Here Are 9 Proven ways to improve your Wi-Fi At Home And Stay Connected

Working and studying from home is the new normal. The Covid-19 pandemic has got most businesses to shift from their offices to their homes. When learning could no longer be done one on one, learning institutions went online. This change demands for strong and reliable internet. You do not want to fail an exam or worse, lose a prospective client because of unstable Wi-Fi connectivity. 

So, if you have home Wi-Fi, you want to make sure that it’s not going to let you down at any one point. That’s why you need to learn how to boost your home Wi-Fi and we will be showing you how to do that in this blog. Stay with us. Exactly how do you boost your Wi-Fi signal in your house? Let’s delve into that, shall we? 

How to improve your home Wi-Fi network

Here are some simple steps you could take to improve your home Wi-Fi:

Check your Wi-Fi router placement

If your internet is sluggish and it seems like a page takes forever to load, the number one thing you want to do is ensure that your router is placed in a suitable place. Everything else could be right but if the router is placed close to objects that emit electromagnetic waves, that’s reason enough to have annoyingly slow internet. Metal objects are notoriously known to create a dead zone. Consider moving your router and place it where it’s not so hidden or covered up with stuff.

improve your home Wi-Fi:

Using Ethernet cables for WIFI because they never disappoint

When I used to work in the office and the internet was slow, a sure tip was to always connect an Ethernet cable to the router. Wired connections are fast, steady, and reliable as they are less likely to be affected by other devices. 

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The only downside of this method is that it limits you as to how far the cable can go. You also cannot walk around surfing or doing whatever it is you are doing, because of wires! However, if you can manage to move your work/study desk close to the router, then an Ethernet cable is your best friend.

Disconnect unused devices from the Wi-Fi Connection

Connecting too many devices at ago will definitely affect your internet speed. If you need an uninterrupted connection while bingeing on your favorite Netflix show, make sure you cut off all the other devices that are not in use. 

Having a Strong password For your Wi-Fi

I bet you already know this. It’s probably just a reminder in case you forget to do so. People love free things and if your Wi-Fi is open to everyone for use, hoggers might cause you trouble. Needless to mention that a password also protects you from hackers. Unless you live on an island a by yourself, don’t forego having a Wi-Fi password. And even though you have no neighbors, you never know when the bad guys might pass by your hood and mess things up for you. Also, make sure that your password is strong enough and not one that someone can easily guess. 

Changing you WIFI router the channel

Another tip to boost your home Wi-Fi is changing the channel. Especially if you live in a densely populated neighborhood, cluttering of the channels can lead to slow internet. Change your router’s channel to a frequency that is least occupied. Most people work with their routers still set to the default channel yet most routers broadcast on channel one or six. Now that you know that you can switch the channels, find out which channel is least cluttered and you will bid goodbye to poor home internet.

Invest in a Wi-Fi extender / repeater

If you tried moving your router and still do not see results, and if you have a few bucks to spare, buy a Wi-Fi extender or repeater. These devices receive signals from your router, amplify it, and then transmit them to cover the areas that your router can’t reach. With $100, you can get a good Wi-Fi extender or repeater and the installation process is simple.


How many devices rely on your home Wi-Fi? It could be that they are several and your internet plan cannot support them all. No way you could be using the same internet plan for over a decade, yet, you buy new smart devices after every few months. Upgrading to a plan that serves all your devices will save you time and make working from home a bliss. 

Add an external antenna to your WIFI

Do you still have those antennas that came with your router? If you misplaced them (because you never thought you would need them), buying others is a good idea. Bearing in mind that most routers come with internal omnidirectional antennas, consider going for unidirectional and position them towards the area that receives weak signals in your home. 

Update your router regularly

From time to time, manufacturers work on their routers in order to improve features such as speed and for security purposes. Upgrading your firmware regularly will not only improve your home Wi-Fi speed but also keep your protected. You do not want to be a malware victim!


If you have been having sleepless nights thinking about how to increase home Wi-Fi bandwidth, you have every reason to smile. No more sluggish network, no missing deadlines or breaking during virtual meetings. With the above tips, you can rest assured that your problem will soon be history. Nothing complex. Just simple tips you can DIY and enjoy steady internet connection. If you try out one method and it doesn’t work, you can always try the next. A long shot but a worthy and helpful one especially if you are not ready to commit money to have an expert sort it out. 

If you get lost while trying to boost your home Wi-Fi, most companies are always willing to help you out. Call your internet providers and let them guide you or advise you accordingly. No need sulking over terrible internet while all you need is information. As they say, information is power. Make good use of it and you will always be on top of the game.

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