At Home Hair Removal With Xsoul IPL Hair Removal

As its name suggests, the Xsoul IPL hair removal is designed to remove hair. It was developed by a team of professionals who adapted the IPL technology and designed it in such a way that it was suitable for home use. Compared to other traditional hair removal methods like waxing, epilating, and shaving, IPL technology is by far much better. It leaves you with a silky smooth skin touch, and the results of using this device will be as good as getting a professional hair removal treatment at the saloon. You can now perform a full laser body treatment at home.

How to Use Xsoul Hair Removal Device

Step1: Shave the region you intend to perform the laser treatment. It is mandatory to shave before using the device. This will maximize the outcome and offer you a faster hair reduction.

Step 2: It is advisable to use protective glasses while performing the IPL hair removal session. This is particularly necessary when you are using the Xsoul device to perform treatment on your facial care. The function of protective glasses is to protect your eyes from getting hurt. You should not bring the laser device close to your eyes during hair removal to avoid potential visual damages.

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Step 3: You have to determine the best energy level for your hair color and skin tone. This is done by pressing the switch and testing the device on a tiny patch with the lowest energy setting. If your skin does not show any sensitivity to the IPL light, you can then shift to higher energy levels. Just ensure you use the device on the highest energy your skin can tolerate.

Step 4: When using the device, ensure it is placed at 90 degrees angle on the skin. As you perform the hair removal, the device should be moved from one spot to another while pressing the light button. When you put the device at the same spot for too long, you may hit it twice with the flash especially when you are using the auto mode.

The Xsoul IPL machine comes in two modes: the manual mode and the auto mode. Auto mode is used for treating small areas like underarms, bikini line, and face. Whereas manual mode is used for treating larger areas such as the legs, the back, and the arms. Both of these modes offer a precise hair removal experience. The manual mode saves you lots of time in treating straightforward areas.

How Often Should the Xsoul IPL Device Be Used at Home?

It is always advisable to read the user manual provided before operating this device. Manufacturers recommend you use this device once every two weeks for the first three months. After this period, observe any changes in your skin. If there are none, continue with the same routine for three more months. When you notice the hair growth has reduced, you can then shift the hair removal routine to once every month or even once every two months. Suppose you observe adverse side effects, discontinue the use of the device and visit a doctor for prescription and treatment.  

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Reasons Why Hair Will Still Grow After the Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technology works by targeting the melanin inside the hair follicle and suppressing its growth cycle. For this reason, there aren’t instant results when you use this hair removal tool once. Only the hair in the anagen phase will be affected by the light used. Hair in other phases like catagen or inactive phase is not affected by this light. This is one of the reasons why you must always shave first before using laser hair removal gadgets. Even though the light fails to reach hair in the catagen phase, it still reduces the hair growth cycle. Hence, each time you perform laser treatment, the hair gets more suppressed until it results in a permanent hair growth reduction.

For faster hair removal results, you need to exfoliate between the sessions. You will know the hair growth rate has been reduced when you notice complete clear patches. Your skin tone and hair color do affect the rate at which you will respond to the hair removal treatment. If you have dark hair color and pale skin, you are most likely to get faster results with the laser gadget.

Fascinating Facts about Hair Removal Tools

It may not completely remove all of your hair. People often assume when they use laser hair removal technology, they will be free from all hair, but this is not usually the case. It will only remove between 60% and 94% of your hair. This variation is due to different types of hair and skin, as well as the quality of the hair removal device.

Sometimes, the laser and IPL hair removal treatment can cause injuries. Other side effects include irritation and discoloration. Improper use of the device could cause swelling and blisters. In other cases, you may notice a lighter white spot called hypopigmentation that results from the treatment. This usually happens when melanin levels are higher than normal.

After every IPL hair removal session, avoid prolonged and unprotected exposure to sunlight before and after the treatment. You should also not be exposed to Sauna and Steam baths for 24 hours. This rule also applies to intensive workouts.

Laser and IPL treatments can cause a little pain. This usually depends on the energy level used and the sensitivity of the skin. It is advisable to start using the device at the lowest energy level before gradually upgrading to higher levels.

Laser hair removal treatments depend on the heating up of hair follicles to disable re-growth. This makes them very effective, and dangerous at the same time when used improperly.  

In conclusion, the Xsoul IPL is an effective hair removal tool that everyone should have. It’s almost painless, can be used in different body areas like the armpit, legs, face, bikini line, etc. In addition, it is gender insensitive. Both men and women can use this device for their personal care routine. It is an economical choice for a variety of hair types and skin texture.

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