Best Rear View Mirror Camera For Trucks In 2021

Most drivers are already aware of the many benefits of fitting a dashboard camera to their vehicle. And while the simplest and cheapest models only look ahead and record video upon detecting a collision, some are vastly intelligent.

For starters, forward-facing cameras are usually positioned to capture what’s in front of the car, but what happens if someone hits you from behind? Ideally, you want a dashboard camera that can capture footage from different angles, allowing it to cover the entire vehicle as much as possible.

This is where car DVR with rearview camera comes into play. These devices offer users a way to fit a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera to the dashboard of their windscreen to capture footage in front and rear of the car simultaneously. The two cameras are usually connected with a long cable and the footage is both saved to the same memory card.

Some dash cam front and rear even take it a step further, letting you connect wirelessly to multiple cameras to give you an all-round view of your car. These 360 car security camera can be particularly useful if someone hits or vandalizes your car from the side. Some dual-channel dash cams come with a hidden camera for capturing the car’s interior –a useful feature for taxi and ride-share drivers.

Dual dash cam systems are great companions on the road with some featuring driver assistance systems to alert you of any obstacles on the road or if you are drifting out of your lane. They will provide the necessary proof in case of an incident and generally offer you peace of mind while on the road.

With that being said, securing the best car DVR with rear view camera in Australia can feel overwhelming given the plenty of choices available in the market. There are several things to consider when selecting which is right for you, including high resolution, GPS navigation, night vision, and highly sensitive sensors, just to name a few. With a little research though, you’ll be able to pin down the best possible car DVR system for you. To help you get started, here’s a look at some of the best dual dashboard cameras for 2020:

1. JUNSUN ADAS Car DVR with Rear View Camera

Dash cams have proven to be worth their cost, especially in the event of an accident where the footage captured can act as evidence in court or for an insurance claim. They also display a lot of information about one’s driving to help them stay safe on the road. The JUNSUN A9602 1080P is one of the best dashcams on the market that will do all the above while upgrading your vision on the road. This is thanks to the many features it possesses.

For starters, it has an Android 8.1 operating system. It also has 4G 8cores, 1GB RAM, and 16GB ROM to make it run more smoothly. The 4G network makes it much more than a regular dash cam as it can connect to your Smartphone for hands-free calling and music playing. Other key features include:

App monitor

Having this on your phone allows you to monitor the car dynamics in real-time. You will also be able to browse the Google Play Store and download more apps on this device that will help you obtain a better driving experience.

JUNSUN ADAS Car DVR with Rear View Camera
JUNSUN A9602 1080P

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It features 2G, 3G, and, 4G WI-Fi and hotspot for optimized browsing. This, together with the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to share files effortlessly and faster.

Dual camera viewing

The JUNSUN A9602 has a front camera and a rear camera, allowing you to capture images and record video of the surrounding environment from two different angles. It saves recordings from both cameras, which you can use to identify driver actions, road features, license plates, and other vital details that may prove your innocence.

Full viewing experiencing

This dash cam comes with a MIPI 9.66 inch widescreen display to stream real-time footage of both cameras. Such a wide display screen, which is also multilanguage supported, provides an unmatched visual experience.

Enhanced image quality

The cameras record in FHD 1080P resolution, offering the highest possible video clarity. It also has a wide viewing angle of 120°, which captures all the blind spots and records more detail.

Loop recording

This feature allows you to minimize storage needs by overwriting the oldest files when the SD card reaches its maximum capacity.

G-Sensors with parking monitor

These sensors will automatically prevent impact footage from being overwritten by the loop function by storing such footage in an emergency folder. It is vital to provide evidence of an accident to prove your innocence or when claiming for compensation.

The device will automatically start recording if it detects collision or impact, thereby providing 24hr parking guard.

ADAS safety assistance system

The ADAS safe warning system delivers a warning to drivers as obstacles like front car and lane changes approach. The rearview camera is also able to power on automatically when you shift to the reverse gear, so you never worry about hitting objects in the rearview of the car.

FM radio receiver

With this feature, you can set the same frequency with your car’s radio, allowing the dash cam to synchronize its sound to the car’s stereo so you can enjoy music or the video’s sound much clearly by FM.

GPS navigation

This will log the time, speed, and location on the video

2. 70mai Midrive D02 Dash Cam

Dash cams with rearview allow you to capture footage from two different angles while driving. So, whether you want lower insurance premiums, evidence that can be used to prove your innocence, or simply peace of mind while on the road,  the 70mai Midrive D02 dash cam can help you with all that.

70mai strives to offer good design and quality products as evidenced by this device. With an award-winning design, this dash cam is made to fit the interior of all cars and can be perfectly concealed behind the rear-view mirror to offer full imaging with less distraction. Other great features that this dash cam possesses include:

Powerful cores inside

The 70mai Midrive D02 dashcam is powered by the powerful Hi3556 V100 processor. This together with the highly sensitive SONY IMX335 sensor provides users with outstanding picture and video quality at 1944p super high resolution. This resolution is 2.5x of the regular 1080p FHD dash cams, meaning it’s able to present every single detail to its finest. It also has a 140° wide angle Field of View, which effectively captures more lanes while reducing blind spots.

70mai Midrive D02 Dash Cam

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WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

This technology automatically adjusts the exposure balance to its finest, allowing the device to capture greater details both in darkness and strong light. The dashcam can process more light on the image sensor and ultimately offer a more vibrant image. The WDR technology coupled with F1.8 aperture and 6 glass lens greatly enhances night vision to obtain sharp and color-accurate images.

Defogging algorithm

This feature helps to reduce the degradation or distortion of images when driving in a smoky, hazy, or foggy environment and, in turn, reproduces a clearer vision.

Loop recording

You no longer have to manually delete old files to free up SD card space as the device overwrites the oldest files while continuing to store newly recorded ones.

This device has an expandable memory that supports a MicroSD Card (not included in the package) with read/write speed of class 10+ and capacity of 16-64GB.


When this sensor detects a collision, crash, or impact, the device will automatically record and save the emergency video in a separate folder to keep it from being overwritten by the loop function.

Mobile app-enabled

The 70mai app supports both Android and iOS systems, meaning you can connect the device to the official 70mai app on your phone via a Wi-Fi connection. In other words, you will be able to view footage in real-time, as well as replay or download the recorded footage on your phone whenever and wherever.

Voice control

You can efficiently control this device to perform various tasks hands-free, including taking pictures, recording videos, turn on/off-screen, etc by simply giving voice commands.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System)

This feature is meant to boost your driving safety. It provides real-time alerts for forward collision warning and lane departure warning. This will help prevent road accidents, especially during traffic jam, and rear-end crashes.

24-hour parking surveillance

With high sensitivity sensor, this device will automatically start recording upon impact or when it detects motion during parking mode, thus providing you with 24/7 security.

3. Garmin Dash Cam 66W

If you are looking for a compact discreet rear view dash cam, then the Garmin Dash Cam 66W is your best bet. This fantastic little dash cam takes up little windscreen space and is quite attractive, meaning it won’t look out of place even in a luxury car like a Mercedes or Range Rover. Despite its small size, the Garmin Dash Cam 66W packs a slew of features that makes it a valuable assistant on the road. Features

Dash cam auto sync

This feature allows you to connect up to four compatible dash cams at the front, back, and both sides of the vehicle. This is particularly useful for larger vehicles like motorhomes and vans as they provide complete 360° coverage. These 360 car security cameras will record at the same time and if you save a video on one, the others will also save it.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W, Extra-Wide 180-Degree Field of View In 1440P HD
Garmin Dash Cam 66W

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To get full coverage, you will have to purchase two or more cameras as only one is offered in the kit, so factor this in your budget.

High-quality images and footage.

This dashcam records in 1440p at 60 frames per second to ensure an excellent viewing experience. The high dynamic range (HDR) helps retain detail in high-contrast lighting to offer quality images and footage even when lighting conditions are poor.

Expanded field of view

This dashcam increases the field of view from its predecessors 122 degrees to 180 degrees. This gives it a far wider view, allowing it to capture more details in the road like cross-traffic and obviously the vehicle’s surroundings. That being said, there might be some distortion at the very edge of the frame.

Built-in G-sensor

This dashcam automatically records and saves footage and thanks to the G sensors, it continues to do so when it detects an impact and even if your car collides. The impact footage is stored in an emergency folder where it can be retrieved in the future to provide proof when filing an insurance claim.

Loop recording

This feature allows the device to overwrite old files to allow for uninterrupted video recording.

Driver alerts

This dashcam helps you drive with increased awareness. The system will notify you if you’re getting too close to another vehicle (forward collision warning), if you are drifting from your lane (lane departure warnings), as well as offer Go alerts. You can also receive alerts for speed and red-light cameras, although this is not available in all locations.

Control with your voice

Additionally, users can control the Garmin Dash Cam 66W using voice command, which is available for English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, and French. You can tell it to start/stop auto-recording, take a picture, save a video, and even start/stop the Travelapse video option.

Built-in battery

While you can permanently hardwire the cameras to your car, the built-in battery allows it to continue recording even if the car is unable to supply power, particularly after an accident. The battery life is, however, just about 30 minutes.

Parking video

With the parking mode monitors, external movement or impact is enough to trigger the dashcam to auto-power and self-record.

Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

These two features allow for easy wireless viewing and editing. You will also be able to share captured video with the Garmin Drive app.

Travelapse journey video

This feature offers a fun and easy way to record and share your travel experiences by compressing hours of driving into a few minutes of highlights.

4. VIOFO A129 IR Duo Car DVR Camera

People in the transportation business like taxi/rideshare drivers who want to stay safe on the road are well catered for by this dual dash cam by VIOFO. The VIOFO A129 IR is known for its sophisticated, compact design that won’t block a lot of the field of view and keeps it discreet. This dashcam packs a wide variety of technologies that supports its overall build quality. Its key features include:

Front & inside full HD

This device has separate front and interior cameras that are connected via a cable. The front camera records the road front at a viewing angle of 140°. The interior camera has a viewing angle of 160° with 180° rotatable lens that can also act as a rear camera, recording the interior of the vehicle or the road behind it.

VIOFO A129 IR Duo Car DVR Camera

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High-quality images and footage.

Both cameras use an IMX291 Sony STARVIS sensor that offers extraordinary night vision compared to other regular image sensors. Users can expect full-time high definition images and recordings with these 1920×1080-pixel resolution cameras. And, at 30 frames per second, the cameras can capture fasting moving scenes at all times.

Excellent infrared (IR) night vision

Both front and interior cameras have outstanding image sensors that offer much better vision under low illuminations than other sensors. Additionally, the interior camera features four high-quality IR LEDs that automatically activate depending on the ambient light levels.  This means that it can record clearly even in complete dark situations, making it one of the best car DVR with rear camera for night drivers.

High-speed Dual-Band Wi-Fi

The A129 Duo IR dash cam has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi that transmits in two different standard frequency ranges (2.4GHz and 5GHz). This more stable and faster Wi-Fi signal brings faster viewing, downloading, and sharing files on the phone using the Viofo app.

Advanced parking mode

This dashcam has three models for parking mode. The first one is the auto event detection, which will automatically start recording if movement or impact is detected while the vehicle is parking. This dashcam improves on the regular parking mode by including the buffered parking mode.

This allows it to permanently save the recordings of an incident 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after. This is a great feature that truly completes the parking mode as there could be vital information leading up to an incident and the effects of the aftermath.

The advanced parking mode also records video at low bitrate and although the image quality is not as clear as in normal recording, it saves on storage space.

The third model is the time-lapse recording, which records images at specified low intervals so they can playback much faster than in real-time.

Loop recording

This feature overwrites the oldest files when the SD card is full. This allows for uninterrupted recording while minimizing storage needs.

G-sensor emergency recording

This feature automatically locks impact footage in an emergency folder where it can be retrieved in the future and safe from being overwritten in loop recording.

GPS logger

The GPS module will log the current speed, route data, and also synchronize the device’s clock with GPS time to ensure the files are time-stamped correctly.

5. Viofo A129-DG Car Dash Dual Camera.

Another great companion that can guarantee you safe travels on the roads is the Viofo A129-DG Car Dash Dual Camera. This is thanks to the following features:

Full HD front and rear recording

This device has a front and rear camera for recording the front, as well as the rear of your vehicle offering assistance even when backing up. Both cameras have a 140° wide viewing angle that achieves a broader view. This allows users to see 4 full lanes of traffic while capturing as much information as possible.

With this dash cam, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a two-channel view. The images are recorded in full HD 1080P resolution at 30FPS; plus, the F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens ensures more detailed and colorful recordings than most dash cams on this list.

Viofo A129-DG Car Dash Dual Camera
Viofo A129-DG

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Sony Starvis image sensors

The Viofo A129-DG dash cam boasts the advanced Exmor R Starvis image sensor from Sony on both cameras that allow you to record clearer more vibrant images with rich details in any lighting situation, including a dark environment.

Dual-band WI-FI

The built-in Wi-Fi is capable of transmitting in two different standard frequency ranges: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Dual cameras that can utilize the 5GHz frequency can avoid wireless interference, making this a more stable and faster Wi-Fi connection. This guarantees an enhanced playback experience with blazing speed for file transfer.

Parking mode

The camera will be triggered to start recording by any impact or motion detection while in parking mode, thus securing your vehicle with vital and useful evidence while you are away.


This dashcam packs an integrated gravity sensor that automatically detects sudden shake/collision and locks this impact footage in an emergency folder to prevent it from being overwritten by the loop function.

Temperature resistance

This is one of the best dual-channel dashcams for extreme weather conditions. It uses premium high-temperature resistant material and comes with a capacitor power supply, which has a longer lifespan and a wider temperature range than regular cameras that use batteries. The super capacitor can support high-temperature operation in the heat of Australian summers up to 65℃ and also offer reliable operation in the cold winter up to -10℃.

Circular polarizing lens (CPL)

You can get an optional CPL filter to help lower reflections and glare from road surfaces and the window glass that would otherwise damage the quality of the files recorded.

GPS Logger

The GPS module will log the current speed, route data, and also synchronize the device’s clock with GPS time to ensure the files are time-stamped correctly.

Extra storage

To store more files on this device, you can augment it by inserting a micro SD card class 10 up to 256GB.

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