Discover Our Review Of 10 Best Vehicle Backup Cameras that offer High Definition (HD) output

The market is flooded with numerous options for vehicle rear-view cameras that you may be confused on which one to go for. We have reviewed  the best high definition  car backup cameras to help you chose the one that fits your need. Since May 2018, a compulsory law was passed in US requiring drivers of passenger vehicles to install backup cameras for security for safety reasons.

These HD backup cameras in 2020 make reversing easier and lower the risk of causing an accident while parking. With the best of these, you will be able to see all the blind spots with full clarity no matter the weather condition or how dark it is.

After a thorough search, we have reviewed these backup cameras that you could use for your vehicle to improve car safety when backing up.

In this HD backup cameras review, we have listed all the important features of every camera has its pros as well as its cons so that you are able to make an informed decision.

This review also entails a buyer’s guide that will help you to only choose the right backup camera that best suits your needs. After all, your needs really matter when making the final decision, right? 

  1. Backup Camera Kit fits 2014-15 Scion – Plug and Play for Display Audio Radios.
  2. AMTIFO A13 Backup Camera and Rear View Camera with 7 Inch Monitor with Wire Kit Suppor DIY Easy Installation.
  3. DOUXURY 4 Split Screen Backup Camera System with 7” Quad View Display HD 1080P Monitor and DVR Recording Function for Truck Trailer, Heavy Box Truck and RV Camper Bus.
  4. AMTIFO HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Rear/Front View with Guide Lines and 5” Monitor for Cars, Pickups, Trucks, Small RVs and Campers.
  5. URVOLAX Car Backup Camera with Dual Recording and HD Front 1080P offering 24-Hour Parking, GPS and Branded SD Card.
  6. KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD 1296P Front and 1080P Rear with Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror and advanced Dashcam Parking Mode.
  7. DUTERI D Mirror Dash Cam Rear View Camera with Video Backup and offering Parking 24Hrs with G-Sensor.
  8. BOYO VTL17IRTJ – With HD Bar-Type License Plate Camera and Night Vision plus a Trajectory Parking Lines.
  9. BOYO VTL405TJ-With Ultra Slim Bar-Type License Plate Backup Camera and Active Parking Lines.
  10. TadiBrothers. The backup camera has a 120 Degree angle which is best for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks.
Editor Note: HD refers to cameras with a standardized resolution of 720p or 1080p. The numbers 720 and 1080 refer to the horizontal resolution. Therefore, 720p HD camera resolution provides images that are 1280 x 720 pixels (that adds up to 921,600 pixels, which means a 720p HD camera is not technically a megapixel camera), and 1080p HD cameras provide 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, or 2.1 megapixels.

1. Scion Backup Camera Kit fits- Plug and Play for Display Audio Radios.

This Scion premium super HD CMOS backup camera was first released in the market in 2014, after that it has gone numerous improvements to fit user specifications and perform as expected. You will find the camera kit is plug and play and you will not require you to cut any factory wire to install.

Scion premium super HD CMOS backup camera best reversing the camera
Scion Backup Camera K

Year of release: 2014 | Luminosity: Low | Video quality: High  | Unique feature: Displays parking guidelines | Viewing Angle: 170 degrees

When you are reversing the camera will come on and will display parking guidelines for added safety and conveniences, you can also turn off the lines with flip switch on the harness. The manufacture advises that you check all the wiring connections for the camera to function as specified.


Plug and play

Great video quality during the day

Everything you need to install your Backup Camera Kit is included in the package

Great video quality during the night. Except if you live in an area where there are no street lights around. Luminosity is low


Installation instructions a bit unclear

2. AMTIFO A13 AHD 720P Backup Camera Kit.

These back camera systems have large color screen that you will love, they have a dual hookups if you wanted to have an additional camera. The camera screen doesn’t need to be viewed directly and it doesn’t do well in direct sunlight, it has a plastic shield that snaps in the top to block sunlight. The camera also includes flush mount and dash mount. The screen has basic color contrast and hue controls, you will find it has the option of turning on and off the guidelines.

Emmako hd 720P back camera systems have large color screen
AHD 720P Backup Camera Kit

Unique feature: Dual hook up  | Other features: Large color screen | Power adapter: 12v | Capability: Monitor two video inputs V1/V2 | Waterproof ranking: IP69K | Resolution: 1024X768 | Screen Size: 7” | Screen ratio: 16:9/4:3 | Power supply: DC 9V-35V

The system has a 12v cigarette lighter power adapter as well as hard wire pig tail for permanent mount which is nice. The camera monitor has capability to monitor two video inputs V1/V2. The screen picture are color HD picture at days. With an IP69K waterproof makes it perfect for all weather conditions. The camera also has 18 infra red lights for night vision.

The monitor product is 100% safety and meets any FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP6X standard with a resolution 1024X768 and a 7 inch screen size the display component color is TFT LCD  and the screen ratio of 16:9/4:3 that is adjustable. The housing is a ABS with a supply power of DC 9V-35v.


Easy to install

Excellent customer service

Clear night vision camera.

Company say this product has a lifetime guarantee.

The hard wiring ensure uninterrupted signal transmission

The monitor has a very good resolution and provides a great view of traffic behind

The overall rating of the product performance was 5 star with 4.7 out of 5 and hit 86 % rating also the product received a 1 star rating with a 4% rate. Mostly was due to user problems. Recommended.

3. DOUXURY- Backup Camera System with HD Monitor.

This back camera system does what its intended to do. The monitor has a good resolution and you will love the fact it has a glare shield around it. If you are looking for a camera system to reduce stress while driving then this camera is best for you, it improves safety and provides evidence in case of an accident with the help of built in DVR Recording function the 7” digital LCD monitor supports recording function. The video dates are stored in a SD card included in the package.

DOUXURY Backup Camera System, 4 Split Screen 7'' Quad View Display HD Monitor with DVR Recording Function, Waterproof Night Vision Cameras x 4 for Truck Trailer Heavy Box Truck RV Camper Bus
DOUXURY- Backup Camera System with HD Monitor.

Monitor type: LCD  | Monitor size: 7 | Feature: 4 video inputs | Power Supply: 12-24V DC | Waterproof ratings: IP69 | Unique feature: Infrared

The camera has a 4 split screen support with 4 video inputs from front view camera, rear view camera and two sides cameras can be shown on screen offering no blind spot on the road. Four trigger inputs 4 channels outputs. With the camera power supply of 12-24V DC, it is a fit for a wide variety of large vehicles. You will enjoy a convenient road drive as the system comes with IP69 waterproof, infrared LED lights, night vision functions, wide viewing angle and a sharp HD clear image.


Easy to install

Works well as described.

24 hours online customer services,

Great night vision with clear image quality

The image quality is very good and changing mode is easy

30-day money back guaranteed and 365-day system replacement warranty and lifetime support.


Not really anything negative except maybe more options to power the system, perhaps with a cigarette lighter plug.

Query: Side cameras are rated IP67, instead of IP69, they are not rated for continual rain or high-pressure car wash. Are these cameras suitable for outside mounting? Respond: IP67 waterproof feature can be rated for continual rain or high pressure car wash. No need to worry. The backup camera system has good waterproof feature. If there is any camera got water or fog in, request for replacement free.

4. Amtifo- HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with 5” Monitor.

This is Amtifo is a great backup camera for travel trailers and other vehicles with an HD digital wireless display output you will be happy to have for your vehicle. You will find the setup very easy and straightforward and the connectivity is very great. With 5 inch monitor mount on your dash or windshield you will get the power with the included cigarette light plug. The guidelines can be put on or off through the monitor and the system has a rear/front view adjust for best results.

Amtifo- HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with 5'' Monitor.
Amtifo- HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with 5” Monitor.

Monitor size: 5”  | Compatibility: All Vehicles | Screen Pictures: Color HD  | Waterproof rating: IP69 | Viewing angle: 150 degrees | Monitor pixels: 1024*768 | Screen Ratio: 4:3 adjustable | Power: DC 9V- 35V

This camera system is compatible with small cars/RVs/Pickups/Trucks and other. The screen pictures are color HD and no color different at days. You will also find that the camera system is HD and is IP69 waterproof with super night vision and with a viewing angle of 150 degrees.

Monitor Product Features.

Effective Pixels: 1024 * 768, Screen Size: 5 inch, Display Component: Color TFT LCD, Screen ratio 4:3 adjustable, Housing Material: ABS, Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC, power: DC 9V-35V, Color TFT LCD, Screen ratio 4:3 adjustable, Housing Material: ABS, Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC, Power: DC 9V-35V.

The product itself 100% safety and met any FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP69 standard

Rear View Camera Specifications.

Resolution: 720P

Waterproof IP Rate: IP69

Power: DC12V-24V.

Lens Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees

The product itself 100% safety and met any FCC/CE/RoHS/UL/IP6X standard


Easy to install

Fully equipped kit for installation

Very detailed installation manual

The camera itself is quite good and durable

Has both always on or back up only installation

Many adjustments for direction, width, display settings

Signal is always VERY strong and picture quality HD very sharp


The only complaint I may have is that the wiring is very small and this is a minor complaint.

EDITOR NOTE: IP67: Soaking in water from 15 cm to 1 m deep for 30 minutes prevents water from entering. IP68: Under the conditions specified by the supplier, it is continuously immersed in water to prevent the entry of water. IP69: Capable of withstanding the thermal steam wash test defined in EN 60529 and DIN 40050-9. This provides protection against water pressures of 100 bar (1450 psi) and temperature of 80 C. The pressure is applied directly to the sensor at progressive angles of 30 degrees (0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees) for 30 seconds at each angle for a total of 120 seconds (2 minutes) to prevent water ingress

5. URVOLAX -Dual Recording HD Backup Camera.with SD Card.

This URVOLAX camera is well made and easy to use. You will notice it doesn’t block views like other dash cams because it has a streaming media of 9.88’ full screen that offers on-time display image at 1080p high resolution and it records both front and rearview at the same time and  the quality of the image is great. The camera comes with a GPS tracking system that help car camera to record driving speed, directions and route.

When a collision is detected the G-sensor will lock the file automatically for later proof, this critical file will not be covered. As the camera keep records the oldest recorded file will be overwritten automatically by new segments when the storage is filled up.

URVOLAX -Dual Recording HD Backup Camera.with SD Card WITH Night Vision AND 24-Hour Parking,GPS.
URVOLAX -Dual Recording HD Backup Camera.with SD Card.

Image quality: 1080 pixels  | Special feature: Has GPS tracking system |Power Interface: DC 5V and 2A | Memory card: 32G | Temperature Stand: -4F-158F | Screen size: 9.88” | Front/Rear camera resolution: 1080 Pixels | View angle: Front170 & Rear 150 degrees

The front camera can be slide in and out to adjust your view filed, FHD 6-lens quality dash-cam provide you with 1080P resolution image in front of your car. Another amazing feature is that you can adjust the viewing angle by screen swiping up and down on both front and rearview camera, then you drive safely without any blind areas.

Equipped with lane departure warning system you will be alerted when you stray into another lane and this is an amazing safety feature the alarm alert you to reduce fatigue driving and help keep away from accident

Product Specification:

G Sensor Lock: YES

Loop Recording: YES

GPS Antenna Access: YES

Power Interface: DC 5V/2A

32GB Memory Card: Included

Temperature Stand: -4°F – 158°F

Screen: 9.88″ HD IPS FULL Touch

Parking Assist Line & Parking Monitor: YES

Front/Rear camera resolution: 1080P/1080P

Dual camera view angle: Front 170°, Rear 150°

Backup camera extended wire length: 26 Feet.

A G sensor is commonly referred to as an accelerometer. They are used in a wide range of devices like smart phones, smart watches, vehicles and of course, dash cams. A G sensor in a dash cam will monitor the proper acceleration, aka G-Force. In other words, the dash camera will detect a sudden change in direction. This could be caused by hard braking, impact from crashing, or even movement when stationary i.e. someone rocking the vehicle


Set up and use is super easy.

Easy to use, even while driving.

Beautiful bright view on both front and rear cams.

The touch screen works flawlessly, and the image is crisp (HD) and clear.

Install is super easy, two wires and some silicone bungees and you are set.

The camera records both the front and rear camera, covering you from all directions

If you hook up the provided wire to your back up lights, the camera automatically switches to the rear camera when you put in reverse.

The overall rating of the product performance was 5 star with 4.5 out of 5 and hitting 80 % rating also the product received a 1 star rating with a 6% rate. Mostly was due to user problems.

6. KDLINKS-Ultra HD Backup Camera Dual Lens Dash Cam.

This backup camera has a dash cam that has an HD IPS screen and it supports 64GB or 128GB micro SD and with a boast 800mAh internal battery that provide long-lasting support even without constant power input. With automatic motion detector, the R100 begins record for a short period and shuts off automatically even if the vehicle is off.

KDLINKS-Ultra HD Backup Camera Dual Lens Dash Cam with IPS 5" Screen, Superior Night Mode, Advanced Dashcam Parking Mode, Support 64/128GB
KDLINKS-Ultra HD Backup Camera Dual Lens Dash Cam

Memory: 64 or 128GB | Monitor size: 5” | Internal Battery size: 800mAh | Resolution of the camera: Front 1296P and Rear 1080P 

This advanced parking mode is essential for protecting parked cars. You will find the camera system comes with 6-glass lens design and wide dynamic range that gives you a high definition video recording both day and night; additionally you will enjoy a digital 1296P front camera and 1080P wide-angle rear camera for full HD coverage.

The R100 Dash Cam has a number of modern solutions, useful for all drivers. The dash-cam starts recording immediately after turning on the ignition. It has a night mode ensuring high quality recordings also in poor lighting conditions. The WDR system will make no detail escapes high quality R100 dash camera lenses.


Excellent customer service

Best in class in this price range.

Ultra HD capture license plate no doubt.

Excellent software and flexible settings.

The manual containing clearly-written instructions

Parking mode keep your car monitored & make you comfortable

Once setup it is easy to swap memory cards to pull videos off.

Picture quality for both the front and rear cameras is crystal clear.

Motion sensor is very sensitive capture what you want to see while you are away from your car.

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) function is extremely helpful & alert you when you are getting out or your lane


Not recommended for small vehicles

The mirror are not an electrochromic (auto-dimming) mirror instead, they are just tinted mirror.

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7. DUTERI D – HD Backup Camera Full Touch Screen Video Streaming.

You will love this DUTERI full touchscreen dash camera. Its high resolution is available in 1080P from camera and 1080P rear view camera, the bright full screen makes you read clearly the license plates of any vehicle behind or in front of you day and night. Both of the cameras record the road ahead of you and behind you, assuring your safety in the event of an accident or any insurance claims.

DUTERI D Mirror Dash Cam Rear View Camera Cars Video Backup Parking WITH 24H's Monitor AND Night Vision G-Sensor Waterproof 170°HD 1080P 9.66" Full Size Touch Screen
DUTERI D – HD Backup Camera Full Touch Screen

Resolution: Front/Rear camera 1080P | Waterproof: IP68 | Monitor size: 9.66” Frequency range: 50/60 Hz | Power supply interface: 5V/2A | Memory card: 32G | Battery: 450mA | View angle: 170 degrees

The display with guidelines assists you with safe parking, easy to adjust the view angle by sliding your finger on the touch screen when driving or reversing. The dual lens HD 1080P dual camera and HDR (170 degrees angle rear view cam) has better depth of field and faster exposure time that means it provides night vision of sharp colors under low light.

Product Specification:

Photographic mode is 1200 pixels

Current frequency range are 50HZ/60HZ.

Video resolution has a Maximum 1080P

Power supply interface from a 5V / 2A supply.

Loop recording for Seamless video, with no leakage

File/Video/Photo format are AVI/PAL or NTSC/JPEG

Memory card memory support TF (Support maximum 32G)

Battery is 450mA Battery inside and it has No GPS (interface reserved).

Switch machine on Support for auto ignition start up and shut down, flame out.

Support variety of language.

Camera lens are 170°Rear 1080P Camera (AHD65) and 170°Front 1080P Camera (G2363), 6-glass lens, with a high-resolution ultra-wide angle lens.


Very easy to install

Night vision very clear

SD Card support

The touchscreen works well

The Camera also has a built in battery.

Video and photo are both of great quality

The mirror dash cam can take stills or videos.

This mirror dash cam also helps with blind spots on both the front and back camera

The dual screen feature, which allows you to see the front and back at the same time.

This camera has a 5 star rating with 46 reviews and a percentage of 100% from verified purchases.

8. BOYO VTL17IRTJ – HD Backup Camera and Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate

While other rear-view cameras only provide the convenience of being able to see what is behind, the BOYO takes things a notch higher by offering you a super-slim profile zinc metal license plate frame that provides simple, obscure mounting location, and does not attract so much attention to itself.

BOYO  VTL17IRTJ  - HD Backup Camera and Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate
BOYO – HD Backup Camera

Viewing angle: 175 degrees | Waterproof Rating: IP67    | CCD Sensor: 0.25”

The BOYO has a wide viewing angle of 175° to give you excellent image quality with camera angle adjustment to allow you to adjust the camera up and down. 

The clean, chrome or black design is a match for many car exteriors and it does not obscure your license plate, making it a solid choice in all fifty states. The IP67 Waterproof Rating means this item is water-resistant. This coupled with a sturdy zinc metal construction means you will have this item for a very long time. 

With its improved 1/4″ Sony CCD sensor, this backup camera offers you the best image possible, even in dim light conditions. 


Excellent image quality

It’s a full-frame license mount construction

Camera angle adjustment ability available

Ability to perform better in dim light conditions

Wide viewing angle of 175° gives you clear pictures

Waterproof zinc metal construction makes it sturdy and durable

Clean, chrome/black design blends well with many car exteriors


You will have to dismantle the tailgate to install this backup camera

Some users had a problem of the chrome finish peeling off

9. BOYO VTL405- CMOS IMAGE License Plate Backup Camera 

Add on to your vehicle’s safety measures by getting the BOYO VTL405 CMOS Sensor backup camera. This backup camera makes parallel parking simple and comes with other features designed to give you complete clarity when reversing. It comes with LEDs for nighttime convenience and features a bar-style license pane-mounting frame. The LED lights are manually turned on with a push of a button, while the 0 Lux is used for remarkable low light performance when LEDs are switched off. 

BOYO VTL405TJ - Ultra Slim Bar-Type License Plate Backup Camera with Active Parking Lines (Chrome)
BOYO – Ultra Slim Bar-Type License Plate Backup Camera with Active Parking Lines (Chrome)

Waterproof rating: IP67  | Legality: Legal in 50 US states  | Viewing angle: 170 degrees

The IP67 Waterproof Rating means you can use this item in all kinds of weather conditions. Its waterproof construction coupled with a full zinc frame also makes it sturdy and durable. The zinc metal frame makes this product legal in all 50 U.S States. The camera comes with reverse image selectable and parking lines, and features a camera angle adjustment for up and down modification. 

This backup camera comes with a wide viewing angle of 170° to give you minimal image distortion. 


Camera angle adjustment available

LED lights for night time use

Zinc frame construction offers durability

Bar-Type License Pane Mount Design

Wide-angle of view of 170° minimizes image distortion

Comes with parking gridlines and reverse image selectable

The camera can be used both as a front camera and a rear camera


Some users complained of rust developing on the exposed screws

10. TadiBrothers HD Backup Camera for License Plate Frame.

See the entire world behind you with the TadiBrothers Backup Camera. The 120 degree HD backup camera  is very thin and light and will make an excellent inclusion to any driver who requires assistance moving backward. This wireless camera has a 50ft range that can go through any vehicle. Keep in mind you need a monitor with an RCA input to receive the transmission. The Receiver also needs a 12V power source. Simply screw your current number plate screws through its brackets!

TadiBrothers 120 Degree Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera (Hi-Res Wireless CCD
TadiBrothers 120 Degree Black Frame HD Backup Camera

Power: 12V  | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | Weatherproof: 100% | Sensor: CCD | Mount: Steel

The TadiBrothers Backup Camera comes with military-grade night vision for nighttime use, it has 120-degree viewing angle that is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and will enable you to see everything behind you. You can adjust the camera by angling it up and down to get the best view for your car. This wireless camera is wireless so there will be no running of cables through the car. It has a 50ft. range to go through any vehicle. 

Note that wireless means you will not have to use a video cable around your car. The camera and monitor will, however require wiring to a power source. There is a cigarette adapter included in the package though you can utilize ANY 12V power source. This camera is shockproof and 100% weatherproof!



Easy to install

100% weatherproof and shockproof

Perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs

Military-grade night vision for night time use

7” Color LCD monitor that is very thin and light

120-degree viewing angle enables you to see everything behind


Some users claimed it had so many wires for a wireless.

What do you consider before buying any vehicle backup cameras?


Another reason to spend on a car backup camera system for the safety of your vehicles, right?. The best of these observation systems can provide you with a clear view of the obstacles and objects behind your vehicle even from a distance. That buying a rearview camera system is very important. Even when driving in dark places during the night, you can also have a clear view of anything behind you if the camera has a night vision ability with a clear digital signal that this system can provide.

Backup Camera Quality

When choosing a backup camera system, you should also look into the camera quality. It should let you choose infrared, colored, night vision and black and white. The quality of the camera has much to do with the images you will receive on your screen. The picture quality of a digital camera depends on several factors, including the optical quality of the lens and image-capture chip, compression algorithms, and other components. However, the most important determinant of image quality is the resolution of the CCD. The more elements, the higher the resolution, and thus the greater the detail that can be captured.

Mounted HD Backup Camera
Backup Camera

Dash Cam Monitor display

Dash cam monitors vary in size greatly, gettting a display that you are going to see easier, as this will allow you to identify obstacles in your rear-view camera clearly. The bigger the monitor, the easier it is to use. Another factor is the button layout on the monitor. These will regularly be how you control the backup camera’s feed, so a monitor with easy to access buttons that are clearly laid out will help ease of use.

Package content

The best backup camera products on the market come with a complete kit with guide instructions. Some of them even include a mounting bracket to reduce hassle of extra purchase of installation materials. So when shopping around, be sure to look for one that has all the items and accessories you need for easy and quick installation out of the box.

Value for your money

Just like any other shopping, you must also look into the price of the camera system you are buying. In this reviews, we have chosen license plate backup camera coming from different price ranges so that you can compare them not only based on their features but on the amount of money to spend on each of them.

Data storage and SD card

Most backup cameras systems are not designed to record and store images but you will find few having that feature in the market. However, the majority of backup cameras only work while the vehicle is in reverse, which would limit the video you captured. We recommend using a backup camera in this capacity with a dash cam with the ability to record rear-views. 

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  1. I didn’t realize that new cars required back up cameras now! I purchased a new vehicle back in 2018 but I figured it was a perk feature. My wife’s car is a 2013 model so it doesn’t have one on hers so I wouldn’t mind adding one to her vehicle. I really like the Urvolax camera. I think it would be great for her car. I never thought about one that records to an SD card so if you get in a wreck you could use the footage to prove what happened.

    • A fantastic dash camera. Many features for the price. the 32GB Memory Card capacity can store lot of data for future use incase needed

  2. Thanks for this in-depth review. I am in the process of choosing which backup camera to install in my car but it’s a tough one. I really like the Urvolax Dual Recording  HD Backup Camera because it doesn’t block views, which is very important and because it looks very easy to set up but I also wouldn’t mind the Duteri HD Backup camera which, judging from the ratings, is also great. 

    • Grand you found this helpful.

      The Urvolax Dual Recording  HD Backup Camera image view is wide and the picture quality is superb. Several similar products in the same price range are out there from Amazon-com, but this one includes a built-in GPS and ADAS (lane departure warning), and a free 32G microSD. So much product feature for pocket friendly price.

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    • Happy you found this review with the product you can buy. 
      This is a very high quality camera setup. you be  surprised at the construction of the camera and the ease to install it. The Emmako includes a cig lighter plug that make easy to install without interfering with your vehicle’s electrical system at all.


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