Here Are 25 Best Fishing Magazines You Should Consider

Magazines are a good way of staying up to date with the latest trends in the world. And if you are passionate about fishing; and you are looking for best ways to spend your pastimes and gain insights on where to get a good catch, reading fishing magazines should be among your priorities. Fishing is an art and magazines are a great way of obtaining information that can help you be a master of your craft. Outlined below are 25 best magazines for fishing that you can consider exploring. They are packed with amazing insights, tricks, tips, trending fishing equipment and a whole lot more. 

1. The Mission Fly Magazine

This South African based magazine focuses on fly fishing. They often feature different African species and global destinations where fly fishing takes place. This is a free magazine available in a digital format. The print version is only available for distribution in South Africa.

Welcome to the first ever edition of The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine.
Image credit/ TheMissionFlyMagazine 2017 edition

They often post at least five times a week. You can check the magazines and learn much of what they have to offer.

2. Hatch Magazine

This is an online magazine that is solely dedicated to the sport of fly fishing. Invented in July 2011, this magazine frequently makes three posts every week. The hatchmag have done amazing reviews they also have News section of Tips, Conservation, Travel Photography and blogs.

3. Coastal Angler & The Angler Magazine

This magazine is solely dedicated to providing its readers with the very best up to date fishing report and other exciting articles for the local angler. With this magazine, you are guaranteed of getting latest news reports, tips and tricks as well as upcoming events according to their region.

The Angler Magazine, are monthly editions dedicated to fishing, boating, and outdoor enthusiasts.
Credit/Coastal Angler

This E-magazine is a monthly editions dedicated to fishing boating, and outdoor enthusiasm. With over 1 million prints readers per month.

4. Carp Crossing Magazine

This magazine is described as the biggest carp fishing magazine in the world. Their daily articles highlights latest trends in carp fishing. And it often features real/true stories about carp fishing. Not only does it contain writing but also videos. Since their inception in November 2011, they have a record of over 200K followers on Facebook and over 40K followers on Instagram. You can visit store and learn much

5. ODU Magazine

This happens to be North America’s number 1 digital fishing magazine. It basically highlights events and news together with tips and equipment that are required for fish hunting.

 North America’s number 1 digital fishing magazine.

With the ODU magazine, you are guaranteed to get fishing news including those of trout, salmon, panfish, bass, crappie and many more others. They usually post five times a week.

6. Bush ‘n Beach Fishing Magazine

If you are looking for tips for fishing, this is the magazine to go to. The Bush ‘n Beach Fishing Magazine provides exclusive tips regarding camping, boating, kayaking and of course fishing. Located in Queensland Australia, this magazine produces at least 10 posts per week. With this digital magazine get more of fishing kayaking boating outdoor recipes and local reports.

7. Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

This magazine focuses on fishing cultures in salty waters. And it happens to be the only magazine dedicated to fly fishing in salty waters. The magazine is printed twice every month and they produce at least three posts every week.

Image credit/TailFlyFishing #26

The Tail Fly Fishing Magazine delivers travel destinations, photography and normally features technical news with regards to the salty water fly fishing lifestyle as well as producing reputable commentaries. You can join free newsletter with few clicks to do registration.

8. HookPoint Fishing

This is a completely free magazine that provides its readers with the freshest, an original sea angling content every other month. They normally post 8 times a month and their scope covers news related to small boats, destination angling, lure and the shore. Keep up to date with all the latest from HookPoint fishing, including additional content from our contributors, previews and more.

9. Bass Angler Magazine

If you are an angler, this magazine is dedicated to help you catch more bass. Their refreshing content brings more awareness to the sport of bass fishing. You will get an array of techniques regarding bass tournaments, bass fishing, and seasonal bass tactics as well as catching bass. They normally post two times a day and have a fan base of over 100K.

10. Sarasota Fishing Charters

They offer visiting anglers with a great experience while angling the Sarasota fishing area. This is for anglers who aim to enjoy a productive day in water in a fun and relaxed environment. Every month, they produce five posts on their social media channels.

11. In-Fisherman Magazine

This magazine can be described as the most recognized fishing magazine and respected brand in fresh water fishing. If you are looking on how to get started with fishing, this is definitely the magazine for you, as it releases articles that teach you how to catch fish and ensure the future of fishing.

 most recognized fishing magazine and respected brand in fresh water fishing

This magazine is a publication of the Outdoor Sportsman Group. You can get want you need for fishing here be it rods, reels baits and other accessories. Please don’t miss an issue. Buy single digital issue for your phone or tablet.

12. Fishingmegastore Blog

This blog provides the very latest news and reviews about fishing products. You will see stories and images from the wide fishing community and so much more. Founded in 2010, this blog normally posts once a day on their social media channels and has a community of over 5K. Choose from their wide selection of sea fishing kits to fly fishing kits, most of which come with a suitable reel and line. Starter fishing kits also include some terminal fishing tackle to get you fishing in no time. Grab your fishing kit from fishingmegastore today and find the joy in all different styles of fishing. Follow them Fishingmegastore on twitter.

13. Henry Gilbey Blog

This blog contains pictures and photos about fishing. Since their inception 2007, they make one post a day. The blog was created by Henry Gilbey, a writer and photographer. The pictures on the blog features all kinds of fishing but with a special emphasis on fly and lure fishing.

14. Florida Sportsman

This magazine is a go-to resource with regards to the latest how-to articles, fishing gear, boats and reports. This is the magazine where you find all fishing information happening the Florida state, USA.

Their coverage also contains content about traditional outdoor activities, hunting and boating. They educate and empower citizens with regards to fishing and protection of state waters, and other wildlife resources.

15. Field & Stream

If you are looking for the best reviews with regards to fishing gear such as fish finders, rods, reels and tackle, this is the magazine you have been looking for. The magazine is described as the soul of the outdoorsman and they have been producing hunting and fishing content since 1895. They have a fan base of more than one million.

16. Rhode Island Striped Bass

In this magazine, you will get the latest information and recommendations about the places to fish, know about latest equipment and techniques from the shore. It also includes articles about rigging, artificial, fishing bait, plug building, boat and kayak.

17. Kmucutie

These are suppliers of all types of fishing lures. They therefore feature fishing products on their blog. They specialize in fishing tackle support for wholesale companies. Their core expertise is in building sustainable and predictable fishing tackle products and services. This is what they say their about mission “Our mission is to provide high-quality fishing tackle products for fishing tackle shops, captains, wholesalers, and brand owners”  

18. Gink and Gasoline

This amazing magazine highlights new ways of looking at fly fishing. It contains categories and content like photography, video, tips and talks about fly fishing. The blog is resourceful and written by crazy fly fishermen. It contains elegant photography and fly fishing guide tips for both salty water and fresh water.

19. Trout and Salmon

This happens to be Britain’s biggest selling game-fishing magazine. It produces 12 copies per year and it has been in existence since 1955. It contains inspirational and informative articles and entertaining news.

Trout and Salmon magazine
Welcome to the website of Trout and Salmon magazine – the UK’s biggest fishing magazine

It will help you understand the best trout and salmon locations and with beautiful photography. Check for the latest update on trout and salmon.

20. Morning Moss

This magazine provides latest information and reviews about fishing gears. You will come across awesome fishing videos and absolutely amazing eye-opening articles on the blog. This magazine normally posts 12 times a year and has been in existence since July 2013.

21. Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine

If you are a fisherman, this magazine will make you better through its rich content that will help you catch big and better fish.

Britain favorite Fishing magazine
Image credits/AnglingTimes

It is created for anglers and offers them with tactics that will help them get the most from their fishing.

22. Sea Angler Magazine

This is a leading magazine that offers refreshing news about sea fishing, including tactics, tackles and marks to fish. They share news articles about tackle tests, fishing stories, fishing guide and tips from expert.

23. Angling Times Magazine

This magazine produces 51 issues every year. It is created for anglers (Carp, game or course) who are looking for fresh ideas and venues to catch more fish. The magazine is loaded with tactics, tips and hints from the best anglers in the world. See how to get Sea Angler magazine.

24. Total Carp

This magazine published in the UK contains articles that are of key interest to carp fishermen. This is for you if you aim to improve your craft or catch more carp. And it happens to be one of the biggest selling carp fishing magazine in Europe.

UK biggest selling carp fishing magazine

About Them “The UK’s biggest-selling carp magazine. If you are new to carp fishing or simply want to improve and catch more carp, there is only one magazine for you – Total Carp

25. Outdoor Canada

This happens to be Canada’s only national hunting and fishing magazine. It contains guides, profiles, how-to articles, analysis and reportage. It celebrates Canada’s fishing heritage. Since 1972, it has been available in print and it is usually published six times a year. In 2005, 2011 and 2012, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors named Outdoor Canada the country’s Magazine of the Year (50,000 to 149,000 medium circulation category), while editor-in-chief Patrick Walsh was named Editor of the Year.


The above magazines are packed with enriching articles about fishing. Its information can come in handy in your next fishing trip. It may be hard to find a guide for your fishing trips but the above magazines are a great substitute if you are looking for the latest emerging information to do with both salty water and fresh water fishing. The above magazines are peculiar and may contain the kind of content you have been yearning for. 

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