Top 8 Best Front and Rear Car Dash Cameras to Buy in 2021

Keep a watchful eye on what’s on what behind you. Moreover, with a quality dash cam backup camera system you can significantly enhance rear-view visibility for you and thus help minimize the risk of “blind spot zone” accidents whenever your vehicle is moving in reverse as well as recording what happening. Modern rear camera systems have been shown to reduce backing up accidents with a big % margin especially when enabled with the cars audio near collision sensors feature.

Suction Dash cam mounted on the windshield of a car
Suction Dash cam mounted on the windshield

And with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rear visibility regulations already in effect as of June 6 2014 and with a full compliance on May 1 2018, you really need to start thinking about upgrading your car’s rear visibility capability. We came up with a list of the best-rated dash cam backup cameras for cars you will love for the great feature they have to get you started.

1. AKASO Mirror Dash Camera with 10” Backup Camera 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Stream Media.

With 10-inch IPS touch screen that provides a wide visual angle which makes AKASO mirror dash clearer to view video literally. If you engage the reverse the image of rear dash camera will help you park with ease. With 4pcs night vision lights they will automatically switch over the full view and trigger guidelines for safe parking.

AKASO Touch Screen Mirror Dash Camera for Cars - 10'' Backup Camera 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Stream Media DVR with Sony IMX307 G-Sensor Parking Monitor 32 GB SD Card (DL9)
AKASO Mirror Dash Camera for Cars

With G-sensor and loop recording the system will lock automatically in case of a collision and this helps video not to be overwritten even when the loop record function is on. If the storage space is full, it can automatically cover the earlier segment.

Equipped with 1080P camera feature and a 170-degree wide angle lens will cover the entire road ahead and capture all critical details. Enabled with super night vision from advanced Sony IMX307 sensor, the mirror dash cam will provide clarity and safety at night while driving or reversing. There are two ways to install this rear camera on the rear of the car you can install on the windshield of the car’s rear or nearby the license plate.

Product Features

Sony IMX307

24-Hours parking monitor

Loop Recording

32 GB SD Card

WDR Wide dynamic range)

Emergency lock (Built in G-sensor)

1920* 1080P 30fps Front and Rear

2. TOGUARD Backup Camera with 10″ Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Full Touch Screen.

TOGUARD has been a leader in industrial personal security technology and the company has been in the market since 2009. This dash cam has a 1080P streaming media feature with a full HD sharp color IPS touch screen you will like. The screen will synchronously display rear viewing when you start the car and display a clear crisp video quality with a high resolution in or at night. With a wide angle lens that eliminates your blind spots and alleviates the worry of recording everything that is happening in front and rear or the car, hence helping you to drive at ease. Its original equipment manufacturer look makes the mirror dash cam perfectly integrate with existing mirror.

TOGUARD Backup Camera AND Night Vision Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera WITH 10" Mirror Dash Cam, Dash Cam Front and Rear
TOGUARD Backup Camera

Enabled with a G-sensor the system will automatically lock and store the video when it encounters a sudden shock and collision. The loop recording feature will also automatically overwrite the earliest video when the memory storage space is full. Equipped with analogy high definition 1080P backup camera presents a super night vision in low light conditions, and the backup camera display with guide lines assist you for safe parking.

The system high resolution is available either in 1080P backup camera + 720P front camera or 1080P front camera + 720P rear view camera, the bright full screen makes it possible to clearly read the license plates of vehicles behind or in front of you, both day and night. Both cameras simultaneously record the road ahead of you and behind you, assuring your safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

Product Features

Display is 10-inch

Video format is MOV

Power interface 5V/2A DC

Support 32GB Class 10

Product weight 0.71 lb

Product dimensions 9.8X2.7X0.6 inches

Default camera when its turns on is the rear camera with full screen.


Easy to install

Clean packaging

Default rear back up camera

Responsive touch screen

Easy to figure out the settings

Clear picture at front and rear

Has 720/1080 front or rear camera options


The product is not a cheap regular rear view mirror

3. DuDuBell Dash Cam with 10″ Mirror Dash Cam and Reverse Assistance Backup Camera.

With Sony IMX323 sensors and AHD technology DuDuBell 10-inch will provide you with super clear image on the road even in very dark environment. The camera system is also enabled with a dual 1080P camera for a better video recording and nothing you will miss. Display mode: Front cam viewing only, rear cam full screen viewing only and picture viewing. Mirror cam are recording from both front and rear cams no matter what the display mode is.

DuDuBell Dash Cam with 10" Mirror Dash Cam and Reverse Assistance Backup Camera.
DuDuBell Dash Cam

With super wide angle & external GPS the 170 degrees 6G front cam and 140 degrees 6g rear cam eliminates blind spots and helps to record everything on the road, which helps you drive with ease. The GPS records accurate speed and location information while driving. The 10″ IPS Touch Screen & Reverse Assistance Rear cam images will show on your car from the 10″ full screen when car engine starts, more convenience for you when you are reversing. You will be required to connect the rear camera red wire to your car tail light positive lead, so that M2 dash cam will provide reverse guild line automatically in any situation when the R gear is engaged.

Product Features

Color black

Video format MP4

Video resolution 1080P

Power supply 5V DV

Battery built-in 500mAh

External GPS included.

Recommended SD card 32GB Class 10

Display screen 10-inches IPS touch screen

Lens 170 degrees’ front lens and 140 degrees’ rear lens.


The most important is the video quality.

I can clearly record everything even at night.

The camera behind is adjustable to accommodate your rear view mirror.

It has a big touch screen and easy to touch and navigate through it.

It has a back camera that is useful when sing a truck and it records from behind.


Made out of plastic mostly but it doesn’t get hot which is somewhat good and bad.

4. DMYCO Backup Camera Car and Mirror Dash Cam with a 10” IPS Full Touch Screen.

If you are looking for a really multi-functional dash-cam, then go for this system by DMYCO product. The camera comes with streaming media, G-sensor, parking monitor, reversing aid system loop recording super nice vision and adjustable display viewing angle. With a Higher Quality – Sony HD 2560P lens and a 170° wide angle plus Aluminum alloy back shell design that enhances the system durability you will need to get the services you need. This will help you to avoid the mirror dash cam with fake 1080P in market.

DMYCO Backup Camera Car and Mirror Dash Cam with a 12'' IPS Full Touch Screen
DMYCO Backup Camera Car

The camera setup has a bigger screen of 10 inch IPS and full touch screen with humanized design UI operation interface. You can enjoy the super nice display experience at all time. The streaming media is intended to provide you with the best view of dash cam. Include the front and rear both view of the car. It can provide 7 times zones of the rear view. Not like your mirror to see the rear, it can give you a full look.

Equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology) , the 2560P front and backup camera can automatically balance the light and dark area of the video to give you a better and crystal clear night vision experience. You will also like the easy to set up and operate once you get it.

Product Features.

32G TF card

11 feet car charger

Easy installation tool

18 feet cable for rear camera

2560P/1080P mirror dash cam

2560P/1080P backup camera


This dual dash cam with back up camera works great.

Has superior 10 in screen that is touch screen.

The setup comes with  32GB SD card.

With 2060P/1080P system and images and video are super clean.

It has night vision and park line assist when using back up camera.

Its sensors and parking motion detection works great.

5. 360 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dash Camera for Cars, Touch Screen, G-Sensor, Parking Monitor with Loop Recording

This product from teentok dash cam front and rear is a perfect system if you want a dash cam that is simple to install and be able to see the whole world around your vehicle. With 1440 HD full dual dash and a backup camera with monitor kit, will simultaneously be recording with 1080P FHD front lens. The product comes as an IP69 waterproof to with stand all kind of weather all year round.

A 360 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dash Camera for Cars with 1440P HD Car DVR its 4.5" Touch Screen, G-Sensor and Parking Monitor with Loop Recording

You can easily switch display mode (independent image/picture in picture) on 7” large LCD Screen monitor with ease. This dual camera has F2.0 lens, plus eight IR light and Sony IMX323 sensor HDR provides super night vision, this advanced technology helps capture smaller details not normally seen at night while driving and provides you all-round protection. When low-light conditions are detected, the infrared LEDs will automatically turn on to support rear image recording, offering you and passengers a higher level of in-car safety.

The system has an auto starts up and records automatically when you do ignition sparks up; the loop-recording feature of the camera saves the latest the videos and overwrites the oldest videos when card memory is full.

The built-in G-Sensor of the system, it will automatically activate emergency recording mode when it detects a collision and the video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten. With 360 degrees rotation HD backup camera for monitor. You can easily switch display mode (quad-image/independent image) on 7-inch widescreen monitor.


Easy to install

The screen is huge

Loop recording

Night vision is a big plus

Picture quality is great

The back cam is only 720p

Adjustable mounting bracket

Split screen viewing for front and rear.

Front cam is 1080, back cam is waterproof

Power supply 12v powered – can go up to 35v


Only accepts up to 64GB

Screen size can be a big too big for some compact / Sedan car

6. Poaeaon Backup Camera 10″ Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam.

With 1296P front and 1080P rear dash camera this POAEAON backup camera lets you see all the details like license plates, street signs more easily than dash cam with lower resolutions.

This system has an ultra-wide field of view and adjustable screen brightness that helps eliminate blind spots and elevates the worry of recording everything happening in front and rear which helps you drive at ease.

ALL SCREEN touch screen: streaming media 10 inch HD mirror cam. You can mute the recording, lock a segment of footage, take a photo and check the playback with only one touch.

Poaeaon Backup Camera 10" Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam.
Poaeaon Backup Camera AND Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam.

The camera is equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology), and the 1080P backup camera enhances night vision in low light conditions and prevents video overexposure while driving and backing up, giving you an exceptionally sharp image at night.

The reversing camera kit for safe parking offers rear view cam switch to the full screen HD reversing image including the reverse with line assist when the vehicle is in reverse, no need to turn around and easy to park with the help of guidelines. (The red wire of the rear camera should connect to the positive pole of the reversing light).


Very clear rear camera

64 GB memory card included

Fast and easy set up by their instructions

Decent built quality including all cables and harness.

Response touch screen and speedy start up/shut down time

Hardwire ready but you still need additional fuse box tap kit to wire the positive and negative terminals.

7. PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera with 9.88″ Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media.

This dash cam is one of the best rear view mirror dash cams you are yet to come discover. It is built in such a way that it can stand extreme temperature ranging from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you will be able to record in various climates. The camera has an easy parking & 26 feet Extended back up camera, the reverse camera starts up automatically when you are reversing, and you can park easily with help of the assistant line that appear.

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera with 9.88" Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media.
PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

The front camera lens can be pulled out or in to adjust the view. Moreover, this rear view dash cam has a 9.88-inch IPS touchscreen that is easy to use and further improves clarity.

The camera rear view mirror records at 1080p resolution, giving you nice and detailed footage behind your car, you can easily read rearview traffic signs across a 150 degrees’ field. During the nighttime, this dual dash cam equipped with F2.0 7-glass lens has minimal glare from other car headlights, and lighter areas will not be overexposed.

Product Specification:

G Sensor Lock

Support GPS

Loop Recording

Power supply DC 5V/2.5A

Parking Assist & Parking Monitor

Lens view angle: Front 170°, Rear 150°

Display: 9.88 inch HD IPS Touch Screen

Rear camera extended wire length 26 Feet

Front/Rear camera resolution is1080P/1080P

Memory card capacity: Maximum support 64GB, Preferred 32GB 10 class


Large and clear display

Good quality front camera

Adjust-ability of the front lens

Decent software interface

Good low light performance (in detriment of daylight performance)


Doesn’t come with SD card

Difficult to install for those who are not very car friendly

8. The VAVA Dash Cam with 4K resolution 3840X2140 with Wi-Fi.

This VAVA dash cam comes with a 4K resolution offering you with an excellent ultra HD video quality even in high speed driving. When the G-sensor system detects a shock or vibration of a vehicle it will automatically power on and record. When this happens, the system automatically saves and locks whatever happened during that period.

It will not let the loop recording system delete it. Another wonderful feature of this dash cam is the wide angle, which captures the entire road at an angle of 155 degrees. The Wi-Fi featured mobile app will enable you with a live viewing, real time photo and sharing.

The system utilize Sony sensor that improves Exmore R’s low light sensitivity allowing clear imaging in low light environments and image signal processing ISP technology to record a clear, visible video in any situation- day or night.

Product Features

Lens 155 degrees

Power Input 5VDC/1A

Camera sensor is IMX317

Resolution: 3840 x 2160@30fps

G-sensor with 3-axis accelerometer

Video clip/ Photo format are saved as MP4/ jpg

Wireless connections through the Wi-Fi (between smart phone and dash cam)

Built-in battery Capacity is 320mAH

Operating temperature range -4°f to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

There are three video settings – automatic, manual, and emergency recording. Automatic Recording: Video recording is automatically activated once the car is started. Manual Recording: A default 20 second video footage will be recorded through the app or the Snapshot Button. Emergency Recording: A video footage is generated once a collision or bump is detected through the G-Sensor during driving or in parking monitor mode.


Night videos are pretty good.

Product installation very easy.

The camera day time Video quality is excellent.

Amazing magnetic attachment design. It is so much convenient.

Remote button that can be attached to the steering is very handy.

Things You Should Check Out Before Buying Rear View Mirror Dash Cam.

Before making that purchase, you want to define which features you like most in these rear view mirror dash cam. Most of them provide different viewing, with some as wide as 190 degrees. Some have low-light capabilities, which enhances the picture’s visibility during nightfall and early morning.

Rear view image if a back up camera
Rear view image if a back up camera

Other have night vision, which offer a high-quality picture after dark and some can record while driving. Another feature to consider is getting one with automatic incident detection, which locks the video when the sensor detects an incident, so that it will not be overwritten. You can also get a wireless back-up camera with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to view, save and send recordings to your smart gadgets.

Finding the best dash cam for you depends on how you intend to use it. A dash cam equipped with G-sensor includes motion detection. This function saves and locks the current video if the car camera detects an accident or a hard-braking incident in case of an emergency. This will provide valuable evidence to an insurance company.

If you drive a lot at night, a camera with night vision mode can provide quality recording in low light. You can also choose a system that includes a rear camera, or you can get a separate back-up camera. You also have the option of choosing a dash cam with GPS. If you do not want GPS, a handy GPS can handle your navigation requirements.

Product resolution.

The higher resolution, the clearer the videos your dash cam will produce. If you are only interested in crystal-clear videos, you should consider those units with resolutions of at least 1080p and above for the front camera and 480p for the rear camera.

Monitor size/Display.

A large display size makes a dash cam extremely easy to use. In most cases, large screens tend to have large buttons and user-friendly icons to make sure you have an easy time operating your dash cam Others have touchscreen capability hence navigations through the screen becomes easy.


Given that these cameras are more likely to be exposed to rain, dust, fog and other weather conditions, rear cameras of your dash cam system should be weatherproof. Ideally, a weatherproof rear camera is reliable because it will be able to record videos even when the weather is not clear.

Temperature tolerance.

Your rear view mirror dash cam should work in many different climates. For instance, dash cams with operating temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit make an excellent purchase because they will deliver in extreme conditions


A rear view mirror dash cam is no longer optional. It will captures everything that is going on while you are driving. Well, this makes them very important because they can help you out in the event of an emergency or accident by making claims easy. A rear view mirror dash cam also eliminates blind spots, thereby, ensuring safe driving especially when backing up.

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