10 Best License Plate Car Backup Cameras Reviewed In 2021

Car backup cameras are no longer a luxury for drivers in the U.S. In May 2018, a compulsory law was passed requiring drivers of passenger vehicles to install backup cameras for security and safety reasons. Backup cameras make reversing easier and lower the risk of causing an accident while parking. With this list of 10 Best Priced License Plate Car Backup Cameras in 2021, you will be able to see all the blind spots with full clarity no matter the weather condition or how dark it is.  

The market is flooded with numerous options for rear-view cameras that you may be confused on which one to go for. We have reviewed 10 of the best backup cameras to get you started and maintain safety for your vehicle. Take a look! Top 10 Brands Revealed

1. PEAK Digital Back-Up Camera

When deciding which license plate backup camera suits you, consider what monitor size will perfectly fit you and your vehicle. The PEAK Digital Back-Up Camera comes in three different monitor sizes; choose among 3.5″, 4.3″, and 7″ screens. Its water-resistant color backup camera seamlessly binds to the back of your vehicle and radiates to an LCD monitor erect into the inserted rearview mirror. 

PEAK Digital Back-Up Camera for license plate backup camera
PEAK Digital

Brand : Peak | Monitor sizes: 3.5”, 4.3” and 7”  | Weight: 1.3 pounds | Where to use: Car, Truck, SUV and Towing boats | Manufacture: Old World Industries | Monitor type: LCD | Discontinued : No | Transmission: 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter | Power: 1 lithium battery required | Extra feature: Night Vision for backup camera safety

This camera gives you easy, hassle-free installation and a flawless implementation into any vehicle. Use it in your car, truck, SUV, or for towing boats when going for fishing. Save hundreds of dollars on overpriced installation and get a reliable backup camera that you can easily install on your own, within minutes. This unit is equipped with night vision to give you extra car backup camera safety. 



Effortless, hassle-free installation

Comes with 3 different monitor sizes

Can also be used to monitor the road behind

Comes with night vision for extra car backup camera safety


Some users complained that it had a small angle of view

May not be compatible with other wireless devices in your vehicle.

Ensure compatibility before buying

User Question: Is the unit waterproof. Yes, the camera is waterproof, as it’s installed on your license plate. The transmitter unit is not but it is installed inside the vehicle so no much worry.

2. Yada Digital-License Plate Backup Camera

The Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera a perfect for license plate is specifically designed to help minimize blind spots; its camera and dash monitor makes it easy and secure for drivers to see what is at the rear of the car while in reverse. In addition, the digital wireless execution means there will not be any interference in the monitor. You can easily install this backup camera over the number plate. It is waterproof, includes night vision capability, and has an IP67 waterproof  rating.

Yada Digital-License Plate Backup Camera
Yada Digital

Water proof Rating: IP67 | Extra feature: Night vision capability | Brand: Yada | Returnable: 90 days | Power: 12V/24V power adaptor | Viewing angle: 110 to 119 Degrees | Monitor sizes: 5”, 4.3”, 3.5”, and 2.4” | Monitor type: LCD

With its adjustable 4.3-inch TFT, LCD monitor, you are bound to get a good quality view of whatever is happening behind you. The monitor clearly displays the live picture from behind your vehicle and the included suction cup mount provides easy placement. 

The Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera system gives you a wide-angle weatherproof camera that shows sharp pictures with parking assistance. When the car is in reverse, the picture is wirelessly relayed to the monitor. You don’t have to connect any wires from the monitor to the camera! This camera is available in four sizes; choose among 2.4″, 3.5″, 4.3″, and 5″


Easy to install

Wide visual angle

Has parking assistance lines

Digital signal means no interference

Available in 4 different sizes

The monitor has a suction cup mount to allow easy placement

Night vision helps to see in complete nightfall or low lit areas

Image automatically becomes visible when the car is in reverse

The camera is tough, durable and has an IP67 water-resistant rating

The 4.3-inch LCD monitor distinctively displays the live image from behind the car


Not completely weatherproof

Some users complained of irritating quirks when the camera is on

Question: Can it drain the battery if connected to a constant 12v supply? Yes. But it has a on and off button so you can use it key on or key off as long as your cigarette  lighter works in key off, because some don’t. If the screen is off then it will not drain your battery and you can leave it connected. If the screen is on and the car is not running, then it will drain your battery.

3. Pyle License Plate– Rear View Backup Camera

Become a better and responsible driver by adding a line of your car safety with the Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 this license plate Rear View Backup Camera. This device system provides easy installation, parking assistance and lets you set up your monitor and camera exactly where you want them to be. The system comes with all the required cables and wiring for mounting. It’s a wireless set up so you won’t need long wires. It also includes a wireless transmitter that instantly conveys videos from the camera to the screen.

Pyle License Plate- Rear View Backup Camera
Pyle License Plate

Monitor size: 4.3”  | Extra feature: Night vision capability | Color: black | Discontinued: No | Waterproof: IP67 Rating | Viewing angle: 170 degree | Power Supply: DC 12V 200mA |

The Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 comes with a 4.3” monitor that conveniently mounts on the windshield with the provided mounting arm. This marine-grade water-resistant camera should be preferably installed just above the car’s rear license plate for the perfect backup viewing. The monitor includes an extensive dashboard mount holder to provide easy installation. The built-in 24Ghz wireless video receiver coupled with NTSC/PAL video system automatically turns on with a simple reverse gear activation. 

The slim yet durable Pyle PLCM4375WIR_0 installs easily and will help you watch out for pedestrians, steer clear of cyclists, and access those tight parking spots like a pro. It is useful when driving in reverse or dim lighting conditions. The backup camera also features distance scale lines display on the monitor to give you accurate reversing and parking without necessarily relying on side mirrors. 


Easy installation

Wireless set up

Comes with a 4.3” monitor

Parking assistance available

Water-resistant and night vision capability

Turns on with a simple reverse gear activation

Distance scale lines provide accurate parking and reversing

Conveniently mounts on the windshield with the provided mounting arm

Includes a wireless transmitter that instantly conveys videos from the camera to the screen


Some users complained of cheap connectors

Other users had issues with short cords that could not reach the transmitter

Another additional feature is that it is waterproof and night vision for cars and other automotive vehicles with IP67 marine grade waterproof to combat bad weather. It’s also fog resistance and the kit include all necessary wiring.

4. Jeep Wrangler OEM Fit– Backup Camera System

Finally! A solution for individuals who own the Jeep Wrangler and want the enhanced practically and safety that comes with rear vision. The Jeep Wrangler OEM Fit Backup Camera System is ideal for vehicles with a factory navigation radio or factory display. It comes with a programming module that shortly plugs into the OBDII dock to code the radio. Note that this system won’t work unless your car has the factory display radio.

Jeep Wrangler  camera system system comes with ingenious spare tire hub mounting
Jeep Wrangler camera system

This backup camera system comes with ingenious spare tire hub mounting block. The CCD technology provides superior daytime image conciseness and nighttime brightness. Also included is the full-length PRELOOMED chassis wiring harness that binds with the factory display radio terminals to make it play and play.


No need for dealer radio programming

Spare tire hub mounting block included

CCD technology offers superior daytime image conciseness and nighttime brightness


Does not work well in low light conditions

Some users complained of lack of lines to dictate the area range

CCD Means charge-coupled device, Semiconductor device in which the individual semiconductor components are connected so that the electrical charge at the output of one device provides the input to the next device. Because they can store electrical charges, CCDs can be used as memory devices, but they are slower than RAMs. CCDs are sensitive to light, and are therefore used as the light-detecting components in video and digital cameras and in optical scanners.

5. BOYO VTL375HD – Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate HD Backup Camera

While other rear-view cameras only provide the convenience of being able to see what is behind, the BOYO VTL375HD takes things a notch higher by offering you a super-slim profile zinc metal license plate frame that provides simple, obscure mounting location, and does not attract so much attention to itself.

BOYO VTL375HD - Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate HD Backup Camera

Plate Frame: Zinc metal | Viewing angle: 175 degrees | Appearance: clean, chrome and black | Water Proof Rating: IP67 | CCD Sensor size: 0.25” Other | Other display features: Wireless | Manufacture: Vision tech America

The BOYO VTL375HD has a wide viewing angle of 175° to give you excellent image quality with camera angle adjustment to allow you to adjust the camera up and down. 

The clean, chrome or black design is a match for many car exteriors and it does not obscure your license plate, making it a solid choice in all fifty states. The IP67 Waterproof Rating means this item is water-resistant. This coupled with a sturdy zinc metal construction means you will have this item for a very long time. 

With its improved 1/4″ Sony CCD sensor, this backup camera offers you the best image possible, even in dim light conditions. 


Excellent image quality

It’s a full-frame license mount construction

Camera angle adjustment ability available

Ability to perform better in dim light conditions

Wide viewing angle of 175° gives you clear pictures

Waterproof zinc metal construction makes it sturdy and durable

Clean, chrome/black design blends well with many car exteriors


You will have to dismantle the tailgate to install this backup camera

Some users had a problem of the chrome finish peeling off

6. BOYO VTL420CL – Bar-Type License Plate Mounted Backup Camera 

Add on to your vehicle’s safety measures by getting the BOYO VTL420CL. This backup camera makes parallel parking simple and comes with other features designed to give you complete clarity when reversing. It comes with LEDs for nighttime convenience and features a bar-style license pane-mounting frame. The LED lights are manually turned on with a push of a button, while the 0 Lux is used for remarkable low light performance when LEDs are switched off. 

BOYO VTL420CL - Bar-Type License Plate Mounted Backup Camera with Parking Lines and LED Lights

The IP67 Waterproof Rating means you can use this item in all kinds of weather conditions. Its waterproof construction coupled with a full zinc frame also makes it sturdy and durable. The zinc metal frame makes this product legal in all 50 U.S States. The camera comes with reverse image selectable and parking lines, and features a camera angle adjustment for up and down modification. 

This backup camera comes with a wide viewing angle of 170° to give you minimal image distortion. 


Camera angle adjustment available

LED lights for night time use

Zinc frame construction offers durability

Bar-Type License Pane Mount Design

Comes with parking gridlines and reverse image selectable

Wide-angle of view of 170° minimizes image distortion

The camera can be used both as a front camera and a rear camera


Some users complained of rust developing on the exposed screws

7. TadiBrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless CCD Steel License Plate Night Vision Backup Camera

See the entire world behind you with the TadiBrothers Backup Camera. The 7” Color LCD Monitor is very thin and light and will make an excellent inclusion to any driver who requires assistance moving backward. The monitor is compatible with any car and works seamlessly with any TadiBrothers camera; you can connect it to a cigarette lighter or any power source. It easily mounts on your dashboard using the included mount. Simply screw your current number plate screws through its brackets!

TadiBrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless CCD Steel License Plate Night Vision Backup Camera
TadiBrothers 7 Inch

Monitor type: Color LCD | Performance sensor: High sensitivity | Power supply: 12 Vdc | Monitor size: 7” | Monitor Compatibility: any car | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | Range length: 50ft |Percentage Weatherproof: 100

The TadiBrothers Backup Camera comes with military-grade night vision for nighttime use, it has 120-degree viewing angle that is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and will enable you to see everything behind you. You can adjust the camera by angling it up and down to get the best view for your car. This wireless camera is wireless so there will be no running of cables through the car. It has a 50ft. range to go through any vehicle. 

Note that wireless means you will not have to use a video cable around your car. The camera and monitor will, however require wiring to a power source. There is a cigarette adapter included in the package though you can utilize ANY 12V power source. This camera is shockproof and 100% weatherproof!



Easy to install

100% weatherproof and shockproof

Perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs

Military-grade night vision for night time use

7” Color LCD monitor that is very thin and light

120-degree viewing angle enables you to see everything behind


Some users claimed it had so many wires for a wireless

This camera is also a wireless camera so there is no need to run cables through your Car or RV. Tadibrothers only sells one type of wireless camera because it’s the ONLY one on the market that is reliable. This wireless camera has a 50ft range that can go through any vehicle.

8. Yuwei 4.3 Inch Monitor with License Plate Backup Camera

Another one from the Yuwei, the 4.3-Inch Monitor with License Plate Backup Camera will give you additional assistance when backing up. It also comes with a very thin LCD monitor that is light. It has two video inputs allow you to connect a camera as well as a DVD player or game system. This camera installs easily! The monitor fits seemly with all Yuwei cameras and any vehicle. 

Yuwei Wireless Backup Camera System, IP69k Waterproof Wireless License Plate Rear View Camera

Monitor size: 4.3” | Monitor type: LCD | Weatherproof: IP69k | Temperature: -4F-176F | Brand: Yuwei | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | Wireless range: 100ft

The Yuwei 5 Inch Monitor Backup Camera is 100% weatherproof and shockproof, making it strong for use in even the toughest weather conditions. It has a color LCD monitor and a military-grade night vision for nighttime use. The 120-degree viewing angle is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and enables you to see everything behind you. The package comes with a 15ft. cable.


Comes with a 15ft. cable

This camera can be fine-tuned by angling it up and down

No need for drilling holes or installing mount brackets

100% weatherproof and shockproof, making it strong for use in even the toughest weather conditions


For its price, some users wished it had many features

This tailbrothers License Plate back up camera is fixed by screwing your current license plate screws through its brackets; it is a very simple installation. It can also be adjusted by angling the camera up or down so you can get the perfect view for your car. There is no need to drill any holes or install mounting brackets.

9. Calmoor- License Plate Wireless Backup Camera 

The Calmoor License Plate Wireless Backup Camera is compatible with most vehicles including cars, trucks, RVs, and SUVs. With a waterproof rating of up to IP69K, this backup camera will not be foggy or wet even in stormy or bad rainy days. What’s more, the license plate frame is made of high-grade stainless steel material that makes it durable. 

Calmoor- License Plate Wireless Backup Camera
Calmoor- License Plate

Monitor: 5 inches | Color: Black |Compatibility: Cars, trucks, RVs and SUVs | Waterproof rating: up to IP69K | Other display feature: Wireless | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | Offer: 30-day refund, 60- day replacement

Equipped with a 170-degree viewing angle with a mirror image, coupled with the wireless reverse camera, you can detect all blind spots without necessarily relying on side mirrors. This backup camera comes with a sensor and eight LED lights to produce HD 1024×600 pixel images even in darkness. This way, you can measure the correct distance for parking/ reversing to avoid collision and backward scratch.

The Calmoor License Plate Wireless Backup Camera securely and easily attaches to the number plate without obstructing the license plate information. It is fog resistant, dust-proof, and shockproof. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company provides a 30-day refund, 60-day replacement, and 12 months of technical support. 


Compatible with most vehicles

Easy installation

Has 8 LED lights and sensor for night time use

Waterproof and durable stainless steel construction

The wide viewing angle of 170 degrees helps you see everything behind


Install instructions are not adequate

Some users complained of the app not starting automatically

10. Esky-License Plate Backup Camera

The Esky License Plate Backup Camera was devised to provide extra convenience when parking your car. Its metal frame construction with black finish makes it perfect for any vehicle and its almost disguised once mounted. It is made from the highest quality materials to ensure it performs optimally for years to come.  

Esky License Plate Backup Camera was devised to provide extra convenience when parking your car
Esky-License Plate

Waterproof rating: IP65 | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | Resolution Capability: 480 TV lines | Rated voltage: DC12-24V | Image sensor: color CMOS | Color Black | Warranty: 1 year

Thanks to its IP65 waterproof rating and seven super bright infrared LED lights, this camera works in various (including extreme) weather conditions and at night. The LEDs are built-in for low light performance. It has an ultra-wide 170° Viewing Angle that maximizes visibility and improves driving. The high-resolution capability (480 TV lines) produces crystal-clear images every time. 

This backup camera comes in a stylish heavy-duty chrome coated frame and uses a normal US license plate to not only protect your panes from the elements but also give your car a unique look.


7 bright LEDs help in low light performance

Wide viewing angle of 170°

Waterproof and dust-proof

High performance in all weather conditions

Stylish heavy-duty chrome coated frame give your car a unique look


Some users found the instructions to be confusing

Other users claimed the unit keeps losing signal

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What to consider before buying vehicle backup cameras?

Worth of the backup camera.

Just like any other shopping, you must also look into the price of the camera system you are buying. In this reviews, we have chosen license plate backup camera coming from different price ranges so that you can compare them not only based on their features but on the amount of money to spend on each of them.

Is the backup camera weatherproof?

Many of these products are waterproof. They are different from old backup cameras on the market because they can deal with the changing weather and temperature situations outdoors. If you are going to install one on your vehicle, such as a bus or truck, you can look forward to years of use because the best of them are also shock proof and weatherproof. However, for the best results, be able to compare the products and look for those with high IP rating if this is an important feature for you.

Truck with Weatherproof Backup Cameras
Car with Weatherproof Backup Cameras

Back up camera improves safety.

Another reason to invest on a backup camera system for vehicles is safety. The best of these observation systems can provide you with a clear view of the obstacles and objects behind your vehicle even from a distance. That buying a rearview camera system is very important. Even when driving in dark places during nighttime, you can also have a clear view of anything behind you if the camera has a night vision capability with a clear digital signal that this system can provide.

Back up camera Product kit

The best backup camera products on the market come with a complete kit with guide instructions. Some of them even include a mounting bracket to reduce hassle of extra purchase of installation materials. So when shopping around, be sure to look for one that has all the items and accessories you need for easy and quick installation out of the box.


Another factor that makes it great to own a backup camera has to do with the convenience. As the best ones are wireless, they do not require cabling or wires to be installed your vehicle. The installation procedure is quick and easy, and won’t require hiring any professional to do it for you.

Quality of the Camera

When choosing a backup camera system, you should also look into the camera quality. It should let you choose infrared, colored, night vision and black and white. The quality of the camera has much to do with the images you will receive on your screen.

The picture quality of a digital camera depends on several factors, including the optical quality of the lens and image-capture chip, compression algorithms, and other components. However, the most important determinant of image quality is the resolution of the CCD. The more elements, the higher the resolution, and thus the greater the detail that can be captured.

Night Vision

Seeing clearly at night especially when backing up in a tight parking lot can be sometimes challenging. It is one of the main roles of a backup camera system you should also consider. If the camera works with a night vision capability that allows clear image viewing at night that would be a thing to consider.

Vehicle Backup Cameras image in the tunnel
Vehicle Backup Cameras image in the tunnel

Back-up camera viewing Angle.

The wider the viewing angle of the backup camera the better – as it will give you a more complete view of your blind spot thus saving collisions. This greatly lowers your chance of backing into something. 

There you have it; 10 of the best car backup cameras in 2020 in the market. Remember, a rear-view camera provides extra eyes when reversing or parking your vehicle. It is meant to be used together with the side-and rear-view mirrors to give an entire image of what is happening behind you. So, do not use it as a substitute for your mirrors.

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