These Car Escape Tools Every Road User What To Buy Under $50

While car escape devices are not something you want to use, it’s safer than sorry. The best thing you can do is to make sure you don’t get into an accident. There are things you can do other than hope. You never know when an accident might happen. It’s not possible to predict when an accident might occur, so you need to be prepared. We’ve compiled Top 7 Car Escape tools under $50 to ensure your safety. Even though we have only listed  few products, there are many more car escape tools available that we can also recommend. Let check what we got for you

1. 10 PCs Car Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool

Product description and information

Brand| SINSEN ; Color| Red

The escape tool is a two in one auto car glass window-breaker hammer and seatbelt cutter. It is best for your friends and family rescue and should be part of your emergency rescue tools.

The 10 PCs safety hammer has a solid glass breaker with a cone head, which can break your glass window with ease and within a short time. It is reliable and can serve you for a long. With this hammer, you will be able to escape harm by exiting your vehicle in time of emergency.

The hammer has a bright color that makes it accessible in the dark, so you will be able to locate it in your car. Its razor blade is sharp enough and of high quality for effective slicing of your seatbelt. It serves all aspects since it is a combination of a protective bracket for a cone hammerhead.

In addition, its solid steel strike point with double side ensures easy breaking of the car’s side window glass with little effort.

It comes with a salt spray test that ensures that your car is safe from dust. The blade hides to prevent any unnecessary injury that may occur in the process of your evacuation.

While breaking the window, focus on the four corners of the side before you kick the glass with your foot.

2. RESQME Family Pack of 3, the Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

Product description and information

Brand| RESQME; Color| Pink, Yellow, and Orange

RESQME emergency keychain escape tool is a two in one window breaker and seatbelt cutter that you can use during an emergency. It is made in the USA and comes in safety yellow, pink and orange.

The emergency tool was initially for respondents like firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement agencies. People consider this tool an essential solution for those who are conscious of their safety.


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You can use it to cut a jammed safety belt because its blade is sharp and safely kept. You can place it in an open place for easy accessibility during an emergency. Ensure even your passengers can access the safety tool. Place it on the view mirror, gear stick, or on your keys. When you make it part of your keys, you can carry it with you anywhere you go because it is lightweight and portable.

When an emergency occurs, you will reveal the blade by pulling the RESQME tool away from the clip. Cut the belt by hooking the razor blade over and slicing the belt across.

Once you are free from your seat, press the black head of the tool against the corner of your car window. It will release the spike and shatter the glass.

When an emergency occurs, you will reveal the blade by pulling the tool away from the clip. Cut the belt by hooking the razor blade over and slicing the belt across.

This tool does not work on windshields. It is reusable and durable. Despite its small size, this car escape tool is powerful and has saved life worldwide for a long time.

3.Emergency Tool LUXON 7-in-1 Car Safety Tool

Product description and information

Brand| LUXON; Color| Orange

LUXON emergency tool is a multifunctional car safety tool that comes with a red flashlight, USB, SOS light charger, and hand cracking chare for your field survival.

It is made of high-quality materials. Its tip can resist corrosion hence easy for you to break your car window.

It is also safe to tap the four corners of your side window to rescue yourself from any danger that comes with emergencies.

It has a strong magnet that allows you to attach the emergency tool to any part of the vehicle’s body. Its high brightness LED lights to use little energy but can serve for a period. Whenever your car lights fail, you can use the red light as a backup.

Its USB output can help you in charging your phone and give several electrical interfaces USB charging. It is hard to crack a charging system that can help when there is no electricity.

Despite its small size, it is versatile and has powerful features. It is best for your family’s safety. Its LED light can also serve as an emergency SOS to ask for help.

Do your loved ones enjoy outdoor activities? You can bestow it upon them to carry along for their safety.

Moreover, the LUXON tool has a one-year free hassle-free warranty. If you have any issues, you can always contact their service providers for help. You will behave feedback within 24hours.

4. STYLUS Stinger Super Duty Car Emergency Escape and Rescue Tool.

Product description and information

Brand  Stinger ; Color| 2pc orange

STYLUS is a steel hammer. It has a spring punch and a very sharp seatbelt cutter for easy cutting. The rescue tool can save you even if you cannot reach the hammer. Its spring-loaded window punch works to your advantage and will set you free from danger. It is hard enough to break laminated glass and windshields.

It is an ideal gift for all occasions. In case of an emergency, you can escape death with minimal or no injuries.

The hammer’s head is hard carbon steel for easy breaking of your car door. It is easy to operate and lightweight. It can also fit in the door pocket or glove box for easy access. With this tool, you can escape from an overturned, crashed, burning, or sinking car.

Its razor blade is sharp enough to help you cut your seatbelt when stuck in your car seat. As a result, you will add your rate of survival.

 Its appearance is improved to suit the user’s specifications.

5. LOMAK 6-in-1 Car Rescue Tool

Product description and information

Brand| LOMAK ; Color |Red

LOMAK car rescue tool is a seatbelt cutter, window breaker with a red or white warning light, and a bright LED flashlight magnet that can attach for vehicle escape and survival.

 It has a sharp razor blade, which can cut your seatbelt quickly for emergency evacuation. Its window breaker is also strong enough for easy cutting of your side windows.

Its four embedded magnets can attach to any metal surface on your car and help you in lighting and repairs. The red/white light can help you send help signals and warn drivers of the danger ahead. It can also scare away those with bad intentions and buy you time for a safe escape.

Furthermore, the hammer is easy to use and comes with a USB charger to boot its power when the battery is low. To affirm that your tool is charging, pay attention to the ‘beep’ sounds.

6. Stat Gear SuperVizor XT Auto Emergency Escape Tool

Product description and information

Brand| Stat gear ; Color| Glow 2 pack

The seatbelt cutter and glass window breaker work efficiently. It is necessary for your safety, in your car, in case of an emergency. You can mount it on your sun visor for easy access. It is a two-pack punch to enable you to place one or two different cars. You can also mount both the driver and passenger sun visor.

In case of an emergency, you will have a way out, so no need to panic. Its fine hone of 440C stainless steel enables the tool to cut through nylon seatbelts and other strong materials.

The quicker you react in case of an emergency, the higher your chances of survival. So, do not let a stuck door trap you inside your car. Use this carbide tip glass breaker to hammer the side glass and exit.

Your children and loved ones also deserve your love and care. To ensure their safety, gift them this auto emergency escape tool.

Stat gear manufacturers, innovative rescue, EDC tool, and New York City paramedic for your good founded it.

It comes with a sharp razor to cut your seatbelt and a carbide-tip glass, with a nylon non-strip grip.

7. MOTOTBUDDY Multi-function Cat Safety Hammer

Product description and information

Brand| MOTORBUDDY; Color| All-in-one

It is an all-in-one emergency escape hammer with a seat belt cutter and a glass window breaker. Its mobile power, LED light, alarm rescue, compass, and strobe SOS beacon.

Accidents are bound to occur, be ready for such scenarios. For safety, prepare your family and friends for emergencies by buying this tool for them. It can serve several functions.

It is a sharp, durable and heavy carbon steel hammer. It can also adopt the design that the center of gravity is on the hammerhead. It assures faster window escape.

Its blade is sharp and hidden; it is mounted in a safe hook to prevent you from injuries. The clever has a good design. With the razor blade, you can align the seatbelt and cut it in the shortest time.

It can light a distance of up to 700ft and warn other drivers of the danger ahead. You can also use it as an SOS beacon for help. The three modes of alerts can scare bad people.

The high-strength magnets, with the sidelights, can aid the repair and search for help in time of emergency. Its battery life is up to 200mAh to ensure effective chare of your phone and flashlight with the USB detachable.

The power bank can also use the USB cable to charge so that it can have enough power.

You can give this tool out as a gift to your family and friends. When in danger, rescue yourself from the car in case of an emergency with the help of this tool.

Be sure to do your homework before making a purchase. This article has listed for you Top 7 Car Escape tools under $50 to purchase. Sometimes the most important things can be the simplest. If you have been putting off making the decision to purchase a car escape tool, it is high time you did so right away.

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