15 Best Car Safety Tools Tools To Buy This Festive Season 2021

We never know what the future will bring in our daily roads usage. Any moment, danger could strike us. You can be prepared to deal with it if it happens and you have the right tools for the situation. A car safety tool is a safety product that you can use to prevent any unpleasant situations that can happen in your car.

If you are stuck in a car and have no way to get out, this is a situation that requires the use of these car escape safety tools. Sometimes, you might need to rescue someone trapped in his or her car. Whatever the reason, they are a useful tool that could save lives. Choosing the right one that does the job well would be an easy task. This list will help you to decide what best car safety tools you want.

  1. RESQME Spring Loaded Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool
  2. SINSEN Best Great Priced Emergency Escape tool for Glass Break and Seat Belt Cutting
  3. Best Car Seatbelt Cutter For Sunvisor holder
  4. Bets Steel Point Hammer Car Escape tool
  5. Best Gift Car Safety Tool with Window Breaker for Teen Boy and Men’s
  6. Best Auto Safety Seatbelt Cutter 2-in-1 for Rescue Disaster Situation.
  7. Best Car Escape Tool for Land & Underwater
  8. Best Emergency Escape tool for Glass Break and Seat Belt Cutting with Red Flashing Light & Audible S.O.S Alarm.
  9. Best Glow in The Dark Auto Safety Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker
  10. Best Emergency Escape Tool with Heavy Carbon Steel Points for Life Saving Survival Kit
  11. Best Gift Car Safety Tools For Women
  12. Best Car Safety Tool with Window Breaker and a Magnetic Base to stick it to a metal surface 
  13. Best Keychain Car Escape Tool for Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker
  14. Best Car Window Glass Breaker & Seat Belt Cutter with a Portable Phone Charger
  15. Best Car Safety Tool with Window Breaker with Bright Illumination

1. RESQME Pack of Two, the Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

Color: Black  | Material: Stainless Steel | Brand:  RESQME

RESQME pack car escape tool is a rescue tool that is fit for your car. It is small, lightweight but convenient. This two-in-one seatbelt cutter is from the USA.

Once you buy this car escape tool, you do not need to install it hence accessible. It can cut both your seat belt and break your car window easily during an emergency. Its stainless steel spike enables the owner of a vehicle to break side windows and rush to safety.

People believe that this car tool has saved lives for over ten years in various parts of the world. The red dot won an award in the year 2014. Furthermore, it has undergone tests and by TUV.

2. Car Safety Hammer Set of 2 Emergency Escape tool, Auto Car Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Seatbelt

Color: Orange | Brand: SINSEN

The car safety hammer is a double hammer for breaking glass for cars designed to break auto glass windows for a quick escape during an accident or emergency. It can cut a seatbelt with ease because it is made of steel and is very sharp.

This two-in-one malfunctioned hammer for safety is reliable and can serve you for the long term. With this hammer in your car, you are sure of protection in case of an emergency. Its bright orange color makes it visible even in the dark.

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Why a spark plug ceramic breaks a car window so easily?

The steel is of high quality and can slice the seatbelt faster and enable you to free yourself within the shortest time possible. Its safe curved hook will hold the seatbelt for easy cutting.

Its solid steel double-sided strike point makes it capable of breaking the side window glass with little effort. An auto emergency tool is suitable for family rescue.

3. StatGear SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool, Black with Sunvisor Holder

Color:  Black  | Material: Synthetic | Brand: Stat Gear | Components: SuperVizor, Visor sheath

The supervisor  XT auto escape tool is a glass breaker with a carbide tip, which can help you rescue yourself from being stuck in a car. It has a seat belt cutter and a window punch that can be accessible since you can mount it on your sun visor.

The tool is small but can cut strong materials with ease. When you are stuck in your car, all you need is to punch the window or stick the seatbelt to free yourself.

Statgear SuperVizor originates from New York City paramedic. This machine’s EDC, survival, and innovative rescue tools are there for your advantage.

4. Super-Cute Safety Hammer for Seat Belt Cutter and Car Window Breaker

Color: Black  | Brand: Super-cute pepper spray

A super-cute safety hammer is an emergency escape hammer, which is automotive. It comes with a window break tool and a seat belt cutter for your car. It is cute, easy to use, a highly portable escape car tool for your safety.

Its knife blade is sharp enough for easy cutting of the seatbelt straps. The adjustable car visor strap that accompanies it enables you to escape danger with ease. It can grub quickly in case of an emergency.

5. THINK WORK Car Safety Hammer for Teen Boy and Men’s Gifts

THINKWORK car safety hammer is a three-in-one blue emergency escape tool that can break windows and cut seatbelts. It is suitable for you and your children. It has high-grade carbon steel and plastic with a double head.

Its heavy carbon steel tip and solid hammerhead make it efficient for rescue purposes. With its protective caps, you are sure of the protection of your vehicle from unnecessary damage. You can locate it in the car due to the light guide plate that attaches to it.

The hammer’s blade is in a safety hook to ensure the user’s protection.

It is easy to operate since it has straps that one can adjust. You can fix it on the car sun bezel. You can store it in the love box, armrest, or door pocket.

Its advantage is that it will not fall even when there is a collision. This hammer is the best gift for your loved ones, especially boys and young men who drive. In case of a problem with this escape tool, the after-sale service team is always on standby to offer you a solution.

6. LOYMR 2PCS Car Safety Hammer with Window Glass Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

Brand : LOYMR | Colors: Orange and black

LOYMR is a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter that ensures your safety while driving. When involved in a car accident, you might lock yourself in your car. A lifesaver will be required. The car safety hammer can help you escape death or suffocation by enabling you to get out through the window.

You can also cut your seatbelt with the hammer’s razor, which is sharp and fixed in a curved hook for safety to prevent you from getting any injury during the rescue process.

When cutting the window, it is best to start with the corners and edges.

It is lightweight and small in size. Gift this hamper to your loved ones. You will not only prove your love but also care for their safety.

7. LECTURE Car Escape Tool with Glass Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

Brand: Lextude | Color: Black

The lecture escape tool for a car is an automotive keychain car escape tool and glass breaker. It is suitable for accidents, which occur both on land and in water.

It is sturdy hence can break a glass with a double layer side. In case of an emergency, push a stringer down to activate the spring-loaded breaker. It can resist water pressure hence suitable for rescue underwater.

The steel blade is also sharp enough for easy cutting of your seatbelt. All you need to do is pull the ring horizontally to take out the protective cover and cut yourself loose from your car seat.

For your friends and family’s safety, consider this tool as a perfect gift for their birthdays, Christmas, and other important celebrations. Furthermore, it is easy to use since it comes with a manual.

8. React 7- in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-tool by Charge Hub Car Escape tool

Brand : Limitless innovations | Color: Black

React vehicle emergency tool performs multiple functions. It has a USB car charger, flashlight, red flashing light, audible SOS alarm, and a 2200mAh power bank.

You can use the tool in many different emergencies. It is capable of charging a dead mobile and provides an SOS signal. Its steel spike can help you break your car window and move to safety within a short time when an accident occurs.

Moreover, its sharp razor can cut the seatbelt with ease. The flashlight has both high and low modes making this escape tool appropriate for outdoor activities, traveling, or searching for something in the dark.

It can also work as an alarm to warn others of the impending danger or scare away potential attackers. It will work to your advantage when an emergency occurs in a remote area.

9. Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Car Safety Hammer

The swiss safe car safety hammer is an automotive escape tool with full features. It can cut a seatbelt and break your car window within the shortest time when an accident occurs. Its glowing color makes it visible even in the dark hence convenient for emergencies.

Its ultra-tungsten steel spike concentrates the force applied to a single point of contact of the window. It has a flat hammer on the reverse side to increase the swinging mass for the easy bashing of your car window.

In addition, it has a sharp stainless blade that is inside a handle for safety and easy cutting. This hammer fits to be part of any automotive emergency kit. You can give it out as a gift to a friend or family member.

The protective cap on the spike will keep both your car and children safe. Its bright color makes it visible even in the dark and comes in both one pack and two packs for your convenience.

10. PREFACE Premium Car Safety Hammer

Brand : Wonder point | Color : Yellow and black

The Preface premium safety hammer is a car escape tool with a seat cutter and a window breaker. It has heavy carbon steel that is hard and sharp enough for easy breakage. The hammer is multifunctional, durable, and reliable in case of a Collison or emergency. To have peace of mind while driving, have this tool in your car.

The hammer is made of high-quality materials to enable it to give you services for the long term. Its anti-skid handle is long for easy control. It is lightweight hence easy to swing.

The effort you apply while breaking the window will be minimal. With this tool, you are sure of saving your life from a sudden accident.

11. Bling sting glummer safety hammer

Brand: Bling sting | Color: Silver

Bling sting glummer safety hammer is an automotive tool with a seatbelt cutter and a car window breaker. It is silver in color, lightweight and durable. The hammer comes with a Velcro storage strap and favors women with their fashion standards.

Its rugged razor blade is sharp enough for cutting hence ensuring narrow escape in times of danger. The carbide reinforced steel tip is enough for breaking the side windows. The hammer has a Velcro visor strap to ensure safety and easy accessibility.

Apart from being in fashion, the hammer is portable, adjustable, and easy to use. Many people consider the bling sting hammer to be the fastest-growing personal safety brand on the market today.

12. Lifesaver Emergency Car LED Flashlight Car Safety Hammer

Brand: Alltrolite | Color:  Green and black

Lifesaver is an emergency safety hammer, a car escape tool that comes with a life survival kit, batteries, a seatbelt cutter, a car window breaker, safety flashlights, and emergency power banks. It is efficient during blackouts, outdoor camping, hiking, adventure, road travel, and other car emergencies.

It features the latest 200 lumens COB LED and regular LED, which emits an incredible long-range, targeting about 40 meters beam.

Its magnetic base can rotate up to 360 degrees. Its swivel hanging also makes it flexible.

The 3X AAA batteries provide power. When you turn your hornet on, the hammer provides lighting with the help of its intelligent illumination and integrated circuit.

The hammer has a high-density alloy hence durable and highly effective in its functions. You will not worry about the wild vines and seatbelts because the hammer’s blade is sharp enough for cutting. It also has a strong magnet hence can touch any surface, be even or dirty.

You can recharge the light to help you in your daily work.

13. RESQME Family Pack of 6, Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

Brand: RESQME | Color: 3Red 3Blue

RESQME, family pack, car safety tool is a two in one seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool. It is from the USA. It allows you to break free from your car by cutting the seatbelt or your car window. It was for the law enforcement agencies and firefighters once, but now it is a necessity for the safety of car drivers and passengers.

Motorists prefer this tool too because it is small and portable. You can use it multiple times due to its spring-loaded spike that can reset.

Its blade is durable and malfunctioned with easy accessibility.

Moreover, the tool is lightweight, powerful, and compact with stainless steel for effective performance. You do not need to install it. GS TUV also certifies it.

14. POVO Car Window Glass Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Car Safe Emergency Tool

Brand: POVO

POVO car emergency tool is a 6-mode flashlight escape tool with a portable phone charger, hammer, car charger, and SOS alarm. It is magnetic and black. It is also a 9-in-1 multi-function escape tool with a warning red light.

Its USB ports can charge any device at a fast rate. The dual car USB port has a 2000mAh power bank with an input and output port.

It can break your car windows with ease if they do not have windshields and laminations. The razor blade is sharp enough to cut your seatbelt and free you from your seat during an emergency.

When the accident occurs in the dark, you can also use the flashlight as an emergency SOS for help.

The POVO escape device is ideal for your car, home, school, and hiking.

15.  Aduro Sport Zerodark Tactical Emergency Car Escape Tool

Brand: Aduro sport

This car window breaker and seatbelt cutter emergency tool have three modes of lighting, a high-powered LED flashlight of up to 250 lumens of bright illumination, red light strobe, and a multi-directional lantern.

With its magnetic base, you can attach it anywhere. When you lock yourself in your car during an emergency, you can get out with ease.

It is lightweight, compact, and can fit in a door pocket or a glove box. With this tool, you can escape from an overturning, crushed, sinking, or burning car.

It also has a distinguished look with an anti-skid design and a non-slip grip. Its heavy carbon steel points are for cutting seatbelts and breaking car windows.


People who travel with their car or vehicle frequently should make sure they have the best safety tools with them. These tools can make a difference in safety and/or death for those who are involved in dangerous situations or accidents.

You could use the information in this article to help you buying the right tool for your needs. However, it always best to be safe than sorry.

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