5 Of The Most Highly Rated Home Security Camera Systems in 2021

Top 5 Newest Home Security Cameras Reviewed

Before, keeping your home safe meant signing up with a professional and costly security service such as ADT. But, the growth in consumer-level home security cameras has put both outdoor and indoor home security in our own hands. So, whether you are worried about theft or you just want to watch over your pet when you are gone, these 5 best home security cameras will give you peace of mind with their built-in sirens, real-time alerts, and other security features. 

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With plenty of magnificent options to choose from, it can be daunting to sieve through everything in the market to find an excellent match for your home security camera system. Fortunately, we’ve condensed everything in these five best seller home security cameras review to make it easier for you to choose what you prefer. We also have a separate review for the best wireless home security camera review if your primary concern is night security. Let’s jump right in.

1. Wyze Cam v2 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera

Get zero worry and good nights with the Wyze Cam v2. With its 1920×1080 (1080p) full HD, 2.8mm focal length, 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor, and 110º wide-angle lens, this security camera produces very clear images and live streams directly to your smartphone. 

The four 850nm infrared LEDs, IR-CUT filter, and F2.0 aperture offers enhanced night vision that delivers clarity of up to 30ft away, even in complete darkness. And, the motion tagging technology finds and outlines motion, whether in playback or live stream videos. Utilize the built-in microphone and speaker to talk and listen to your loved ones, visitors, or pet. 

As one of the best-rated home monitor camera systems on the market, this camera has everything to give you peace of mind. You even get motion and sound detection alerts, and you can use the Wyze App for Android or iOS to share and manage multiple cameras.

Wyze Cam v2 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera
credit: Galsa

Its innovative and unique 3-axis design allows the camera to point in whichever direction you want. You can easily mount the camera using the included metal plate, adhesive tape, and your camera’s magnetic base. There is no need for screws. 

You can achieve continuous recording and storage using a microSD card, though not included. Note that the camera overrides the oldest data whenever the microSD card gets filled. 

This inexpensive home security camera system is free rolling—it automatically records a 12-second duration video when it recognizes motion or sound. The best part is that the Wyze Cam is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can live stream using these apps. 


Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

Ability to live stream directly to your smartphone

Very clear images

Enhanced night vision of up to 30ft away

Android and iOS apps to share and manage multiple cameras

Included metal plate, adhesive tape, and your camera’s magnetic base allow for easy mounting, anywhere


Some users had a problem adding the camera in the android app

2. YI 4pc Security Home Camera

With 34 199 ratings on Amazon at the time of this writing, the YI 4pc Security Home Camera is one of the best-reviewed home security cameras, and for a good reason. This camera comes with 1080p/15fps, 24/7 Full HD Recording, 112 wide-angle lenses, and F/2.0 aperture to capture clips with a very clear picture. The two-way audio allows you to receive and relay audio from any direction as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. 

The YI 4pc has enhanced night vision with eight independent 940nm infrared LED’s that instinctively turns on infrared (R) when in low light conditions, enabling you to see well in the dark. 

Night Vision on iOS and Android App YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System
YI Security Camera

Activity alerts are available with Motion Detection features that use ultra-modern technology to detect and convey notifications to your phone. There is free one-day storage in YI Cloud, and you don’t need a YI Cloud subscription or microSD memory card. You also have access to voluntary 24/7 Emergency Response Service with Noonlight’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers. 

The YI 4pc has one of the best security camera phone app that allows you to access your camera anytime, anywhere. You can also view multiple cameras and share your camera with up to five people. You also get nine live feeds on your PC app. 


Offers cloud storage, ensuring no file gets lost

Captures clips with a very clear picture

Two-way audio allows you to receive and relay audio from any direction

Enhanced night vision with eight independent 940nm infrared LED’s

Availability of voluntary 24/7 Emergency Response Service with Noonlight’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers

The phone app allows you to view multiple cameras and also share your camera with five people


Some users had issues with the user agreement citing that it allowed access to personal data, including passwords and social media accounts. So, you might want to check that.

3. Google Nest Cam Indoor – Wired Indoor Camera for Home Security

If you have been looking for the best indoor home security camera systems for sale, look no further than the Google Nest Indoor Cam. This indoor Wi-Fi security camera offers 24/7 live stream and night vision surveillance for clear video, even in darkness. It provides high definition surveillance with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, 130-degree wide view angle, and 8x zoom.

Google Nest Cam Indoor High definition 1080p surveillance camera with 130 degree wide angle view,
Google Nest Cam Indoor

The home security cameras smartphone app provides alerts and notifications to let you know when the camera spots activity. You even have 3-hour snapshot history to let you in on what you missed, and you can take action or save the footage to share with family or friends. 

The Google Nest camera uses industry-leading security to ensure your information and the video feed is protected. Take your account security to the next level by enabling two-factor authentication. 

Installing the Google Nest camera is a breeze. Simply download the Nest app and follow the prompts. And, with the app on your phone, you can control your security camera from anywhere.


Offers 24/7 live recording and night vision surveillance

High definition surveillance

Provides alerts and notifications to let you know when the camera spots activity

3-hour snapshot history to let you in on what you missed

Industry-leading security ensures information and video is protected

Easy to install


Some users found the camera to be overly sensitive. It triggers false alarms from vehicle headlights or reflected lights.

4. Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera

Those looking for the best outdoor home security camera system should definitely try the Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera. With 1080P Full HD and Night Vision, this security camera will give you a clear picture of your property at any time and from anywhere. You can see up to 65 feet away, even in the dark, and with sharp and adjustable night vision, you are bound to see color images even in dim environments as long as you lower the IR sensitivity.

Zmodo 1080P outdoor Wi-Fi camera works with Alexa. Control Zmodo camera with your voice by saying, "Alexa, show me the front door" To view a live stream from your camera. Encryption:256-bit
Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera

The Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera comes with motion detection and cloud recording. The camera saves your video footage in Zmodo App whenever motion is detected, giving you peace of mind when away from home. You also get to keep your video clips in the cloud. 

The camera comes with multiple viewing options. You can view your videos from Android or ios devices and tablets or view them on the web from your PCs. Also available is the simultaneous four-channel viewing on Zmodo app that allows you to monitor four spots at a time with a single operation. 

This security camera is weather-resistant, with a supported temperature scope of -10℃ to 50℃, making it the perfect camera for both your indoors and outdoors. It will protect you in every season, whether rainfall or sunshine. The best part is that it works with Google Alexa, allowing you to control it with your voice. For instance, you can say, Alexa, show me the back door” to see a live recording from your camera.


1080P Full HD and Night Vision to give you a clear picture of your property

Ability to see up to 65 feet away

Comes with motion detection and cloud saving

Weather-resistant for outdoor use

Works with Google Alexa


Some users found the motion detection to be inconsistent

5. HeimVision PTZ Outdoor Security Camera

If you are looking for home security systems with iPhone app, this camera is worth checking out. With Pan/Tilt 360° View, 90° tilt, and 12X Zooming, the HeimVision PTZ Outdoor Security Camera enables you to observe 360° view on APP, with no blind spots. The cutting-edge digital and optical zooming technology means the image will still be crystal even with 12X zooming, meaning the surveillance video clips will have more visible details for later investigation. 

HeimVision PTZ Outdoor Security Camera
HeimVision PTZ

This camera has 2*2MP Ultra HD and Color Night Vision. It adopts two pcs upgraded lenses, meaning you’ll get 2*2MP, which is twice as clear as 1080P ultra video. The included two bright built-in floodlights guarantee true color night vision, including at pitch dark night. What’s more exciting is the fact that this smart camera will automatically switch to night vision when it becomes dark outside. You get a night vision range of up to 98ft. 

The HeimVision PTZ Outdoor Security Camera offers smart detection, tracking, and alerts. It supports sound detection and motion and allows you to customize the sensitivity (high/medium/low) and detection zone to satisfy your application scenes. Alerts will be automatically pushed to your mobile device whenever motion is detected. 

You also get 2-way audio and sound/lights alarm. The camera supports live recording and real-time talking with visitors wherever you are. In addition, the sound and red/blue light alarm will come in handy when you want to warn or chase away a suspicious person from your property.

It is weatherproof and allows both local and cloud storage. 


Weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor use

Allows both local and cloud storage

Crystal image even with 12X zooming

Included two bright built-in floodlights guarantee true color night vision

Automatically switches to night mode when it darkens

2-way audio and sound/lights alarm


Some users had a problem with the pan-tilt movement being noisy

How to Set Up Home Security Cameras

Now that you have already bought your security camera, it’s time to set it up at a convenient place. When it comes to how to install home security cameras, the process largely depends on the type of camera you have. Is it an indoor or outdoor camera? Is it wireless? Is it cordless, or it uses a power cord? These are the kinds of questions you should consider asking yourself both when buying your camera or installing it. 

Do-it-yourself Security Camera Installation

Most home security cameras are easy and pain-free to install, so you might consider saving some coins by doing the installation by yourself. Some cameras can be made to stick on a wall using adhesive; some can be set on a table, while others can be drilled on a wall using a drill. 

The easiest cameras to set up are wireless models. Indoor security cameras are also easy to install on your own. Simply put the camera at a strategic place and connect the power cord. 

How to Position your Security Camera

Different people have different reasons for buying a security camera. While some set them up because of thieves and break-ins, others just want an easier way to check on their family members or pets when they are away. Depending on what reason is essential to you, place the camera where it will best serve its purpose. 

Home security cameras make it easy for you to keep an eye on your property when you are not around. The problem is that these products come in a variety of designs, with different features and models. It can be overwhelming to choose which camera suits your needs.

We hope our review played a role in helping you choose the best product. If you are looking for specific specs in a camera, kindly check out our Eufy 2K Outdoor Security Camera and the buyer’s guide for the best wireless night vision security cameras.  

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