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Wrong positioning of computer monitors is one of the leading causes of poor posture in the office or even at home. This has led to many experiencing neck, back, shoulder, and spinal problems, which can develop to life-threatening conditions if left unattended. The best way to prevent all that is getting a full-motion display mount as it allows you to adjust the angle and height of the screen for optimum viewing posture. It also declutters your workspace, which has been proven to boost productivity.

When it comes to full motion monitor mounts, there are several designs on the market for buyers to choose from. This, unfortunately, can make the decision-making process a bit overwhelming, which is why we have reviewed some of the best options to get you started. Without further ado, let’s get right into them:

1. Mountio Full Motion LCD Monitor Arm

If you are looking for a heavy-duty computer wall mount that offers versatility and space-saving solutions, then the Mountio full motion LCD monitor arm is your best bet. First off, it’s a universal device that’s compatible with most 17″-27″monitors/screens that weight up to 13.2lbs.

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Mountio Full Motion LCD Monitor Arm - Gas Spring Desk Mount Stand for Screens up to 27"

Thanks to its full motion range, you will be able to tilt and rotate your screen in any direction for the most comfortable viewing position for work or leisure. The gas spring system ensures smooth height adjustments by allowing the one-touch position of the monitor in the desired setting –either a landscape or portrait. Keep in mind that this mount can only be adjusted once the monitor is mounted on it.

The mount is made of high-quality materials to ensure a sturdy construction for durability and has an appearance of smooth shining chrome. Thanks to the space-saving base design, this monitor wall mount arm can also be mounted to a tabletop, desk, or other sturdy surfaces.

It features an extremely well-built reinforce C-Clamp to ensure the mount is well secured on the work surface. It also works well with both flat and curved back screens that have VESA hole patterns from 75x75mm to 100x100mm.

2. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

Some users, including stockbrokers, graphic designers, and even gamers may need to use three screens simultaneously. If this is you, a triple monitor wall mount is exactly what you need for convenience purposes and even comfort among other benefits.

The HUANUO triple monitor stand is a super space saver. And, as the name suggests, it can hold three 17″ to 32″ flat or curved LCD screens simultaneously with each arm holding up to 17.6lbs. This, together with the cable management offers a more spacious and clutter-free workstation.

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Triple Monitor Stand - Full Motion Articulating Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Mount by Huanuo

This 3 monitor wall mount has fully articulating arms so users can tilt, swivel, and rotate the monitors to any direction for a comfortable view position. You can freely raise your screens to an ergonomic height and viewing angle, or even set them to landscape or portrait mode, thus increasing work efficiency and eliminating strain on the back, neck, and shoulder. The built-in gas spring system allows for the smoothness of height adjustments.

It comes with two mounting options: C clamp and Grommet mounting to hold your monitors securely to the base. The former works for desks with up to 3.15″ thickness while the latter need thickness up to 2.36″.

The aluminum build on this triple monitor wall mount feels nice and sturdy. You will also like the steel base with thick underside padding as it prevents surface scratches.

3. HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Do you want a device that provides an ergonomic solution for increased efficiency? Well, look no further than the Huanuo dual arm monitor stand. It increases productivity, as well as the health status of a user thanks to its great flexibility with some stellar specifications.

It has a gas spring system that allows for smooth adjustments, making it easier to reach the desired height. The tilt and swivel features allow you to turn monitors to suit your specific viewing needs. With customizable heights and viewing angles, users can either work standing or sitting and never have to bend their back or neck, thus eliminating back, neck, and shoulder pain even after long work hours.

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Dual Arm Monitor Stand, Full Motion Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser. By Huanuo

This dual monitor arm has two mounting options: Grommet mounting and C-clamp. When selecting the mounting option, always consider the thickness of the hole. C-clamp requires 3.1″ thickness while Grommet mounting needs 2.95″.

Another reason to consider this monitor mount is it’s a space saver. First off, it can hold two monitors with 17″ to 32″ LCD screens and up to 17.6lbs per arm. It also has integrated cable management for a clean minimal look.

To add on, this is a universal monitor stand, making it compatible with a wide range of computer monitors from different brands.

With that being said, it is better not to install it on a glass desktop or desks made of particle board.

4. ErGear Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Kit

A workstation is often defined by the productivity it brings forward, and a dual mount stand can come in handy here. This mount stand kit by ErGear maximizes viewer comfort and makes the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible thanks to its amazing features and specifications.

First off, it has a heavy-duty construction that makes the mount extremely durable and long-lasting. It can hold two monitors/screen simultaneously, each weighing up to 19.84 lbs, which saves on desk space while offering a streamlined workstation. The mount is universally compatible and can hold nearly any 17″-32″ monitor (flat or curved screen). It is also VESA compatible for backside mounting holes measuring 75*75mm and 100*100mm.

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ErGear 17”-32” Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Kit, Full Motion Gas Spring Arms

As for adjustability, it has full motion arms that provide +85°/-30° tilt, ±90° swivel, and 360° rotation, enabling various horizontal and vertical screen positions. The gas spring system allows for smooth adjustment up to 2 times the normal springs. As if that wasn’t enough, the extra-long arms reach a maximum of 26.3″, which allows users both sit and standing use.

You’ll have two installation choices: Side-Clamp (drill-free) or Grommet Installation that fits desks thick from 0.8″ to 3.54″. Both options are stable and easier to handle than wall mount for monitor and free-standing ones. There’s also cable management to help keep your working area clean and tidy.

5. Metiya Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Are you looking for maximum comfort and viewing experience at the office or for leisure like when gaming? Well, consider this full motion monitor mount. The Metiya dual monitor mount stand has a heavy-duty aluminum die-casting construction, which makes it sturdy and safe. For more reinforcement, you can increase tension for heavier monitors.

It can mount any two monitors that measure 17-32 inches with each weighing up to 17.6lbs. It is also VESA compatible for backside mounting holes measuring 75*75mm and 100*100mm.

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Dual Monitor Mount Stand Full Motion Gas Spring Monitor Arms for Two Screens By Metiya

You will be able to adjust the monitors to different angles and heights by tilting and swiveling and even rotate it from a landscape-to-portrait mode. The built-in gas spring system allows users to smoothly and perfectly position their screen. These full-motion arms allow you to game and work in a comfortable posture, thus creating the ultimate healthy living environment.

Free up much valuable space on your desk with these two mounting options: desk clamp or Grommet mounting. The former fits desk thickness up to 3.35″ while the latter needs 2.76″ (maximum hole diameter) and 3.35″ desk thickness. This device also features integrated cable management to hide all cables and keep your working area neat and organized.

6. Monoprice Full Motion Dual Monitor

Dual monitor mounts are mostly useful to professionals that need two screens functioning simultaneously, and this full motion dual monitor by Monoprice does just that.  It offers value for your money thanks to its amazing characteristics. For starters, it is well-designed with premium aluminum and steel construction that is sturdy. The material has a protective black coat and is rust-resistant for increased durability.

Of all the monitor mounts on this list, it has the biggest listed screen size capacity of up to 34 inches. Each arm supports a maximum weight of 19.8 lbs. This makes it ideal for large dual monitor setups like a desk TV mount for holding the finest TV screens.

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Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

This Monoprice monitor mount offers full range motion so you can position your displays however you want. Users have the option to tilt, swivel, or rotate the monitor for the perfect and most comfortable working position.

The built-in gas spring system allows for endless, smooth monitor adjustment in any direction, including back and forth, up and down, as well as height adjustment. Suspending the screen up off the desk, together with integrated cable management, reduces clutter and frees up space.

Setup is quite easy and you can do so using the included grommet or edge clamp mounting option.

7. MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

MOUNTUP is one of the most popular manufacturers of high-quality monitor mounts as evidenced by this dual monitor desk mount stand. It has a premium steel construction that combines sturdiness and a great design. Installation is quite easy with an interchangeable grommet or C-clamp mounting options.

This mount can hold two screens simultaneously, allowing you to multitask and ultimately save on time. This will also allow you to save on valuable desk space and keep the area clutter-free. MOUNTUP dual monitor desk mount stand is compatible with most 13″ to 27″ display screens, including LCD, LED, and OLED displays, with each arm supporting up to 17.6lbs. It is also VESA compatible for backside mounting holes measuring 75*75mm and 100*100mm.

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MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Full Motion Computer Monitor Arm Mount for 2 LCD Screens

Each monitor arm on this mount is highly flexible and can be rotated 360° for either portrait or landscape modes. You can also tilt the screen 35° up or 90° downwards, as well as swivel 180°, to find the perfect viewing angle or even show the screen to colleagues. Since both arms use gas spring systems, users can expect the smoothness of movement to last many years to come.

All these features allow users to personalize their workspace for improved productivity, comfort, and most importantly health.

8. ATUMTEK Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Have you been suffering from back, neck, spine, and/or shoulder problems while or after sitting for a long time at your work station? Or are you bothered by the mess on your desk due to limited space? Well, this ATUMTEK dual monitor desk mount stand can help with both issues.

First off, it can hold two 13″ – 27″ monitors simultaneously off your desktop, thus freeing up some valuable space. The integrated cable management helps to keep the desk clean and organized. Each arm supports a maximum weight of 17.6 lbs and is compatible with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes.

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ATUMTEK Dual Monitor Desk Mount - Full Motion LCD Monitor Arm with C Clamp and Grommet Base

Secondly, each arm is fully adjustable with users being able to tilt, swivel, and rotate the monitor to different directions. This, together with height adjustment functions provides unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, productivity, and enhances one’s health.

The mount has a stable and sturdy construction aluminum and steel for durability with two mounting options: grommet or C-clamp. Both methods ensure the stability of the monitor mount; plus it has several joints with 180° articulation that can be tightened to make the stand as stationary or as fluid as desired.


This is not an exhaustive list of all the full motion monitor mounts available on the market, but it should help you choose the perfect mount for your specific needs. We also have several other related topics, covering monitor wall mounts, how to mount a monitor, mounting options, and much more. Check them out as they can help you make an informed decision.

Thank you so much for reading this article to the end and we hope to hear from you once you try any of these products. All the best in your buying process!

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  1. Technology has done more good than harm. This device is superb. Health issues that have surfaced as a result of working on some gadget are numerous but this device is a pure solution. It does not occupy too much space and can be adjusted with ease without damaging or affecting the settings. Offices must embrace this great opportunity for effectiveness and efficiency

  2. Technology has done more good than harm. This device is superb. Health issues that have surfaced as a result of working on some gadget are numerous but this device is a pure solution. It does not occupy too much space and can be adjusted with ease without damaging or affecting the settings. Offices must embrace this great opportunity for effectiveness and efficiency


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