5 Best Front Rear Dash Cameras Reviews For 2021

Dashboard cameras are fast becoming the norm in vehicles all over the country. These devices record what’s going on around your car. And, the recorded footage can be used as evidence after an accident, when making an insurance claim, as well as identifying auto burglars or vandals. Having a front and rear dash cam setup is the ultimate road assistance technology that will keep you, your vehicle, and other road users safe.

These car DVR systems are fitted with two cameras that record simultaneously from two different angles, usually front and rear view, thus providing better coverage while minimizing blind spots. The addition of a rear-view camera also provides a back-up camera so you can reverse and park safely.

Front Rear Dash Cameras
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Other features to consider when selecting a dual dash cam are high resolution for high-quality footage, night vision, continuous power supply, continuous loop recording, parking monitoring, additional safety features like the ADAS, large storage capacity, built-in G-sensors, wide field of view, and GPS navigation among others. While some of these features come standard in any dual dash cam, some are extras and will increase the cost of the device so factor in your budget when shopping.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting dual dash cams, which ensures something for everyone but also makes the selection process a bit overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have compiled the best dual dash cams that you can buy right now to help you get started.

1. Vantrue N2S Dual 2.5K Dash Cam

Having Dash Cam in your car is essential, especially if you are offering transportation services. The VANTRUE Dual Dash Cam with Audio for Uber/Rideshare Drivers enables you to record riders whenever they board your vehicle. This can be of great help in solving an arising conflicts.

Unlike other similar recording devices in the market, VANTRUE Dash Cam offers super recording capacity and clarity of vision especially at night. The Dash camera records simultaneously super QHD videos & images at the rate of 2560x1440P with 30fps.

Vantrue N2S Dual 1440P Dash Cam Front 4K Supercapacitor External GPS Support 256GB Max.
Vantrue N2S

Its single front camera provides you with a crystal video at 3840×2160@25fps to capture license plates as well as more wide and clear street details. Besides that, it has motion detection technologies that turns the dual car camera ON and starts recording immediately a movement is detected. Your car is therefore automatically monitored 24 hours a day and this grants you some peace of mind.

Besides its superior video quality, VANTRUE Dash Camera can withstand extreme temperature ranges between 14 to 158°F. It also has an external GPS Mount which you can use to record your route, speed and location coordinates.

Users of the VANTRUE Dual Dash Cam particularly liked its video quality which they described as simply amazing! As well as the GPS Information System. Some however disliked the fact that it doesn’t have a built-in battery which would have come in handy while using the Parking Mode.

2. THINKWARE Q800PRO Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera for Cars

THINKWARE Dual Dash Cam provides clean detailed footage recording. It has super night vision that enables you to capture license plate even in low light conditions. This is because it uses advanced video clear technology that reduces noise and enhances image quality and recordings.

With THINKWARE, you don’t have to worry about your car in your absence. It is incorporated with impact detection, motion detection, time lapse mode, and energy saving mode that will come in handy during your surveillance. Besides that, THINKWARE Dual Cam has the ability of detecting forward collisions, lane departures and front vehicle departures, hence alerting the driver just in time.

THINKWARE Q800PRO Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera for Cars

The Dual Dash Cam can also be incorporated iOS and Android system that enables you to check your vehicle’s location and receive geo-fencing and driving impact notifications on your phone. THINKWARE Q800PRO Dash Cam provides the perfect harmony between design and performance. It offers quality clean capture, records events triggered by impact and motion detection, alert you of potential forward collisions, lane departures, and front vehicle departures as well as checking your vehicle’s location and sending Geo-Fencing and Driving Impact notifications directly on your compatible iOS/Android smartphone.

Users loved its camera ergonomics but disliked its limited recording options. 

3. REXING V1P MAX 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash CAM

Do you want to simultaneously record and display the road in front and the road behind you? If yes, then REXING V1P MAX 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash cam is what you have been looking for. It has both the camera and LCD screen to enable you do just that. This Dash Cam has enhanced night vision that enables it to perform well in low-light situations.

It also has Built- in GPS, Wifi and Mobile App which are simply on another level! The mobile app enable you to download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smart phone and easily share these on social media. And the GPS accurately records your driving location and speed.

REXING V1P MAX 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash CAM

REXING V1P MAX 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash CAM

When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, REXING V1P MAX automatically overwrites the unlocked & oldest recordings (support up to 256GB max). It can also auto detect accidents with its built-in gravity sensor. All your important footage will always be kept safe and secure with REXING V1P MAX.

Users of the REXING V1P MAX particularly liked the video quality as it enabled them to clearly see the license plate numbers at night. They also liked its big screen that made it easier to access the menu easily. They however disliked the video overlay of the GPS and the speed information which they described as “looking very junky”.

4. BlackVue DR900X-2CH

BlackVue DR900X-2CH is a high efficiency video coding cam for video broadcasting and streaming. With HEVC, you get great-looking 4K videos but same recording time as a regular Full HD dashcam. This series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The dashcam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when your vehicle ignition is turned off. Voltage cut off and timer can be set in the BlackVue App.

It also allows remote live view and push notifications to your phone. Wherever you are, you can always play and download videos from your dashcam’s memory. The CM100LTE connects to your compatible BlackVue X Series dashcam to provide easy 4G LTE connectivity.

Blackvue BV-DR750S-2CH-64 Dashcam with  32gb MicroSD Card

Blackvue Dashcam

All you need is a valid Nano SIM card. The CM100LTE simply connects via the USB port of your dashcam. Please note that whenever you are making a purchase, ensure you select one which is compatible with your mobile carrier’s network.

BlackVue DR900X-2CH offers the best compression technology, with 4 times the resolution of a regular dashcam with the same recording time! Its GPS and Wi-Fi are also fast.

Users of Blackvue really loved the camera quality and the setting options that allows them to check the battery level. They however did not like the fact that it is not hardwired.

5. GoPro HERO9 Black

GoPro HERO9 Black is all about producing stunning photos and videos while maintaining the details even after you have zoomed in. You can capture crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. And with SuperPhoto, HERO9 Black can automatically pick all the best image processing for you.

It contains a new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black and a dazzling new front display which provides easy framing and intuitive camera control.it also offers hyper smooth stabilization as you broadcast.

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens

GoPro HERO9 Black

GoPro HERO9 Black certainly offers the most advanced video stabilization ever. On top of that, it is waterproofed down to 33 feet right out of the box. It’s all about having more power, more clarity and more stability.

HERO9 Black boasts a powerful new feature suite, including HindSight, and supports live streaming and Webcam mode as well. Its dazzling new front display delivers a live preview for easy framing, while a large rear touch screen with touch zoom provides fast, intuitive control. It has a powerful hindsight that ensures you never miss a moment again as it begins video capturing 30 seconds before you press record.

Customers loved that its battery lasts longer and its app can easily connect. They however disliked that old batteries don’t fit and that the Mods aren’t yet widely available

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