless steel corner shower caddy then look no further than the ALLZONE Constant Tension Shower Caddy.

This gadget has enough space to carry heavy items. It comes with 4 heavy-duty shelves each measuring 13” (front) x 9’’ (sides) x 1.65” deep, with durable rubber wedges that hold them sturdy and allow up and down sliding to create room for tall bottles.

ALLZONE Constant Tension Shower Caddy.
ALLZONE Constant Tension Shower Caddy.

What’s more, the shelves have protective barriers, so your items won’t keep falling off through the edge.

This shower caddy comes with automatic draining. It is rust-proof and a breeze to clean. Simply use a wet cloth to clean and it will look as good as new even after months or years of usage.

The ALLZONE Constant Tension Shower Caddy comes with 4 poles to meet various installation heights; you won’t have to cut the poles.

The high compression spring fixes securely and never collapses. The installation process is easy and fast; it can be done within minutes without any tool or wrench and there will be no damage to the ABS end cap.

Besides, each component parts come fastened with PE bag to block dust and scratches. They are also marked with numbers to allow you to easily distinguish each component part during assembly.

The poles of this shower caddy have strong rust-resistance compared with other chromed or steel ones.

The poles are very sturdy and won’t wobble as long as you’ve installed correctly.


Sturdy poles

Comes with 4 poles to meet various installation heights


Easy installation

Fixes securely and never collapse

No tool needed for installation


Some users found it to be wobbly.

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: Does this get mold fast or begin to rust?? Answer: Have not had any problems with mold or rust whatsoever. Love the product.

2. The Oxo- Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy.

Maximize your bathroom space with the oxo Good Grips Corner Standing Shower Caddy. This 3′ stainless steel shower caddy lies perfectly in the corner of a shower stall, holding your shampoos, soap, loofah, and more within reach.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel

It is easy to mount and requires no tools. The slip-resistant bumpers attach to the shower walls for maximum firmness.  The top tray glides back into the shower corner, allowing you to store soap on the shelf, while still having easy entry to the upper bin.

This shower caddy has adjustable non-slip feet to conform to uneven shower floors and offer the perfect balance. The two included large capacity bins adjust easily and can be removed for cleaning. The shelf trays come with drainage slots and also have convenient holes for keeping bottles upside down.

The oxo Good Grips Corner Standing Shower Caddy measures 36.37″ x 16.92″ x 9.13″ (L x W x H) and features a stainless steel construction that is strong and matches any bathroom look. The built-in hooks offer storage area for brushes, loofahs, and washcloths. Assembly is simple and tool-less.


Perfect height to keep toiletries within reach

Non-slip, adjustable feet provide a perfect balance

Simple, no-tool assembly

Strong, stainless steel construction

Shelf trays have drainage slots


Some users claimed that the plastic pieces started breaking after sometime

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: Is this product rust-proof?

User Answer 1: Nothing is really rust proof, but we have had this in our shower for about a year and it is corrosion free. You still have to clean it though. User Answer 2: So far so good. Looks to be very good quality. User Answer 3: After 2-3 years of use, little if any rust and it cleans easily. Truly great unit. I’ve finally broken the top shelf but it’s my own fault for pressing hard on bottles with pump.

3. Vailge-Adjustable Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy and Rustproof Stainless Steel.

Save space in your bathroom and organize shower accessories perfectly by getting the Vailge Adjustable Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy. This is one of the best stainless steel shower caddies on the market.

Vailge Adjustable Constant Tension Corner Shower.
Vailge Adjustable Constant Tension Corner Shower.

This shower caddy comes with 4 tension poles, which allows you to adjust the height (4.5ft-9.0ft) to whatever you need in the bathroom and other corners.

Made of stainless steel, the pole is rustproof and corrosion-resistant. The 4 positionable shelves are made of high density and tough ABS materials. They are heavy duty and a breeze to clean; you can even move them up and down on the shower caddy pole.

This is an impressive feature as it allows those who don’t like to bend over to reach the too-low shelves an easy time.

With its pole reinforced with high-constriction spring and rubber caps, the feet of this gadget securely wedges between the ground and the ceiling without wobbling and shimmying.

This shower caddy can be installed easily within minutes, without requiring any tools or drilling. The shelf safeguards help keep the razors and bottle soaps from falling during showering, while the hole-design in the shelves provide maximum water drainage. One of the shelves has a built-in towel bar while another has 4 hooks to help you store small items.


Ability to adjust the height

Easy to clean parts

Rustproof and corrosion-resistant

Ability to move the shelves up and down

No tools, easy installation

Hole design on the shelves for maximum drainage


Some users found it to be flimsy

4. Simplehuman– Adjustable shower caddy and stainless steel.

De-clutter your shower space with the Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy. This sleek, neat shower caddy has fully adjustable shelves and is quick to reposition with a simple-adjust dial. Its large capacity will help you organize your shower space and keep everything within reach.

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy XL, Stainless Steel  Anodized Aluminum
simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy XL

Simplehuman products comes in other varieties: Tension Shower Caddy, Adjustable Shower Caddy and Over Door Adjustable Shower Caddy.

Available in 3 styles- standard, extendable, and over door, this gadget comes with modifiable shelves that easily glide up and down to create room for tall shampoo and soap bottles, with a simple turn of the adjustment dial. This gadget is designed to store large modern items such as electric toothbrushes, razors, and facial cleansing brushes.

This shower caddy has a secure and hassle-free installation. Its rubberized showerhead clamp supports it from above while the identical pivoting suction cups reinforce it from below. 

The shelves have specially cut holes for effortless dispensing while the durable stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. What’s more, the water drains completely, so your soap will stay dry and last longer.


Specially cut holes for effortless dispensing

Adjustable shelves

Quick-dry soap dish

Rust-proof stainless steel construction

Innovative storage options

Solid and secure installation.


Some users had issues fitting this shower caddy into their bathroom shower.

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers Question: Is this item rustproof? The photos posted by others suggests it is not.

Answer: Yes, rust has occurred. Although mine is 6 years old and was relatively rust free throughout, once the rust began, it escalated quickly. I am looking for a satisfactory replacement. 

5. Zenna– Home Rustproof aluminum Shower caddy.

The Zenna Home Shower Caddy will instantly add more storage capacity into your shower space. Made of lightweight, strong, and rustproof aluminum, this gadget comes in 4 different styles to cater to the varied needs of the users.

Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Shower Caddy, Satin Chrome
Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof

You can choose among the 4-way adjustable, adjustable over the shower, double-shelf with soap dish, over-the-shower, over-the-door, hand-held hose, and extra-wide over the shower caddy designs. 

This shower caddy installs easily in most showers. The built-in razor storage and hooks offer more functionality as you can use them to hang poufs and washcloths.

With its non-slip lock-top, this gadget will not sway or slip. No other tools are needed for installation except the included hex key. In addition, this gadget comes in an elegant satin chrome finish.


Lightweight and strong

Heavy-gauge aluminum construction


Non-slip lock-top offers secure installation

More functionality

Easy to install in most showers


Some users claimed that this gadget bends easily

The bars are spaced too far apart

6. SunnyPoint- NeverRust Muti-Function Aluminum Shower Caddy and Over The Shower Head.

Another excellent rust free shower caddy is the SunnyPoint Muti-Function Shower Caddy. With its 100% aluminum construction, this gadget is lightweight, strong, and rust-proof.

SunnyPoint NeverRust Muti-Function Aluminum Shower Caddy, NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy Over The Shower Head Over The Door. Rust Proof
SunnyPoint NeverRust

It can be used as an over-the-door shower caddy or an over-the-shower head shower caddy. Its two shelves are large enough and perfect for storing soap, conditioner, shower sponge, shampoo, body wash, and other bath accessories.

The SunnyPoint Muti-Function Shower Caddy assembles easily. It comes with a slip-resistant grip as well as two suction cups to keep it in place.

The large bottom hooks will hold your tub mat to allow drying as the fenestrated shelves facilitate drainage.


Aluminum construction resists rusting

Large shelves to hold your bath accessories

Lightweight and strong

It’s multi-functional

Easy assembly


Some users found it to be flimsy

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: Do you replace if it rusts?Answer: It does not rust!! I have had it for about a year now and there are no signs of rusting. The best shower caddy ever! 

7. Simplehuman– Corner Shower Caddy, rust-proof stainless steel and Anodized Aluminum.

The Simplehuman corner shower caddy is another gadget that will maximize shower accessories storage in corners and help you organize your shower space.

simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy
simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy

This rust resistance shower caddy comes with adjustable wire-frame shelves with the ability to glide up and down to create space for tall shampoo and soap bottles.

Simplehuman  products comes in other varieties: Tension Shower Caddy, Adjustable Shower Caddy and Over Door Adjustable Shower Caddy

With its adjustable feet, this caddy is able to remain stable even on unequal floors. The convenient storage hooks help hold razors, toothbrush, loofah, and other accessories. The durable stainless steel construction makes this gadget rust-proof and easy to clean

This shower caddy measures13.2″W x 8.5″D x 30.5″H when assembled and comes with a sturdy aluminum pole that supports it and helps keep it in place. To give you peace of mind, the company offers a 5-year warranty on this purchase.


Adjustable shelves

Stable even on unequal floors

5-year warranty

Durable stainless steel construction


Some users found it to be shorter

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: Does it rust? I’ve had to throw out prior “rust proof” shower caddies- Thanks!

Answer: This has held up fantastic, no mildew or rust in the three years we have owned this. I am so impressed, I bought three others for my other bathrooms! FYI…do not store a Mr. Clean white sponge on this caddy, it turns the sponge black, but it did not damage the caddy. 

8. Vidan Home Solutions.- Dual Installation (Hanging or Mounted) Rustproof.

Don’t you just hate caddies that swing and slide out of place or those that rust so quickly? The vidan home solutions shower caddy is rustproof, corrosion-resistant and made with high-quality stainless steel. It features easy installation and removal, and no tools are required in both instances.

Vidan Home Solutions Shower Caddy Dual Installation (Hanging or Mounted)| Rustproof, Multi-Shelf/Basket Shower Organizer
Vidan Home Solutions Shower Caddy

With its suction cup, this gadget is able to adhere to smooth, non-porous, glossy surfaces. It will, however, not adhere to porcelain, granite, marble, or stone.

This gadget comes with 2-tiers of modern, elegant, and spacious shelves and hooks to provide enough space for all your shower accessories.

Place your body washes, shampoo, and shower gel on the upper tier and your soap, body lotion, and shaving cream on the lower tier.

This gadget can support up to a maximum of 25lbs of weight. And, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


Stainless steel

Modern, elegant, and spacious

100% satisfaction guarantee

Easy installation

2 tiers of shelves and built-in hooks

Suction cup keeps the caddy in place


Some users had issues fitting this organizer into their big shower heads

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: How much weight can this caddy hold? Answer 1: In the product description, it states that the caddy will hold up to 25 lbs. I haven’t tested it, but my experience is that it’ll hold two to three big bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner and two or three bars of soap plus anything reasonable you desire to hang on the hooks attached to it. 

9. HYNAWIN– Tension Corner Shower Caddy Adjustable 4 Tier.

The HYNAWIN Tension Shower Caddy comes with a corner basket design to help you save and maximize space in your bathtubs and shower. This way, you will make the most of the unused corners and increase the scope of movable space.

HYNAWIN Tension Corner Shower Caddy Adjustable 4 Tier Shower Caddies,Stainless Steel Rod,
HYNAWIN Tension Corner Shower

The shelves adjust to suit your specific needs. One of the shelves has a built-in towel bar while the other has 4 hooks to help you store small items. Still, on the shelves, the safeguards help keep razors and bottle soaps from falling during showering.

The best part of this shower caddy is that the pole can be adjusted by the subtraction/addition of connecting tubes. You can also tighten/loosen the attachment between the top second attachment tube and the inner wall of the third connecting tube. The adjustable stainless steel pole means you can use this gadget with ceilings of between 41IN-122IN high.

The HYNAWIN Tension Shower Caddy can be installed within minutes, without the need for tools or wrench; there is no harm with ABS end cap.

Reinforced with high-compression spring and strong grippy rubber feet, this pole secures sturdily and safely between the floor and the ceiling, including in corners without any damage.

Measuring 13” (front) x 9’’ (sides) x 1.2” deep, this 4 tier gadget provide you with ample space to store all your bath accessories. And, the stable design makes it possible to hold even the largest conditioner and shampoo bottles.


4 tier with enough space to store bath accessories

Fast and easy installation

Adjustable shelves

Stainless steel rod that is rustproof and corrosion-resistant

The shelves have protecting hurdles to prevent items from falling

Super easy to clean


  • Some users found this item to be made of cheap materials

10. Baoyouni Bathroom– Corner Shower Caddy Pole Rust proof.

The baoyouni bathroom corner shower caddy is a 430 stainless steel composite tube. The poles come in 2 sizes, 6ft0.8in-7ft10.44in and 8ft4.39in-10ft2.04in; it fits any shower corner to ceiling.

This shower caddy is strong and sturdy and will help you organize your shower essentials in the corner of your bathtub or shower.

BAOYOUNI 4 Tier Bathroom Corner Shower Caddy Pole, Rust Proof Tension Rod Storage Rack
BAOYOUNI 4 Tier Bathroom Corner Shower

The rustproof pole enlarges to create a tight fit. The triangle trays have hooks and drain holes on every shelf to provide proper drainage. This product is easy to assemble and adjusts as per the height of the ceiling.

You have 5 sizes to choose from- 3 tier corner rack, 4 tier corner shelf, 4 tier rectangle shelf, 4 tier regular corner shelf with towel rack, and large 4 tier with a guardrail.

You can re-position the trays anywhere along the tube. Besides, the 4 rubber rings can be used to modify the height of the drawer to hold different sized bottles including shampoo bottles, soaps, sponges, and more.

Each layer can bear 5kgs capacity. This pole is very safe; no tools are needed, no drilling is required, and therefore, no damage to your wall. Also, there is a non-skid TPE Pad on each side of the pole for added stability.


No tools needed for assembly

The pole expands to provide a snug fit

Adjustable design

Each layer can hold 5kgs capacity



May not fit all kinds of tubs

FAQ: General Questions by Customers to Sellers. Question: Is this guaranteed to be 100% rustproof? Answer: I don’t believe it’s guaranteed however I’ve had mine in the shower for over a year and not rust has developed. I really like it.

Question: Can this be adjusted to less than 6 ft? Is it possible to install with only one of the middle poles ? Answer:You could buy the 3-tier corner rack, adjustable size is between 115-200 cm / 3.7ft – 6.4ft. 

11. Simple Houseware– Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer.

The Simple Houseware’s bathroom shower caddy is one deep basket. This super sturdy organizer comes with one shelf and a soap holder with 4 hooks.

Chrome  Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer
Simple Houseware Caddy Organiser

The shelves are big and nice and make an excellent storage space for shampoo, conditioner, shower sponge, body wash, loofahs, razors, and other bath accessories.

This classic bathroom shower caddy has a slip-resistant grip as well as two suction cups that keep it in place.

It is super sturdy and dependable, with a rust-resistant elegant chrome finish. This item measures 26” H x 16” W x 5.5” D when assembled and has a Patent Pending.


Big enough to hold all your bath accessories


Sturdy construction

Non-slip grip with two suction cups to prevent it from swinging around


  • Requires assembly which might take sometime
  • Some users complained of poor plating quality

Shower Caddies Buyers Guide

Shower caddies come in a wide range of designs that you should choose from, now that you informed about what a good shower caddy entails. However, this review might seem inadequate on which one of the featured caddies is the best but we have review the once mostly purchased and with the best consumer reviews.

Note these units are designed to suit your washroom design and where they can be placed in your bathroom. There are a number of factors that are supposed to give you the exact choice of a shower caddy to choose from.

Factors to consider before purchasing Shower Caddies.

Corner Standing Caddies

In our review we did Corner Standing Caddies that are made of extremely durable material since they do not rust. And thus serving you for a longer period of time they can be made of aluminum, or stainless steel for durability.

Overhead Hanging Shower Caddy

These are the best popular model available today. It can be hanged on the 5 inches pipe that joins to your shower-head. This organizer is very useful since it holds your bathroom essentials close to you when taking bath.

Molds do not easily build up because the water drips faster through it and risk of mildew and mold development is almost zero. The unit is also easy to clean as you can dismount it once in a while. These caddies cannot be used with handheld showerheads too. The tube of the shower head tends to collide with the caddy making it a nuisance.

Pole Shower Caddy

These types of shower caddies are supported by a tension pole and placed on the corner of a bathtub. They are only fit for use with bathrooms having bathtub. Therefore, if you do not have a bathtub, this caddy would not be fit for you.

You must to ensure that the pole shower caddy you get is strong and has stable rubber feet to stand on. The pole is the only support of the caddy. If it is not robust enough, the items placed on it might come crumbling down at any instant. The rubber feet prevent the metal pole from coming in to contact with water when taking bath.

Tension Corner Pole Caddy

This is another popular caddy model in the market. Before they were restricted to be used for tubs corners but they are now in variety. They are held in corners by a tension rod and often hold a couple of shelves.

The caddy is very useful when more than 2 people are using your bathroom. They are likely to rust since they are placed on the ground – though they are designed to have a rubber foot.

Suction Cup Caddy Shelf

Are convenient caddies if you stay alone. This item doesn’t occupy a lot of space and can easily hold few bottles of conditioner and shampoo securely. The major problem with Suction Cup Caddy Shelf is that its shelves should be replaced frequently.

Note the suction cups tend to get overpowered over time. And it’s important that you ensure the caddy you get has a substitute method of mounting in case the suction cups become weak.

Over The Door Caddy

Looking for a lasting and reliable caddy, then you should try the Over The Door Caddy. The main reason why it’s durable is that it is hanged on the door and avoids a lot of water. The shortcoming of this caddy is that it works with shower doors and is very useless if there isn’t one.

Best shower caddy for 2020 mounted at the corner of bathroom
Shower Caddy

Materials Used to Make Shower Caddies

Once you have seen different designs of shower caddies, it is time to answer the question of what is the best shower caddy when it comes to the material. These caddies are generally made of the following materials:

Metal shower caddy

Many of these products are made of metal. Metal increase the durability of your caddy and provides strength to it. Those made of Stainless steel and aluminum are strong and durable, but they are prone to rusting especially in bathrooms’ humid conditions

Plastic shower caddy 

These units are used for only a short time. They are easy to install and can be hanged or made to stand. They can attract bacteria and you should change them regularly.

Polyester or mesh caddy 

Polyester fabric is durable, though not as plastic or steel, and lighter. It is prone to tear though. Your specific situation will inform which caddy is best for you. These caddies are portable and are ideal for use in a dorm or gym or while traveling. They are easy to clean but aren’t suitable for use over a long time.

Other factors to Consider

Location for use.

Shared bathrooms require that you have a portable shower caddy. Therefore, most of the mount caddies would not be ideal for such situations. Mount cadies are ideal for a home bathroom, where you do not have to take your bathing items outside the bathroom


Pricey caddies are normally more durable and have greater convenience. However, it is important to compare these prices with the features that the caddies have.

The caddies could have their prices informed by other market forces rather than just the quality. Comparing the price of the caddy against it feature and those of other caddies of a similar price range will ensure you get value for your money.


All these efforts are aimed at aiding you to choose the best shower caddy for yourself. The factors in the buying guide are to be compared with the features of the caddies in the review, to gather which one is the best for you or in a particular situation

The best rust proof shower caddy will help you organize your bath accessories and keep them within reach.

This item is also helpful in bathrooms with limited space. We hope our review for Best Shower Caddy helped you get the best product as per your own specifications.

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