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Best Front Rear Dash Cameras Reviews

Front Rear Dash Cameras

Dashboard cameras are fast becoming the norm in vehicles all over the country. These devices record what’s going on around your car. And, the recorded footage can be used as evidence after an accident, when making an insurance claim, as well as identifying auto burglars or vandals. Having a front and rear dash cam setup is the ultimate road assistance technology that will keep you, your vehicle, and other road users safe.

These car DVR systems are fitted with two cameras that record simultaneously from two different angles, usually front and rear view, thus providing better coverage while minimizing blind spots. The addition of a rear-view camera also provides a back-up camera so you can reverse and park safely.

Front Rear Dash Cameras
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Other features to consider when selecting a dual dash cam are high resolution for high-quality footage, night vision, continuous power supply, continuous loop recording, parking monitoring, additional safety features like the ADAS, large storage capacity, built-in G-sensors, wide field of view, and GPS navigation among others. While some of these features come standard in any dual dash cam, some are extras and will increase the cost of the device so factor in your budget when shopping.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting dual dash cams, which ensures something for everyone but also makes the selection process a bit overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have compiled the best dual dash cams that you can buy right now to help you get started.

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