Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Car Rescue Tools

Have you ever imagined yourself trapped in a car? Probably not. It’s one of those scary thoughts that nobody wants to entertain. Yet, this is something that can happen. So, even though you hope to never get trapped in your car, it’s wise to be prepared if it ever happens. How? By always ensuring that you have car escape tools in your glove box. 

In this article, we give you a guide to buying best car escape tools so that you are always ready. Like we have mentioned, car escape tools help you in emergencies where you get trapped in a car. It could be due to a fire, water, or any other sort of accident whereby you end up trapped. 

How do car escape tools work?

Car escape tools help you escape by cutting the safety belt fast and breaking the window so you can save your life. The tools come in the form of an emergency seat belt cutter and window hammer. In some emergencies, the seat belt jams and the car may be in a position that does not allow you to open the door. In such a scenario, you will need the best seat belt cutter knife to deal with the jammed safety belt, and a car window breaker tool to break your way out of the vehicle.

Car escape tools are a lifesaver in dire situations where even one second counts. Take for instance if your car gets submerged in water or catches fire. There’s no time to sit and wait for help or call 911. To save your life, you have to act as fast as possible. With the right car escape tools, you can escape unharmed. 

Car escape tools buyers’ guide

Now that you understand the essence of having car escape tools in your glove box, let’s delve into the business of this article – car escape tools buying guide. 

Before committing your money, there are a few features and considerations to put in mind regarding buying the best car escape tools. Here we go:

  • Manual vs automatic tools

You can either go for manual or automatic car escape tools as they all do the same job. However, they work differently. With manual car escape tools, you will need to use some force to break the window while the opposite is true about automatic tools. While both are good, you are better off with an automatic tool during an emergency. The last thing you want is to waste even a single second while trying to break your car’s window. To save time and energy, we recommend going for automatic car escape tools. 

  • Weight

We know some people shake to an extent that they can’t lift something while they are frightened. Now, in case of an emergency whereby you end up being trapped in your vehicle, you want a tool that is not too heavy for you to lift. Generally, most car escape tools are light. However, some are heavier – and we understand that light is also relative. So, you want a car escape tool that you can comfortably use to help you escape from your car if an emergency occurs.

  • Size

We recommend that you go for car escape tools that are not too small as you don’t want to struggle to look for them during an emergency. At the same time, you want a tool that can fit in your glove compartment so it shouldn’t be so big.

  • Ease of use

A good tool should be easy to use for everyone. After all, a minute lost while struggling to use a tool equals more threat. While you probably like sophistication, it’s not useful when you are trying to save your life. 

  • Color

You need to be able to spot the tool in a chaotic situation or when in panic. As such, the color of the tool needs to be bright enough. As you will notice, most of these tools are available in orange, yellow, red, and other bright colors. It’s meant to make it easy to spot the tool in the case of an emergency.

  • Blade sharpness

Your seatbelt cutter’s blade needs to be sharp because how on earth will you cut your seatbelt with a blunt cutter? Seatbelts tend to jam in certain situations so you want to be assured that your tool’s blade is not going to let you down.

  • Tool safety

Yes, the blade should be sharp. But, it shouldn’t create a safety concern in your car. This is a tool that will always be in your car or attached to your keys’ chain. Therefore, you should be able to have it around and not have to worry that it’s going to cut you. Some tools have a safety case while others don’t. To avoid accidents in your car, you’d rather go for a tool that has a case.

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  • Tempered vs laminated windows

When it comes to car escape tools, you need to be careful lest you buy something that you are never gonna use. Why? Because some car escape tools only work with tempered windows. If your car has laminated windows, make sure you buy a tool that breaks a laminated glass.

  • Quality

This is something you can count on to save your life. While quality escape tools might be a little bit more expensive, you want to make sure that you have the best car escape tools. Don’t take chances with low-quality tools.

  • Durability

How durable is the tool you intend to buy? Check what people are saying about the tool because no manufacturer will tell you that their tool is not durable. You will need this tool to shatter a window so it should be strong enough to do just that. Also, some tools can only be used once so you also need to put this in mind before buying a car escape tool.

  • Added features eg USB cable, LED flashlight

Aside from doing its job, you might desire to have a tool that has complementing features. For instance, a car escape tool with an LED flashlight is something worth considering. Why? If it’s dark or you are underwater, the flashlight will help you see what you are doing. This will save you time and avoid accidents.


Emergencies like being trapped in your car might be a matter of death or life. Thus, having the best car escape tools is not debatable. Consider all the above features when buying a car escape tool for you to make the right decisions. While your budget also comes to play, make sure you don’t go for a low-quality tool and compromise your life. It’s not like you will need to use it daily and henceforth replace it often. Hence, you should go for a high-quality tool that you can rely on in a dire situation.

All the best in buying the best car escape tools.

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