Buying a Luminous Watch, Here Is What You Need To Consider

Luminous watches have been with us for a long time than you probably thought. The only difference is that today’s luminous watches have evolved immensely making them better and safer. We are seeing a fashion trend where some people are ditching the ordinary, basic, and plain watch and going for a combination of sophistication, class, and elegance. There’s no doubt that luminous watches fall into the latter category. 

Looking into getting a new watch? We got you. We have created a guide to buying a luminous watch and we hope that it helps you get just the perfect watch that you desire. 

A little history about luminous watches

Over a century ago, luminous watches were very fashionable and working in the watch manufacturing industry was luxuriant. The luminous watches that existed in those times glowed all the time and did not need exposure to light for them to glow. This is unlike today’s luminous watches that require exposure to a natural or artificial source of light for them to glow in the dark. It was fascinating to see a watch glow. However, these watches would not last long before being banned.

You see, luminous watches don’t just glow from nowhere. There are chemical substances applied to them for them to glow. In those years, Radium was used to paint them. Later, it was discovered that Radium was radioactive and the “Radium Girls” who worked in this money-minting industry started ailing from exposure to and ingestion of Radium paint. To get a sharp brush pointing, the workers would put the painting brushes in their mouths. 

When it was evidently clear that Radium’s radioactive nature was harmful to the human body, all Radium based products were banned and the Radium paint was eliminated in the US and has not been used in watches ever since 1968.

So, are luminous watches radioactive?

With this kind of history, it’s normal to worry or even question luminous watches. Are they safe? Do they still use radioactive elements to make them glow in the dark? Over the years, Strontium has since replaced radioactive elements such as Tritium and Radium. Strontium is not radioactive and it’s thus harmless to the human body. Unless you come across a very old watch being sold in the market, the chances of getting a watch with Radium are quite low. 

Of course, if you are fond of collecting antiques, you can still find those Radium painted watches. However, scientists have warned that those watches pose health threats to their owners since Radium takes a long time to decay. If you would like to be sure that your luminous watch is not radioactive, it’s advisable to pass it through a Geiger counter. The Geiger counter detects radiation and will hence let you know if your watch contains radioactive elements or not.

What is the best lume watch to buy?

When looking for the perfect luminous watch to buy, the listed below guidelines will be of great help. They will give you an easy time when picking a watch.

Best luminous watches 2021
Luminous Watch

Personal style

This is all about you and your sense of fashion. If the watch has all the qualities you are looking for but you feel that it doesn’t suit your style, you might want to reconsider. After all, you want a watch that you will love to wear unless you are a watch collector.

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Rolex, Citizen, Omega, and Patek Philippe are just a few brands that are popularly known for their watches. Citizen, for instance, has been in existence for over 100 years. For this reason, some people view them as experts in the watch industry and if the watch isn’t Citizen’s, they don’t wear it. Talking of Citizen watches, maybe you are wondering, are all Citizen watches luminous? The answer is no. Citizen has a wide selection of watches ranging from relatively affordable ones to high-end watches which are pricy. 


Before you go shopping, have in mind the amount of money you are willing to part with for your luminous watch. You can set a range of let’s say $100 – $150. With this, your choices are narrowed down and deciding is made easier. Always remember that more often than not, quality goes hand in hand with price.


Weight is a matter of personal preference and also the purpose of the watch. There are those who prefer bulky watches while others will always go for the lighter ones. If you intend to use the watch for sports purposes, go for a lighter choice.

Technology of the watch

While all these watches will perform their noble role of telling you time, the technology differs sometimes from brand to brand. For instance, Citizen’s watches use what they call Eco-drive technology. This technology captures light, converts it into energy, which in turn powers the watch. Thus, once you buy a Citizen watch, you will never have to worry about replacing the battery. 

The material used to make the watch

Silver, gold, stainless steel, leather, and canvas are a few of the materials used in watches. Go for what appeals to you and consider things such as your activities that might ruin the material.

Luminosity of the watch

While all luminous watches glow in the dark, the glow is different. Some glow brighter than others, and some glow for longer than others. If you tend to be in dark places most times, go for one that glows at least for a few hours. 

Purpose of the watch

If you are just getting a watch for purposes of keeping track of time, you might only need a very basic luminous watch. However, if you are wanting a watch to complement your style, it’s a different story. A diver’s watch will also have special features so be sure to consider the reason you are acquiring the watch altogether.

Additional features  

Apart from telling time and glowing in the dark, what else does the watch offer? Does it have a calendar, is it water-resistant, are the straps adjustable?

What are people saying about the watch?

Lastly, with tons of information online, you have no excuse to buy a bogus luminous watch. Before paying for that watch, be sure to read its reviews. It will save you heartache.


To sum it all up, take your time when buying a watch to make sure you get value for your money. Don’t just buy one because it’s on offer. There are plenty of watches out there and for sure, there must be a perfect one for you.

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