Comparison of 5 Best Shark Robot Vacuums To Help Your Home Cleaning

After over ten years of making and improving, robot vacuums can now remove most of the dirt that makes it unpleasant staying indoors. To many Robots just looked like an elite man’s gadget that was prestigious to buy and keep even when it didn’t fully represent human labor. 

Today, though, robovacs are a notch higher than they were years back because they are smatter, better, and easier to use. After the invention of this robot vacuum cleaner we will give you details of 5 Shark Robot Cleaners hoping our in-depth reviews will lay the ground for you to decide to order for one.

Table Of Comparison

Shark ION S87Shark ION R87 Shark IQ R101 Shark ION RV750 Shark ION RV700
Amperage (amps) 1.8 Amp1.8 Amp1.8 Amp1.8 Amp1.8 Amp
Battery Life (Min) 60 Min120 Min90 Mins60 Min 60 Min
Battery Type Required Lithium IonLithium IonLithium Ion Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Brush PlasticNo Brush BristleSide BrushesSide BrushesSide Brushes
Filter Type HEPAWashableHEPAHEPAPre Motor
Navigation Path RandomRandomIntelligent Smart SensorRandom
UseFloor, Carpet and WoodFloor, Carpet, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Wood Floors, carpets, and edges Carpets & Hard FloorAll Kind of Floor.
Works WithAlexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google AssistantNo Alexa
Smart Home ProtocolWi-FIWi-FiWi-FiWi-FiNo Wi-Fi
PriceSee The PriceSee The Price See The Price See The Price See The Price

1. Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 (Wi-Fi) with Hand Vacuum in All-In-One Charging Dock and Voice Control with Alexa.

The Ash Gray colored Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 is a pleasant departure from the ordinary Robot vacuum cleaners that come in an almost similar design. This one masterfully compounds two innovative ideas in a single cleaning system, an excellent robot vacuum together with a built-in handheld vacuum that can clean the floor all the way to the ceiling. 

It delivers incredible suction power, comes with an extra-large dustbin, and is accessorized with a self-cleaning brushroll that perfectly tackles dust, dander, and pet hair. If you compare it to its earlier version, the RV750 Shark ION Robot Vacuum, no doubt the latest Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 delivers more power. What’s more, it executes three times more suction in the max mode, sucking pet hair and debris into its extra-large dust cup.

On its part, the Shark ion W1 Cordless handheld vacuum is versatile and offers a stellar, compact size cleaning performance. Weighing only 1.4 pounds, its flexible design makes it ideal for spot cleaning and eliminating other stubborn stains.

The highly sensitive smart sensor navigation 2.0 guides the robot vacuum to find its way around objects and obstacles to clean the mapped areas. It is Alexa and Google assistant compliant meaning you can use the voice control feature to command for action via the Shark ion Robot App

And what accessories come with Shark Robot Cleaning System S87? Well, you can expect one filter, four side brushes, and one Shark ion cord-free handheld vacuum. Others include an all-in-one charging dock, an eight-foot bot boundary strip, one crevice tool, and a soft dusting brush.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 with highly sensitive smart sensor navigation 2.0
Shark Robot S87

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 FAQ

Question: Does Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 have an edge sensor?

Answer: Yes, it does. The edge sensor prevents it from tipping and tumbling down the staircase.

Question: Does the shark ion S87 have wifi connection?

Answer: You can use the Shark ION Robot Cleaning System without, but to maintain optimal performance its recommended pairing the robot with Shark App, via Wi-Fi so that you can receive regular update to the robot and the App.

Question: Does the Shark ION robot hurt hard wood floor?

Answer: This robot is safe to use on hardwood floors without causing any damage.

Question: Do you need Alexa or Google to operate this Shark ION robot?

Answer: No. You do not need Alexa to control this device, but you can use App with this gadget.

Question: Does it have a navigation system to avoid bouncing with into objects and baseboards?

Answer: This Shark ION robot is designed with Smart Sensor Technology so it can navigate around abstractions as it cleans your floor. The Shark ION uses an array of sensors, to steer itself around your home using walls and objects as its guide and gently bumping them. This method allows the robot to travel in and out of the rooms and around objects.

2. Shark ION R87, Wi-Fi Connected with Powerful Suction, Multi-Surface Brushroll.

You can set control and schedule cleaning wherever you are using the Alexa or Google Assistant App. It also has a multi-surface brush roll with the capacity to leverage powerful suction and the dual spinning brushes to take on carpets and other surfaces.

The suction is powerful enough to pick up debris from corners, edges, and hard floors. It effectively picks up pet hair, dirt, dust, and if you would gauge it against the original R750 Shark ION Robot, no doubt, the Shark ION R87 is much more improved.

While you are vacuuming, the Shark ION R87 has two side brushes – one for each side of the robot vacuum – to help remove dirt, dust, and debris that is adjacent to the corners and edges of the vacuum. These are useful brushes that ensure the Shark ION R87 doesn’t miss any of the dirt, dust or debris that needs to be vacuumed up.

However, while those two side brushes are very useful, the main brush is in the middle of the vacuum. The robot brush is a multi-surface brush roll that is intended to work on all kinds of  surfaces, such as hard floors and soft floors in your house.

In case you live in a bigger house, the immediate concern regarding this gadget would be the dust cup size. Well, no need to worry because this robot has a fairly sizable (XL) dust cup that can collect dirt from lager spaces, and you empty it after multiple cleaning sessions.  Some users who upgraded to this gadget from the original RV750 Shark ION Robot have reviewed and said that the maintenance hustle is much less compared to its predecessor.

It also features the Auto Sense Navigation function, which entails an anti-drop and anti-collision capability. This means that the Shark ION R87 cannot fall and tumble over the stairs. It can seamlessly make its way around household items that may hinder movement.  The slim design serves to enable it to access underneath the sofa, and bed TV cabinets as it picks up the dirt.

Shark ION R87, Wi-Fi Connected with Powerful Suction, Multi-Surface Brushroll.
Shark ION R87

It weighs 5.7 pounds and measures 12.8 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches.

How much should I spend on a robot vacuum? The amount you spend on a robot vacuum will depend on the features. The best robot vacuums with advanced features including emptying their own dirt cost more. But, you should be able to get a Wi-Fi enabled, powerful suction robot vacuum ranging from $200-$300.

Shark ION R87 FAQ.

Question: Does it have a remote control?

Answer: No, it does not. Instead, it connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled using an application on your mobile phone.

Question: How does this robot perform with pets that shed a lot of hair like a Golden Retrievers dogs?

Answer: The Shark ION R87 is fit for hairly pets, the XL dustbin is a plus it will pick the pet hair and anything else on the floor. With its strong suction power makes dirt removing much easy.

Question: What is the voltage rating for Shark ION R87?

Answer: The robot is rated to work with 120V 60Hz.

3. Shark IQ R101, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum, Auto-Empty dock, Black

Featuring the IQ Navigation, the Shark IQ R101 can map your entire house, allowing you to isolate the rooms that you would prefer to clean according to your priority. It uses Shark Clean App or Alexa to clean one row after another systematically, and then move to the next room to ensure that your home is spotlessly clean.

It knows where it has passed to avoid repetition and offers 50% better coverage as compared to Shark ION R750. The machine’s ability to change and clean different rooms is called Intelligent Multi-Room Cleaning.  Also, using the App and voice control, you can control or command the robot from anywhere to do all the cleaning. For example, you can program a command like Google or Alexa “, have Shark clean my bedroom.”

These are the Google Assistance Shark Robot Commands

“OK Google, tell Shark to start cleaning.”

“OK Google, tell Shark to pause my robot.”

 “OK Google, tell Shark to send my robot to the dock.”

Shark Robot Amazon Alexa commands

“Alexa, tell Shark to start cleaning.”

“Alexa, tell Shark to pause my robot.”

“Alexa, tell Shark to send my robot to the dock.”

Its latest Vacuum features a powerful suction that can tackle both small and larger debris on the carpet or floor. The Shark IQ suction also features a self-cleaning mechanism to remove pet hair and other wraps that stick as it cleans.

Shark IQ R101, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum, Auto-Empty dock, Black
Shark IQ R101

Indeed, some corners and edges in the house pose a real challenge when it comes to cleaning, but this machine’s dual-edge and corner brushes penetrate those edges and corners to remove the dirt, dust, and debris. 

The extra-large dust cup and high-efficiency filter capture pet allergens, debris, and dust to leave your home (floors and carpets) in a normal state of cleanliness. It also takes time to fill up, meaning, the robot can run on different cleaning schedules without requiring emptying.

Once the battery runs out of charge, it is automated to re-trace its charging dock and recharge. More interestingly, upon charging, it leaves the dock to continue where it left off.

It weighs 5.7 pounds, and its dimensions are 12.8 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches

Shark IQ R101 FAQ.

Question: Can I avoid a particular area where I don’t want it to Vacuum?

Answer: Absolutely! You can use Robot bot-boundary strips to cordon off the rooms or areas that the robot should not access.

Question: Does the robot operate with 5GHz frequency?

Answer: The Shark robot R101 can only run on 2.5GHz. When you try to connect the robot to Wi-Fi through the App it will give a note that it only supports 2.4 GHz.

Question: Does the Shark Robot R101 work without Wi-Fi, smartphone or Alexa?

Answer: Yes. You can press the Shark robot vacuum clean button to initiate mission and you are done.

Question: Does Shark R101 robot have a bin full sensor to tell it to dock and empty the bin?

Answer: It does not have, the robot will just empty itself at regular intervals and the base has a window so that you can see when it needs to empty.

Question: What is the difference between the Shark IQ R1001 and the Shark IQ R10?

Answer: They are the same robots one is the name and the other is the model.

Question: What type of the battery does the Shark IQ R101 have?

Answer: The robot is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery. There is also a door for the battery with a single screw that hold the lid, this makes it easy for maintenance if you need to replace the robot vacuum battery. The robot vacuum also comes with a rechargeable battery.

4. Shark ION 750 App Controlled and Voice Control with Alexa or Google Assistant

Shark Robot 750 brings two innovations under one idea to take home cleaning to an entirely new level. The gadget is a combination of a robot vacuum for cleaning the floor and a light handheld vacuum for unique cleaning purposes. 

By unique, I mean it is handheld and used to pick dust in areas where the robot vacuum cannot access. Such areas include sofa set cushions, on the wall, etc.  While the gadget does an excellent job on the floor, it stands out as the ultimate solution for spot cleaning and tidying messes in all places above the floor

To operate in a well-furnished room, the robot is featured with smart sensor navigation 2.0 to help it detect and navigate around obstacles. Without the sensor, the robot would move into more challenging situations and get stuck before completing the task.

This model’s max mode delivers three times more suction power as compared to other models and it was designed with pet hair in consideration. For that reason, the gadget is fitted with a self-cleaning brushroll and dual spinning side brushes.

With these two accessories, it can pick up pets hairs from the carpet on the floor and in corners and secure them in its extra-large dustbin for disposal. Perhaps what makes the suction power so powerful is its high-speed brushless motor that generates massive suction in a compact form. While in action, it picks up allergies, dust, and dander to keep them from accumulating. 

It is Wi-Fi and voice-enabled to allow you to schedule cleaning from your smartphone or use voice control commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The gadget’s smart capabilities are all fantastic because you can as well empty all debris with a light touch of a button. No much handling that may dirty and contaminate your hands.

Shark ION 750 App Controlled and Voice Control with Alexa or Google Assistant
Shark ION 750

Here is what to expect when buying the Shark Robot 750 one cleaning tool, one C battery, one 9’ bot-boundary, Bot-boundary connectors, charging dock, a soft dusting brush, one Shark ion Robot, two side brushes.

The product weighs 5.51 pounds and measures 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches.

How does a robot vacuum work? Most robot vacuums use a rechargeable battery to move around while vacuuming. They often pick up pet hair and polish up high traffic areas without bumping into furniture due to the installed sensors. Although each robot vacuum is designed differently, you should expect to turn on the vacuum and watch it automatically clean using brushes and suctions to collect dirt.

Shark ION 750 FAQ

Question: How long does it take to charge this Shark?

Answer: Ideally, it should charge for 2 hours, give or take.

Question: Is it too noisy?

Answer: Not at all, it works quietly enough for you do other things without any distraction whatsoever. In some cases, you may hardly notice that the robot is at work until you see it.

5. Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote.

The Shark Ion Robot RV 700 joins the list as another real solution for in-house cleanliness. Measuring 5.3 x 18.4 x 15.2 inches, the 9.4 pounds gadget is endowed with excellent smart capabilities to enable you to enjoy a sweat less, hustle free cleaning experience. First, it comes with a Smart Sensor Navigation for seamless navigation on the floor, carpets, and around the obstacles.

The sensor reads to assess the environment for any difficulties, after which it taps into its smart functions to find solutions. For example, if there is any obstacle, the robot will figure out the way around. Or if it arrives at a tip off point like the staircase, it can sense and stop. These two are called anti-drop and anti-collision smart solutions.

To keep the robot from veering into restricted areas, you can mark your house with bot boundary strips. It will quickly identify the strips and avoid the prohibited room or area.  

One other exciting feature about the Shark Ion Robot RV700 is a simple remote for setting a weekly cleaning schedule. This function makes life so easy because once the schedule is set on your robot, there is no more reason to worry. Your floor and carpet shall be cleaned whether you are at home or away. 

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote.
Shark ION RV700

For maintenance’s sake, it comes is has a self-cleaning brushroll. The brush roll serves to arrest all dust, long and short hair, dander, and allergens to prevent their daily build up. And for a house with edges and corners, the gadget’s dual spinning side brushes serve to pull all debris from those edges and corners.

The Lithium-ion battery gives an over one-hour cleaning service, and once the robot detects a low battery, it automatically finds its path back to the charging dock. And in case the battery ran low before the end of a scheduled session, the robot will leave the charging dock and resume cleaning immediately it fills up the battery charge.

The Shark Ion Robot RV 700 low profile design is on purpose to ensure that the robot maneuvers easily under the sofa, bed, or cabinet.  And to ensure that your carpet is scoured well, Shark’s brushroll is fitted with high –tensile bristles (helix pattern) that thoroughly pick up dirt on hard floors and carpets

The dust bin emptying process is as easy as it can get.  When disposing of the trash, the dustbin easily detaches itself from the side to enable you to empty the contents without a mess.

Shark ION RV700 FAQ

Question: Does it come with a charging dock?

Answer: Of course, and the robot is automated to return to its charging base as soon as the battery runs low.

Question: How many Amps does the robot have on the motor and how is the suction power?

Answer: The robot motor has a 1.8 Amps and a strong suction power that help it vacuum all kinds of dirt with ease.

Question: Does the Shark Robot R700 work with Alexa.

Answer: No, this model does not work with Alexa.

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Final thoughts

I was excited to review the 5 best Shark Robot vacuums. If you have two messy kids and large, hairy pets, I think you would also think the Shark robot is worth it. When making the decision, remember that it is always good to pay more for quality than pay less for a vacuum that will break down shortly after purchase. And at this point, I can recommend the Shark Robot vacuums for your home cleaning though they are not the only products in the market.

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