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The CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show 2020) just happened from Jan 7th to Jan 10th, 2020, in Las Vegas and, of course, left a big impression on a curious lot of TV enthusiasts. Were you there? Never mind if you missed because we shall go out of our way to give you a full update of what happened and the best TV’s to expect this year.

As you would expect, this year’s show had amazing displays as the major TV industry players showcased their latest and upcoming designs. This time around, most companies focused their creative energies on the gadgets’ smart TV connectivity and the picture quality. You could quickly notice that most companies concentrated more on the 8K, and clearly, the CES 2020 promised more new 8K television models compared to any other previous year.

A display of OLED screen
OLED Display.
Credit (Adobe)

Indeed, the 8K display delivers four times the number of pixels offered by the famous 4K Ultra HD, and for this reason, it may appear like everyone is abandoning the 4K.  Surprisingly, this year’s CES was still flooded with many remarkable Ultra HD TV models that are scheduled for release throughout 2020.

Well, there is no doubt that the 8K resolution is way up compared to the traditional 4K, and this will give it more consumer attention. However, there are subtle yet consistent advancements in the 4K model that are hard to brush aside on account of a higher resolution. These include viewing angles, precision dimming, and contrast and peak brightness.     

After critically combing through the convention outcomes, we have compiled our selection of the best TV’s that CES 2020 had to offer. Our choice was based on, among other factors, the potential value, and design style plus image performance. Please note that the prices and accurate release dates of the highlighted TV’s shall be communicated in due course

1. Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV-

Let’s face it; this year’s Las Vegas electronic consumer show had very stunning 8K TV’s, but the Q950TS model from Samsung was exceptionally gorgeous. Why? Well, for a while, premium TV consumers have been longing to see a bezel-less design on the shelves. Noting that concern, Samsung went back to the drawing board and designed a model with pretty thin edges and a self-effacing outlook.

 Its screen to body ratio is almost 99%, meaning that its display comprises most of its front view. And a casual glance at the Q950TS screen can give you the impression that the image is spilling through the panel edges, to create a wow “Infinity Screen” effect. What is more, the TV has an extremely thin profile which measures only 15 millimeters to give it a new and polished design. 

A Samsung Smart 8K QLED TV display
Samsung QLED 8K
Credits (Samsung)

Everybody seems obsessed with the Q950TS’s style, but is that enough to compound the gadget’s overall worth? Certainly not, because the image quality is KING as far as TVs are concerned. This model’s 8K QLED LCD delivers some of the brightest images, and it also has a one- of- its- kind audio system complete with built-inn drivers on the rear, bottom, top, and sides of the TV. What about smart TV capabilities?  Well, they are quite advanced, and they include an AI engineered picture and audio modes that process the image and sound according to your room set up.

Although Samsung hasn’t given a clue on how much you will pay for the Q950TS, all indications are that it may not be cheap. This is all due to its styling and improved resolution.  What we know for sure is that you will have 85, 75, and 65 inches to choose from.  See other related best Samsung QLED products here

2. TCL Mini-LED 8K TV (8 Series)

This is the world’s first TV to advance the mini- LED backlight technology. With over 25000 mini LED’s it offers you precise local dimming and bright illumination. TLC’s 8K series brings together QLED and 4K HDR technology to give you one of the best viewing experiences.

Their new flagship product is the TCL 8 Series Vidrian Mini-LED 8K TV, which an upgrade of 2019’s Mini LED TVs. It combines the most current version of Mini LED panels with 8K resolution and has a small bezel, which TLC prefers to call “Full View”. The miniature bezel notwithstanding, it still falls far behind the bezel-less Samsung

If you keenly observed the TV trends last year, then you must have noticed that the TLC TV brand was jostling for the first position by volume sales in the US against Samsung. They are now eying the UK market with a promise for friendly prices and ultra-competitive LCD televisions.

It seems like the TLC 8 series issue for 2020 is a strong statement that the Chinese firm is determined to hive off a chunk of the premium market as well. They are offering gadgets with top – of – the range screen technology at surprisingly pocket-friendly prices.

TCL Mini-LED Display
A TLC Display
Credit (Megapk)

TLC has a considerable presence in the United States in terms of sales volume, and the group is now eying the UK and Europe as a whole. This brand is well known for its value proposition, but we are more interested in its premium Vidrian Mini –LED TV.

Its panel technology comprises of many (thousands) LED backlights that are fused with circuitry into the glass panel. The whole reason behind this is to boost its clarity, contrast, and brightness and, in a way, provide the user with a subtle blend of QLED and OLED.  Check Other TLC 2019 Model Products

3. TCL 6-Series Mini-LED

TCL was not very loud about their upcoming TVs in 2020 CES show, but the TCL Mini LED 6 series is worth enlisting. Even before 2020, this model was quite something, but today we are talking about the latest version of the TCL 6 series Mini.

It has a fantastic Roku OS, Dolby Amos, Dolby Vision, a bright QLED display, and more. What’s more, the six series is now updated with the mini LED backlight technology, which has increased local dimming zones and individual LEDs. This upgrade may give the 6 series a boost and deliver a performance that is only available in more expensive OLED TVs.

TLC during the CEC 2020 announced an upgrade to its 8 series with the improved Mini LED technology but only spoke about the 6 series in hushed tones. You may recollect that the earlier 6 series featured Quantum Dots (for color saturation) and Full Array backlights.

Still, the recent inclusion of Mini LED is likely to enhance black levels and increase the contrast zones to 1000 and above. It is definitely going to be the real deal for watching HDR content and more suitable for daytime viewing as compared to the OLED TV.

The 6 series outshines all the previous TLSs in appearance because of the textured metal that encases its thin frame. It gives a sleeker high – end impression as compared to the earlier models. Typical of a full array TV, the 6 series is somewhat thick, especially when viewed in profile, but when seen from its front, the screen frame is narrow and smallish.

Although the real price of the upcoming TLC 6 series mini LED is unknown, credible sources have hinted at “average and affordable prices”. Well, for now, its all a matter of speculation, but should the new 6 Mini LED series come cheaper than the earlier version, then that would be a great deal. It will stand out as the best mid-range TV through 2020. Remember that most Mini-LED TVs are quite pricey.  

TLC Smart TVs Series 3, 6 and Series 8 Comparison Table.

FeaturesSeries 3Series 6Series 8
Model S32 R62 Q82
Screen Class 32″, 40″, 43″, 49″ 55″, 65″ 65″, 75″
Network Connection WiFi WiFi, Ethernet WiFi, Ethernet
ResolutionHD 720p (28″, 32″), Full HD 1080p (32″, 40″, 43, 49″) 4K Ultra High Definition 4K Ultra High Definition
Backlight Technology Standard LED LED backlight with Contrast Control Zones Mini-LED backlight with Quantum Contrast
High Dynamic Range NoneDolby Vision, HDR10, HLG Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Wide Color Technology NoneQLED QLED
Motion Performance 120 CMI, 60 CMI (32″) Natural Motion 240 Natural Motion 480
Sound Technology Dolby Digital Dolby Digital / Dolby Atmos Dolby Digital / Dolby Atmos
Easy Voice Control Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Roku Voice Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Roku Voice Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Roku Voice
Remote Easy-to-use Remote Enhanced Remote with Voice Control Enhanced Remote with Voice Control

That’s why it’s the Official TV of Call of Duty . Discover more from TCL

4. Vizio 4K SmartCast OLED TV

During the show, something interesting about these guys popped up. As rival companies get busy pushing the 8K TVs, Vizio has their unique ideas. Instead of jostling for room in the crowded 8K ad space, they look more focused on bettering the 4K TV.

Don’t you think that makes sense? Well, we believe it does because, for a little while, the 8K videos may not only be few but far between. That aside, the 8K TVs are still out of the average buyer’s purchasing power. For these and other reasons, Vizio took advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil its first-ever 4K OLED TV. 

For a firm more sober judgment, we shall have to wait for the chance to interact more closely with the display, but going by the recent demo at the CES 2020, Vizio’s OLED seems to closely rival Sony and LG’s superior standards. It gives a pixel level contrast with excellent black levels. They have also promised to offer a peak brightness of approximately 800 nits, which equals some of LG’s best offers.

Vizio TV 2020 Reviews
Vizio Display
Credit (Vizio)

Sony and LG have, for some time, been selling the 4K OLED TV’s having these vary specifications, so why even bother to consider Vizio’s model? Well, this has more to do with Vizio as a brand. These guys are known for ensuring the buyer takes home a gadget with high-quality images at an affordable price. Clearly, their competitors like Sony, LG, and Samsung have failed to strike this delicate balance.

Thus far, there still isn’t any definite word on the pricing, but the Vizio team promised to deliver high-quality displays that are within the average buyer’s reach. If this promise is fulfilled in cheaper asking prices than their competition, then Vizio will give the big boys a run for their money. You can expect the 4K OLED SmartCast gadgets in the 65 and 55-inch sizes. See other related Vizio products

5. Sony XBR Z8H 8K TV

By many standards, Samsung’s 8K TV seemed to dwarf its competitors due to its unique style. Seeing this, the Sony team doesn’t look prepared to go down without a fight if their new Z8H 8K TV is anything to go by. This model seems to be gearing up to deliver the picture quality to beat this year.

Compared to Samsung, the Sony 8K gave the color and details that are far less cosmetic. One immediate downside, though, is its bulky nature, which points to Sony’s weakness in their sense of style. No one is perfect, though, and so, these guys leverage their impressive image to compensate for their lack in style.

The Z8H is just an upgrade or advanced version of Sony’s super 2019 8K TV, and it presents the company’s latest LCD panel technologies. These include the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range pro that boasts a full-array local dimming. Interestingly, the Z8H comes to prove that high-end LCD still has some significant advantages over the OLED TV’s

Advanced version of Sony's super 2019
Sony Display
Credits (Sony)

Practically, this model can brighten far beyond your expectations, and this is useful for rooms that have more ambient light. The TV’s local dimming and peak brightness present powerful HDR highlights to deliver an ideal cinematic experience. This is cool, and we shall have to wait and see if the competition will style up to match or beat this deal.

With deep seated roots in cinematography, Sony successfully illustrated how its microLED OR “Crystal LED” can be used in place of a green screen (film production)

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Well, the product’s advanced image features shall be analyzed in greater detail after the CES, but if you had planned to own a quality display, especially for watching movies, then the Z8H 8K is the real deal. For now, expect it the 85 and 75-inch screen sizes. See More Sony Specifiations

6. LG Signature RX Rollable OLED

If there is a TV set that has stirred a lot of interest and expectation, it is the gorgeous rollable OLED. Do you remember LG’s earlier announcement that their rollable TV would be selling in 2019? Well, right now, LG says that the new LG Signature RX Rollable OLED will be on the shelves this year. The new rolling OLED technology combines three excellent features to put it ahead of the pack. These are,

Its precision and quality

Flexible glass

Innovative segment backing.

These three aspects combine to create an interesting tweak on the slim TV panel. It works like magic! Once you power or switch it on, the 65-inch screen automatically pulls up from its base, and when not in use, it tucks out of sight. The rollable OLED is retooled for 2020, and you can now expect an Alpha 9 G 3 processor, which is a notch higher than its second-generation chip. Although the exact launch dates are not precise.

LG Signature OLED W
LG Signature

Many people have been waiting for the LG rollable OLED TV since 2018, and in case you are one, then LG just promised to fulfill your dreams in 2020. Without giving any hint regarding the exact month, the electronics giant recently pointed at concrete plans to release the LG Signature RX Rollable OLED.

Expect to experience the crystal clear 4K picture quality, AI engineered smart features and memorable voice interaction. See more here

7. LG GX Gallery Series 4K OLED TV

In many ways, the LG’s 2020 OLED 4K TV is not very different from the already existing models. So, what is the big deal? Well, since the 2019 models were remarkable, the 2020 OLED 4K TV shall do well to carry on that legacy of excellence. However, a closer look at this model will reveal several upgrades, part of which is the new GX Gallery Series design option.

Its picture quality is high, and it matches the previous models’ reputation. To be specific, the OLED panel provides for an infinite contrast ratio to deliver extreme black levels and a remarkable HDR playback.

Most of LG’s 2020 models come with an (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor, whose primary function is to allow for the optimization of pictures for diverse content. And gamers were not wholly forgotten because the GX Gallery Series also presents features like the HGiG Mode and Nvidia G-Sync. These treat gamers to a smooth experience using enhanced HDR performance through a suitable console.

But what makes the GX Gallery TV unique or outstanding? Well, the gadget has an extremely thin panel of 0.79 inches on the 65 – inch size. And although it may not be as thin as the more exotic WX Wallpaper TV, the gallery series hangs flush on the wall like a flat piece of artwork.

Thankfully, all LG’s display’s processing and components have now been kept within the panel, meaning you no longer have to use a soundbar or separate box to mount your devices.

The prices are not yet out, but the TV will be on the shelves soon in 77, 65 and 55-inch sizes. Other related product


The best OLED technology is currently compounded in the 65inch and above TVs, and of course, everyone longs to have that quality. At CES 2020 LG unveiled the BX,CX, GX, and the WX ranges(X pronounced as 10). All these are the successors of last year’s B9, C9, E9 and W9 models. This LG CX which replaces C9 is now the most expansive range spanning 48 to 77 inches.

A 4K LG Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV
LG Screen.
Credit (LG)

Unfortunately, not everyone can stretch way up there, and that is why LG has moved in with the 4K LG OLED48CX TV to answer this call. The model falls in the C series category, and it is in many ways similar to the 2019 C9s, which bagged the What Hi-Fi? Award. It also comes with the fantastic Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor, Dolby Vision IQ, and the Filmmaker mode.

The magic about the Dolby Vision IQ is that it can sample and identify the available content genres and then pick out the best. Generally, the CX is colorful, punchy, and sharp. The 4K UHD unit reproduces even sharper picture quality with 8 million plus pixels on the 48-inch screen.

In addition, OLED TVs have received the ‘Eye Comfort Display’ certification from TÜV Rheinland as they are flicker-free (in SDR and HDR) and offer adjust-ability for blue light content.

9. Samsung Sero 4K

While its home theatre experience may sound a little inferior to its rivals, the uniqueness that comes with the Samsung’s Sero 4K TV can neither be ignored nor brushed aside. The 43-inch gadget can rotate to a vertical position from a standard horizontal setting. This makes it entirely compatible with mobile devices and more convenient to watch social media clips, personal videos, and YouTube content that are set in portrait mode.

And perhaps even more impressive is the TV’s automated ability to change and match the playing videos when it is paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone. Over and above this exceptional rotating feature, the display has a 4K QLED panel and a host of other Smart TV whistles and bells associated with Samsung.

Looking at this gadget’s vertical mode, you get the impression that Samsung had millennial buyers in mind. This is a generation that is given mainly to watching videos on the phone, which also makes it a TV for people who have virtually lost interest in watching TV. Well, it remains to be seen if Samsung’s gamble with the millennial idea works, but the Sero 4K TV is will be available later in the year. Prices will be announced then. See more that are related here

10. Skyworth TV Q91 8K Smart TV

The Skyworth TV manufacture from China a leader in smart appliance and information technology just walked into the 8K market with the Skyworth Q91 8K smart TV that is in Q91 series currently drawing the TV industry attention, it has a 75 inch IPS LCD, an exclusive design, and a built-in Soundbar that support Dolby Atmos in a 2.1.2 configuration.. Other unique design elements include a rounded cornered metal frame, a bezel-less screen (suspended), and an anodized finish.

Skyworth Q91 8K smart TV Display
Skyworth TV
Credit (pgnc)

It also comes with a rear case that is fitted with magnets to hold the relevant parts and panels in their place. What’s more, it is fitted with a uniquely designed soundbar, and to cap it all, the Q91 series has a built-in camera for all your social media services and video calls. When it lands in the market later in the year, the 75-inch size Q91 8K Smart TV will make buyer go deeper into their pockets.

The Skyworth Q91 series TV was announce that the shipping will be available for US market starting June and follow other markets; the TV expected to ship Android TV when it becomes available. In the meantime, you can check other Skyworth TV series 4K here

11. Skyworth TV W81 and W81 Pro 4K OLED

The Skyworth brand sounds new to many, but the company is big in China. This year, it is launching some of its first TVs in the United States with the W81 pro 4K OLED smart, the W81 being on the frontline. The W81 pro boasts features like a soundbar with its OLED display and a built-in camera. This model is an upgrade version of the Skyworth W81.

For beginners it has more RAM and storage-48GB and 128GB, respectively. The TV also supports Dolby Atmos 2.1.2. Price-wise, the W81, 65-inch will retail at $3599 as and comes with a lower end of specifications compared to W81 Pro, the W81 support MEMC for 120Hz 4K reproduction.

There are 3GB of DDR4 RAM on-board and 32GB of in built-in memory. The model also supports intelligent voice recognition system and far-field voice are also supported. The W81 pro goes for $4599 when launched. This may prove a bit hard to sell in the US market where most TVs goes below that, given that most consumers there do not know much about  the brand.

Skyworth brings you the state-of-the-art technology in TV. They feature a full lineup of FHD TVs, 4K TVs and Android Smart TVs powered by Google. Experience an Android TV, and easy control and navigate all of your connected smart home gadgets through the tad of a button on your remote. Check more Here

12. Panasonic HZ2000 OLED

Arguably, the Panasonic HZ2000 OLED ranks among the best OLED TVs in the market. Sadly though, you may not be able to take one home because the company says that this OLED was made with specific professionals in mind. They are mainly propping it up to professionals doing color grading, video editing, and several other aspects of video production.

This is quite a disappointment for Panasonic’s regular buyers because they can see exciting features like the support for Dolby Vision, HLG Photo, and the HDR10+ formats. It also allows the user to tweak functions like brightness clipping and luminance curves. So far, no other TV apart from this Panasonic HZ2000 OLED has the Dolby Atmos sound, which is delivered through its upward-firing speakers.

It is bad news for movie fans as well because they may also not be able to buy this gadget with a one- of- its- kind Film Maker Mode that certainly promises an exceptional viewing experience. The HZ200 will also feature XUMO’s enterprise-level, free streaming services delivering both over-the air and over the top channels to global audiences in one stress-free experience and guide. Additionally, HZ2000 works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing user to operate some key TV functions just by using a voice command.

13. Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV

This model is new and an upgrade or follow-up version of Sony’s spectacular OLED releases in the past few years, and wow! This Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV has everything consumers appreciated about the earlier models the TV use the Google Android TV OS as the smart TV platform, that means users can get Google Assistant, as well as support for Apple AirPlay 2, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Its king-size screen offers incredible color and crystal clarity, which is enhanced by a low stand and a slender or thin-bezel design. This time around, Sony bettered its OLED TVs by refining the video processing and the screen audio sound functions.

The Pricing of this Sony’s Bravia is yet to be announce but  SONY TVs has other bestselling product in the market with competitive prices you can chose from. See more SONY TVs here

14. Hisense XD9G Dual-Cell TV

Have you ever heard of a TV that comes with two displays in one? Well, here is one. The Hisense XD9G Dual-Cell TV’s dual cell technology seems to solve the perennial lighting problem that has been troubling manufactures for a while. Featuring Hisense’s branded ULED XD technology, this series of XDG9 integrates Quantum Dot technology, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

 Hisense H9F is a quantum dot model
Hesense Quantum Dot

These technologies have transformed the entertainment experience through ultra-vivid picture superiority. What’s more, it uses Google’s Android TV, including Google Assistant, and the display bezel is embedded with far-field microphones that allow you to use the TV as a smart speaker. Generally, this TV offers good 4K picture quality and very sharp smart features.

The industry is taking notice. Consumers are tired of being dazzled by unattainable technology. The 2020 Hisense lineup introduces the next-generation TVs that are not only affordable and accessible but will exceed expectations in terms of performance.” Meaghan

Check more from  Hisense

15. Phillips OLED 804-5 Award

Phillips has been one of the most significant makers of the OLED TVs, although they hardly approached the US market but to be released to the market this year. Technically, they were not at the CES 2020 but they announced they would be sold soon in the US, which is good news for Phillips fans. However, this might change this year as the company rolls out the superb Phillips OLED 804.

The TV has earned a reputation for its top-notch picture quality because it uses an OLED panel that qualifies in the LG and Sony categories. Additionally, it features a Phillips Ambilight that can light up your room with scene-specific colors. The TV has hands-free voice commands via its Google Assistance- equipped Android TV operating system you can control your Phillip Android TV with your voice.

Want to play a game, watch Netflix, or find content and Apps in the Google play store? Just tell your TV, You can even command all Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices, like turning down the lights and setting the thermostat on movie night. Without leaving your couch.

The days of searching for the TV remote are over thanks to technology. Now you can use your voice to control command with your Philips smart TV via Alexa-enabled devices, like Amazon Echo. Turn your TV on, change the channel, and switch to your gaming support and more with Alexa. Additionally, it support all of the major HDR formats like HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Philips OLED TVs, in specific have a lot of admires and its partnership with UK audio expert Bowers & Wilkins led to AVForums Editor’s Choice Awards for the leading OLED+ 984 model in the best Premium OLED TV and Best TV Sound 2019 categories.

16. Vizio P-Series Quantum X- The Beauty From Every Angle.

Vizio’s P-Series Quantum X just demoed at the 2020 show and displayed some exciting upgrades. With top reasons to choose P-Series like Quantum Color, UltraBright 3000 brightest picture, 480 local dimming zones, 4K UHD+ Dolby vision HDR, Smartcast 3.0, Apple AirPlay helps in streaming from Apple devices, Chomecast built-in that helps stream thousands of Apps and hands-free TV voice control  feature.

Vizio P-Series Quantum X- The Beauty From Every Angle.
Vizio P-Series

It boasts an IQ Ultra CPU that has incredible machine learning capabilities. No doubt, its improved 3D color engine does a lot to give a much-enhanced image quality. You will like it. In addition, seemingly, the 2020 Quantum X is the undisputed HDR master because it supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.

You will get the Quantum X in a massive 85-inch size and many other smaller sizes, but the good news is that each size enjoys the benefit of both the AMD and VRR FreeSync technology. These enable gamers to have a far more fulfilling experience on a big screen. Comes with one-year parts and labor Free Lifetime technical support. See also this Latest Vizio TV

17. LG’s 2020 NanoCell OLED TVs

This is one of LG’s best latest products with an ability to display the crystal clear 8K picture quality. It has an excellent new processor and a fancy minimalistic design. Its processor is the famous Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI that comes with an array of advanced Artificial intelligence algorithms to produce the best picture quality.

They are also recognized by Hollywood Professional Association with its Excellence in Engineering Award 2019 among other companies like Epic Games-Unreal Engine as the first and only with integrated hardware-level calibration software, further solidifying LG’s OLED TV as Hollywood’s leading reference consumer display for use in content production.

Image of dinning room with a TV
Dinning Room

The OLED models have Dolby Vision IQ, which takes into account ambient light to present the finest experience whether you’re watching in full daylight or in a dim room at night. Expect it in 77- and 88-inch sizes.

Competitors have to buckle up. Life Is Good is far ahead with innovations. Go try it you will not regret.

Our list shall remain updated as months roll on and as these TV makers tag and launch and their products. Be sure to keep visiting our blog for more.

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