Here Are Some Benefits Of Having A Dash Camera In Your Vehicle

Dashcams are no longer a new thing. More and more drivers are installing them in their vehicles for various reasons. In case you are wondering why are dash cameras so popular, it’s because they come with an array of benefits that you do not want to miss. For instance, some people use their dash cameras to make money. Huh? Yes, you can make some extra dollars with them and we are going to show you how to sell your dashcam footage and make passive income. Stay right here.

In case you are wondering what a dash cam is, it’s simply a video camera that you can mount on the dashboard of your car. It starts recording as soon as you start driving. Some dash cameras are set to keep recording even when the engine is off. That way, you can leave your car unattended and when you come back, you can review the footage to see what happened when you were away. Dashcams are mostly used in private vehicles and have proven to be quite helpful. 

If you have been wondering whether to get a dashcam for your car or not, see these benefits of having a dashcam and then make your decision.

Benefits of having a dashcam in your car

They provide security

You don’t have to worry that something might happen to your beloved car when you are away. We know what hit and run drivers do best, especially in the parking lot. Your dash camera will keep a record of everything happening and if someone tries to break into your car or crashes it, you will easily identify the victim and take the matter up with the police. 

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It can help you improve your behind-the-wheel skills

When you are on the wheel, you might not notice in case you make any mistakes. But with a dashcam, you can always review your driving and notice some mistakes you were not so conscious about. For instance, you might realize that you were driving too close behind the car ahead of you. Once you identify some areas that need improvement in your driving, you work on them and become a better driver.

Record memories

Are you fond of taking road trips on weekends and holidays? Your dashcam can preserve the memories and nothing beats that! That whenever you want to reminisce about a trip you had, you just watch the video and feel better. You can also share these memories with those who missed the road trip.

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Captures interesting scenes

A lot of things happen on the road. There are those you just don’t want to miss.  Instead of taking your phone and start recording while still driving (which is dangerous), a dashcam will record everything for you. If you are a content creator, crazy road videos can go viral which is to your advantage.

Know what your teenager has been up to

Are you afraid that your teenager may not be as responsible as they claim to be? A dash cam will help you know how they have been driving and the company they have in the car. Some of them have a GPS so you can always tell where your teenager is at. If they know that you will review the footage of the dashcam, there is no way they are engaging in dangerous driving or getting themselves into trouble. 


You just never know who is watching. The thought of knowing that someone might be recording you on their dashcam creates a sense of accountability on the road. You might think there is no evidence to incriminate you only to later realize that someone has evidence that you were at fault or responsible for causing an accident.

Reliable evidence

Dashcams have been used to solve cases where an accident occurs and parties blame each other. In such cases where none of the involved parties takes responsibility for causing the accident, dashcam footage will give reliable evidence of the exact thing that happened. Dashcams with a G sensor are even better as they save the footage as soon as they detect some force being applied to the car. Thus, if a driver is involved in an accident, the footage is saved automatically in a protected file. I have heard people ask “Can dashcam footage be used as evidence?” You now know the answer.

Can be presented before the court

Are dash cameras admissible in court? Yes, they are! If two parties cannot agree even after reviewing the footage, you can present it in a court of law for compensation. The jury will be happy to review it rather than listening to both the complainant and the defendant pointing fingers at each other. 

However, there are instances where the dashcam footage can be used against you in court. If you recorded private property or passengers in your car without their consent, you risk a jail term or a penalty. Be careful what and where you are recording.

You can make money from your dashcam

Yup! Your dashcam could be your side hustle. Cab drivers make additional income from videos they record while on their job. 

How to begin monetizing your dashcam videos

Believe it or not, some sites buy dashcam videos. If you happen to capture an interesting scene, you can make some money by selling the footage to such companies. Another way to make money from dashcam videos is to post them on YouTube. While it might take a while to get enough traction, some videos can go viral and you start making money from your channel within no time. 

Consistently posting interesting dashcam videos on your social media platforms can also help you get a lot of followers. With a good number of followers, brands will be reaching out to you to advertise on your platforms. This might seem like a long shot but given that it doesn’t consume much of your time; you might want to consider doing it. After all, who wouldn’t want an extra and stress-free source of income?


You need a dashcam. Even though not for purposes of making passive income, a dashboard camera has great benefits as you have seen. Yet, they are pretty affordable. Just be careful with what you are recording and ensure you alert people joining you in the car that the dashcam is on. It will help you stay away from trouble. 

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